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Cream Puff Murder By Sandi Scott,

  • Title: Cream Puff Murder
  • Author: Sandi Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ashley Adams is settling back into her life in Seagrass, TX after leaving a broken heart and criminal ex boyfriend in Paris, France Her French sweets catering company has finally landed a major job, making Ashley grateful for all that is going right her business, her work partnership, and reconnecting with an old friend Ryan All that changes when Ashley overhears oneAshley Adams is settling back into her life in Seagrass, TX after leaving a broken heart and criminal ex boyfriend in Paris, France Her French sweets catering company has finally landed a major job, making Ashley grateful for all that is going right her business, her work partnership, and reconnecting with an old friend Ryan All that changes when Ashley overhears one of the guests arguing with a strange man in the bathroom Things get worse when the woman is found dead the next day, poisoned by one of Ashley s cream puffs Ashley must solve the mystery to save the reputation of her nascent business She is thrust into the lives of people from her past who all have something to hide Is the murderer a jealous lover An out of towner with business interests A local hero turned criminal Teaming up with her old friend Ryan and her loyal dog Dizzy, Ashley sets out to solve the crime Will she be able to solve the murder before her business reputation is completely ruined BONUS Recipe included.
    Cream Puff Murder Ashley Adams is settling back into her life in Seagrass TX after leaving a broken heart and criminal ex boyfriend in Paris France Her French sweets catering company has finally landed a major job m

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    1. What a delicious cozy mystery I enjoyed the pace of the story and I liked how I was thrown off the track so many times that I finally left resolving the mystery to Ashley Adams She was determined to find out how what had actually caused one of the guests at her big event to die Ashley was not going to sit back and wait for the sheriff to clear her cream puff The characters were fun and very entertaining I believe this series is going to be one sweet mystery series.I love a good cozy mystery and [...]

    2. Kindle freebie downloadAshley Adams has returned to her hometown of Sweetgrass, Texas to open a gourmet Parisian bakery business with her business partner Patty The locals are largely resistant to change but Ashley s business is off to a good start with catering gigs Her business is threatened when local businessman Bobby McCay s secretary Colleen ends up dead after eating one of Ashley s cream puffs The local police are not equipped to deal with anything than a minor traffic violation so Ashle [...]

    3. This was an entertaining story about a caterer who believes her dessert killed someone.I thought the book was well written but a bit stale in certain areas.There needs to be something unique about the main character that makes her stand out If there was a wow factor about her, it would keep me interested I found myself struggling at times to finish reading it and it was difficult not to skim through the pages.I voluntarily read and reviewed this book provided by the author.

    4. I would like to thank the author for giving me a free copy in exchange of an honest review as part of the Mystery Thriller Week This was a nice and light cozy mystery, with interesting characters and funny events.Ashley Adams just got back to Seagrass, after a heart breaking experience, to finally start her dream with catering french sweets.Everything was going well for her, so a guest turning out dead after eating her cream puffs was the last thing Ashley was hoping for As she set out to find t [...]

    5. Ashley Adams has returned to her Gulf coastal Texas town of Sweetgrass and is the owner of Sweetgrass Sweets, a French dessert catering company Her friend and kitchen partner, Patty, was a long time Paris resident and the two met while working together at a restaurant in Paris She specializes in French cuisine and owns the Southern Bird catering company.The two are catering a luncheon at a private club when Ashley is asked to serve the dessert to the speaker s table first because of health conce [...]

    6. Ashley Adams owns a French Desert Catering Service, Seagrass Sweets Her friend, Patty, owns the French Cuisine Catering company, The Southern Bird They have been invited to cater the annual Women of Influence Awards Banquet.The next morning, Colleen, one of the people from the banquet, is found dead in the guest bathroom The witnesses from the party said that she had gotten sick immediately after eating one of the deserts Ashley had heard Colleen arguing with another person the previous night, b [...]

    7. Ashley Adams has returned to Seagrass, Texas from Paris to open up a catering company She will be making sweets, French sweets When a body is discovered and her business is suffering she decides to start investigating, one tiny problem, she is also withholding evidence Ashley does not trust the police to do the job She asks an old friend to help Could he become her new romance Intriguing mystery, plenty of twists and enough to keep me guessing.I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy I receiv [...]

