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Forgotten Sweethearts By Melissa Bender,

  • Title: Forgotten Sweethearts
  • Author: Melissa Bender
  • ISBN: 9781680307641
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • High school sweethearts, struggling with marriage and two children on the outside everything looks perfect What happens behind closed doors They fight They yell and scream There s insults, and accusations of cheating thrown around Separate rooms and ignoring each other It s constant bickering They ve grown apart and realised that true love doesn t always keep peopHigh school sweethearts, struggling with marriage and two children on the outside everything looks perfect What happens behind closed doors They fight They yell and scream There s insults, and accusations of cheating thrown around Separate rooms and ignoring each other It s constant bickering They ve grown apart and realised that true love doesn t always keep people together He s cold and arrogant, and she s a hot blooded Italian.Fed up no longer willing to fight, they assume there s only way one to end it all Divorce is the only option, and for someone to move out.That was the plan until a surprise holiday is sprung on them and they have to keep their act up for a little while longer Until they realise that they re not faking it at all they re doing everything they never used to, from talking and making the effortFinally, they realise that they ve started to fall in love all over again.
    Forgotten Sweethearts High school sweethearts struggling with marriage and two children on the outside everything looks perfect What happens behind closed doors They fight They yell and scream There s insults and accusat

    One thought on “Forgotten Sweethearts”

    1. FOUR STARS This was totally my kind of story A happily married couple, who find themselves drifting apart after having a couple of kids, and totally taking each other for granted Brody is never home, he works nights, weekends and misses out on all the family activities he says he will show up for Gabby, exhausted from basically being a full time single parent, bitches relentlessly at Brody when he finally does make an appearance at home Brody acts like a dick back to Gabby, and the fighting begi [...]

    2. I love marriage in trouble stories, so I didn t hesitate on this one H h began dating when they were 15 in HS, married young, had kids, and H on a fast track at work H h were immature and didn t evolve grow in their relationship They grew as people and were sidetracked by life and individual lives jobs taking care of home and kids or working all the time to succeed While not growing and maturing together, H h got stuck in a rut of silence or childish arguing and not communicating with each other [...]

    3. SOME SPOILERS This is about two people that are married, and are trying to save their marriage.This book is not boring, it s very interesting how view spoiler they are hiding from everyone that they don t work Even from their friends hide spoiler After that, they decide to take a divorce but this not what they do No view spoiler Something happens and they become slowly very passionate about each other More than ever hide spoiler Overall, I would read it again The end is a view spoiler HEA hide s [...]

    4. My first read for 2018 and I loved it Since marriage in trouble stories are one of my favorite genres, I immediately grabbed this one I was hooked from the start that I actually end up finishing this one past my bedtime I thoroughly enjoyed this story It was full of angst, drama, and passion It was maddening, irritating yet satisfying

    5. Honestly I just don t know what to write about this book.I am speechlessis was one of the amazing books I have ever read I can t buy it but I will recommend this book to everyone I know taught something which I value a lot even if u feel like everything is falling apart with some hope you could build it back maybe even better than before Dear Melissa all the very best.i m sorry I couldn t buy itbut I will always support your growth and I promise once i m able to buy books I will buy yours.You ar [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI loved the 1st half, but after that the story dragged and dragged So, all in all, a good read by totally new author for me.

    7. Discovered Author So I just recently discovered this author and I can t get enough of her writing I m really in awe of her writing

    8. I was hooked on this book from the start While we all want our HEA, this books explores what happens when you get your HEA and then some While they were childhood sweethearts, life seems very different to them now than what both of them expected The drifting apart as work and children get into the way of couple time until it comes to a point where the horrendous D word is brought up and both parties are trying to come to terms with it.Sometimes, it is great to have meddling family members to hel [...]

    9. I absolutely loved this book It had me thinking of my own marriage and our communication with each other How you wish it could go back to the way it use to be, but with 3 kids a grandson whose 2, my husband works, I stay at home It s almost like the book except for the fighting This author is a great writer and this is not the first book that I ve read of hers They are all good.

    10. Three out of five This was an great book to read, what I can say is it will leave you happy and sad at some of the chapters of the book but over all a amazing story I love the relationship they had with their kids even so they was going through a tough time with their marriage

    11. I ve read this book It s a fantastic book A real page turner I read it on watt pad I love Mel s books They are great books and she s got a lot of story lines, etc Keep up the fab work Mel Cxx

    12. This book reel me in on the first chapter and i was eager to finish it but toward the ending my interest significantly decreased in one specific event that remind me of Emma Chase s second book of Tangled, the event are so similar, view spoiler the Hero assume heroine cheat on him when he followed her not going to the space she said, and believe what he thought is the fact and cut her off, kicking her out of their home without giving a chance for the heroine to explained not even a word and putt [...]

    13. Stunningly breath taking story The raw emotions and intense sorrow as well as desire left a lingering and lasting impression that kept me going back to reread it over and over again The whole plot line was well thought out and beautifully written The dynamic between every character and every single detail magnified the feelings that oozes when reading this story.What really drives this story is hands down the relationship between Tommy and Gabriella High school sweethearts turned into a married [...]

    14. This is the first book I have read from this author I did enjoy it and would read other books from her As for this story there were a few things I didn t care for Yes I understand they still loved each other and had just disconnected and didn t know how to make that connection again I didn t like how Brody talked to Gabby, yes she gave it right back to him but I didn t care for it Then for her to turn around and accommodate him when he wants sex WAY She was to forgiving and should have made him [...]

    15. I loved this story.It made me cry as the story progressed I was so into the main character that I din t stop even giving a break for a sec until the end.This book is so designed to teach how most of the couples face problems after marriage , and it successfully makes the couple fight with the circumstances together to have a happy ending there afterAh once again loved it

    16. Although a bit over the top at times for my personal taste, I could not put it down I really needed to know how and where Gabriella and Brody were going to end up I liked the screwed up first family dynamics and the fact that the kids were not perfect Oh, and lots of fun and sexy times, too

    17. A love to hate to love storyThis story is both heartbreaking and lovely A young married couple who lose track of the priorities in life and fight to rekindle their marriage Throw in many outside obstacles and you have a really good book Forgotten sweethearts is a very appropriate name for this book.

    18. Forgotten SweetheartsThis is the story of what happens after the happy ending After the couple settle down and have children The so called wake up call in real life High school sweethearts marry But is it still happy family What happened to the marriage when life starts getting rocky And each begin to not communicate to the other Can the marriage work out

    19. Good book, I saw a lot of similarities there Thought some of it was wrong to be added in like the brother and the hateful parents, sometimes seemed like the issues were about them than the married couple All in all a great read

    20. OMG OMG Melissa s books are very addicting Her stories are addicting I read the book once in Wattpad but i wanted to read it again but unfortunately I couldn t because the chapter was removed I was upset but I m glad that Melissa is giving away free books I hope and pray that I am one of the fortunate person to get it I love the book It made me cry as the story progressed The story line is engrossing well worth anyone s effort to read Forgotten SweetheartsMelissa Bender

    21. this is hands down my fave book i got hooked from the very start i feel like crying everytime i read this this is the nth time im reading this

    22. 3 Stars3 Stars for this second chance book about married high school sweethearts and the ups and downs of their marriage and having kids.

    23. This was one of the first books I read on Wattpad It made me Fall in love with this author s books Not many books can make me cry or really feel heartbroken With this book I cried so many times and felt all the feelings the characters were feeling You ve done such a great job writing this book, I love it

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