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The Black Cat Sees His Shadow By Kay Finch,

  • Title: The Black Cat Sees His Shadow
  • Author: Kay Finch
  • ISBN: 9780425275269
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mystery novelist Sabrina Tate and her cat, Hitchcock, set out to catch a conniving killer in the next Bad Luck Cat mystery from the author of The Black Cat Knocks on Wood and Black Cat Crossing The town of Lavender, Texas is buzzing with tourists, and local businesses are pulling out all the stops for the annual Pumpkin Days Festival On the eve of opening day, SabrinaMystery novelist Sabrina Tate and her cat, Hitchcock, set out to catch a conniving killer in the next Bad Luck Cat mystery from the author of The Black Cat Knocks on Wood and Black Cat Crossing The town of Lavender, Texas is buzzing with tourists, and local businesses are pulling out all the stops for the annual Pumpkin Days Festival On the eve of opening day, Sabrina comes face to face with her doppelganger, Tia Hartwell, a caricature artist at the festival The similarities between the two women are striking, including their matching black cats.Sabrina learns that her new twin Tia has an enemy bad tempered jewelry vendor Calvin Fisher When Fisher is found slumped over dead in his pickup, Tia tops the suspect list With the help of her feline sidekick, Sabrina must clear her new look alike friend before she finds herself in a deadly case of double jeopardy.
    The Black Cat Sees His Shadow Mystery novelist Sabrina Tate and her cat Hitchcock set out to catch a conniving killer in the next Bad Luck Cat mystery from the author of The Black Cat Knocks on Wood and Black Cat Crossing The to

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    1. It s that time of year in Lavender, Texas It s the Pumpkin Day Festival The town is quickly filling up with vendors and tourists alike Sabrina Tate wonders if she will have time to finish working on her novel, but her progress comes to a halt when one of the vendors, Calvin Fisher, verbally attacks and threatens her She s totally puzzled since she never met the man before, but he sure seemed to think he knew her.It all became clear when she met one of the other vendors They say everyone has a tw [...]

    2. A light and refreshing cozy mystery featuring Hitchcock, a black miscellaneous cat He is an escape artist and managed to follow Sabrina Tate as she goes about her business Sabrina is an also inspiring author who is planning on spending much time at the Pumpkin Festival She was aghast when she meets Tia Hartwell who looks just like Sabrina Tia even has a black cat, Merlin that can be mistaken for Hitchcock Tia has endured the angry of a fellow vendor, Calvin Fisher There are enough turns in the s [...]

    3. openbooksociety article thThe Black Cat Sees His Shadow A Bad Luck Cat Mystery, 3By Kay FinchISBN 9780425275269kayfinchBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSynopsis Mystery novelist Sabrina Tate and her cat, Hitchcock, set out to catch a conniving killer in the next Bad Luck Cat mystery from the author of The Black Cat Knocks on Wood and Black Cat Crossing The town of Lavender, Texas is buzzing with tourists, and local businesses are pulling out all the stops for the annual Pumpkin Days Festival [...]

    4. Murderous bad luck may follow the characters in The Bad Luck Cat Mysteries, but there s only good luck for anyone reading it Many authors have an enviable talent of making words flow across the page Each word and sentence from chapter to chapter blending flawlessly to form a story so captivating you never want it to end THE BLACK CAT SEES HIS SHADOW is just such a book, and Kay Finch just such an author Having enjoyed the first two books in this series, I was excited to finally have this install [...]

    5. America has changed Halloween in this country from dull boring night to a fun one.That s OK but why are folk laws too.In the UK a black cat was a witches familiar was classed as very good luck I have two for that very reason.But not in American they are classed as evil devil s spawn what America says goes I worry if America said go naked on Monday would we do it.But this book also goes prove another point how CRAZY Americans are who ever heard of a Pumpkin Canon let s hope never catch on in the [...]

    6. Fell in love with a new seriesI ve seen this series advertised many times and I finally decided to give it a try.I absolutely loved this story Sabrina and Hitchcock are a great pair and I loved reading about the small town of Lavender.

    7. Another great book in a series I love I thoroughly enjoyed Sabrina and Hitchcock s latest adventures and can t wait to read of this series.

    8. Sabrina lives in Lavender Texas and the town is filled with tourists for a fall event Sabrina meets a woman who looks just like her with a black cat just like hers The woman has a enemy another vendor at the fair, when he is found dead the woman is blamed Sabrina doesn t think she did it so looks for the real murderer The ending of the story wasn t what I wanted to read but over all the book was good.

    9. Altro bel libro Fino alla fine non ho capito chi fosse il colpevole, forse perch c erano troppe possibilit Il libro scritto bene, le pagine scorrono via che un piacere Visto che il terzo libro della serie e visto il finale, temo per il proseguimento della serie, ma spero di sbagliarmi

    10. I m really enjoying the Bad Luck Cat Mystery Series This book was a great addition I loved reading about Sabrina and Hitchcock again In this one, Sabrina gains a doppelg nger, Tia, whom she has to clear as a murder suspect I enjoyed the storyline and the banter between characters As usual, Hitchcock was the best part of the story Great characters, an interesting storyline, and a fun small town setting made this a great one

    11. Lavender, Texas, is abuzz with Pumpkin Day Festival activity, and while Sabrina is excited for the festivities to begin, she worries that she isn t getting in the time on her second novel that she would like When Sabrina runs into her doppelganger at the festival, a vendor by the name of Tia, who coincidentally has a lookalike black cat by the name of Merlin, she is surprised and intrigued But surprise turns to unease when a fellow vendor from the festival threatens Sabrina, thinking she is Tia [...]

