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Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points By Kelly Thompson Leonardo Romero Jordie Bellaire Julian Totino Tedesco,

  • Title: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points
  • Author: Kelly Thompson Leonardo Romero Jordie Bellaire Julian Totino Tedesco
  • ISBN: 9781302905149
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Remember Hawkeye No, not that Hawkeye your favorite Hawkeye, the former Young Avenger, the butt kicking hero who had to save that other Hawkguy all the time and basically keep his life in some semblance of order Yup, you know her, it s the dazzling Kate Bishop making her solo comics debut Kate is heading back out west and returning to Los Angeles, with her bow and aRemember Hawkeye No, not that Hawkeye your favorite Hawkeye, the former Young Avenger, the butt kicking hero who had to save that other Hawkguy all the time and basically keep his life in some semblance of order Yup, you know her, it s the dazzling Kate Bishop making her solo comics debut Kate is heading back out west and returning to Los Angeles, with her bow and arrow and P.I badge in tow There are crimes to solve and she s the best archer to handle em The City of Angels has a new guardian angel This is Kate Bishop like you ve never seen her before, in a brand new saga that really hits the mark Collecting Hawkeye 1 6
    Hawkeye Kate Bishop Vol Anchor Points Remember Hawkeye No not that Hawkeye your favorite Hawkeye the former Young Avenger the butt kicking hero who had to save that other Hawkguy all the time and basically keep his life in some semblan

    One thought on “Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points”

    1. More like 3.5 stars but I m rounding up because I enjoyed reading this.I m super pleased we ve gotten solo series for Kate and America And no, not just because I ship them These were the two stand out characters from Young Avengers to me and if we could get a David Alleyne book, I d be happy forever I adore Kate Bishop as a character While I kinda hate that writers are turning most female superheroes into this type smarmy, quippy personality cough cough recent Barbara Gordon writers Kate was the [...]

    2. This book has 1 A relatable kick ass female hero2 A Jessica Jones cameo3 A Scooby team4 A dragonAnd you should read it.

    3. Kelly Thompson puts on her best Matt Fraction impersonation This book wants so badly to be Fraction s Hawkeye Kate is just an inept as Clint Even though she s trying to be a P.I she bumbles into solutions to her cases She s constantly quipping but her jokes often fall flat Even the art and coloring is trying it s best to mimic David Aja Kate shouldn t be a pale imitation of Clint Barton She s always been portrayed as a strong, independent woman and I feel that s missing here until Jessica Jones [...]

    4. Really liked the story, really liked the artwork other than a couple of dodgy panels that looked like they d been badly Photoshopped Cracking book.

    5. Personal voice be awesome.World The art is great, it s full of character and that s what this book needs The sense of motion is not there, but the sense of style and tone is great The world building is solid and gives a good foundation for Kate in her little piece of the MU Her little slice of Los Angeles is interesting and the cast of characters around her is fun and weird and exactly what this little world needs.Story The story is small and fun It s full of life and character and quirky stuff [...]

    6. Read in single issues Really loved this first volume Definitely going to continue reading Kate Bishop s solo title Such a cool character with lots of sass I m so pleased she got her own book Kudos to Kelly Thompson s writing

    7. Fun and playful but rooted in a very old school style of storytelling Kate Bishop is Hawkeye for the west coast and make no mistake she is silly, sassy, and very playful in the writing and vocab However the story is an old school P.I crime story that gives a throwback to older comics More important there are no mentions or sighting of avengers raining down on the book and I was glad There is a cameo from a friend which is no surprise but it fits the story nicely Basicly Kate is tracking down her [...]

    8. I like Kelly Thompson, she super cool I like Hawkeye, she s fun So why didn t I love this Well this is two arcs here First is about a missing case Well it starts off as a girl getting stalked and then goes missing We slowly find out the reason behind it is a virus of sorts going around, a chemical imbalance, that makes people hate I believe it s trying to be a metaphor for the internet and how it can be a place filled with hatred and everyone begins to follow like sheep Least that s what I got, [...]

    9. This was great I was absolutely impressed The spirit of Fraction s Hawkeye book is alive and well in these pages, though magically non derivative of that work Thompson and Romero have their own chemistry going on, and it s a lot of fun Kate is an excellent character, and her dialogue is an absolute joy to read The story telling is excellent, written like a true detective story in the MU canon, complete with mind control and dragons I d like to see where this goes, because it has all the potentia [...]

    10. I hope this doesn t get cancelled like Mockingbird because it s filling that little void in my heart FUNNY Cute Bad ass The snaaaaaark.

    11. La serie de Kate Bishop es muy divertida y colorista, me encanta este personaje, la prefiero a Clint Burton en la mayor a de las ocasiones aunque Clint tambi n es un personaje que me gusta mucho, al menos el tratamiento que se le ha hecho en su ltima serie , Kelly Thompson trenza historias sencillas pero bien elaboradas, el dibujo cumple con nota, es una pena que haya cerrado la serie en los USA porque creo que ten a bastante potencial.En este tomo tenemos dos historias cortas, adem s de pincela [...]

