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Dying for Dinner By Miranda Bliss,

  • Title: Dying for Dinner
  • Author: Miranda Bliss
  • ISBN: 9780425226100
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Annie leaves the safety of her old bank job to become the full time manager of her boyfriend s restaurant, what s meant to be the first day of the rest of her life might be the last day of someone else s.
    Dying for Dinner When Annie leaves the safety of her old bank job to become the full time manager of her boyfriend s restaurant what s meant to be the first day of the rest of her life might be the last day of someon

    One thought on “Dying for Dinner”

    1. A fun read When Annie quits her job as a bank teller to concentrate on her work at Bellywashers, she thinks she ll finally have plenty of time to do just the one job until she ends up working at Tres Bonne Cuisine as well, and investigating both a murder and a missing person.I haven t read the other books in the series, but this was easy enough to get into I may look at the others to fill in the backstory My only quibble I really can t see a professional chef, or someone training students, usin [...]

    2. I enjoy this series and it s cast of characters Annie did quite a bit of investigating and had lots of help from her friends I like how supportive everyone is The mystery was good.

    3. It was an okay read Too many culinary instruments which most people barely know was mentioned Although everyone was touting Annie to be this big shot, bright, sharp detective it was never proved anywhere in the book First of all if she had already solved 3 murders she would have been quicker on the uptake about the SUV following her All i have ever done is read mystery novels and even I knew that was dodgy And how stupid can you be to leave your car all night in front of a store, with the SUV pa [...]

    4. This is the fourth in the Cooking Class Series I finished the first one on Sunday You don t need to have read the others to know what s going on things from the other books are mentioned but not in great deal so as to not give too much away.As in the first book, I still don t understand why she and her friend, Eve, are encouraged to investigate murder Annie is a teller turned office manager of a restaurant and Eve worked in a department store and is now the hostess of the restaurant They have no [...]

    5. Part of a series that combines cooking and death Two great tastes that go great together This was light, enjoyable fluff, but I felt cheated by the fact that the mystery aspect led to a guy that we d never even heard of lots of people we d never heard of I guess it feels like cheating when the solution is something that is entirely out of the reader s ability to predict Chandler s a bit that way, but at least with Chandler you get given the likely suspects introduced to you and you can guess who [...]

    6. Even though I figured out who the bad guy was very early on, I didn t know his motive or other very important details until much later I feel bad for Jacques because that character has been squeezed for story lines than I would have thought possible Yet, I still like the series I really like Annie, Jim, and Eve overall I was a little disappointed with how Eve was portrayed during one scene at the end, but it wasn t enough to affect my overall impression If I could talk to the author, however, I [...]

    7. 4th in the series about Annie Eve, best friends that solve mysteries in their spare timewell, sometimes it gets in the way of their jobs This installment finds Annie working at the Bellywasher s full time after deciding to quit her job at the bank Her ex shows up turns out he is divorcing the woman he left her for and might want to rekindle something and Jacques who create Vavoom has gone missing when his employee Greg was killed in the shop.I wasn t sure when I read the first book in this serie [...]

    8. This is the first of this series I have read even though it is 4 in the series It has few slow points and one quickly grows fond of Annie The disadvantage is that when I locate and read the first 3 books I will know the backstory of one of her friends It is that backstory that creates the plot and is what Annie has to investigate to solve a murder.

    9. This was another great book in this series The 4th book I so look forward to the 5th book I love Annie s character because she is so easy for many woman to relate to I also like her friend Eve she is funny The regular characters are all likable This was a nice mystery Not too complicated not too simple either I would recommend this to any lover of cozy mysteries.

    10. Pretty decent mystery with a main character who likes to investigate on her own The only problem series name is Cooking Class Mystery but really the story has very little to do with a cooking class.

    11. Annie was a little clueless in this one really, how long did that black sedan have to follow her around but it s a good stepping stone in this series A decent cozy, although I d like to see Jim fleshed out a little .

    12. I really enjoyed this book It has a mystery within a mystery and that truly drives the action of the book I was pleased with the ending as well.I m new to this series but I won t be a stranger from now on.A good murder mystery.

    13. Oh la la This one is all about Monsieur and the life he lived before he became a chef Let s just say Annie figures it all out Good mystery and light fluffy romance to boot.

    14. A lot of fun, mostly improbable, but what the heck Think I ll have to find Dead Men Don t Get the Munchies.

    15. Another fun cozy cooking mystery I wish they d go back to calling Jacques by that name rather than Norman, though They switched much, much too easily

    16. Another good, quick read I was shocked at what Jacques was doing with his product sneaky Things are progressing with Annie and Jim.

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