    12. It s Pumpkin Days Festival time in Lavender, Texas Local businesses are setting up tents to display their wares and tourists are piling in to partake in the town s festivities As Sabrina strolls through the festival with her cat, Hitchcock, she walks right up to someone who looks just like her A woman named Tia is one of the outside vendors renting a tent during the festival She also has her son and his pet cat with her When it s discovered that Tia doesn t see eye to eye with another vendor nam [...]

    13. I won this paperback from the author online I am choosing to review it although it was never requested I was not influenced by how I received it I had to know the truth about these people,though, even if that meant painting a target on my back Sabrina Tate and her cat Hitchcock have settled nicely into the town of Lavender TX However, as much as she d like to be making a new life for herself, in some ways her old life keeps catching up with her, up to and including a possible twin in the form of [...]

    14. Love, love, love this series Sabrina and Hitchcock are back, and this novel has been well worth the wait The multiple mysteries add to the excitement of the tale The dialog and action are really great demonstrations of who each character really is And of all things, Sabrina and Hitchcock have met someone who looks almost exactly like them Tia is one of the vendors in town for the pumpkin festival, along with her young son and their cat, Merlin I do hope to see of them Well, especially since Sab [...]

    15. The Black Cat Sees His Shadow is a cozy mystery This is the third book in the series You don t need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this book didn t spoil the mysteries in the previous books.The heroine asked questions and observed what was going on around her Her cat frequently ran off, leading her to clues She wasn t stupid, but there were occasions when she didn t think out her actions and so put herself and others in potential danger.It s a clue based puzzle mystery, y [...]

    16. I ve loved this series from the beginning and as a plus I always enjoy books set in my home state of Texas Lavender, Texas is hosting the annual Pumpkin Days Festival and Sabrina meets her twin, Tia who s a caricature artist and travels from festival to festival Tia also has a black cat named Merlin who looks a lot like Hitchcock as well as a young son named Damon Sabrina soon learns that Tia has an enemy among the festival people, a bad tempered jewelry vendor named Calvin Sabrina must clear he [...]

    17. Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    18. This is book three in A Bad Luck Cat mystery and it s fall and time for the pumpkin festival in Lavender, Texas Sabrina is surprised to meet a young woman who could be her twin and even surprised when a vendor from the festival threatens her thinking she is another vendor, Tia When he ends up dead the sheriff has Tia at the top of his suspect list but Sabrina finds many when stolen gems are found Her writing career is going well and the when her mother and step dad show up for Pumpkin Fest thi [...]

    19. Lavender, Texas what a great name for a small town Sabrina and her cat Hitchcockare getting ready for the fall festival in Lavender Sabrina sees a vender that looks justlike her, she has a son with a cat Merlin Unfortunately there is another vender whois harassing Sabrina s lookalike Hitchcock finds the man murdered and the hunt ison for who did it A lot of twists and turns in this book with a very surprising ending.Looking forward to reading Kay Finch s next book

    20. A Real Gem Kay Finch has another hit This time Sabrina finds herself dealing with a few surprise visitors, a possible stalker, a murder Helping her, while causing some chaos, is her black cat Hitchcock And of course, causing her share of craziness is Aunt Rowe This story was jammed packed with several different mysteries twists all at the same time Another delightful Bad Luck Cat mystery

    21. Now I m going to have to wait while Finch writes the next one.I liked this and guessed the murderer only because I used the who hasn t been considered yet as my deciding factor.I love the heroine and her love interest I love her family and Finch bought the mother and issues in perfectly.I loved the doppelganger.The only thing I want improved is the intelligence of the cops They d know a murder victims family members pretty quick, so

    22. Are black cats really unluckyThis new book by Kay Finch is as good as all the rest This time we get to meet family and coligues, possibly a sister as well Kay s books put you right in the thick of things as she paints the pictures for you to read She has turned me into a black cat fan in than one way Can t wait for the next book to come out.

    23. Kind of a flat read The premise sounded really good.but it just didn t deliver I felt like the author was almost bored with the story or maybe life was imitating art because the amateur detective in the book is a wanna be author she just has a really hard time making herself sit down and write.

    24. I am really enjoying the Black Cat mystery series This time there is a craft fair in town when one of the participants shows up dead Sabrina and Hitchcock have twins and there are pumpkins being shot out of cannons Lots of fun I didn t realize that this author has other books that I now need to go and investigate

    25. This is book three in the series and it hasn t lost any of it s charm, in fact, this may be the best one yet in my opinion Hitchcock finds a new friend in Merlin and their antics are so realistic Didn t really start suspecting the culprit until they were almost ready to be revealed Love it when that happens.

    26. This story takes place during a Pumpkin Festival in Lavender, Texas It seems Sabrina and Hitchcock have twins that bring bad luck to the Fair Of course, Sabrina with the help of Hitchcock, uncover the killer, a jewelry theft and avoided being killed with nicotine Aunt Rowe drives me nuts, though, wish she would settle down some.

    27. Another wonderful visit to Lavender, Texas This series of books have all been good mysteries I love the town and the characters This one s who done it was a surprise I am anxious for the next installment

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