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The Hundredth Queen By Emily R. King,

  • Title: The Hundredth Queen
  • Author: Emily R. King
  • ISBN: 9781503943650
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • He wanted a warrior queen He got a revolutionary.As an orphan ward of the Sisterhood, eighteen year old Kalinda is destined for nothing than a life of seclusion and prayer Plagued by fevers, she s an unlikely candidate for even a servant s position, let alone a courtesan or wife Her sole dream is to continue living in peace in the Sisterhood s mountain temple.But aHe wanted a warrior queen He got a revolutionary.As an orphan ward of the Sisterhood, eighteen year old Kalinda is destined for nothing than a life of seclusion and prayer Plagued by fevers, she s an unlikely candidate for even a servant s position, let alone a courtesan or wife Her sole dream is to continue living in peace in the Sisterhood s mountain temple.But a visit from the tyrant Rajah Tarek disrupts Kalinda s life Within hours, she is ripped from the comfort of her home, set on a desert trek, and ordered to fight for her place among the rajah s ninety nine wives and numerous courtesans Her only solace comes in the company of her guard, the stoic but kind Captain Deven Naik.Faced with the danger of a tournament to the death and her growing affection for Deven Kalinda has only one hope for escape, and it lies in an arcane, forbidden power buried within her.
    The Hundredth Queen He wanted a warrior queen He got a revolutionary As an orphan ward of the Sisterhood eighteen year old Kalinda is destined for nothing than a life of seclusion and prayer Plagued by fevers she s an

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    1. The lead soldier is the clearest to make out his long legs taper from narrow hips and a boxy, solid chest He is the first man I have seen in person My eyes widen to take him in He is fascinating than the chapel murals of the sky god, Anu, and his son, Enlil, the fire god This is on the third page the first time the MC meets the guy who surprise will become the love interest.Every now and then, I like to take a break from my TBR I ll either pick up a classic I ve always been meaning to read, or [...]

    2. Tremors rack my body I cover my mouth, locking in a gasp Rajah Tarek is here The ruler of the Tarachand Empire has come to Samiya I hold still, my flesh shivering.I promised myself I would not DNF The Hundredth Queen As I slogged through, wading across pages of murk and badly written metaphors, I thought to myself, I m almost there The end is nigh What is the point in dropping this book now But I quickly realised that finishing this book was not worth sacrificing my sanity over No siree So it is [...]

    3. The Hundredth Queen is by far one of my favorite books of 2017 I received an ARC of this incredible book before it even had a cover and I was completely obsessed after just reading one chapter I am one of those readers who is usually drawn to a book because of the cover so when I received this book I read it just because the synopsis sounded intriguing.d WOW am I happy that I gave this book a chance The Hundredth Queen blew me awayI literally could not put the book down and finished it in one we [...]

    4. With that gorgeous cover and amazing reviews I was really excited when I got a copy of this I went into this book not knowing much so when I started it I was afraid it was going to be too similar to Wrath and the Dawn However despite it similarites it had some unique elements For one the Rajah doesnt kill his wives he makes them do it themselves in a rank tournement where each time he chooses a new bride she has to fight all of the Rajahs courtesans who wish to take her place.The rank fighting i [...]

    5. An Advanced Reading Copy has been kindly given by Skyscape and Two Lions via Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion4 fight for freedom starsWords of a cover junkie I think the cover is just gorgeous Seriously just take two minutes to admire it and tell me it s not awesome I could frame it and never tire of watching it.Emily R King is a new author to me but after reading the enthusiastic reviews of other blogger friends I was really intrigued I discovered a very talented author gifted with a [...]

    6. 2.5 stars Ehhh no this is nothing like The Wrath and the Dawn That was a well written book with an amazing main character, vivid world, and a good story The writing here is average and definitely awkward at times The plot twists are predictable and the relationships are a bit forced hollow Buuuut it s still entertaining in parts and I kept reading because there s a freaking princess guard trope and it gets me EVERY TIME The basic idea is that Kali can only leave the remote compound she lives in [...]

