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Torn By Sage Whistler,

  • Title: Torn
  • Author: Sage Whistler
  • ISBN: 9780979901560
  • Page: 143
  • Format: ebook
  • Joshua and Jaime have always been differentom the rest of the world that is To them, they are one and the same person Born identical twins, even they have difficulty telling where one ends and the other begins They know that their love for one another crosses all social boundaries, but living apart would kill them Fearing the backlash of being discovered, they bideJoshua and Jaime have always been differentom the rest of the world that is To them, they are one and the same person Born identical twins, even they have difficulty telling where one ends and the other begins They know that their love for one another crosses all social boundaries, but living apart would kill them Fearing the backlash of being discovered, they bide their time, and explore the new dynamics of their powerful relationship But will they be Torn apart
    Torn Joshua and Jaime have always been differentom the rest of the world that is To them they are one and the same person Born identical twins even they have difficulty telling where one ends and the oth

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    1. the origin of twincest go fuck yourself n t mind if i do.hahaahhahahahahaaahey twins, get a womb hahhahhaahahahahahaaoh, god, twincest humor i kill me twins are the devil s joke on Man, and by now, you all should know my feelings on them, so i am just briefly reminding you, so you know what a SACRIFICE i made in reading this bookd also, erotica is boring, to me it s just people fucking books about everest are awesome because i have never climbed everest sex, i am familiar with that m m sex this [...]

    2. wow just wow I mean I don t even know what to say this book just wow first, list show 25cond, don t read this review if 1 you are Karen and haven t gotten this book yet,2 you are at an age where you are not old enough to read this book, and therefore also not old enough to read this review3 you are Sage whistler4 you really liked this book So, lets just start all interactive like, how in their right mind thinks hey I m a woman I should be writing about gay male sex How do you even know what kind [...]

    3. This novella centers around two ranchers Josh and Jaime who, similar to the 1955 Lolita, have romatic, sexual feelings for each other which cannot be Unlike Lolita it is not pedophilia but incest, for Josh and Jaime are brothers, identical twin brothers.At first it was hard to accept the incest Whistler writes the characters so well that you begin to feel for them the way they have to hide their love from their brother and the people of the town I found msyelf very uncomfortable with it in the b [...]

    4. I thought this was a sweet story about twincest I don t know what all the hoopla is about twins having some hot sex It s not like they are going to have children It s fiction, get a grip or don t read the stuff There are no taboos in a piece of fiction.Joshua and Jamie have always been drawn to each other both mentally and physically Neither man has ever acted on their feelings which gives the story just enough angst Jamie comes home from a date and finds Josh asleep on the sofa and thinking tha [...]

    5. Jebus wept Just go read the blurb and enjoy this supremely pron guilty pleasure Recommended via Jen and I m SO looking forward to reading from this author I am still feeling just a wee bit grubby O osharrow.wordpress 2009 05

    6. Okay,this book was probably a waste of my time and even though it was only 100 pages long, I wanted to give up reading Incest even , twincest is probably one of the most taboo things you can write about, but the book was so BLAH A few things that bothered me a a pet peeve of mine both MCs had their names starting with the same letter Matbe it was also due to the fact I didn t enjoy the book, but I kep forgetting who was who.b the fact that the MCs kept refering to each other in their thoughts as [...]

    7. I like brocest or in this case twincest books I don t have an issue with that storyline at all as a matter of fact I actually keep an eye out for these kind of stories I m also not terribly picky with editing issues or head hopping in this case, that s a good thing, since this book had a few cases of these things All in all it s an ok read Joshua and Jamie are identical twins and harbor feelings for each other, and it finally comes out There is some drama understandable and issues like family to [...]

    8. Joshua and Jamie are twin brothers They live with their older brother in a ranch, breeding horses Their parents are long ago passed away and now also their brother will marry and move on So they will remain alone in the houseNot a good idea since lately both Joshua than Jamie have started to feel a not so very brotherly love for each other Jamie has long ago admited to be gay but this fact is not a reason to allow him to be free of the guilty for being in love with his brother And after a long a [...]

    9. Reviewed by DonPublisher Cacoethes Publishing HouseGenre M M TwincestCheck out the review on heartsonfirereviews

    10. Twins Joshua and Jamie realize when they get to 21 they love each other and want to be together The story that follows is sexy and just what I like Hot Twincest.

