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Wicked Little Words By Stevie J. Cole B.T. Urruela,

  • Title: Wicked Little Words
  • Author: Stevie J. Cole B.T. Urruela
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Edwin Allen Mercer I want them all to read my words And they do Every last blood stained sentence, they ve read and praised me for They love the gore and violence, the realness And I get a sense of power with it all because I know a secret the victims in my books they re real and have all died on my table And maybe that s why the last book had such awful reviews MurEdwin Allen Mercer I want them all to read my words And they do Every last blood stained sentence, they ve read and praised me for They love the gore and violence, the realness And I get a sense of power with it all because I know a secret the victims in my books they re real and have all died on my table And maybe that s why the last book had such awful reviews Murder is, after all, a dirty little thing Some can stomach it Others can t My answer to those reviews find a woman to co author with To be the next pathetic character in my book Pity she s so pretty Miranda Cross All I ve ever wanted was to be successful as a writer so when I was offered the opportunity to co author a book with my idol, EA Mercer, I jumped at the chance He s beautiful and a literary genius, but something about him makes my stomach knot And maybe it s my overactive imagination making my hairs stand on end when he walks up behind me After all, these wicked little words we re typing are only fiction They re only fiction
    Wicked Little Words Edwin Allen Mercer I want them all to read my words And they do Every last blood stained sentence they ve read and praised me for They love the gore and violence the realness And I get a sense of po

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    1. A disturbing, psychological thriller like you ve never read before Wicked Little Words will make your head spin It s shocking and twisted story line will make you clutch your bed covers at night, and leave your heart a little darker for reading it.I literally cannot believe what I just read Throughout the entire book, I kept debating with myself on how I could possibly finish it Because it s genre is so out of my norm to read, whether it being a romance or not I m not a dark book reader Period B [...]

    2. HOLY SHIIIIIT Halimeeeee, this is your fault OMG I m so fucked up right now Ugh this book was sooo freaking sick twisted but God help me, I loved it DPs Dilek VT, Ilknur aka Iko and Bookylicious Thank you very much for our BR 3

    3. My dear friends Bookylicious, H lya, lknur me have done a buddy read of this book upon the recommendation of our dear friend Halime At the end of our journey, our thoughts, feelings and thus ratings have differed Here is what I thinkThis is a dark and sick read It is gritty and shocking Do not start to read it in the mistaken belief that this is a romantic suspense I myself made this mistake and there is no romance in it It is a murder suspense story, a gory horror story It is a sinfully twisted [...]

    4. 4.5 Wicked Stars Let me start off by saying that I ve read some pretty messed up books over the past few years Some made me cringe, others left me with my mouth hanging open because of the absurdity, and the rest just had me questioning my sanity Yes they were crazy and unconventional but if there s one thing you should know know about me, is that I LOVE crazy This book right here Was FUCKING CRAZY mixed in with a crap ton of dimented I need liquor, bleach, and a therapist in that order because [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThat Ending Everything is nice and kind of predictable You think you got the ending figured out or at least a few possible endings Then boom The End , and you wonder what the f ck did I just read where did that come from Now I know you must be wondering is he crazy I can see how you could think that But here s the thing aren t we all a bit crazy in our own way Meet Edwin Allen Mercer, brilliant horror writer, author of eight best sellers He s so good at what he does because he actually [...]

    6. What a dark, disturbing, and gloriously twisted story this was The synopsis drew me in, but I had NO clue what I was in for I thought that reading a story about writers writing a story together would be straight forward and maybe even slightly exciting, yet this book was morbid and fascinating from the very first page Edwin Allen Mercer has a well crafted persona He s the king of the book world and he s in high demand, but his latest book reviews have come back with lukewarm responses and he s u [...]

    7. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Title Wicked Little WordsAuthor Stevie J Cole BT UrruelaCategory Dark, ThrillerSeries or Standalone StandalonePOV Multiple Plot 5Characters 5Scorching Level 5HEA Umriously OMG What the hell did I just read Sick and addictive read These words sum this book up Dear God, this duo nearly killed me with their wicked little words.Miranda is a socially awkward woman who is trying to make a career in creative writing Her big chance comes when an inter [...]

