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Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris By R.L. LaFevers,

  • Title: Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris
  • Author: R.L. LaFevers
  • ISBN: 9780618927647
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Theodosia Throckmorton is in a fix Allowed to attend a reception given by one of the directors of her parents museum, she stumbles across Mr Tetley of the British Museum in most unusual circumstances Since Theo has last seen him in a showdown in an ancient Egyptian tomb, his reappearance could mean only one thing the Serpents of Chaos are back.
    Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris Theodosia Throckmorton is in a fix Allowed to attend a reception given by one of the directors of her parents museum she stumbles across Mr Tetley of the British Museum in most unusual circumstances

    One thought on “Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris”

    1. Just as great as the first book, with maybe a little action, a little Brit ness, ie the Navy Also there are even a few secret societies to be unearthed, to, in my mind, hilarious results Also there seems to be the ever mounting shadow of the great war to comeOnly flaw, has to do with the cover illustration, which I love, but where are Theo s gloves Like she would really be holding that staff and not be prepared

    2. For undisclosed reasons that are probably only in my head, partway through Theodosia s second adventure I started being reminded of the American Girl series Theodosia is a great character, smart, brave, and resourceful, and the fantasy elements are well done and unique What tripped me up was that I could never figure out how I was supposed to feel about Theodosia s parents It s the classic kid adventure dilemma the parents have to be dim or uncaring enough to let the life threatening adventure t [...]

    3. I am officially in love with this series It was humorous, witty and full of adventure Some might think it a bit childlike books but wasn t Harry Potter suppose to be for children I think my age has given me a chance to appreciate books than as a child.Theodosia s comments and thoughts made me laugh and giggle than five times throughout this book I can t wait for the third and hopefully Favorite QuotesThe lace on my party frock itched horribly I don t understand how they can make things as com [...]

    4. I find I am enjoying Theodosia and her exploits far than I thought I would She s so spunky and Charlotte Parry brings her to life quite well.These books remind me of the Bloody Jack Adventures by L.A Meyer clever young English girl who lives life according to her rules.

    5. I quite enjoyed this book Told in first person, Theodosia has a very adult almost precocious voice, and the author manages to maintain an extremely Victorian overtone as a result I like my Victorian dialed down slightly as you may have noticed in my own books but that doesn t stop me from appreciating a true master at work It s as though Amelia B Edwards wrote a YA That said, there are some who may find this book a little dry because of its language, and younger readers may struggle with it I ha [...]

    6. This book is a great sequel to Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos I loved this book for a lot of reasons, but mainly because 1 My favorite character, Sticky Will, had a big role D2 The idea for the Staff of Osiris is ingenious on LaFevers part.3 Great climax I really liked the climax It was very, well, climactic, unlike some other books that I ve read Cough The Name of This Book is Secret Cough.Great, Great, GREAT book

    7. So what did Theodosia really expect She single handedly saves England by returning the heart of Egypt and in return her parts let her clean out the catacombs at the museum In all fairness, they aren t technically catacombs, but they re creepy, dank, dusty, full of mummies and worst of all, dark magic Theo can t even begin to speculate on She did at least get to attend a gala event due to her discovery of the hidden annex in the tomb of Amenemhab, of course she rather embarrassingly pointed out, [...]

    8. This is the full review from my blog, which can be found at pattisbooknook if you re interested in following I m so excited to get back to Theodosia s world, with her witty humor and demure black cat, Isis The Serpents of Chaos are wreaking havoc again and it s up to Theodosia and Lord Wigmere leader of the Brotherhood of the Chosen Keepers to eradicate them once and for all Another secret society becomes involved in the mysterious mummy case for good measure Theo is also aided once again by her [...]

    9. Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris by R L LaFevers was actually my first introduction to Theo and the rest of her family But by the end of the second chapter it was clear I was missing a lot by reading this book before the first in the series So I did something I don t normally do, I returned the second book unread and checked until I had read the first book.So nearly a year later, I returned to the book and cracked it open with a wary anticipation I had enjoyed the The Serpents of Chaos but I wa [...]

    10. I started the second book of this amazing series Theodosia Throckmorton with much anticipation having loved the first book and I was not disappointed This is truly a fun, adventurous, and I d go so far as to even say instructive book This is Girl Indiana Jones In this book, set in London in about 1907, 11 year old Theodosia, daughter of the Curator of Egyptology at a museum father and a female Egyptologist mother , continues on with her studies of ancient Egypt curses and how to remove them Sent [...]

