READ KINDLE î إني جاعل في الأرض خليفة - by عمرو خالد

إني جاعل في الأرض خليفة By عمرو خالد,

  • Title: إني جاعل في الأرض خليفة
  • Author: عمرو خالد
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: None
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    One thought on “إني جاعل في الأرض خليفة”

    1. It s like out from darkness into the light of the sun ,Such as OUT from the graves aves of life that we have been a long residence,To the rays of understanding, knowledge and the fact that we are exist I will create in the earth a Khalifa your way to escape to the Paradise of the earth.

    2. i read it all and give me a push forward to work and the allah dont creat me just to pray and dont do big sins and do good thinks the allah give the muslims the responsibility of bulding the earth and i must have the GOAL and practice steps to do this by self improvingthank you Omro khalid

    3. i thought i read that book,but ididn t it was the one i readd it was good but after reading one book of this kind u dont get exited to read another onen it s the same mu7adra he gave but written insted.

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