    7. It s been a few days since I ve read The Hundredth Queen, and already I can t remember much of it, though I can say for sure that it was like reading a summary of every single YA fantasy out there ever.The storyline was interesting enough Kalinda gets chosen as the rajah s hundredth queen, the ultimate title Though to keep that title, she ll have to fight for it Any of the rajah s other queens and courtesans can challenge her to a fight to the death On top of that, a rebellion filled with bhutas [...]

    8. Haha, awkward How badly I wanted to like this book and how drastically it fell from my expectations.Look, frankly, I was wary about this book I was giving it the benefit of the doubt but I am always wary about authors writing about a culture such as this one It s not that I think they didn t do their research well it s that I just don t think they ll be able to tell this culture s story well As it should be told, if that makes sense.Anyway, despite that, I went into it still hoping I d like it a [...]

    9. 5 Stars I m shocked to see some of these ratings If I read this in high school, I know I would ve been going to class with only a few hours of sleep The younger version of me that loved Hunger Games and Twilight would have LOVED this book This story has everything I enjoy A strong heroine Unbreakable sisterhood Magical encounters I couldn t put this down Yes, there is an insta love chemistry, but I didn t find anything wrong with it It s well written and extremely creative Hopefully the next boo [...]

    10. DNF with 4 hours left AUDIO REVIEWI originally picked up this book via kindle and I realized I couldn t do it Several months later I keep seeing the freaking cover on my feed and I finally got the audio because sometimes I like the audio than the kindle version.The female narrator is fantastic and I kept on listening because of her.But at the end of the day I couldn t take the plot summary storyline, basically the freakin book.This book will give you rage Like powerful angry rage If you like an [...]

    11. Okay not a review because I ll have to take time to gather myself and all my anger and annoyance and all the bad emotions and tell you in my Wrap Up BUT I just read the description for the next book AND WHAT THE F CK Y DO PEOPLE STILL EVEN WRITE BOOKS LIKE THIS STILL This story had so much potential but it was so brutally murder and then next book sounds how to convey feelings without cursing I just really can t.

    12. Let the sky lead me, the land ground me, the fire cleanse me, and the water feed me The Hundredth Queen is an imaginative fantasy that blends beautiful imagery and persistent characters We follow Kalinda, an orphan ward of the Sisterhood, as she s chosen to be the hundredth queen for the tyrant Rajah Tarek Kali must fight for her place in the palace, while hiding a dangerous secret about herself The Hundredth Queen is filled with mystery, romance, and a beautifully imagined world of power, contr [...]

    13. 2.5 stars The readers who say this was a cross between the young adult and new adult genres Lies The readers who liken this to The Wrath and the Dawn Well, okay, I suppose I see where they re going with that from a story perspectivebut not even close on the prose.Another case of getting sucked in by arranged marriages and courtesans and forbidden lurve Serves me right Be right back while I try to recover my diminished IQE GOOD1 Entertaining Badly entertaining Until 60% through when I gave up and [...]

    14. ARC received from Netgalley for fair reviewI JUST CAN T I hate DNFing an ARC, but no thanks My overall reaction I gave this a solid shot, and by 73% I am baffled by the lack of romantic development, despite there being a huge romantic element I get instant attraction, but really instant attraction to the first man you ve seen, and despite the ramifications of possible DEATH you risk your life and their s for someone you hardly know You also hate someone for something you have been groomed for fo [...]

    15. Omg this book was freaking awesome It s the perfect crossover for Young Adult and Adult fantasy lovers I adored Kali and Deven and I can t wait to read book 2 I need it now

    16. This is a captivating story about Kali As someone who has been sick most of their life this book is inspiring I can t wait to read the second book in this series A tale of how a sickly orphan girl named Kalinda, raised by the sisterhood in a fictional Ancient India Sumeria esque setting, can fight and rise to be the most powerful Queen in her land The story is told completely through the eyes of Kalinda and is written so well that you can see and feel as she does Starting with her preparations f [...]

    17. 3 stars We are all half demon, half god The demon half being the mortal side that continually errs, and the godly half being the side that strives to improve In each life, we endeavor to raise our standing and become closer to everlasting perfection Eighteen year old Kalinda is an orphan ward, raised by the sisterhood She has been plagued by fevers all her life and because of this, it is doubtful that she will ever be chosen to leave as a benefactors wife, courtesan or even servant She is just f [...]