    11. This is the second book in the Theodosia Throckmorton Series Loved it The staff of Osiris is quite a relic it has all sorts of incredible powers And in this book we are introduced to a third secret society, rather silly and bothersome This is a children s book series like Harry Potter is and filled with incredible realistic characters like Harry Potter In these books the children are far intelligent and honest and dependable than the adults I adore these books Mad about them Set in the year 190 [...]

    12. I don t know if it had to do with my mood when I read book one or if this book was just that much better, but I liked this one so much I liked Serpents of Chaos, but was honestly on the fence about reading any books in this series So glad I decided to.The characters felt real, the story thicker, and the writing style much smoother There was a twist I saw coming a mile away, but it worked well to mask one I hadn t even begun thinking of suspecting, but that made a lot of sense when revealed.Th [...]

    13. I had a hard time appreciating the heroine of this story, although I love her name I was interested in the Egyptian stuff and I liked the respect she had for the history and artifacts I did like the story line there I just thought Theodosia was just a little too much The story was okay, if just a little too far fetched It was funny to see the curses she set onto the bad guys, and how things came about, but way too juvinile for me I am hoping my 9 year old friend will want to read the stories, so [...]

    14. this one is betterdimulai dengan pesta atasan ayah Theo yang ingin memamerkan temuannya yaitu sebuah mumi, dan ternyata setelah dibuka bukan mumi kuno, di sini agak2 sadis sih buat anak2 menurut gw Setelah itu banyak kejadian aneh mengikuti Theo, apalagi setelah dia menemukan tongkat Osiris di basement di mana Theo diberi tugas oleh ayahnya untuk mendata barang2 di situ, belum lagi tiba2 patung anubis yang ada di situ jadi hiduplebih seruu dibanding buku 1, meski Henry gak ada, tapi kemunculan s [...]

    15. Loved it What a wonderfully engaging child and one has just got to admire her self motivation to study Greek, Latin, hieroglyphics and generally manage her own education She has an unusual skill, she can remove curses from objects which is handy as many of the objects in her parents museum have been cursed.The subject matter has been well researched and it s a fun way for kids to learn about the Egyptian gods.Really enjoyed it and I wish the library had the other volumes.If you liked Harry Potte [...]

    16. Very Good addition to the series I really enjoined it You should read it if you are looking for a adventure

    17. I really do love Theodosia and this series She gets into so many adventures and handles them so well I love her sassiness and wit especially.

    18. Theodosia Throckmorton, the 11 year old daughter of the head curator of the Museum of Legends and Antiquities, is at it again in this fun, action filled second installment Theodosia is once again faced with squaring off with the Serpents of Chaos, a secret society bent on spreading chaos throughout the world This time around, the Serpents of Chaos are focused on the Staff of Osiris, a mythological artifact that is said to have the power to cause instant death, as well as the ability to raise the [...]

    19. Smooth polished gray surfaces ball faces, oval bodies, neatly wrapped mummies have no emotion, no tension, no fear, no horror no magic Theo 12 may ease Mother s worries, rescue Father Alistair from jail for mummyies all over London that gather to their Museum of Legends and Antiquities Sent to catalogue basement archives, Theo still causes trouble, sets golden orb in Osiris staff, animates the stone guardian jackal Gran s beau Admiral Sopcoate is obviously bad, his steamship Dreadnought, pride o [...]

    20. Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadTooTheodosia Throckmorton, precocious daughter of a London museum curator and a top archaeologist, is back again in this sequel to THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS In that previous volume, eleven year old Theo used her knowledge of Egyptian curses to keep her parents safe from the dangerous artifacts that they handle on a daily basis, but in doing so, she ran afoul of a secret organization known as the Serpents of Chaos, whose goal, as their name implie [...]

    21. Book 2 in the Theodosia Throckmorton series, and I think it s better than the first This time the pace is breakneck from the very first chapter the plot stakes escalate nicely for both Theo and her parents and grandmother her brother Henry is absent from this outing and we learn even fascinating details about Egyptian magic and life in the museum The author does dip into the same bag of plot tricks, however She introduced us to two secret societies in the first book there is a third in this one [...]

    22. It is a 4.5 stars rating I love Theodosia s story, and I am definitely looking forward to of her journey.

    23. MontanaLibrary2GoThe second Theodosia Throckmorton book continues in the same vein as the first, and since I enjoyed the first I certainly enjoyed this one as well I would reiterate that this is a good book to recommend to any budding Egyptologists out there, as a kid I was and have always remained obsessed with Ancient Egypt, and would have loved this series just for the opportunity to immerse myself in of it I noticed a couple little jokes here and there that probably existed in the first boo [...]

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