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Magic to the Bone By Devon Monk,

  • Title: Magic to the Bone
  • Author: Devon Monk
  • ISBN: 9780451462404
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Allie would rather moonlight as a Hound than accept the family fortune and the strings that come with it All magic use has costs hers include migraines and memory loss She finds a boy dying from a magic Offload with her father s signature, then her father is murdered Allie s search for the truth calls on her country friend and the handsome man originally assigned aAllie would rather moonlight as a Hound than accept the family fortune and the strings that come with it All magic use has costs hers include migraines and memory loss She finds a boy dying from a magic Offload with her father s signature, then her father is murdered Allie s search for the truth calls on her country friend and the handsome man originally assigned as her bodyguard Someone is forging magic signatures and hers is on her dead father.
    Magic to the Bone Allie would rather moonlight as a Hound than accept the family fortune and the strings that come with it All magic use has costs hers include migraines and memory loss She finds a boy dying from a mag

    One thought on “Magic to the Bone”

    1. When I was a kid, and I fell sick, my mom used to give me this horrid porridge that was supposed to help me recover quicker It was flat, bland, tasteless and coated my mouth in a way that made every mouthful a chore Reading Magic to the Bone kind of reminded me of being back in bed, sick, and forced to eat some awful mush This book is not exciting, it s not enchanting, it s not funny, it s just plain blah.Allie Beckstrom is a Hound In a world where the use of magic always extracts a price, it is [...]

    2. Magic to the Bone is another Urban Fantasy novel involving magic, but there are twists When you use magic, you have to pay a price such as a memory or some sort of pain People illegally push the costs off to victims, and that s where the MC comes into play as a Hound, she tracks down people using magic illegally Unfortunately for her, one of her clients leads back to a bad source, and soon there is a murder investigation and much higher stakes.Allie is a likeable, guilt stricken and stubborn her [...]

    3. I dunno what to say about this oneThis book was a bit of a rollercoaster, up, down, up again The first part was interesting, with the new world and all that I absolutely loved the idea that you have to pay to use magic it was a first for me Also loved the idea that magic was discovered , invented even Like fire or water or sliced bread So, I can say that I found a lot of really interesting things in this read The bad part was that, after the wow thing passed, I kinda got bored The story didn t m [...]

    4. New to me author Devon Monk has imagined a world where magic exists but extracts a serious price from its users The magic you use, the bigger the price in pain, blood, or lossunless you re rich enough, or ruthless enough, to transfer that price to someone else Allie knows all about magic s price At least she would, if she could only remember After all, her father and his wealthy corporation have their fingers in all the magic pies in the world And she was all set to follow in those footsteps an [...]

    5. All right, y all, now here s the thing I read this series before I was on here and didn t go into it with the same thought process I have now That doesn t mean that I love this series any less, it just means that I can admit that there are issues with this book that I hadn t really paid attention to before This book has that First Book Syndrome, and Allie makes some questionable decisions, but this remains one of my favorite series.The story is set in a world like ours, but unlike ours, magic is [...]

    6. This was a very promising start to a new to me series I m quite fussy about which UF series I get involved in, but this I liked It seems that we have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of world building and what we know of the magic system I liked the main protagonist, Allie Beckstrom as well as her friend Nora and the love interest, Zayvion Looking forward to continuing the series.

    7. With Magic to the Bone, Devon Monk creates a world of magic that s a little different from the usual urban fantasy This first installment was enjoyable, but had its convoluted moments Allie Beckstrom is a Hound, a magic user whose talent is tracing a spell back to its caster She exists in a version of Portland, Oregon where magic runs from deep wells of power within the earth, wending its way up through lead and glass distribution systems which carry the power source throughout the city Most peo [...]

    8. I finished 2 books today, quick audio reads and they ve both been disappointments for me Let me say here that both should have been labeled PNR PareNormal Romance rather than UF Urban Fantasy This book started out for me as maybe a high 3 It is a good idea again a mage type character with a limited power that will obviously grow Sadly it devolves quickly into soap opera with concerns of the heart trumping story Our relationship with our father, our friendsd of course our on again off again love [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsDevon Monk has given us a world where magic exists, but it s not a pretty world There are steep prices for using magic of any sort, and as always, there are ways to circumvent the system Allie s gift allows her to track those that would wish to hide their magical doings She prefers to go her own way, forgetting the blood she shares with the man who made harnessing magic possible her father.When the story opens it s Allie s birthday, and she s determined to do something nice for herself [...]

    10. I really like the world so far and how the magic works I didn t like that it switched from A s 1st person pov to third person pov for Cody It was a little jarring But then I felt so bad for Cody I did like his scene I just don t like how it goes from 1st to 3rd person This is set in Portland which I enjoy, since I live in Portland However I have a higher opinion of Saint Johns than the author does Some of the phrasing is weird to me, like My mouth watered so hard I had to swallow some of the phr [...]

    11. This book had such a nice ending There are many questions yet to be revealed and answered in this story but the book didn t leave me feeling cut off with a cliff hanger That is a nice change I ve gotten to expect the cliffhangers in series books, especially first in series This one left me really, really wanting to continue reading Allie s story but it also gave me a sense of renewal and fresh start like a whole new chapter of her story will open with the next book I really like the sweet and ho [...]

    12. Mini review by phone I have a feeling I m really going to enjoy the rest of this series Allie is a fantastic if sometimes a little stupid heroine who is always up for a fight I love that she refused to back down no matter what and that she constantly fought for others The world that this book is set in is just amazing, and unique amongst all the urban fantasy I ve read While magic is there to use, it uses you right back, often making it dangerous to perform certain types if magic For Allie, usin [...]