    18. Opening line Snowy mountains tear into the ashen sky, their jagged peaks pearly, like wolverine fangs So starts one of the best books I ve read this year Why Why is it one of my favorites I got sucked into the book, characters, story and couldn t pull myself out Heart pounding adventure, romance and intrigue Wow So well written Ms King s words are mesmerizing and kept me reading long after I should have been asleep Kalinda is an orphan, raised by the Sisterhood, destined to quiet and prayers But [...]

    19. Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.4.5 Stars I really enjoyed this book This is the story of Kali who without meaning too catches the attention of the king and becomes the hundredth Rani Because she is the hundredth Rani any of the other wives and courtesans can challenge her to a duel The bad part is that Kali sucks at fighting She is of a sickly complex and suffers constant fevers But she discovers a lot of things about her self in [...]

    20. I wasn t sure what to expect going into this book, but I found it fresh, vivid, well plotted, and intriguing I think my favorite thing is the way the story grapples with faith how it informs one s life and one s decisions, how one creates agency within a faith tradition Looking forward to the next one

    21. seems like dodgy, culturally appropriative worldbuilding check out this twitter thread twitter thedimishra statu

    22. Anything can be changed by those who have the courage to blaze their own path.53.5 5The Hundredth Queen had a strong opening Kalinda is at mountain temple that raises young girls in exchange for funding, any nobleman may visit the Sisterhood temple and choose a young woman to be a servant, courtesan, or wife When Rajah Tarek arrives at the temple to choose his hundredth wife, Kalinda is shocked to be chosen she had been hoping to be passed on by, free to devote her life to the Sisterhood and the [...]

    23. Reading this finally I bought it through Kindle First a while ago, and I just received the second book as an ARC through NetGalley so I thought it was time.This book was legitly incredible You can also read my review here gracelingaccountantblog.wordpKalinda was brought to the Sisterhood as an orphan, and despite battling fevers her entire life she had contented herself to living out her life at the temple with her best friend The one condition of orphan girls being able to live at the Sisterhoo [...]

    24. HUGE thanks to Skyscape, Netgalley Emily R King for the eGalley copy of The Hundredth QueenPLOTThe Hundredth Queen centers around Kalinda who was really trying to live a low key life in the Sisterhood s mountain temple where she s lived all her life as a orphan Prone to strange fevers, Kalinda isn t able to train as the other sisters do in the ways of the sister warrior Ki Spending her days sketching or in the infirmary is what she is used to Due to her sickness, she isn t the strongest or what [...]

    25. See this FULL review on my blog along with others at shesgoingbookcrazyEvery mortal man and woman was created in the likeness of the gods sky in their lungs, land beneath their feet, fire in their soul, and water in their blood.Kalinda, an orphan and ward, has lived in the Sisterhood s temple since she could remember Struggling with her training in combat, she prefers the quiet devoted life to her faith rather than being chosen by one of the suitors who frequent the temple That was until the Raj [...]

    26. You know that wonderful moment when you get to read that book that you ve been DYING to read, and it s even BETTER than you expected Well, that was The Hundredth Queen by Emily R King for me This book is PERFECT for fans of The Girl of Fire and Thorns, The Wrath and the Dawn, and Graveling RATING FIVE STARSOn top of being an all around AMAZING story, there are some great messages in this book about sisterhood, faith, feminism, and what it truly means to be a woman.The story itself is incredibly [...]

    27. The Hundredth Queen is a beautiful and captivating novel It is a wonderful start to a fantastic new series.Kalinda never expected to be claimed by a benefactor, she not particularly pretty or a skilled fighter So when Rajah Tarek claims Kalinda as his 100th and final wife, everyone is shocked on why he picked her Thrust into a life she never wanted, Kalinda must now battle any of his other wives or courtesans who want to steal her spot, or just kill her To make matters worse, a burner has been f [...]

    28. WrensReads Review I should have read the comparable to The Wrath and the Dawn and realized this book wouldn t have been for me Don t get me wrong, the writing was good enough and the world is pretty interesting, but the story and the characters were just not hitting the spot for me.Kali is our main girl here and she Rajah Tarek comes and claims her as his hundredth wife after seeing her fight because that s all you need to know in a wife And also, why do you have 100 wives Then he expects her to [...]

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