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One Sixth of a Gill By Jean Gill,

  • Title: One Sixth of a Gill
  • Author: Jean Gill
  • ISBN: 9791096459018
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • A rare treat J.G Harlond, author of The Empress Emerald An eclectic mix quite unputdownable B.A Morton, author of prize winning crime novel Mrs Jones Five minute reads.Meet people you will never forget the night photographer, the gynaecologist s wife, the rescue dog.Dip into whatever suits your mood, from comedy to murders from fantastic stories to blo A rare treat J.G Harlond, author of The Empress Emerald An eclectic mix quite unputdownable B.A Morton, author of prize winning crime novel Mrs Jones Five minute reads.Meet people you will never forget the night photographer, the gynaecologist s wife, the rescue dog.Dip into whatever suits your mood, from comedy to murders from fantastic stories to blog posts, by way of love poetry Fully illustrated in black and white by the author Jean Gill s original photographs are as thought provoking as her writing.An out of body experience for adventurous readers Or, of course, you can Live Safe.Not for you the blind alley on a dark night, wolf lope pacing you step for step as shadows flare on the walls.Watch the trailer youtube watch v Ug0Pf14oT6Y
    One Sixth of a Gill A rare treat J G Harlond author of The Empress Emerald An eclectic mix quite unputdownable B A Morton author of prize winning crime novel Mrs Jones Five minute reads Meet people you will never forge

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    1. One Sixth of a Gill is an eclectic mix of writing, a veritable stew of short stories, poetry, brief essays, blog entries primarily reporting on the canine members of the author s family Because of this mix I found my interest varied widely While some of the blog reports were absolutely heartwarming, such as the rescue of the dog nicknamed Lou, the incidental reports on dog breeds were too specialized for this reader.However, Gill s tribute to Lou s passing was really wonderful and was written so [...]

    2. One Sixth of a Gill is truly a superb collection of reads Clearing Out starts these shorts rolling, a poignant first story from Angela s judicious point of view A patchwork of clothes and smells to whet the senses, she must choose exactly what to wear Something so completely Angela I have to say I shed a tear after reading this as I did after reading The Dogs Who Walk Beside Us.This collection is so deliciously diverse I m hard pushed to label only one as a favorite The Dog Who Cries Wolf for it [...]

    3. A veritable smorgasbord of delicacies I have often wondered why modern authors stick to one genre In the good old days, we had folks who could write prose, poetry, fiction, history, and things in between Thus my delight when I started reading Jean Gill s One Sixth of a Gill It crosses genres, and successfully so The term smorgasbord comes to mind as one partakes of her offerings of short stories, poems, essays and blog posts in this book And even by the end you cannot decide which element is the [...]

    4. This is an interesting and diverse mix of material that lends itself to be read however you like from cover to cover, dip in for a poem or a short story, pick up the thread of a blog and follow it through The writing is as diverse as the genre mix light hearted poems to make you smile, thought provoking poems about life, the universe and everything Jean Gill s writing is sharp and economical she can pack a lot into 5 minutes Her blog on Lou, the rescue dog manages to be both sad and uplifting an [...]

    5. One Sixth of a Jean Gill is a stunning collection of five minute reads for coffee breaks, travelling or bed time Fantastic short stories, autobiographical extracts and the poetry of love and loss merge into blog extracts which trace the moving story of Lou, the rescue dog Whether you want to argue about history, learn about bee keeping , explore a Welsh Childhood or the beauty and culture of rural France, there is something for everyone in this delightful collection of short fiction and non fict [...]

    6. A wonderful creative book full of artwork, stories, and poems This books touches and inspires Full of creativity, it is so easy to be absorbed by the beauty found in art or words on every page There is humor, a sense of fun, love, loss, and yearning to be found within Each time I picked it up, I found new thoughts and emotions that resonated I expect it will be a book I come back to again and again Highly recommended.