    8. Cream Puff Murder earns 5 5 Fanciful Croquembouche Ashley Adams was a techie with a dream of a life in spy support decoding data, breaking through firewalls, and hacking into secured systems, with her kindred spirit, Ryan, working along side her But, without any good byes, Ashley up and left for Paris with Sergey and a new dream to be a world renowned chef But, over two years later she returns to Seagrass, Texas, leaving Sergey behind, to open up a catering service specializing in French pastrie [...]

    9. You are not going to be able to guess who was able to use one of Ashley Adams Cream Puffs to murder a guest that was attending one of the first large catering jobs of Ashley s new business She returned from France with another chef, Patti and together they were taking the small town by storm until the murder occurred.There are several suspects but Ashley really can t decide she just knows there is something she is missing Ashley gets an old friend, Ryan, to help her solve this mystery Of course [...]

    10. For the first book in a series, Cream Puff Murder jumped into the middle of the action I think there needs to be a lot backstory so we understand who these people are and why we should care about what happens to them It isn t a bad book, and I dithered about giving it a higher rating, but I just couldn t do it because, in my opinion, it was just okay I m not sure if I ll continue with the series or not On the plus side, the editing and proof reading were well done Thank you, thank you, thank yo [...]

    11. I really loved this fun, cosy mystery It s a cute story with very likeable characters including Dizzy, the dog, who was a very cute and helpful friend to have along on the investigation There is a great bunch of characters in this gossipy, little town I found it very interesting that Ashley followed a different career path before she took up catering Her contacts and experience in the tech industry really come in handy It was also refreshing to see that the love interest wasn t the usual police [...]

    12. Cream Puff Murder, book 1 of Seagrass Sweets Mystery series penned by Sandi Scott, was a fun and enjoyable read, overall.The characters and mystery are well written but I am at a loss to understand the need to constantly reference moments in time that occured in the life of Ashley Adams The periodic references to Serge are a distraction and the manner in which the author uses thispast relationship to explain Ashley s insecurities doesn t work for me Having already read book 2 in the series Tarte [...]

    13. Ashley Adams has recently returned to Seagrass, TX, from Paris to open a catering company specializing in French sweets When a client dies after eating her cream puff, her company gets cancellation after cancellation, and it appears to be in jeopardy Not one to wait around for the sheriff to solve the case on his own, she draws on her IT hacking background and an old friend in the industry, Ryan, to dig deeper and root out the culprit There s quite a bit going on, and the reader gets familiarize [...]

    14. Ashley Adams, an ex computer techie, decided to change careers and trained as a baker instead Teaming up with her good friend Patty, they opened a catering company, offering French cuisine and desserts Her new company was a huge hit, especially in small town Seagrass, where exotic food was non existent All was going well until one of the guests at the event that the girls were catering for, is poisoned and dies after eating one of Ashley s cream puffs Ashley is fastidious about hygiene especiall [...]

    15. A very quick and fun readI confess, I did have to read this twice to understand it I m not sure if it s just the first in this series or the first of the author.I agree with other reviewers There appears to be a lot of fast forwarding without warning And when clues are uncovered, there isn t any real explanation, or hint.I would have liked setting description I feel like I didn t get a sense of being in Seegrass.But I did like the unique main characters Could be developed a little with backgro [...]

    16. This is the first book in the Seagrass Sweets Mystery It takes place in a small town in Texas featuring a baker, Ashley Adams, who returns home after training as a pastry chef in France She brings a partner, a chef who also trained in Paris with her and together they form a catering partnership At one of their first major jobs, a person is found dead, and Ashley s cream puff is to blame.In order to save her business she partners with Ryan, her former coworker in a computer firm, to solve the mur [...]

    17. My virtual new vacation spot I very much enjoyed the introduction to this fictional town and townspeople It sounds like a beautiful fun town I d like to visit to help solve the crimes and try the delicious foods The only thing I wish was different was Ashley s opinion of the small town police force She implies having no confidence in them Lack of experience doesn t necessarily mean they are inept They share info with her then she does with them I would like to see this opinion change in the fut [...]

    18. I really liked it Ashley has moved back home, to Seagrass, Texas and has her own French dessert catering business When a body is found and her business suffers because of it, she starts investigating and withholding evidence That might not be the smartest move but she desperately wants to save her business She doesn t trust the police to do a good job, because they are not very experienced She asks Ryan to help He s an old friend, but could he become a new flame It s a good cozy mystery A light [...]

