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A Whole New Life: An Illness and a Healing By Reynolds Price,

  • Title: A Whole New Life: An Illness and a Healing
  • Author: Reynolds Price
  • ISBN: 9780743238540
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reynolds Price has long been one of America s most acclaimed and accomplished men of letters the author of novels, stories, poems, essays, plays, and a memoir In A Whole New Life, however, he steps from behind that roster of achievements to present us with a personal story, a narrative as intimate and compelling as any work of the imagination.In 1984, a large cancReynolds Price has long been one of America s most acclaimed and accomplished men of letters the author of novels, stories, poems, essays, plays, and a memoir In A Whole New Life, however, he steps from behind that roster of achievements to present us with a personal story, a narrative as intimate and compelling as any work of the imagination.In 1984, a large cancer was discovered in his spinal cord The tumor was pencil thick and gray colored, ten inches long from my neck hair downward Here, for the first time, Price recounts without self pity what became a long struggle to withstand and recover from this appalling, if all too common, affliction one American in three will experience some from of cancer He charts the first puzzling symptoms the urgent surgery that fails to remove the growth and the radiation that temporarily arrests it but hurries his loss of control of his lower body the occasionally comic trials of rehab the steady rise of severe pain and reliance on drugs two further radical surgeries the sustaining force of a certain religious vision an eventual discovery of help from biofeedback and hypnosis and the miraculous return of his powers as a writer in a new, active life Beyond the particulars of pain and mortal illness, larger concerns surface here a determination to get on with the human interaction that is so much a part of this writer s much loved work, the gratitude he feels toward kin and friends and some though by no means all doctors, the return to his prolific work, and the now appalling, now astonishing grace of God A Whole New Life offers than the portrait of one brave person in tribulation it offers honest insight, realistic encouragement and inspiration to others who suffer the bafflement of catastrophic illness or who know someone who does or will.
    A Whole New Life An Illness and a Healing Reynolds Price has long been one of America s most acclaimed and accomplished men of letters the author of novels stories poems essays plays and a memoir In A Whole New Life however he steps fr

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    1. A Whole New Life by Reynolds Price is the amazing tale of his intense four year struggle with a spinal cancer that left him paraplegic and subjected him to excruciating pain that he eventually learned to banish to the periphery of his consciousness through a mixture of hypnosis and biofeedback, not through the disorienting medications prescribed for him by chemically oriented physicians.Surgeries and radiation therapies undoubtedly saved Price s life but they rendered it all but intolerable A re [...]

    2. Price s narrative of his painful and debilitating fight with spinal cancer is both brutally honest about his illness and suffering and the onset of his disabilities and lovely in his recognition of the love and care he receives from friends and relatives and his joy in his renewed ability to write I d recommend it to anyone but especially to anyone dealing with severe pain and catastrophic illness, their own or that of someone they love I read it in a few hours it had that strong a narrative pul [...]

    3. The author died a few weeks ago , 26 years after he survived just barely spinal cancer , but was left a paraplegic in constant pain He later taught my daughter at Duke and wrote songs with James Taylor And after it all he writes I have yet to watch another life that has brought pleasure to it s owner than mine has to me.And he was grateful for the blessings of his life.

    4. Price was diagnosed w spinal cord cancer in mid 1984 This book follows him through 3 surgeries and the radiation that left him a paraplegic His attitude throughout the book, which chronicles a lot of pain and some inept medical treatment, is gratitude The book ends in Dec 1988 by that time, he had adjusted to his new life which included becoming a prolific writer interesting.Price had several encounters with Jesus during his illness and recovery encounters which were a little baffling for an u [...]

    5. Novelist, poet, and playwright Reynolds Price was diagnosed with spinal cancer in 1984 His book about it chronicles four years of treatment as surgery and radiation leave him paraplegic, wheelchair bound and dealing with unrelenting pain.His personal journey makes for compelling and sometimes harrowing reading The lessons taken from the experience illustrate how critical illness isolates an individual inside a complex of resources either developed or undeveloped during a life of chance and circu [...]

    6. As I deal with a potentially disabling illness myself, my therapist recommended this book to me It is Price s memoir about his own disabling condition The details are not the same, but it is a powerful and beautifully written Price is a major novelist telling of the process of grieving, but also the process of coping, and lessons he learned in the processes The lessons are not, of course, universally applicable coping differs between people, as well as does circumstance but the supertitle, A Who [...]

    7. Just finished reading Reynolds Price s memoir A Whole New Life about dealing with cancer and his post tumor survival While I was in the hospital years ago I longed for memoirs like that of Price and was unable to find books that spoke to the experiences of facing cancer It is ironic that as my health has stabilized over the past couple of years that I have found the very books I searched for while ill Most books at the time were either written in a manner that was too Oprahesque, too celebratory [...]

