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The Inhuman Condition By Clive Barker,

  • Title: The Inhuman Condition
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780743417341
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • A master storyteller and unrivaled visionary, Clive Barker has mixed the real and unreal with the horrible and wonderful in than twenty years of fantastic fiction The Inhuman Condition is a masterwork of surrealistic terror, recounting tragedy with pragmatism, inspiring panic than dread and evoking equal parts revulsion and delight.
    The Inhuman Condition A master storyteller and unrivaled visionary Clive Barker has mixed the real and unreal with the horrible and wonderful in than twenty years of fantastic fiction The Inhuman Condition is a masterwork

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    1. There has been a Clive Barker overload lately, and though it is not unpleasant I have chosen to come back to him later er, read the stuff I still have not He is a re visitable auteur Books of Blood were published in the U.K in the 80s and now we have In the Flesh and this, The Inhuman Condition which are the same book published under different names in different collections There are five chilling tales here, and though none captured me the way The Forbidden did ok, I keep mentioning it but it i [...]

    2. I m not quite sure how to rate thisThere are 5 short stories The first 2 are amazing.The third is goodThe last 2, I didn t care forThe first, The Inhuman Condition, is terrifying as is the title story about a knot and the demons that hell unleashes when the knot is undone Original and kept me interestedThe second, The Body Politic, Charlie has the strangest thoughts He thinks his hands are planning a revolt, plotting against him and the whole human race Very originalThe third, Revelations, A mod [...]

    3. Surprising no one, I enjoyed this volume as much as the ones before it Honestly, it s like Clive Barker outdoes HIMSELF with every volume.It s hard to choose a favourite story, but I ll go with Revelations My least favourite story is easy to choose, though, it was Age of Desire I thought it would never end.

    4. If one is looking for horrific tales that truly get under the skin, it is hard to beat Clive Barker s classic 80s series Books of Blood Comprised of six volumes, the collection can be read separately or all at once and in no particular order Volume 4 i.e The Inhuman Condition contains five stories, all of which show a maturation and progression from the first three volumes which are magnificent reads in and of themselves The stories The Body Politic This was my favorite Barker short story until [...]

    5. Very interesting idea, very shakespearian, of sex embracing the whole world Aroused beyond control, he turned to the wall he had been leaning against The sun had fallen full upon it, and it was warm the bricks smelled ambrosial He laid kisses on their gritty faces, his hands exploring every nook and cranny Murmuring sweet nothings, he unzipped himself, found an accommodating niche, and filled it His mind was running with liquid pictures mingled anatomies, female and male in one undistinguishable [...]

    6. More fantastically weird horror from Barker I didn t like this collection quite as much as the previous three which shouldn t be taken as bad, since those are some of the best short horror ever , but then the last story hit me, and holy fuck it was mind boggling The premise is essentially what if aphrodisiacs actually worked instead of just being fucking snake oil, and the results, from Barker s wild imagination, are horrifying and grotesque Thanks for the mindfuck, Mr Barker You are a demented [...]

    7. I especially enjoyed the story about the hands that grew minds of their own and turned against their human masters.

    8. This is a brilliant collection of imaginative horror stories that I would recommend to all horror fans along with all the other volumes

    9. The Dark Weaveworld of Clive Barker, Part 1 of 3 The Inhuman Condition In the mid to late eighties, after the first three successful installments of the Books of Blood, the next three in the series were released under the same title Earlier this year, these three books were re released in paperback from Pocket books The Books of Blood IV and V were published under the names of the first short story in each respective book The Inhuman Condition and In the Flesh The Books of Blood VI was published [...]

    10. The first two stories are fantastic, but I m rating this book a little lower because I wasn t as much of a fan of some of the others in this anthology I would HIGHLY recommend reading the first two stories, though

    11. In 1986, Clive Barker followed the enormous success of the first three volumes of The Books Of Blood, with a final three volumes to create the entire Books Of Blood series His two omnibus s were later to be broken down, to be sold as individual books Barker was invited to be able to illustrate these covers, with his dark and twisted artwork This volume was also released in America under the name The Inhuman Condition The six volumes were all released in their individual forms back in 1985, this [...]

    12. The Books Of Blood Volume 4 Clive Barker is top notch in this continuation of the series Books of Blood The master of intellectual horror sends several short stories towards the reader as fantastical beasts and insanely sexual deviants rule Barker s imaginary landscape A truly great read which creates a high anticipation for the next sought after set of illusionary tales of terror.