    11. So how did I come to read this Oh That s right I bought it LOL Also this seems to be a Sage Whistler specialty and we are in good hands The story is what it claims to be and not anything else I appreciate honest advertising.If you re feeling mildly naughty and have a couple of hours this sweet little nugget of twincest fantasy will get you over the hump And it is a total fantasy in a good way There are no major emotional struggles on the part of either twin, like destined mates, and they sure a [...]

    12. Slight story and horrific editingRating 5 10 Pros Interesting idea Some people might be bothered by the idea of incest regardless of the situation, but incest doesn t bother me unless there s a possibility that a child might result from it and be born with defects Obviously that s not an issue here Because of the naturally close relationship between the two main characters their being twins, that is, not their being lovers , the we re just two halves of the same person thing that I have come to [...]

    13. First off, since some jerk decided to leave some smart aleky comment Yes I pirated this book ACCIDENTLY It was under the writing section of a forum and in word format So I assumed it was by the original poster No cover art, no formatting, it looked like something someone typed up there weren t even chapters The last sentence contained blurb with the author, ISBN and the like The file has been deleted If I had given this 5 stars and cried tears of joy rather than revulsion , then I d have headed [...]

    14. Short, as in under 100 pages, and sweet I read this one for the novelty of the twincest brotherly love It was good but, honestly, it read like a long original character slash fic, than a short professionally written M M romance.Have you noticed that much slash fic sex sounds the same Like there is a playbook for how boys do it Boy bottoming receives oral sex Boy topping slips a finger or two in, scissoring them During intercourse, the bottom always comes again, before the top follows I think it [...]

    15. Not really the best twin book I ve read, but decent Jaime and Joshua seem to be almost practically oblivious to their attraction or at least very good at hiding it from one another which is odd, considering it was said many times about how they could sense things about each other so much and so easily.It didn t jive with me that practically the moment they came to terms and got settled with the thing between them, all of a sudden they agree that their other brother has to know I mean um, weird S [...]

    16. I am not a fan of twincest stories However, since I am reading this for my September Category Challenge, I have decided to put aside my own instinctive and automatic squick reaction, and just read this story as I would any other.Well It was not a very good story either The two brothers are superficially drawn the author tells us multiple times that they are two halves of one whole, but she does not show this to us I also do not believe the angst level was very realistic in the beginning of the s [...]

    17. For those who didn t understand from the book summary, this is a story with incest twincest in this case A rather risky theme that isn t done that often, I d be curious to see It wasn t too long and although there was lots of hot sex, they still dealt a little with the necessary issue when the time came Both of them are pretty tortured about their feelings for each other in the beginning and they don t quite know how to deal with it The fact that they have an older brother very much in charge o [...]

    18. I m giving this one a 3.5 4, basically because I really did like the characters and I think the author is brave to have written it in the first place The subject matter doesn t squick me in the least a lot slash fiction definitely cured that and made it acceptable, at least in fic.I would have liked to see of the feelings leading up to the actual incest stuff that maybe happened when the boys were growing up, etc but the book is a little too short for that I m not sure about the logic behind te [...]

    19. I have read a few page from this book And what it did to me is beyond repair Is there any other books like this one I must ask God s forgiveness for wasting a few of my times on such a disgusting book If there are other books similar to this one, I would be very much grateful if you inform me of that.

    20. 2.5 3 5 If there is a plot in this book, then I m not seeing it dry laugh Well, if you look at this as a mere PWP with twincest to spice it up, then this book isn t bad at all It has a steady pacing without much drama only build up for steaminess XD All in all, it s an alright quick read.

    21. Not a book for everyone as it is about m m incest but if you can deal with that the book was a good read The boys are pretty naive to think they ll be able to keep their secret though small town, no longer pursuing girls Not happening

    22. The story takes off from the get go and you re not only pulled into the scene by the vivid imagery and detailed scenes, you re slammed against the wall with the force of the attraction between these two and the delicious smut scenes therein A definite must read

    23. Rating overviewWriting Story Characters Overall 3.66 Hot twincest is hard to find and this was a pleasant surprise It s an easy read a bit of drama, a lot of hotness, just a Sunday afternoon well spent.

    24. this story was ridiculous.i couldn t believe how it ended seriously the only thing left was to write and they lived happily ever after i gave this a two,because i liked the first 20 pages.but after that it just got and absurdd the ending was just awful

    25. There was several misspellings and grammatical errors, however, if you like homoerotic stories this one was decent.

    26. Yummy twincest goodness I don t think introducing Reid for such a short time didn t add much value but still an entertaining read short and steamy.

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