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Bad Neighbor By Molly O'Keefe,

  • Title: Bad Neighbor
  • Author: Molly O'Keefe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s sexy He s dangerous He s right next door I gave up everything to save my sister from a monster, and now I m lying low in this rundown apartment so I can stay out of danger Hiding from everyone.Except for the guy in apartment 1A.He s rude Silent Muscled, mysterious, and hot as hell I don t know if he likes me or hates me, but the time I spend with him,He s sexy He s dangerous He s right next door I gave up everything to save my sister from a monster, and now I m lying low in this rundown apartment so I can stay out of danger Hiding from everyone.Except for the guy in apartment 1A.He s rude Silent Muscled, mysterious, and hot as hell I don t know if he likes me or hates me, but the time I spend with him, the less it matters.I want him.And for the first time in my life I m going to go after what I want.She doesn t belong in my world.From the second 1B moves in, I know she s keeping secrets She doesn t belong here, much less with a street fighter like me.But that doesn t stop me from craving her Her softness and sweetness She s a drug, and suddenly I m addicted.I know someone is going to try and hurt her and I can t let that happen But unless I push her away and get her out of my world, that someone could be me
    Bad Neighbor He s sexy He s dangerous He s right next door I gave up everything to save my sister from a monster and now I m lying low in this rundown apartment so I can stay out of danger Hiding from everyone Ex

    One thought on “Bad Neighbor”

    1. DNF at 40% nothing happens up until this point except Jesse being an ass to Charlotte most of the time and he pushes her away Things change at 35% when Charlotte hears Jesse next door having sex all night so she angrily knocks on his door ready for a confrontation but instead ends up being invited in to watch the other couple have sex I just wish this heroine had of a backbone this guy has treated her really bad several times and she still wants to jump into their orgy I don t get it.

    2. Wowsa I do believe Molly O Keefe has outdone herself with Bad Neighbor Somehow I missed out on seeing this book upcoming so I had to read it come release day it s free on KU One huge alert with this book it is not safe for consumption in public, on gym equipment, or while operating heavy machinery You name it this heroine, from literally chapter one, had me laughing out loud I didn t know Molly O Keefe had such a comedic side But then we get a cold splash of the opposite with our dearest bad nei [...]

    3. I liked that this book was dual POV, but I thought the characters seemed very vague, as if we didn t learn enough about them or their pasts Also, the way they fall in love was too fast and quite unbelievable The ending felt really rushed Hero 3 5 Heroine 3 5 Plot Point, Originality 2 5 Writing Style 3 5 Steam 4 5 Romance 2 5 Angst Suspense 3 5 Darkness 0 5 Humor 1 5 Secondary Characters 2 5 Drama Conflict 3 5 Mystery 1 5 Twists 1 5 Pacing Steady Action 3 5

    4. Charlotte used to live a good life in a great part of San Francisco But then her twin sister got into some trouble with her boyfriend and Charlotte had to sell her apartment to finance Abigail s new start away from that guy.And now poor Charlotte is living in this dump apartment complex near the airport.And her next door neighbor is a horribly rude but extemely hot guy called Jesse.Charlotte is not a people person And Jesse is not really trying to start a friendship He has secrets Secrets that h [...]

    5. 4 STARS It felt a little bit like I was making friends with a bear Some creature that might snap my head off one minute or curl up in my lap the next, and I couldn t blame the bear for being a bear.Molly O Keefe OMG I HAD NO IDEA This book was recommended by a fave author and I m so thankful to Megan Erickson for mentioning this book UNF SO GOOOOD Just what I needed today Bad Neighbor, with his bad boy alpha definitely owning an asshole title, an introvert heroine in a bad situation but not enti [...]