    8. I remember being moved by this story of the author s battle with severe illness and recovery Price leads his readers through all of the physical and emotional upheaval that his illness caused as it advanced In slightly than a year, longer than his doctors had anticipated, he was irreversibly a paraplegic Future surgeries left Price in such unimaginable pain that he resorted to biofeedback and hypnosis to help control it His attempt to regain some of his former life are courageous.However, the m [...]

    9. Interesting memoir about his struggle with spinal cancer I read this after hearing a taped interview with Reynolds Price on NPR he died recently NOT of cancer , and was hooked when he spoke of a vision and some other spiritual experiences he d had during this time.It s not the best book I ve read sometimes the descriptions of mundane details about who s taking care of him read like a very long Acknowledgements section However I am interested in personal transformation lately and this book is abo [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book a lot It s always nice to read memoirs written by people whose career is writing He describes his journey and battle with spinal cancer from the first ignored symptoms to his life as a paraplegic My only quibble is the name dropping, but otherwise it s an eloquent account of an unexpected and unwanted turn and how he rebuilt a whole life, a new life From other reviews, I see that he died last year The experiences he described took place in the 80 s, so he did continue with hi [...]

    11. I am not familiar with the other works of Reynolds Price else I might have been invested in the author s life This particular work documents his battle for life enduring many hardships and times of uncertainty with a seemingly never ending supply of friends and family My only criticism of the book is that the author never fully opens up emotionally without qualifications It is very well written, and toward the end there are some very powerful life lessons that would be helpful to anyone, especi [...]

    12. A must read for almost everyone, it is the true story of one man sjourney through hell and back Diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in hisspinal cord that seemed certain to kill him, he takes us with him on a physical and emotional roller coaster ride, tapping all the deepest wellsprings of the spirit, mind, and body Never heard of Reynolds Price, the author, before this Now I am looking at his other books, as well.

    13. An amazing, beautiful, honest book about how his life changed and truly transformed after he was diagnosed with cancer As a new cancer patient myself, I found his words hard at times, but ultimately wise and very comforting His perspective about choosing life and finding the new life waiting for you is valuable for anyone going through a big life transformation Simply wonderful and very rich experience to go on this journey with this author.

    14. A very poignant memoir about dealing with life s struggles I am experiencing my own problems, and was very wary of reading this book, but Price handled the situation very well He never demanded pity, but stood adamant against the loss of his legs and healthy life style I found the use of hyponosis and biofeedback a wonderful way to control manage pain.

    15. What an inspiring book about a writer s journey back to physical and emotional health after a wrenching battle with spinal cancer Though Reynolds Price lost much of what most of us take for granted the ability to walk, the freedom to live alone, a life free from pain , his story resonates with gratitude and courage A very good book.

    16. Live Seriously, live You never know what cards you will pull from the dealer on the Blackjack of Life If you want hope, read this memoir Personally, it has reminded me of all the goodness that surrounds me, the goodness of friends, colleagues, family, and yes, that Spiritual Being that gifts creativity.

    17. Price writes his reflections on beating an unbeatable form of cancer He relates a divine healing in words that will take your breath away, but he also deftly relates his whole new life alive, but crippled forever It is in his whole new life, post cancer, that he learns the secrets of living to the fullest.

    18. I loved this book and would like to buy it for myself and those I care about It truly gives hope to those who believe their lives are over Reynolds Price is an amazing man who is not afraid to open the door and share his own fears and weaknesses to help others, and this biography of his healing is candid, raw and moving as any of his novels.

    19. When I read that Reynolds Price died last Thueursday, I grabbed this off my bookshelf to finally readd I appreciated it on so many levels the writerly craft, the poetry, the health and pain management narrative, and the gratitude of being able to work at what you love.

    20. I give this 4 stars rather than 3 for the last chapter and some of the poems particularly The Eel and An Afterlife I would recommend this for anyone dealing with traumatic physical changes and healthcare providers.

    21. Bought this nonfiction book at St John s Univ bookstore because it was recommended by a professor What I gained from it was a whole new understanding of ongoing pain The author had an inoperable tumor wrapped around his spine Laser technology finally became available and helped him.

    22. An interesting view from inside a life reconstructed by cancer Calming in a way, while also being a bit terrifying It s amazing what we can bear and overcome, sometimes by holding on to our faith, sometimes by just muddling through.

    23. Had not read much of him but this book was both thought provoking and engaging Will have to read both his other memoir writings and some fiction.

    24. Used as background for an article interesting first person account of an author s experience with cancer I found I a little tedious at times, however as much as I like his fiction.

    25. This is the story of the author s dealing with cancer, the resulting paralysis, the pain, and the healing A wonderful book so easy to read and understand I will be sharing this one with friends.

    26. Somehow never boring, never apologetic, never wallowing in self pity An immensely insightful and beautiful tragedy.

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