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  • Title: Sweet Poison
  • Author: Ellen Hart
  • ISBN: 9780312375256
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jane Lawless is at her wit s end keeping her Minneapolis restaurants running while volunteering on her father s campaign for governor With an eleven point lead, the race is Ray Lawless s to lose, but all that changes when his rival posts a list of violent criminals that are back on the streets early, thanks to Ray s work during his career as a defense lawyer.Corey Hodge iJane Lawless is at her wit s end keeping her Minneapolis restaurants running while volunteering on her father s campaign for governor With an eleven point lead, the race is Ray Lawless s to lose, but all that changes when his rival posts a list of violent criminals that are back on the streets early, thanks to Ray s work during his career as a defense lawyer.Corey Hodge is one of the convicts that took Ray s advice to plead guilty for a crime that he swears he didn t commit Bitter from time served, revenge lurks in the back of his mind Then one of Ray s young campaign volunteers is killed, and with the murder mirroring the crime Corey was convicted of, Jane has to bring the killer to justice to save her father s political career and to keep Corey from going to prison again.The high stakes and political intrigue that fuel Sweet Poison, the latest in Lambda and Minnesota Book Award winning author Ellen Hart s absorbing Jane Lawless series, make for an intense mystery of ambition and obsession.
    Sweet Poison Jane Lawless is at her wit s end keeping her Minneapolis restaurants running while volunteering on her father s campaign for governor With an eleven point lead the race is Ray Lawless s to lose but

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    1. Perhaps not quite so dark as her last one, but certainly emphasizes a cynical view of human nature Not many people to like in this one Thank goodness for scenes with Cordelia always good for amazing outfits, bon mots, and at least a few laughs It was great to hear Hart read for her publication party at the newly renamed Bookstore now True Colors in Minneapolis her 16th Jane Lawless and 16th Jane Lawless publication party at the store I ve probably attended the last six or so.

    2. A little too facile one too many twists interesting to read about the lives of characters who are not heterosexual including the perceived ability to see the bad and cut them no slack especially men when socialization goes the other way for heterosexual characters the old saved by a good woman cuts deep and lasts a lifetime.

    3. Sweet Poison by Ellen HartMs Hart was most generous in sending me an early copy of her newest book, Sweet Poison, sixteenth in the popular Jane Lawless series and for that I profusely thank her Sweet Poison is available in bookstores Nov 11th.Minneapolis restaurateur, Jane Lawless, is helping out her father, Ray Lawless, defense lawyer now gubernatorial candidate, at his campaign headquarters when she learns his plane had to make an emergency landing.Jane is frantic until she finally gets to tal [...]

    4. Reading other lesbian mystery books, I have a true appreciation for Ellen Hart s Jane Lawless mysteries Sure, the characters are jaded as the years go by, but the writing style is humorous, a rare and delightful thing in a mystery novel , the characters are well developed and well described even if you re a virgin of Hart s books , the characters are likable and the story is well crafted You don t have to work to follow the storyline I also like how Hart lists the characters at the beginning ma [...]

    5. Sweet Poison, 16 Jane Lawless, by Ellen Hart, a minus, Narrated by Aimee Jolson, produced by Audible Inc downloaded from audible.In this book we are in the middle of Ray Lawless s campaign to be governor of Minnesota Jane is extremely busy, running two restaurants, giving some thought to opening a third, working on her father s campaign, and trying not to be tempted by her friend s offer to join him as a private eye One day a key turns in her lock and Julia enters Jane is shocked to see her afte [...]

    6. Ellen Hart used to be one of my favorite mystery writers, but her books have taken a turn I really don t like I think the problem is that she keeps centering the crimes around Jane s intimate family circle and it s just too much The long dragged out subplots with Jane s father, brother, lovers, and friends are so tragic and twisted, it s impossible to even enjoy the story any I mean, all detective novel series twist credulity how could so many crimes happen in one town but this is ridiculous How [...]

    7. Hart plugs on and so does her heroine resterant owner and amateur sleuth Jane Lawless Sometimes these books are rather rote, but Hart is good at the family intrigue, relationship issues, past affecting the future, and sliding in multiple political and social issues This book is no exception, but is better than the last one by far.Jane s dad, Raymond, is running for governor Her brother Peter and his wife are having problems see previous book and Jane and long distance girlfriend Kenzie are havin [...]