    6. Title Bad NeighborAuthor Molly O KeefeCategory RomanceSeries or Standalone StandalonePOV DualPlot 5Characters 5Scorching level 5HEA Not tellingIntense, gripping and mouth watering This book explains why I love Molly O Keefe so much I love her storylines and captivating romances Charlotte is running She swaps her cozy home for a shabby apartment in a shady building Why Because she needs to keep her sister safe What Charlotte didn t expect was her extremely gruff and mean neighbor Jesse is the man [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars Um, so I REALLY liked this LOL I think I m kind of knocked on my ass because I was not expecting to devour this as quick as I did And did someone say hot Oh yeah, I did This is SMOKIN I have never read scenes like this one has and wow, is it getting a little warm in here or is it just me They re just different from every other book out there and it s fantastic Review to come in the mean time, one click and enjoy Jesse for yourself.

    8. Between 2 and 2,5 stars for meHero 2 out of 5 He is an ordinary scarred bad boy with a sad past nothing special I didn t like him Heroine 2 out of 5 She is too weak for her own good and too easy for the guy I didn t like her Romance 0.00001 out of 5 It was all about lust IMO Hotness level 2 out of 5 Many people found it sizzling hot but not me Nope I was greatly disappointed about it I read way hotter books than that and this was nothing compared to them Plot twist 1 out of 5 There is an unbelie [...]

    9. 4 to 4 1 2 starsThat stuff is just my life It s the shit that happens to me Part of being a twin to my sister.But this futonThis futon was a punishment from God It was the universe laughing at me.It was stuck in the door of my new apartment, folded up like a taco An immoveable, three thousand pound taco.And it wasn t moving.This is just what you get for not hiring movers Or having a boyfriend Or anyone really, who could help move a girl with five boxes, three garbage bags, and a futon mattress t [...]

    10. Pretending is easier for you, isn t it It stung, it stung deep and hard where a lot of my secret stuff lived The things I didn t like to acknowledge about myself The things that kept my life so small So small it felt like a jail The fucking book tour Simon Jesse Wanting , taking less.The first half of this gave me some strong Willing Victim by Cara McKenna vibes because of the awkward, shy, and doesn t quite have the confidence to know or address her sexual needs heroine and tough, man of few wo [...]

    11. Hot, heavy Did I say hot Did I say heavy Holy holerson.Let me take a moment to cool myself down And look, it s not just the smoking, dirty times dirty being a rather debatable term that are hot and heavy It s the book It s the heroine It s the hero It s everything Setting Time Genre currentSeries Apparently it is or rather will be The next one has a terrible title Like wtf was Ms O Keefe thinking Something like the Hitman s Secret Baby or something Don t worry I ll be waiting in line for the cra [...]

    12. 4 stars I really enjoyed this book Funny, sexy, sweet, and than a little bit dirty, I fell in love with the characters and loved their back and forth, and the sizzling chemistry that became something so much than they expected You re one of the most annoying things that s ever happened to me Charlotte has just moved from a comfortable life into a run down apartment complex in a shitty part of town Her twin sister is trying to escape from her dangerous boyfriend, so Charlotte thought nothing of [...]

    13. 3.5 starsHoly schmoly hotness For someone who isn t too much into erotica and kink light kinky stuff here though, nothing heavy , I was surprised how well it worked for me Besides, there s only one scene that I d consider as slightly kinky But it s definitely hot Charlotte has to move temporarily into a downtrodden apartment complex because her twin sister needed as much money as possible to get out of San Francisco running away from her dangerous ex So Charlotte sells her condo and moves into a [...]

    14. SOOOO Hot and Dirty I have an addiction to anything Molly O Keefe She brings an edgy style of writing and unique characters that are fresh and raw This book started off with a bang and never let up Hot, on point, and deliciously steamy, you get everything Molly O Keefe is known for in this read.Fresh, raw, and very naughty characters that you end up falling for Vulnerable and fierce, you can almost imagine yourself right there in the room with them.The author has a fabulous way of writing from t [...]

    15. HmmmI kinda liked it, I kinda hated it, I kinda got bored Then I put it down for a week before finishing it It was a mixed bag of intriguing plot, interesting characters, and good writing that amounted to a bunch of ho hum Primarily because the connection between the H h never showed growth or spark Their coming together was just weird as shit with no encourageable actions from either H h to foster or explain their attachment.Don t get me started on the semi orgy The H informs the h it s not rea [...]