    7. This is an extremely eclectic mixture of short stories, poems and essays that give a real feel for things that have touched the author over the years and provide great coffee break treats for the reader and provide a variety of moods My most favourite of all is the essays that are devoted to the moving story of her dog Those essays are so heartfelt they can t help but speak to anyone who reads them, especially those with pets.

    8. At first glance this is a collection of stories, poems, blog pieces and articles but when you plunge into it a WOW factor kicks in The poems are sublime, the tales are like poems The blog pieces are interesting, especially the ground truthing, as we remote sensing nerds call it, of the 12th century history Dog aficionados will find their bowls chock a block In Going to the Dogs we have a fine lyrical narrative eg the mirror had always been an untrustworthy friend sniggered behind your back This [...]

    9. This is an edited collection from the author s blog, a journal which is a mix of reflections, bits of poetry including translations , here and there a photo About ten percent of it consists of promoting other self published books she has already generated She seems like an interesting enough person from the UK, lives in France, loves dogs and beekeeping and here and there snippets of the poetry show talent and sensitivity This is the sort of thing you might browse while waiting between flights i [...]

    10. A fascinating mix of written works There s a little something for everyone poetry, blogs, short stories I particularly enjoyed the story of Lou s adoption and integration into the author s family As well, the pieces that dealt with culture and writing historical fiction were really interesting Then, there s the piece Going to the Dogs that is just a little disturbing and still hangs with me.I can definitely see why this compilation of pieces was named a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards [...]

    11. Jean Gill has assembled a remarkable collection of pieces that will alternately make you gasp, fret, smile, laugh and ponder The depth of her writing is impressive, especially given the poetic nature of the work It is difficult to pull off, but Jean has done it.I love when stories don t end the way you expect, and I even enjoy when you don t understand the story completely until the last line or two Jean is a master of this.I certainly plan to seek out of her work as I am sure I will be surpri [...]

    12. A terrific collection I have a confession to make I m not a dog lover It didn t matter Even though I freely admit to skipping through the canine capers, I still found plenty to enjoy among the collection of blog posts, observations and poems In fact, I would buy this collection for the poetry alone, it was that good Several of the other snippets made me chuckle or even laugh out loud too So, if you re a dog lover you ll be in clover.

    13. Here we have a collection of stories, poems and pictures varied enough to find at least one well liked among the lot I like a few than others and a few less than most This is the way of things when it comes to collections and should be expected Overall this is a decent read for passing time I received an e ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    14. A book of short stories and poems also included several interesting photographs that complement the collection Awesome read.

    15. This book was recently entered and was a finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Star Rating 5 starsNumber of Readers 31Readers Comments This, I thought, was a very enjoyable read My favourite was Divided by a Common Language Very funny The style is light and very accessible and there is a wonderful mix of genre Female, aged 45 In the crazy world we now live in, a book like this is perfect It allows the reader to enjoy a moment and then put the book down and re [...]

    16. Well worth the read It only took the beginning short pieces and the poem, Silk, to seduce me into Gill s world And what I found was a wonderfully creative writer, not afraid to take chances in her compilation of short pieces and poems I could scan through again and list my favorites, but I believe those choices are best left with the reader I will say, however, that nothing disappointed me Each piece had its own charm, warmth sections on Pyrenean Mountain Dogs , message, and or smile as I paced [...]

    17. I will always be currently reading this collection of verse, stories, thoughts, and tales There is something for every mood that reminds me of laughs I shared with my mother, family history, my best dog friends, places I ve travelled or wanted to go If I have a few minutes to spare, I ll grab this book first.

    18. The first piece packs a poignant punch I couldn t stop after reading it, and devoured each piece as if I d been deprived of impressive words for years Jean is a true wordsmith She pulls on heartstrings, makes you laugh, and of course, makes you want to savour every word A must read to those who appreciate a carefully crafted sentence as much as a good story A very talented author indeed.

    19. This book is receiving rave reviews and I concur It includes poignant, tender and sometimes even whimsical poetry as well as engaging short stories I was especially touched by the story of Lou, the dog If you are a doggy lover and like short, to the point, stories, this book is for you.

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