    12. Matt Fraction s Hawkeye really revamped the format of superhero comics, creating stories that were much about their characters and their lives than their super heroics Patsy Walker and Spider Woman are some of the books that followed in its footsteps And, the new Hawkeye does too, but this time it s all about Kate, not Kate and Clint.Oh, Fraction s Hawkeye was clever in a bunch of other ways too, and Thompson s Hawkeye doesn t have that But it s still got an eye to clever art and storytelling t [...]

    13. Story was decent enough, and the Jessica Jones part were cool My only issue is how dialogue heavy the book is, especially the first few issues, but once it gets to the Jessica Jones part it got a bit better, and Kate is still a cool protag If you have read the previous Matt Fraction stuff, artwork wise its still the same, at least this series keeps its art style unlike many others.

    14. ORIGINALLY POSTED bibliomantics 2018 01 01 Hawkeye is back no, not that Hawkeye, Kate Bishop Hawkeye to once again take down crime on the west coast Written by Kelly Thompson, who brings the sassy and spunky heroine to life in her solo comic book debut, the first volume in this short lived series is a fun adventure complete with cults, dragons and even a cameo from a fellow P.I.

    15. Why do you read comics When I was a kid, the four issue limited series was an intoxicating enterprise, because you could take a good idea and give it four issues of tight consideration, tell a good story and be done with it One shots and summertime annuals were even better, because it was one fat issue of standalone story you knew you would be satisfied, and that the amount of backstory brought to the table would be minimal, or at least footnoted This, along with the volume I will next review, c [...]

    16. The start of a new series for one of my favourite Marvel superheroes ever I loved this start to Kate Bishop s series I didn t enjoy the last two issues as much as the rest and the art style was not my favourite, but all together is was still a thing of beauty I m anticipating the next volume so hard right now

    17. So viele Hawkeyes Seit Matt Fractions Hawkeye Run mit Clint Barton als Superhelden ohne Superkr fte, f r den es viel zu oft nicht gut l uft, ist Hawkeye zu einer der sympathischten Figuren im MCU geworden Besonders charmant war die Unterst tzun, die er durch Kate Bishop erfuhr, und die sich ebenfalls Hawkeye nennt Und hier nun also das TPB mit den ersten sechs Heften der eigenen Reihe f r Kate.Kate, nie um einen coolen Spruch verlegen, ist Pleite und versucht sich als Privatdetektivin in den Fu [...]

    18. Hawkeye needs a nap This was so much fun I really liked Kate s never ending enthusiasm and quirky personality She s definitely not super into beating up the bad guys but will have words if pissed off enough Not only that, Kate also wears band aids for whole issues, talks to herself, has zero drawing skills, is perpetually on the brink of broke, loves abs and has a self deprecating humor so yes, definitely a fan The first story arc deals with a stalker which is great and the second arc has her te [...]

    19. Kate Bishop graduates from second lead to star of the show in Hawkeye Anchor Points.Newly returned to LA, Kate juggles her superhero life with her new business as an unlicensed P.I The case of a young woman being cyber harassed puts Kate on a collision course with a mind control cult whose leader is harnessing the power of hate Then Kate s one time mentor, Jessica Jones, comes to town on the trail of a missing woman whose path intersects with Kate s search for her missing father.Writer Kelly Tho [...]

    20. No s ni por d nde empezar porque me ha gustado todo Siempre, en todos los c mics que leo, encuentro un pero porque los hay, no es que yo sea as de tiquis miquis P pero de este no encuentro nada malo.Kate Bishop es una chica carism tica, simp tica, graciosa, divertida, siempre con una sonrisa en la cara, optimista y positiva, amiga de sus amigos, siempre dispuesta a ayudar a los dem s, a aprender de los que le rodean Una chica fuerte, con sus ovarios bien puestos y que no se rinde nunca Una chica [...]

    21. Actual rating 4.5 starsMarvel, I SWEAR TO GOD, don t cancel this title prematurely I ve already lost some of my favourite lady led comics and you will break my heart if you do it again because I seriously loved this.Kate Bishop has moved to Los Angeles to find her asshole dad To help make ends meet, she opens her own Private Eye office hoping that clients ignore that she doesn t have a license When her first client comes in asking for help dealing with a stalker, Kate gets caught up in a plot th [...]

    22. This is very similar to the excellence that is the Fraction Aja Hawkeye run, but seeing as it s not Fraction Aja, it falls flat in some sad ways STILL Kate Bishop is my personal hero, and I loved all of it, from her human disaster ness to the constant ripping on Clint to the badass Jessica Jones teamup.

    23. Basically everything about this works The art is good Kate is a protagonist who is a lot of fun to follow around Her voice, her attitude, and her approach keep the story engaging and entertaining Additionally, the story stands effectively on its own, which is something that I appreciate though it does reference the previous run of Hawkeye for some backstory The other established characters that make appearances here fit in perfectly and have some great dynamics with Kate as do the new characters [...]

    24. kate bishop is great and this Hawkeye book, which really began with greatness under matt fraction, has become a safe space from some of the secret whatever is this year stuff warriors worlds invasions yeah, okay, i ll take a solid story with great art

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