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A War in Crimson Embers By Alex Marshall,

  • Title: A War in Crimson Embers
  • Author: Alex Marshall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The final book in the Crimson Empire trilogy, a game changing fantasy epic featuring an unforgettable warrior.Former warrior queen and now pariah, Cold Zosia wakes in the ashes of a burning city Her vengeance has brought her to this her heroic reputation in tatters, her allies scattered far and wide, and her world on the cusp of ruin.General Ji Hyeon has vanished into tThe final book in the Crimson Empire trilogy, a game changing fantasy epic featuring an unforgettable warrior.Former warrior queen and now pariah, Cold Zosia wakes in the ashes of a burning city Her vengeance has brought her to this her heroic reputation in tatters, her allies scattered far and wide, and her world on the cusp of ruin.General Ji Hyeon has vanished into the legendary First Dark, leaving her lover Sullen alone to carry out the grim commands of a dead goddess The barbarian Maroto is held captive by a demonic army hell bent on the extermination of the Crimson Empire, and only his prot g Purna believes he can be saved.Zosia must rally her comrades and old enemies one last time, for what will prove the greatest battle of her many legendsif anyone lives to tell itVE HEROES NO HOPE A WAR AGAINST DEVILS.
    A War in Crimson Embers The final book in the Crimson Empire trilogy a game changing fantasy epic featuring an unforgettable warrior Former warrior queen and now pariah Cold Zosia wakes in the ashes of a burning city Her v

    One thought on “A War in Crimson Embers”

    1. I want to write a proper review eventually but for now I just want to say this series is the best casual inclusion of lgbt characters and women in a fantasy I ve seen in any sort of media and might have skewed my standards now

    2. Definitely not as good as book 1 or 2 1 remains a favorite, and 2 has some of the craziest moments, but 3, it meandered for quite awhile, got very big and climactic, then had quite an unexpected ending Overall, I really enjoyed the trilogy, but felt most of book 3 was lacking the focus and plot the first 2 had.

    3. As a finale, this had everything I wanted an inventive and brutal monster army long journeys in a time dilated Dreamlands friends and lovers reunited fate of the world resolved in a non traditional genre ending interesting backstory elements revealed etc The problem is that almost none of worked for me I m not sure if it s really all that different from the previous books, but the narrative voice and pace stood out in a bad way where I d enjoyed them before Ultimately, it feels like two books wo [...]

    4. Decent conclusion buried, as usual, in heaping helpings of excess verbiage As before, I found the best way to read this was to focus on the dialog and just skim quickly over the rest And even if the tale weren t so well cast and rousingly gross and funny, along with creatures like cobraroaches and dire pangolins thrown in there are many fine lines and exchanges, to wit Staring in awe at the seraph that delivered her to the beating heart of the Garden of the Star, she d found herself at a loss as [...]

    5. Three and a half stars The last 150 or so pages of this book were solid A lot of trilogies really falter with the ending and this did not It was satisfying and fitting, and I can t say much than that without spoiling things But the first two thirds could be a real slog at times The character POV changes were frustrating and sometimes pointless, where in the first two volumes they added to the story I m especially, incredibly, almost angrily upset over huge amounts of time unaccounted for with a [...]

    6. This series is pure fun while also being a really modern take on fantasy that blows away a lot of old tropes The ending was a bit abrupt but fitting, and the wrap up showed just enough of everyone.

    7. A satisfying conclusion to one of my favorite modern fantasy series Hoartrap the Touch is definitely my favorite evil sorcerer in fantasy he s sinister, sure, but also a wisecracking, arrogant jerk and a lot of fun.

    8. Interesting conclusion to the series Pretty much every character showed significant growth and they were the driving force behind this story.I liked their complex relationships and pretty much all of them got the happiest ending they could get with the circumstances It will be interesting to see if there will be any novels in this world and if Zosia ever finds out Maroto is still alive.

    9. Review originally posted on Grimdark Magazine.Alex Marshall s A War in Crimson Embers is the barnstorming end to one of my favourite trilogies of the last few years Brilliantly structured, full of laughs and groans and twists all delivered in the Marshall s very readable style, the author has delivered on the promises the first two books made during the their build up to the unleashing of Jex Toth and the pitting of the remaining Villains against well just about everybody it feels like at times [...]

    10. Keeping this short and sweet because it s basically impossible to summarize the third book in a series without massive spoilers.Better than book 2, still not as tight and interesting as book 1 This is grimdark if grimdark was written with a humorous self aware edge how much you like Marshall s narrative voice will determine how much you like the series overall I enjoyed the story and became genuinely invested in a couple of characters and this one flows a lot better than the middle book in the t [...]

    11. Before I could really get into this book, I had to refresh my memory of the previous volumes I am somewhat embarrassed that my understanding did not improve by much The ritual that ended the first book summoned the lost island of Jex Toth back from the First Dark That land s cursed inhabitants are bent on the destruction of the Star, and it s up to the valiant members of the Cobalt Company and their allies to stop them There s much derring do and adventuring, including a number of hair raising e [...]

    12. UnexpectedAfter eagerly awaiting the final installment, I found the ending unexpected I really thought this would be a real curtain call for the villians, by the author really went in a different and nice direction The characters are all the same, engaging and relatable Plenty of action,and a very well thought out plot The book did drag in the first third but the ending made up for it I wasn t disappointed.

    13. I have struggled with this series There has always been a compelling story, just wrapped in a bunch of sloppy, overly precious layers There s still the same frustrating things in this final volume, but the enormous cast of characters felt like they finally really and truly gelled By far, the strongest book of the trilogy IMO.

    14. I ve really enjoyed this series, and the third book ties up a lot of plot points I m not sure if there will be in the series, but this books lays out several threads that may be mined in the future This series is one of the freshest in terms of how it deals with race and sexuality and is worth a look if that s where some of your interest lie.

    15. Dear , please stop me reading books that are part of a series that I started a long time ago or the first in a series that hasn t been completed yet I don t remember a confounded thing about books that I have read SignedMe.

    16. Here s an epic fantasy that s too funny to be grimdark, but way to real and modern in its sensibilities to fit with older works Enjoyable, original and a ton of fun, if not a linear as it could be on occasion Recommended.

    17. Epic, grandiose fun I will genuinely miss the characters from this trilogy As a finale, I was totally satisfied Marshall kept the pace up, the dialogues were great, the few new characters were wonderful additions.Loved it

    18. AwesomeAn absolutely thrilling and hilarious ride and a good round off to the trilogy Wish there were to read

    19. This was such a thrilling and entertaining trilogy.I literally feel separation anxiety from the brilliant colorful characters now that I ve finished it.

    20. This was such a strong finish for the series I m actually kind of bummed there wont be to read from this world It s funny, well written, and pacing is awesome More from this author please

    21. Yanno, for a flagship of Teh Grimdarxxors, this one ended on a surprisingly positive note Well done, really.

    22. A great finish to this series Whereas I liked Maroto in the first book and Zosia in the second, I thought both their characters were outstanding in this conclusion.

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