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All of Me By K.E. Osborn,

  • Title: All of Me
  • Author: K.E. Osborn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
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  • Do you know that you have all of me After everything Aiden and Jeni have been through, hearing those few words should mean so much Following a vicious physical and emotional attack, Jeni is left broken with no energy in reserve to fight for anything Their engagement is called off Aiden can t stand a world without Jeni, so he s leaving for Tokyo to start a new life TheDo you know that you have all of me After everything Aiden and Jeni have been through, hearing those few words should mean so much Following a vicious physical and emotional attack, Jeni is left broken with no energy in reserve to fight for anything Their engagement is called off Aiden can t stand a world without Jeni, so he s leaving for Tokyo to start a new life The electricity and love between Jeni and Aiden is undeniable They ve beaten Jeni s trust issues, they ve won the war on love, they just need to realize they need to give it their all.Will they find their way back to each other, or will this be all or nothing
    All of Me Do you know that you have all of me After everything Aiden and Jeni have been through hearing those few words should mean so much Following a vicious physical and emotional attack Jeni is left broke

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    1. 4.5 StarsJeni can t seem to trust Aiden after everything that has happened, she s torn up and broken inside everyday missing him, but unsure she can ever get over the pain With a kick in the pants from a trusted nurse can she finally come to accept Jason s attack and that Aiden was not at fault With this couple of missteps along the way will these two find a way to overcome it all and get their Happily Ever After Jeni still has those moments where you want to strangle her for the way she thinks, [...]

    2. AIDEN O CONNELL fan here, he is sweet, sexy, romantic and richAll of me starts were Love Me Ended and your desperately waiting for Jeni and AIDEN to be reunited We don t have to long a wait to hear them whispering sweet nothings In each other s ears, which they do a lot there a loved up couple.This is the final chapter in there story and it s a great read, you won t be disappointed, lots going on with all the characthers a few surprises along the way too.I can t say too much as I want this spoil [...]

    3. This was a great finish to the Trust Me Trilogy I loved Jeni and Aiden s story Throughout the story I wanted to jump in and just smack the crap out of Jeni for not standing up to Alstair I just kept yelling at the her to stand up to his bulling and taunts and all the bad things he has done trying to get Jeni to leave Aiden for good After what she endured in Love Me she was so broken and shattered and fragile and Alstair just fed off that and made her life miserable Never saw what was coming thou [...]

    4. To say that in this book Jeni goes through so much turmoil in this book is an understatement A true survivor Something tragic happens which causes her to push away the one that loves her the most All that and she still has the nemesis from hellAlistair I don t think I ve ever hated a character than him Evil incarnate is the only description befitting him.Aiden truly shines in this story His love for Jeni knows no bounds and although I wish he stood up to his father , he always chooses Jeni when [...]

    5. This is the final book in the Trust me Trilogy The story of Jeni and Aiden, who meet when he crashes into her car in Trust Me The first book The story follows their trials and tribulations With her attack and their subsiquent breakup, to Alistair Aiden s father and his hate for Jeni There is humour with the antics of friends Sarah and Chris, and there is sadness also All in all I really liked this series and would recommend these books to other readers Looking forward to her next books.

    6. Kimberly, you have done it again I got a late start after the release of All Of Me but it was and is such a great read Really hoping for a story for Brielle and Adam I felt about as guilty as Jeni did for Alistair, but the way it all happened was awesome, I truly felt bad for Nana and Aiden A great prequel would be Callie and Alistair when he wasn t such a d k I m just so glad everything turned out so perfectly for everyone

    7. I loved these three books and th story of jen and aiden would recommend to anyone who loves a good romance with a great story one.

    8. Well this story totally tugs at my heart Jeni and Aiden have been on a roller coaster of a love story Im happy to see that the journey was worth the wait.This series was really good

    9. I was so excited for the last installment of this novel I was anticipating another novel of Love and excitement I was not disappointed I have to admit that I really fell out of love with the Jeni s character in the last novel and she really kept with the nose dive during the first half or of All of me I found her weak and wishy washy and I had a very hard time feeling bad for her I would have loved her to be stronger and have back bone before causing so many additional fractures to an already [...]

    10. Wowp wow I loved the conclusion to Aiden Jeni s story was absolutely worth waiting for.At the start of this both of them are struggling without each other , not knowing how to make it rightDo they No spoilers here but I am glad that there was no long drawn out back and forth in this book like you so often see which gave us the option of some great Aiden Jeni time and I loved to see the growth of the characters especially Jeni in this.It is no secret that Jeni was the one with the trust issues bu [...]

    11. Have you ever slowed down your reading, no matter how much you wanted to continue, because you didn t want the story to end This hasn t happened too many times for me, but it did with this book and The Trust Me Trilogy by K E Osborn If you haven t guessed, All of Me is the final book in the trilogy Aiden is still the amazing man I have swooned over in all the books He stands up for Jeni, even when it is against his father, Alistaire, who you will hate than any other fictional character ever Ali [...]

    12. Wow This series is amazing I just started this book and I couldn t put it down Jeni ran away from Aiden because she was scared Sandy one of her friends finally talked sense into her and told her to get over it and go get her man Sara and Chris are still amazing and love each other Jeni goes back to work for Aiden and alister is still an ass and belittles her constantly Bri finally talks Jeni into going to counseling and it s helping wonders A huge mishap happens at work and all hell breaks loose [...]