    13. I finished this over the weekend, and it was fiiiiiine Honestly though, didn t feel like anything I hadn t read already so I ve no plans to continue the series Also, people really have to stop with the poor little rich girl thing It gets so old.

    14. I don t know how other people think of it, but I tend to classify books as having traction or not If a book has traction, you start it, and four hours later you re done, and really have to pee If a book doesn t have traction, you start it, and two chapters in, you realize you meant to get a load of wash done, so you do, and then you forget about the book for two weeks Obviously this is pretty subjective, and can depend on the mood you re in, and whether or not you have a load of laundry to do be [...]

    15. Is it weird that I kind of got a kick out of the main character s name in this book being Allie It s not my name I do have a dear friend by that name But I think the main reason was that I just haven t read a book in a long time that featured an Allie, and it seemed to lend the story a certain appealing freshness The other names in the book are equally appealing Zayvion Jones Violet Beckstrom And the idea for the story is undoubtedly intriguingGIC TO THE BONE is set in an alternate America in wh [...]

    16. In this world people discovered a way to harness magic 30 years ago By trapping it in glass pipes for an instance it can be used But it always takes something from you, pain, a memory, and Allie knows this Still she hounds She hunts people who does not use magic right, they do not take the pain, they give it to someone else Her father is one of the richest men around but she has cut all ties, and she does live in a rathole and really suffers.This is not a nice world, it feels dirty, and the magi [...]

    17. I will freely admit to being a snob with my urban fantasy as hypocritical as it may be considering the genre, I just cannot stand the paranormal romances that increasingly bulge off of the bookshelves I found Monk s title in my old Waldenbooks where genres are a tad fluid and took the chance that it was not of the paranormal romance ilk, trusting in Roc s growing reputation as the leader in urban fantasy I was intrigued by her description of magic use In reading the novel, I was not disappointe [...]

    18. Somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars A pendulum of a read Somethings worked for me, others did not For the first book in a series, Monk crafted a well thought out world of magic and power The price of magic was physical aliment which made sense The story had a nice flow was well written World building never bogged down the story as a whole which was impressive It never suffered from First Book Syndrome.My main issue with this book was the lead, Allie While the character had a lot of potential histo [...]

    19. I couldn t finish this It wasn t interesting or well written I read the first few chapters, then the last chapter, and didn t feel I missed anything in between I like this genre, so it is rare for me to buy a book at full price at the bookstore and then not finish it It felt like the usual murder mystery without a great plot or engaging characters This book and author just weren t interesting to me.

    20. AnotherMacHalo Groupread beginning October 24, let me know if you want in on this action if you re not already a member.

    21. I enjoyed a lot about this, but a lot felt as if it was really pretty standard urban fantasy with a unique element stuff The characters were fairly interesting, though I sometimes feel I m getting a bit sick of the trope of characters keeping secrets tightly hidden from each other and the reader except Polly s secret keeping in All Clear, for which I make complete and inconsistent allowance I m also clearly getting older and crankier by the second, because I m finding and often that authors ma [...]

    22. Allie Beckstrom lives in a world where using magic has a price Migraines, stomach cramps, memory loss and Allie is familiar with them all, especially memory loss However, not everyone chooses to bare the cost of their magic, some illegally offload it on to other and depending on the strength of the spell, it could kill As a Hound, Allie can see and track the magical signature of those who cast magic, including those who illegally offload the consequences She just never expected that the magical [...]

    23. Re read October 25, 2016Wow, on re read what a turn around I didn t like this much 2.75 or on the south side of 3 Library audiobook Allie does just stumble over all the clues answers, she is just pulled along and Zayvion directs part of it The little he lets her know is obviously close to nothing And, I cannot believe I gave the book 4 stars There are several cliffhanger plot lines left open, not the main question but that answer is thrown to her in the end and didn t seem like the main plot end [...]

    24. You don t have to actually read this book review because I have thoughtfully condensed it into one sentence for you Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk was alright So, feel free to skip the portion of this blog whereby I come to this conclusion, as its only about as interesting as reading the book itself.Devon Monk s debut novel had a lot of potential, in my opinion, that unfortunately is never realized Nowadays, it feels like the urban paranormal fantasy market has become supersaturated with the sa [...]

    25. 3.5There is that breed of writers who now dominate the urban fantasy market and who bring to the readers a gritty, dark, often disappointing world of supernatural beings and magic Like Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs, Devon Monk has created a tough heroine who takes care of herself, has had a rough childhood, makes friends despite herself and stumbles into world domination plots that make her groan I like Allie Beckstrom and as a heroine who suffers from partial amnesia every time she uses pow [...]

    26. I liked this Good world building, loved the male lead, the ending had some pacing problems, but I am looking forward to the second book Watch my video review

    27. In between grading papers, and after spending weeks reading Inkdeath, I needed something fast paced and exciting to read Urban fantasy is good for that, but I have been feeling a little bit burnt out on vampires, werewolves, and fey so what s an eager fantasy reader to do Along comes Devon Monk s Magic to the Bone, which blends many of the tropes of urban fantasy kick ass heroine with daddy issues, sexy man of mystery, gritty urban setting with an original and promising take on magic In Allie Be [...]

    28. I have to say that I m not entirely sure what I think about this series so far It has some great points, but then there were also some elements that I kind of felt meh about Bonus points must be given to Monk for coming up with a creative idea for magic Magic is usable by everyone, but in order to use it you have to be ready for the pain that it ll give you Or in Allie s case, the potential loss of memory It was interesting that this seems to be limited to her, so I m intrigued to see a possibl [...]

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