    16. DNF I very rarely stop reading books without finishing them The description talks about a girl hiding out in an apartment complex hiding from danger and her apartment neighbor being a surly underground fighter that s drawn to her The premise sounded like something I wanted to read No where did I see anything about the guy participating in M F M threesomes and sometimes choosing to be a voyeur to the orgies When the girl is tired of the loud music and sex noises while trying to sleep, she barges [...]

    17. 3.5 stars I actually really enjoyed this More than I thought I would While I would ve preferred a little character development, what we did have was still enjoyable I enjoyed the suspense of what Jesse and his family s secrets were and I liked seeing Charlotte grow out of her shell I m hoping we can see something for Jack and Abby

    18. Originally posted at Smexybooks smexybooks 2016 11 joint rJoint Review by Mandi ToriYou always know you re going to get a dark, gritty, sexy, angry and complicated romance when you pick up a M O Keefe book Damaged men and women who carry baggage than Samsonite reluctantly find one another and embark on a journey towards their redemption if they re brave enough to accept it She doesn t always offer her readers a HEA, but she does offer enough hope to assure readers the couples involved have a ve [...]

    19. 3.75 Stars Why has it taken me this long to read Molly O Keefe One book and I ve fallen in love with her writing style Review to come.

    20. A solid 3.5 stars for a quick read from an author that is always one of my favorites.If you are familiar with Molly O Keefe s characters you know that they are always relate ably flawed and perfectly broken Not so much that you know it ll never happen, just enough to know that salvation is not out of reach You find yourself feeling their pain, seeing them as good guys no matter what and ultimately praying for a HEA Jesse and Charlotte s did not disappoint They both have family secrets They both [...]

    21. There was a lot promised in this book with the view spoiler group sex hide spoiler which was the first sex scene and pretty much the only really good one And the view spoiler evil, hit man brother hide spoiler who didn t turn out to be so bad after all And the BAD NEIGHBOUR who view spoiler wasn t fucking bad what so ever, in any way unless you count initially blowing hot and cold on the lead female view spoiler So this book was light on delivering what was promised, but it was entertaining and [...]

    22. 4.5 stars Hard to put down and sexy as hell Molly O keefe gets better with each book Jesse and Charlotte were characters you won t quickly forget, I just wanted

    23. Bad Neighbor is the latest sexy suspenseful offering from Molly O Keefe While her earlier contemporary romance novels tend to be on the emotional but lighthearted side, her recent books have been darker and grittier This particular story is a standalone but there are clear hints of a future story with some of the secondary characters Bad neighbor delivers a one, two punch with this sexy romance of finding love in the shadows Charlotte has always taken care of her twin sister Abby When Abby com [...]

    24. Oh, hey, so I just read my first Molly O Keefe And it just happened to be this one It has a character who I identify with than I think I have ever done with a character in the past Charlotte s thoughts, feelings, insecurities, reactionsfelt personal And her growth throughout this short span of time spoke to me.A lot happens in the short weeks that Charlotte lives next door to Jesse, and not just with Charlotte s sexual awakening though all of that is through the roof hot.When Jesse pushes Charl [...]

    25. Original Review Naomi s Reading PalaceBad Neighbor was the hot and sexy read I expected it to be The characters were from different worlds but they found it difficult to deny the chemistry between them Jesse was the bad boy next door, who fought in an illegal fighting ring, and Charlotte was the good girl, who gave all her money to help her sister, and moved herself into a shady part of town to lay low.I liked that Jesse and Charlotte were so different Charlotte was all sweet and innocent but Je [...]

    26. I love love love a mean man and personally I think that this author does a fabulous one and Jesse may have just taken the cake on this one I had no idea going into this book that it was a fighter book and that Jesse would be the mean man of my dreams but I am so glad it went down like that And I also really enjoyed Charlotte She is one of those quirky characters that you can immediately relate to She s shy and introverted but loves so fiercely I loved her so much and watching her win over a man [...]

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