    8. I do believe in love As black as my little heart may be, I do believe in this world, there is someone for every asshole It s just a matter of stumbling into them And not ever letting them slip away This book is about Edwin Allen Mercer, a New York Times best selling crime author and Miranda Cross, a Creative Writing graduate at Emory University and an employee of the Little Novel Bookstore off Fifth and Main in Atlanta While EA Mercer is a brilliant writer he is also a twisted and self centered [...]

    9. More reviews at Li l Kit s Reviews.Writing Story Characters Overall rating 4.6 5 Blindsided Stars A dark and at times creepy, sinister, and extremely twisted story And in typical Stevie J Cole fashion she completely blew my mind Edwin Mercer is a New York Times bestselling author of dark horror, all of his books have had great reviews and sold well, until his last book, which got some pretty bad reviews So on his newest book he s looking for someone to co author with And by the way, he s also a [...]

    10. ARC REVIEW First and foremost, I want to give a huge THANK YOU for selecting me as one of the Lucky few to receive an ARC of this horrifyingly, glorious book I am not new to reading Suspense Thrillers, but I do tend to stick to books that are on the Dark Romance side, rather than books with guts and gore.Wicked Little Wordswhat do I say, where do I begin Stevie J Cole and BT Urruela did an outstanding job of co writing this story From one chapter to the next, I have a difficult time deciphering [...]

    11. EDIT 2 17 2017I m not changing my rating Because this book was excellent due in large part to Stevie J Cole But I will never read another book with BT URRUELA attached to the project His actions and apology speak volumes about his personality review show ORIGINAL REVIEW 4.5 stars for the ending I did not see coming THAT is some seriously unusual shit, let me tell you I pictured Christian Bale in American Psycho the entire time.Until that endingdah O_o Mind Blown Just because the man is being nic [...]

    12. OH.GOD What the fizzle fuck That last chapter completely messes with your head and leaves you wide eyed , brain fucked and clueless Well not actually clueless , but shocked for sure Didn t see that ending coming

    13. What the fuck happened stars When I start this book I wasnt expected romance or love story I was expecting something disturbing and dirty But GOD What was that Jesus Christ It made my world upside down broken my heart to million pieces one by one Mystery Ok Tension Thriller Thats ok for me But through the end I start to feel something is missing here give it to me babyNo NOIm not sure any I will be fucking O.K near FUTURE.Miranda is a student and wants to be writer and she is crazy about crime [...]

    14. Are you ready to have your mind turned inside out Wicked Little Words will do that and This book gave me the creeps to say the least and the ending was twistedly unexpected.Honestly, some of the graphic details had me shuttering Right from the beginning the story takes a dark tone It s perfect for Halloween or a late night read during a storm Miranda Cross is a college student studying creative writing and has been selected to co author with the New York Times Bestselling author, Ethan Allen EA [...]

    15. Pod s encontrar esta y otras rese as en mi blog Do you think any of those fucking readers paid attention to my writing before I started killing people Before I started getting the murders in my own novels as realistic as possible You bet your goddamn ass they didn t They want the gore They want the carnage They want the mayhem And goddamn it, I m going to give it to them Llegu a enterarme de la existencia de este libro por pura casualidad al repasar los nominados a los awards en la categor a de [...]

    16. A Wicked Literary Masterpiece Bound in DarknessI m mind blown I ve sat here at my computer writing and deleting this review multiple times Words are failing me, and that s really saying something because I rarely shut up I m in awe of the sheer brilliance that BT Urruela and Stevie J Cole obviously possess to be able create this story The co writing is flawless They compliment each other s writing so perfectly that to be honest, if the author names were not on the cover I would have thought this [...]

