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The Seven By PeterNewman,

  • Title: The Seven
  • Author: PeterNewman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Years have passed since the Vagrant journeyed to the Shining City, Vesper in arm and Gamma s sword in hand.Since then the world has changed Vesper, following the footsteps of her father, journeyed to the breach and closed the tear between worlds, protecting the last of humanity, but also trapping the infernal horde and all those that fell to its corruptions willing or otYears have passed since the Vagrant journeyed to the Shining City, Vesper in arm and Gamma s sword in hand.Since then the world has changed Vesper, following the footsteps of her father, journeyed to the breach and closed the tear between worlds, protecting the last of humanity, but also trapping the infernal horde and all those that fell to its corruptions willing or otherwise.In this new age it is Vesper who leads the charge towards unity and peace, with seemingly nothing standing between the world and a bright new future.That is until eyes open.And The Seven awakes.
    The Seven Years have passed since the Vagrant journeyed to the Shining City Vesper in arm and Gamma s sword in hand Since then the world has changed Vesper following the footsteps of her father journeyed to

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    1. To publish your debut and manage to make it stand out among a myriad of other fantasy books isn t an easy feat To follow up in its success with a second installment which will be as good as the first and without suffering the middle book syndrome is even harder But to close the series, tie all loose ends, provide a satisfying ending as well as a crave for , and most of all, avoid anticlimax, requires a vast amount of talent Not only does Peter Newman succeed in doing so, but he also teaches you [...]

    2. I don t usually run across fantasy that stands out this much, but when I do, I really feel the need to shout it from the rooftops This one wraps up one of the most fascinating and epically glorious trilogies I ve ever read This is by far one of the most ambitious and fun demon sword tales ever, especially since goats are involved and the swords are rooted in a deeply fantastic world building setting that s as much hard SF as it is epic demon hoards and battles.It even has spacecraft and high tec [...]

    3. Book 1 4.25 Book 2 3 Book 3 3.5 A good conclusion to this series The uniqueness of the world along with the interwoven humor were the things I liked about it best I think gamers and people who like sci fi, dystopia and quests will like it best Although the series never quite recaptured the freshness of book one it still was enjoyable and the story did come full circle from it s beginnings.

    4. Fantastic finishGreat stuff Enjoyable, funny and bittersweet all in one I love the writing style, and how you are left to fill in the details about characters yourself This book features Vesper, the Vagrant and co as the Seven finally awaken, and threaten the fragile peace Plenty of weird and wonderful monsters, high tech stuff and swashbuckling sword work A fantastic finish to the series Highly recommended.

    5. I turned the last page and it was over, I finished the Vagrant trilogy I remember being pretty confused while reading the first chapters of The Vagrant but once I got it, I loved it The writing style is very different, I can t really put my finger on it or describe what I love about it but it makes the book very intense and real and like I m there I can see everything the author describes like a movie This made it almost impossible to put down In The Seven the two previous books come together ni [...]

    6. Sve se ne to mislim kako mo da ovaj nastavak zapravo nije ni bio potreban ao mi je zbog toga, jer prva dva zauzimaju posebno mesto na mojoj polici.Pri a jeste zaokru ena i radnja je sasvim pristojna ali ne i ne to specijalna , stil pitak i udan kao i pre, likovi skoro sasvim na mestu Ali ne to nedostaje Ne znam ta no ta Mo da jednom shvatim Samo imam utisak kao da je ovo jedan od onih kambek albuma benda koji nije izbacio ni ta zadnjih dvadeset godina a ti albumi se pi u sa po etnim T, kao tre , [...]

    7. 5 Stars The Seven by Peter Newman is an amazing conclusion to the wonderful Vagrant trilogy This is one of my favorite reads of 2017 Newman took what worked best in the first two books and brought them together here.I loved the first book in the series, The Vagrant and even read it twice The book deserved full marks because of it s originality, it s tone, it is dark without being vulgar or depraved, and it s emotions Amazing for a nearly dialogue free story What could be crazier than a traveling [...]

    8. It s been years since Vesper sealed the breach Vesper now has a vision of peace where Demons wearing human skins, the Tainted and Humans live in harmony The only trouble is, The Seven have awakened and they have other ideas.The third book in the Vagrant series A fabulous and original fantasy sci fi adventure, I had a lump in my throat at the ending It s a hard one to describe so just read it, you ll not be sorry you did.

    9. ReviewI find that Peter Newman breaks the mould a bit with this series, as he makes me break my reading rules He somehow convinced me to read Malice before Vagrant i know shocking Yet i found the book could indeed be read as a stand alone I m not sure i feel that The Seven could be, there is too much you need to know from before to invest you in the book series to just take a dive into this book I m also not sure where i would truly pigeon hole this book genre wise is it really Fantasy or Dystop [...]

    10. Wow, what a fabulous end to a unique trilogy It s been such a journey following the Vagrant, and then Vesper and all the others, even the infernals and demons and half breeds, through Newman s strange and horrific world It was a real treat to see this third book go in directions I expected, and others I didn t Newman s ability to write from the point of view of the most unexpected characters has lost none of its efficacy, and he also managed to make unsympathetic characters a compelling read nev [...]

    11. This is the final part of The Vagrant trilogy Though I d guess there could be books set in that world, it s clearly not going to happen soon.And it s a good ending, rounding off the story that saw a mute, would be knight carry a famed sword out of Infernal infested territory, protecting a young girl and a goat and then followed her back to confront the Infernals, heal the Breach and save the world.All that was ten years ago Yet the land is still broken and the remainder of the Seven, who should [...]

    12. This book was up and down, but ultimately a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.The first half or so definitely left me feeling that this was maybe 3 stars if I was feeling generous, though in fairness much of that was because I didn t remember many of the specifics from the previous two books Reading the series straight through, or having a good synopsis, would have made a big difference I feel.But the second half ramped everything up, and was one big exciting climax for basically the last 40% [...]

