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Illicit By Ava Harrison,

  • Title: Illicit
  • Author: Ava Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780996358590
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • I was never supposed to see him again.One night of passion with a complete stranger.My last tryst before senior year.But I was lost the moment his tempting lips were on my skin.His intense touch on my body.It should have ended there.But he s not a stranger.He s my history teacher.And wanting him is against the rules.Off limits.Forbidden.Illicit.
    Illicit I was never supposed to see him again One night of passion with a complete stranger My last tryst before senior year But I was lost the moment his tempting lips were on my skin His intense touch on my

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    1. 3.5 Kinda Hot For Teacher stars I ve read several student teacher romances but none quite like this one In ILLICIT, Ava Harrison introduces us to Carson and Lynn, both of whom were broken and alone On a beautiful night, these two strangers found each other and found a connection that transcended time and space Or maybe I m being influenced by all of their talk about stars and astronomy They share a night of untold passion and go their separate ways That is until Monday, which is the start of sch [...]

    2. 2.5 StarsAfter catching her boyfriend cheating at a party, eighteen year old Gwendolyn Lynn Adams finds comfort in the company of a guy she meets on the beach where they share a look at the stars, a dip in the ocean, and a fling on the sand He is an Adonis among men, like all the myths and tales he likes to weave Turns out, he s also her new prep school history teacher And Carson Blake is kind of alluring till some unappealing OW drama gets inserted Ugg This is the ultimate mood killer in a roma [...]

    3. Disclaimer the author is a good friend of mine.This is a layered, complex, thought provoking piece of art that I ve had the pleasure of beta reading Well written and knots in your stomach angsty This is not a feel good book This is a FEEL book, period You ll get all the feels Try it.

    4. 2 unpopular, spoiler bratty STARS It was my first read from Ava Harrison and feels horrible Everything didn t meet my expectations about this book The cover was drool worthy The theme is absolutely one of my fave Teacher student But the main characters really sucks The story and plot went straight to hell Lynn 18 just dump her cheated boyfriend when she walk out him with another girl She feels empty Alone in the beach and away from the party Lynn met this gorgeous smart guy who is also avoided t [...]

    5. Wow Just Wow Like WHOA This book Ah, man Seriously SO much happened and so much was necessary for them to go through and so much this and that I loved the drama I loved the angst I loved the secrets, the denials The scandals But mostly, I loved Lynn and Carson I loved their LOVE and passion for each other I loved their connection, which was TANGIBLE, people I adored how they were able to go through so much and still come out on top This has been one of the better books I ve read this year Simply [...]

    6. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDThe forbidden romance between a student and teacher is one of my least favorite romance sub genres But the reviews suggested this new to me author s formula was different and included far deeper personal matters than just the usual underage taboo sex filled hookups I took a chance and I m glad I did even though it will never be a favorite.I ve stopped wishing for extraordinary I ve stopped wishing for that one moment so profound it will change everything I know it will neve [...]

    7. DNF at 38%I m just not feeling this one I m battling for connection slightly cringing at the clich d narrative It just feels like its trying too hard

    8. 3.5 Stars ARC READ I loved this novella as a part of the Hot for Teachers Anthology and I love that it got its own full length release There were still parts of the novella in this and while the end is completely different, I felt like this book dragged out towards the end, it progressed really slow for me and I struggled to make a connection with the characters and the emotions throughout the book While this book had amazing potential and I loved the storyline and the characters, I felt like th [...]

    9. Okay so one of my FAVE book tropes has to be student teacher books Why Well because they are so forbidden and filled with angst and tension and just ALL THE FEELS IF, they are done correctly Illicit by Ava Harrison was done PERFECTLY Ava initially swept me off my feet with the simmering connection and downright swoon worthy first meeting between Lynn and Carson Then Ava pulled me deep into her words and her story ILLICIT got under my skin and burned trails of heat and intensity through my veins [...]

    10. 2.5 3 stars MehhhThis story had good ingredients for an angsty sexy story, too bad I felt none of it I don t know how to explain it but everything felt so cliche and dry For example, the tropes used I don t mind when used well For example, he ends things so he won t hold her back Thing is, I felt so cold at his break up I felt everything that happened in this story was a trope after trope It was superficial and I did NOT feel their passion While yes, they were talking about how connected they ar [...]

    11. image error 4 angsty teacher student romance stars This story starts off with Lynn catching her douchey ex boyfriend cheating on her at a party This then leads to her having an unforgettable night with a perfect stranger named Carson Their night is one for the books, Carson is totally swoony, but she knows one night is all it will ever be So she sneaks off before he wakes up, assuming she will never see him again You know what happens when you assume, right School starts and low and behold who i [...]

    12. 4 angsty teacher student romance stars This story starts off with Lynn catching her douchey ex boyfriend cheating on her at a party This then leads to her having an unforgettable night with a perfect stranger named Carson Their night is one for the books, Carson is totally swoony, but she knows one night is all it will ever be So she sneaks off before he wakes up, assuming she will never see him again You know what happens when you assume, right School starts and low and behold who is in Lynn s [...]