    17. 4.5 Totally Wicked Read Stars Please, save me your tears I have no use for them Now your blood, I grin That s a whole other matter EA Mercer is a best selling author of the dark and gruesome reads that so many have fallen in love with But now, EA has stumbled into a bad case of writers block To overcome his writer s block, he and his agent look for the next up and coming author to ghost write with him EA is not your typical good looking guy and amazing writer He has a side of him that most can t [...]

    18. This was disappointing I absolutely loved the ending but all but the last 15% of this book was very slow and not much happened so I honestly couldn t give it a higher rating.

    19. I freaking love this bat shit crazy book What did I just read What happened to my moral compass haha I would have never picked up a book like this because who the hell can love a serial killer Oh boy, it s a nice little quick read that delivers so many emotions I was screaming run in my head a few times I had a lot of fun reading this book I hope there s a movie based on this book soon, I don t even care if it s lifetime.It follows the story of an innocent antisocial college student that ends up [...]

    20. I m vacillating between giving this 3.5 and 4 stars The writing was good and the story flowed well but I kind of felt they let the cat out of the bag in the few few chapters including the prologue so 3.5 it is

    21. I dislike that KU book notes can t be added to gr 62% I just want to shout at her, go with your gut instinct Oh my, where to start without giving anything away I really enjoyed the story Definitely a good twist on your dark serial killer reads I never saw the ending coming Really I think there was only one clue, and I totally missed it So the entire concept is a writer bringing their story to life Really writing about how they kill women And use the killing as their inspiration It s a crazy gros [...]

    22. Blue Reviews WICKED LITTLE WORDS by Stevie J Cole and BT UrruelaThe best I can do is to try and relay to you my most honest reactions and raw emotions while reading WICKED LITTLE WORDS This is not my normal preferred genre and there were times where I was afraid that I would have to walk away from it.I might have been able to put it down because of some of the intense insanity that was being played out on those pages But if I had had the strength to leave the story because of my own personal bou [...]

    23. OUTSTANDING I preorderedd it dropped at midnight right So, I purposefully went to bed early, set my alarm for 12 30 am and woke up to read this book Why Because I needed to Five hours later and I m in shock I m an avid reader and I love my happily ever after I m an epilogue type girl Therefore I was nervous to start this action packed, nail biter This book, these wordsese Wicked Little Words Just WOW I m blown away I have no idea who wrote what Nor do I care I just know that the pages flew by an [...]

    24. It was veering into 5 territory Loved the characters all of them At first I thought oh poop, when Jax came on the scene, sniffing around Miranda I didn t want it to be the old good guy bad guy trope It s been done ad nauseum However I quickly got hooked on Jax great character All alpha male with a great sense of humour Every gals dream fantasy man So I was digging it The bad guy, the author Edwin, started off cool and sexy and murderous but unfortunately I detected something missing which all ad [...]

    25. Hot Damn I can t even begin to say how this one ends So not expecting that Dark Thrilling Heartstopping Graphic And, Scary If you are into dark reads, you can t miss this one I don t even know where to begin so as not to give away spoilers But, this will f k with your mind after all is said and done Read it in one sitting That s how consuming and mind blowing it was Two authors writing together Feeding off of each other s words POV s of three different characters Why only 4 stars It s the ending [...]

    26. I can t even put into words this book and how it made me feel There were so many OMG moments, very little romance which ironically I did not miss The creativity in Stevie and BT to write these details and put it together to that epic ending is something I will never comprehend This book is not romance necessarily but is a work of sheer genius 5

    27. This book was just Brilliantke no other book I have ever read This isn t my usual genrebut I am so glad I stepped out of my box You are in for the ride of your life with this book Stevie J Cole and BT Urruela are magical together Five stars isn t nearly enough

    28. Full review can be found at Beneath The Covers Blog review show ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

    29. This book has been rotting in my kindle for a few months now I had initially gotten it because I was drawn to the premise of the entire story Best selling gory crime author Edwin, actually practices on real victims to gain inspiration, hence he writes such real scenes in his novels With his last book not being a smashing success like the previous ones, he finds himself a ghost writer One of his biggest fans, Miranda is thrilled at the prospect of working with her favorite writer, but the time s [...]

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