    13. Amateurs de dialogues muets, de ch vres et de monstres d gueux, r jouissez vous Les Sept descendent pour nous apporter leur lumi re Et la destruction Voici The Seven, le troisi me tome de la trilogie The Vagrant de Peter Newman apr s The Vagrant et The Malice.Plusieurs ann es se sont coul es depuis la fin du voyage de Vesper La jeune fille a grandi et passe son temps faire le tour des cit s du sud avec ses chevaliers pour tablir des contacts, pour que tout le monde Humains, infernaux, corrompus, [...]

    14. This book was absolutely brilliant I actually can t believe how much I loved this series, it was so different to anything I have ever read The Seven was such a wonderful end to the trilogy, it was pretty much non stop action from the first page and so many questions finally answered I have a bit of a book hangover now, I will definitely be re reading this series again in the future

    15. Satisfying conclusion to a series, that admittedly I can only remember the broad strokes of the earlier installments of Still a nice amalgam of fantasy with a tinge of dystopia Though this element is less pronounced than earlier in the series as refreshingly this story subverts a lot of so called grim dark fantasy tropes by essentially being a paean to tolerance Well constructed plot wise with a good cadre of characters to emotionally invest in.

    16. If you didn t get from my earlier two posts about this series that I fully recommend and love it, well, here it is again I would 100% recommend reading this entire series Like any ending to a series, this one brought closure and new hope for in the universe of the Vagrant It did, however, drag on a bit long as the author tried to tie together all of the storylines and opportunities Overall, good book, and great series.

    17. The Seven carries on the the story from the previous book and takes the story in very different direction than you would expect with the Vagrant and Vesper taking on a diplomatic as well as action driven role D Scout, Simon and Jam and the hero of the tale Scout appear again and the whole story proceeds at a breakneck pace with possibly the two most dysfunctional families in an absolutely brilliant way D As with the previous books there is vein of humour that runs brilliantly throughout many of [...]

    18. 3.5 starsIt was a decent end to the trilogy but I didn t find it particularly compelling The story and the set up are original, but the implementation for the trilogy was a bit boring, I think I m actually listening to the audible of this, but GRs doesn t have a listing for it.

    19. I listened to this a week or so ago A good ending to the series But It lacked the epic scale of the other 2 books, as far as the enemy goes.

    20. I received a free EArc from Netgalley.But that said, after only a few pages, I decided to read the previous book in the series, as the world I discovered was both intriguing and quite alien I thought I needed some back story, and indeed I did My review for The Malice is here review showI should also perhaps have taken the time to read The Vagrant but impatience won out, and anyway, The Vagrant, unlike in The Malice, is a real part of this final part of the trilogy I am assuming it s the final pa [...]

    21. I really wanted to give this book five stars, considering how much I loved the first two And elements of it are amazingly creative and wonderful including something that is like the lovechild of Miyazaki and Lovecraft Howl s Moving Mythos Monster , intriguing and actually charming demons , and a final reveal of the godlike Seven that shows them to be at once both much , and much less, than we imagined.Unfortunately, a lot of this story is a protracted battle, onto which Newman grafts a few of hi [...]

    22. So the demons are now basically people now.The Seven kicked their asses, yet Gamma died I guess the Usurper was stronger But the Yearning was even worse and got taken out by a little girl Everyone lived happily after after in the shithole demon infested world Except Harm He got BBQed Jem and Vesper made no sense, other than proximity I guess and the desire to have another child in the book Maybe it s a thing with the author He had daughters while writing it It worked well in the first book, but [...]

    23. 4.5 It has been awhile that I ve read a series where each instalment just continues to get better and better The Seven was one of the best concluding books in a series I ve ever read This book tied up everything whilst adding new dimensions to the overall series I was blown away by how intense this book is The others were also quite insane but this one steps it up a notch I read it is one night, barely able to tear myself away from it So much fun to read I loved Vesper s development and the inte [...]

    24. This was a much better book than the first two put together But I gave it 3 stars because I shouldn t have to trudge through two boring books to get to the good third This wasn t all about the Seven but they had come out of their coma due to what Vesper had said at the end of the second book And then Fire and Brimstone etc The fight scenes were good but I didn t get lost in them But I very much enjoyed the creation of the Seven by Massassi and her creating the Empire to protect against the Breac [...]

    25. I received this book from Netgalley for honest review.This is the last part of the wonderful trilogy that started with Vagrant then Malice and then Seven.A really fitting ending to a wonderful series that got better and better as it went along.Standout characters have to be The Vagrant and the goat,but all said and done a really entertaining and enjoyable read that was brilliantly written.I think for me the first book the Vagrant was the best as it was something new.But don t get me wrong I have [...]

    26. After finding the website my eyes have become opened by the different types of books out there fantasy books were never on my radar but they sure are now with books like The Seven by Peter Newman a beautiful written book fairly fast paced page turner as it all, the people the places, the monsters loved them all, can say this book sparked a burning inside me to read fantasy story s

    27. I keep thinking I need to not allow myself to read on mealbreaks, on the chance I will get sucked in and forget that there is work to be done.Books by Peter Newman and also by Emma seem to be particularly dangerous.I made the mistake of passing the 15% mark, and then just had to keep going.I am sad to have this story end, but much enjoyed the resolution.And everything else I want to say is spoilery, so I will leave it at that.

    28. I don t understand why jem is even in this book he undergoes no character development, he s still the annoying coward at the end of this book that he was at the end of book 2 and then he just receives a get out of jail free card and gets to drop all his responsibilities and start over okayother than that constant annoyance it was awesome.

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