    13. All of me.5 This is the final book in the trust me trilogy and we so sad to see it end.we love Jeni and Aiden since the 1St book and if we are honest we fell in love with them a little bit in this book We could of jumped in to this story to tell Jeni to give her head a wobble and grow a back bone and stand up for herself against the evil fuckface Alistair, bullying and taunts He s trying to get Jeni to leave Aiden for good After everything that happened to Jeni she is left broken, and Alistair [...]

    14. As sad as I was to see this trilogy end It was a beautiful ending I must say right off the bat even tho I now understand Alistair I still think he s a dweeb And we all need a best friend like Sarah So funny Awesome character development The writing is fluid and easy to follow and read The descriptions are vivid and realistic I adore the relationship between Aiden and Jeni And to see the way it ends With out giving a spoiler I LOVE IT, ITS PERFECT Again K E Osborn scores a perfect goal with this [...]

    15. I fell in love with this wonderfully romantic book I laughed and cried and felt every emotion that Jeni felt I was so happy when I read this book as I was executed to find out it had been released Very well done K E Osborn, well done This book touched my heart and I didn t want to stop reading it I am a bit sad that the journey with Aiden and Jeni is over, but cannot wait to see what else is in store from the authors brilliant mind.

    16. Aiden and Jeni final book is wonderful They have gone thru some that it is crazy They love each other and Aiden just wants to make Jeni happy and safe There is a time when the past comes back to haunt her but it s a person and she keeps it to herself which is the worse thing she can do A must read for sure

    17. This whole trilogy has been a roller coster of emotions I have never laughed at a book so much This is a fab trilogy

    18. Loved it Loved reading on Jeni and Aiden along with their friends and family It was funny, sad, exiting and just a perfect ending to this trilogy

    19. Reviewer Donna Magic Within The PagesRating 4 StarsI was really, really excited for this book The first and second book were fantastic and as soon as i finished each one, i would be craving and this book did not disappoint me at all It starts off with Jeni reeling from her decision to leave Aiden They are both utterly devastated but Jeni blames Aiden for not being there when her ex, Jason attacked her I m glad she finally comes to her senses as they are reunited Their wedding is back on and eve [...]

    20. OMG I m always sad to see a series come to an end, but this was beautifully written by the lovely K E Osborn and we see the perfect HEA for the perfect couple Jeni AidenFull review to come during the blog tour April 7th 2014

    21. This is my 4 snowflake review for All of Me by K E Osborn for Eskimo Princess Review Blog.All of Me is the long awaited conclusion to the Trust Me Trilogy All of Me picks up where Love Me left us broken Jeni is having a very hard time dealing with the feelings that the attack has brought out in her She blames Aiden for not being there for her when she needed him the most Aiden is broken because the woman he loves has walked out of his life with no intentions of returning When faced with a life w [...]

    22. Amazing Conclusion I am truly sad that is trilogy has come to an end All of Me starts off where Love Me ended Jeni is a broken mess and is putting the blame on the one person that will do anything for her Her thoughts have caused her to push Aiden away When a friend helps her see that she is having flawed thoughts she decides it is time to get her man back, but is it too late Alistair s bullying has gotten worse toward Jeni Being that she is already in a fragile state he seems to get a kick out [...]

    23. Thank goodness I didn t have to wait as long as most for this book I m glad we finally got the conclusion of Aiden and Jeni At times, I felt as the book was moving too quickly Or was it Aiden and Jeni moving too quickly Well, this was a quick romance afterall Alistair, how can I describe how he made me feel in this book Probably the way Jeni felt duringnn.rry, can t tell I loved Callie and Mike Just way too cute So happy for them There is so much I want to say but it ll wind up just being riddle [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest feedback.This is the last book in the trilogy, I would definitely start at the beginning and read these books in order if you have not read the previous ones I really enjoyed this book and how Aiden and Jeni finally end up together again I loved how they got back together also It kind of makes the story come around full circle Alistair is as evil as ever but you do get to see a new side to him as well toward the end The onl [...]

    25. You re my absolute everything, Jeni, I live and breathe you I ll never love another the way I love you My life has purpose and meaning when I m with you My life was empty without you and I was a shell of a man with nothing to live for This was a beautiful end to a wonderful Trilogy I still love the relationship between Jeni and Aiden and how they are together After the second book, Jeni is still untrustworthy with Aiden over what happened in the apartment Every day she has the constant battle of [...]

    26. I was gifted the final book in the Trust Me Series, All of Me in exchange for an honest review First I would like to point out that I have read and paid for the first 2 books in this series and have waited for a, what seemed like forever, even though it was only 2 months, for this last book to finally be published Aiden and Jeni have gone through so much, after her abusive attack by her ex boyfriend Jeni is left a mess of emotions, scared, jumpy and blaming Aiden for her attack We start out book [...]

    27. I enjoyed this final book because all of the loose story ends were wrapped up and finally we got to read about Jeni and Aiden getting a happily ever after I hated how Alistair treated Jeni even worse this book but I also got so frustrated with her not standing up to him and her constant lying to Aiden about this behavior I swear I was screaming when he made her call herself a name and she did it, no way I was very happy that she went and sought out help and then later this same person helped bot [...]

    28. This final book in the trilogy was just as well written as the first two What can I say besides how much I loved Aiden I would have liked to have Jeni step forward and stand up for herself sooner and give Alistar a run for his money and send that horrible man straight to hell but he got his in the end so all I can say there is yay Overcoming your worst nightmare is a hard thing when Jeni felt like she was let down and lied to by Aiden he promised to protect her always she needed a way to get pas [...]

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