    13. Probably my overall favorite in Barker s Books of Blood anthology Every time I pick up a comp of his short fiction, I am starkly reminded of how much stronger his work is in this format than in lengthier novels Barker really has a gift for short stories It isn t that I don t enjoy the novels, it s just that the shorter fiction is so much better composed The first three stories in this volume are among Clive s career best The Inhuman Condition and The Body Politic are so rich with originality tha [...]

    14. I remember watching the Hellraiser movies as a kid, not understanding much but enjoying them nontheless With a several movies being released over the past few years based on the stories of Clive Barker I was very interested in reading some of his work With The Book of Blood being released on DVD I decided to look into that and found out that it was a short story first one in the book like the rest I eventualy finished reading this book last night and I already want .I must say i enjoyed every st [...]

    15. The Inhuman Condition was the American release of Barker s later fourth volume of his books of blood As with the first three volumes, the author continues his exploration into the extreme reaches of horror Back in the late 80s, I heard Clive Barker speak and he stated he was trying to remove good and evil as a condition to terror Terror can exist as an independent entity not related to a struggle between good and evil I don t know where he is on that idea now He unfortunately drifted from horror [...]

    16. Un altro meh per Barker.In questo libro ci sono due racconti che secondo me sono davvero molto belli Libert agli oppressi , che ha parecchi riscontri filosofici interessanti, e Apocalisse perch mi piacciono un sacco le storie di quel genere.Anche il terzo racconto sarebbe molto carino, il problema che davvero troppo contro, non sviluppato per niente e non posso sbilanciarmi.L ultimo racconto assolutamente banale, mentre il secondo mi ha ricordato un po troppo le atmosfere di arancia meccanica pe [...]

    17. More of a mixed bag than the previous volumes of the Books of Blood A handful of strong stories the body politic , the inhuman condition only go so far to make up for their lesser counterparts Several stories are dragged out to near novella length despite the lack of anything interesting or horrifying, while one of the intriguing premises Down, Satan is left little than a sketch, a scant 7 or 8 pages Uneven, but still somewhat enteraining.

    18. Volume 4 of the Books of Blood is another fine collection of horror stories from Clive Barker in his prime The Inhuman Condition, the titular tale that opens my paperback copy, is a real corker It can t help but come off as Barker s riff o the slasher movie formula, since it involves teenage protagonist being gorily off by a successions of new horrors However, Barker s elegant prose and grasp on character he makes the teenage ruffians sympathetic than they need be really sells that one Not to m [...]

    19. I should probualy start off this review by mentioning that this is the first book of blood where I have not given any story five stars, however, every single story is an enjoyable readE BODY POLITIC 4.5 As per usual the book begins with it s best story, hand centred black comedy The Body Politic is both disturbing and funny My experience with the story was rather strange, as I kept imagining the main character to be Dylan Moran for some reasonE INHUMAN CONDITION 3 Now to make a controversial sta [...]

    20. In Carnie NationAn invigorating collection of horror from the Dark Carnival Barker of Horror, Clive Barker Each story here is guaranteed to offer up a moment or two of revulsion and delight Parts may offend you Portions may disturb you Much like, yes, well, much like looking into a warped mirror Barker s prose is Ballardian through and through cool and often clinical but not without its decidedly black humor and, yes, well, yes humors The Inhuman Condition reminded me somewhat of Morrissey s bre [...]

    21. I ve not read as much Clive Barker as perhaps I should have in fact, I ve read precious little Borrowed this little collection from a friend, and made for me quick work of it I thoroughly recognize and enjoy Barker s immense creativity, and it shines in these unique tales They aren t explicitly terrifying in the sense that I felt dread or fear while reading them, but their premises and the way they were carried out were terrifying enough to contemplate within their own contexts The one dud of a [...]

    22. Todos los relatos muy buenos, algunos muy cortos, otros m s largos de lo que deber an pero todos nicos como solo Clive Barker podr a escribirlos.Esta edici n es una combinaci n entre el volumen 4 y la mitad del 5 originales, lo cambie porque lo tenia como el Volumen 3 ya son los relatos que aparecen en anteriores recopilaciones al espa ol como la de Factor a de Ideas o como el que lleva el mismo titulo SANGRE pero de Mart nez Roca.Los relatos son los siguientes BOOKS OF BLOOD 4 1.La pol tica del [...]

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