    8. These are good mysteries, and they hurt little happy ending me, who likes the tidy Agatha Christie ending, where the bad guy gets what s coming to him her, and the good guys live happily ever after The ongoing cast of characters in the Jane Lawless mysteries Jane, her lovers, current and past, her best friend Cordelia, Cordelia s lovers, present and past, Jane s father and brother Peter, Peter s wife and daughter, and other friends who wend their way through these books lead messy, imperfect liv [...]

    9. I don t even know why will i choose to read this book I just randomly picked it up and i just feel so curious about the book title Sweet Poison it sounds just like another love story that girls will always like I didn t even read what is it about So when i first start reading it it s because i was too bored But then the beginning of the book kinda makes me wanna continue reading it Well it s just weird that a book will start with the negative side But surely, that hook me a lot Even know this is [...]

    10. LGBTQ choiceOk so I wasn t sure about a mystery set in Twin Cities with a Lesibian Resturantuer as the main character I was worried Twin Cities would be portrayed as very anti LGBTQ but it wasn t a problem Jane and Cordelia are very funny and very sweetly portrayed Cordelia with her flabouance and unusual relationships was probably my favorite character maybe the best side kick ever I also liked Jane no nonsense attitude though I totally feel for her girlfriends This was an entertaining and a ve [...]

    11. This is another hard to resisit installment in the consistently imroving Jane Lawless series In it, Jane s father is running for Governor of Minnesota one of his campaign workers, also a family friend, is killed Jane is undone by the changes in her relationship with her partner, Kenzie, and there s obsessive behavior on the part of almost every character in the book The threads, as usual, are tied up neatly at the ned of the book with Hart s customary deftness If you are a Jane Lawless fan, don [...]

    12. I guessed the who but not the why of the main mystery However, the two side mysteries woven into this story took me by surprise Even with some correct guessing, I thought this was especially well plotted and and intricately laid out I m hoping the Julia Kenzie dynamic returns in future books I was also a bit disappointed that the drama of Peter s family from the last book was dropped so throughly that story arc has a lot of momentum and I d hate to see it disappate.

    13. I really need to fill in the gaps of my Jane Lawless collection These mysteries are full of twists and turns and intriguing characters absolutely LOVE Cordelia and lots of heart There are really bad things that happen to folks in these books, but there is a well crafted story around each incident, leading the reader to understand not condone, mind you why what happened, happened Quite a feat

    14. I liked this book We just read it for our mystery book club Many in the group thought it was too gay for them Please take into consideration that this book was written by an author who is gay, for the gay community I read all genre s of mysteries, and it was definitely something new for me But I enjoy seeing how other cultures see themselves.

    15. My first time reading Ellen Hart Loved her style and her characters, Jane Lawless Cordelia Thorn They are a match made in heaven BFFs who find murder and mayhem in the most unlikely places A very good mystery and great read.Must goJane Lawless awaits

    16. I m reminded how much I enjoy the Jane Lawless series this book is no exception Will I ever forget the image of Cordelia walking around a neighborhood at night in a sequined gown, cape, and plaid hunting cap with earflaps No And I don t want to.

    17. The election is finally here and Jane s Dad is running for governor Jane s girlfriend, Kenzie, is jealous and angry about all the time she spends on other people s problems and on the restaurants And Julie, Jane s old girlfriend, is back in town and trouble than ever.

    18. The grim plotlines made it tough going, but Hart writes so well it was worth finishing It ll be interesting to see the direction Jane takes from here.

    19. It was okay but it is not my lifestyle.didn t realize what kind of a story it was besides being a mystery

    20. A fun, comforting series, Ellen Hart s Jane Lawless mystery Sweet Poison is a well crafted whodunit Great read

    21. I read this on the heels of the preceding book since the election story continued I ve forgotten how dark her books can be ed a Hart break pun intended

    22. Jane and her trusty sidekick Cordelia are back again Lots of balls in the air, lots of tension a good read 3.5

    23. I had a difficult time keeping track of all the characters at first It got better as the story moved along.

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