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  • Title: The Beginning of Calamities
  • Author: Tom House
  • ISBN: 9781882593842
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • A dark comedy in which Danny Burke, a shy, destined to be gay 11 year old produces a Catholic School play that goes hilariously awry.
    The Beginning of Calamities A dark comedy in which Danny Burke a shy destined to be gay year old produces a Catholic School play that goes hilariously awry

    One thought on “The Beginning of Calamities”

    1. Coming of age, religious ecstasy, sexual awakening, dark comedy this novel is hard to categorize and equally hard to put down.

    2. I found this quite tedious and couldn t warm to any of the characters In my opinion the theme of being a religious minded Catholic schoolboy was handled much better and to hilarious effect in Michael Carson s book Sucking Sherbet Lemons.

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