    19. Who are Ashley and Patty Who are Ryan and Michael When Ashley is working a job, what happens at the job When she goes back the next day to pick up some items left behind by her and the other person that was hired to work the job, why is the Sheriff there What does he accuse her of What happens to her business after that When Ashley decides to investigate things, much to the chagrin of Michael and Ryan, what does she find out The ups and downs, eliminating suspects is nerve wracking at times Thou [...]

    20. It is an easy read However, there are so many questions that come up when reading this first book in this series Some of them are answered as Ashley tries to solve the murder that occurred because of her cream puff dessert Other questions remain unanswered, since there is insufficient details about the relationship between the characters I am assuming that some of the characters will be back in future books and they will be better developed When the culprit is revealed, it was an unexpected surp [...]

    21. I enjoyed this short cozy mystery about Ashley, a French dessert caterer It looks like good start to the series However, I would have enjoyed Ash stumbling upon a few clues and working through it And since Dizzy is a big part of her life, it would have been interesting if she had done a little of snooping around and discovering clues.Also some character building background around the main characters and even the victims suspects would help make readers connect to them better and make them li [...]

    22. A fast paced fun murder mystery that keeps you turning pages I love all of Sandi Scott s series The characters are fun and the mystery keeps you turning pages When Ashley Adams returns to Texas to open a pastry shop, she becomes involved in solving a murder Of course she gets involved because the victim dies eating one of her cream puffs and she becomes prime suspect number one The characters in this series are fun to follow and very likeable This is a must read series if you like fast paced, mu [...]

    23. Having read books 2 and 3 in this series, I finally got around to book 1 As with the other books this is a sweet clean cozy I expected to get background in the first book on Ashley and Ryan but it wasn t there The good thing is the following books give detail and explanation about them and their relationship Maybe we need a prequel that gives us detail about Ashley and her little town of Seagrass It s always enjoyable to see a series progress and to see the authors writing grow along with it. [...]

    24. I kept wondering how Ashley was going to get away with what amounts to lies, theft and withholding evidence to solve this mystery But I guess as long as she can get the murderer to confess she doesn t have to explain how she figured it all out I kind of felt like this was a grown up Nancy Drew story Amateur sleuth solves crime with help of her friends Not necessarily a bad thing I enjoyed it for a light read If murder can be called light Sex none, references to affairsLanguage a few DeityViolen [...]

    25. Ashley Adams thought she left all her major problems in Paris France Little did she know that her problems are going to start again, and she s alone in this When a woman is found dead after being poisoned by one of Ashley s cream puffs at her first catering job Now she has to clear herself and her business This is easier said than done Can she do it What does her past have to do with her future Everything Read the book to discover the why and how I voluntarily read a copy of this book The review [...]

    26. This is cute cozy mystery The characters are fun and the mystery is interesting Overall I prefer writing that is complex and better edited than I found in this book The character backstories are either incomplete or unrealistic Our hero Ashley has fewer scruples than I prefer in my heros but this is the first book in a series Hopefully Ashley will have opportunities to grow as the series continues and the characters and their back stories will develop I had a few laugh out loud moments in this [...]

    27. Ashley Adams returned to hometown Seagrass, TX, from Paris to open a pastry catering service with her Parisienne partner, Patti, who opens a French cuisine catering service After catering a major event a former schoolmate is found dead from poisoning In order to clear their catering service Ashley and her friend, Ryan, IT geek, start asking questions This is a difficult investigation because everyone connected are old friends A nice group of characters that I am interested in reading about.

    28. Ashley Adams and her partner have their first big catering job in her small Texas hometown After living and training overseas, Ashley returned home to recover from a broken heart She is reconnecting with old friends like Ryan, her former IT partner, and nursing her new business venture Trapped in the ladies room during the party, Ashley overhears an argument involving an acquaintance later found dead When her fledgling business begins to die because of small town gossip, she decides to investiga [...]

    29. Delicious, Cozy and Clean Mystery This is the first novel in a series no cliffhanger The story is built on a classically, French trained chef and her friends do not read while hungry The characters are realistic as are the emotions and motives The plot keeps the reader guessing as it all unfolds The story moves quickly and has some good laughs The gianormouse dog adds to the fun I have read other books in this series and they are all of great quality

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