    13. This book started off so strong and unfortunately by the middle, I was bored than anything.It was written really well and I loved the dual perspective I also love the forbidden romance thing especially when it is a student teacher thing The second he mentions that teaching wasn t his passion, I already had the book pegged and guessed every single thing that was going to happen.Their initial meeting was super romantic and I felt the connection between H and h I never felt that again I could go o [...]

    14. 5 OUR FUTURE IS INFINITE STARS Get ready to be schooled by Mr Blake Oh hell yes I loved Lynn and Carson s story It was the perfect forbidden romance and I couldn t put it down Mr Blake makes me want to stay for detention RAWR He s kind, caring and authoritative when he needs to be Super broody Super protective Super HOT He made me crazy In a good way Seriously I felt like a horny teenager reading this book I am a well known cover whore and let me tell you, when my eyes came upon this deliciousne [...]

    15. My very first read from Ava Harrison and she not only blew me away with ILLICIT, she has created a true fan, and addict if you will, in me She had me hook, line, and sinker with this blurb and the forbidden storyline There was no turning back once I dove in Lynn and Carson s sensual forbidden journey had my skin tingling and my heart racing ever step of the way A sexy, angsty tale of two lost souls finding solace in each other s arms Beautiful, Illicit, passionate, and emotional, Harrison s late [...]

    16. I have to admit, if you want a hot teacher student novel, then Illicit by Ava Harrison isn t that sort of reading I had gone into this book thinking along the lines of a hot sizzling Taboo teacher student relationship but got a book that was along the lines of the level that we read in the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover or the Ezria relationship from Pretty Little Liars The book starts with the main female lead discovering her college boyfriend in a compromising position with another girl Ly [...]

    17. ARC Provided by the Author and Give Me Books 3.5 StarsForbidden romance can be a lot of fun when it is done right, and this one was Lynn is a high school student, Carson is her teacher They have one night, they don t exchange info, and then he shows up in her life again her history teacher.This is the 2nd book I have read about Ava Harrison, and the idea of the taboo, the forbidden, is definitely a theme.Lynn and Carson are both really young Usually, this bothers me, the idea that she is 18 and [...]

    18. ellie s 0.02 Full admission The beginning of this book is what caught my eye And my brain A hot summer one night hookup with Carson and Lynn turns into a forbidden teacher student romance come Monday morning I fell in love with the relationship between these two Fighting the chemistry, the forbidden love and attraction and keeping it all a secret The no no zone Yummy I was stressed How long can the secret be kept This was my first Ava read and it won t be my last Delightful style of writing, con [...]

    19. Ava Harrison has done it again blown me away with the elegantly complex and emotionally forbidden storyline This is a tale of two lost souls who found their way in each other s arms in this angsty , forbidden student teacher story Gwendolyn Lynn Adams has just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and she goes and sits on a beach to find some solace from her pain While there she meets this dark and handsome guy she meets while on the beach His name is Carson and it was one night that [...]

    20. There are authors out there that as soon as they release a book, you stop everything Everything Ava Harrison is one of those authors I didn t even know she had a book coming out and as soon as I saw the release blitz for Illicit, I rearranged my schedule She did not disappoint Ms Harrison s take on the student teacher romance is without a doubt, amazing This forbidden romance was filled with angst and so many highs and lows There were times when I felt an ache in my belly This was than a story [...]

    21. Unnecessary everything I think this was novella It should have stayed that way if the addition words only added cliche drama review show

    22. Okay, I hate to do this but it s 2.5 stars for me Gah, I hate this feeling I want to take that rating back but I can t Here s how I felt throughout the book in gifs But when I learned that Carson was fresh out of college 22 years old, I hit a wall and it was really hard to push past it I m sorry but I LOVE student teacher romances and I NEED the teacher to be in their 30 s for this to feel forbidden hides I kept going though because age is just a numberDamn all the extra drama didn t help either [...]

    23. All Stars in the Cassiopeia and a Million and One More Stars Oh, yes, I m totally swooning over Carson Blake But it s not just him It s the whole damn story.I m a goner when it comes to teacher student romances, and Ava Harrison totally nailed this one Ahw, it was perfect And it was about a history teacher Should I want Nope, never.I loved every minutes of it From the beginning, the real world just stopped existing It was just me and the book And I devoured it in no time All I want to do is to [...]

    24. It s LIVE Illicit is live on Right now it s ONLY.99c but the price will go up to 3.99 soon Read on KINDLE UNLIMITED Then you can download for FREE now Illicit Novel

    25. Lynn just caught her boyfriend cheating, but little did she know she would end up having a one night stand with a man she thought she would never see again Until he shows up as her high school teacher.Carson didn t know when he walked through the classroom to teach at his old high school he would find lynn, his one night stand walking in late How can he stay away from her even though she s his student.Illicit is a taboo, forbidden love story about two people, who shouldn t be together, but can t [...]

    26. REVIEW ILLICIT If I were to describe this book using one word, it would be interesting This was not just a story of a student and teacher falling in love with each other it was also a story of survival and acceptance Forbidden love stories have always been one of my favourite tropes I love the thrill, suspense, the fear of getting caught that comes with these stories Therefore, when I read the blurb, I decided at that moment I needed to read it.As stated earlier this is a teacher student romance [...]

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