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I Belong to the Earth By J.A. Ironside,

  • Title: I Belong to the Earth
  • Author: J.A. Ironside
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There Grace pointed towards the moor and I saw it there was a shape in the dark A tall, masculine shape No, not a man a piece of darker darkness in the shape of a man We were being watched.Seventeen year old Emlynn knows all about grief and guilt, not to mention secrets Being able to sense the Dead wasn t so bad before the accident which killed her mother Now it There Grace pointed towards the moor and I saw it there was a shape in the dark A tall, masculine shape No, not a man a piece of darker darkness in the shape of a man We were being watched.Seventeen year old Emlynn knows all about grief and guilt, not to mention secrets Being able to sense the Dead wasn t so bad before the accident which killed her mother Now it s taking over her life Broken and shut off from the world, Emlynn is horrified when her father moves the family to a remote Yorkshire vicarage A house that stands at the centre of a centuries old curse born of betrayal, jealousy and poisoned love A curse that feeds on the lives of young girls A pattern about to repeat itself once When her older sister, Grace, gets involved with local bad boy, Haze, Emlynn knows she has to act fast Somehow Haze is connected to the curse Is Grace his next intended victim Hurtling towards another family tragedy, Emlynn must find the strength to stop running from her gift, or risk losing the rest of her family for good.Only the dead have the answers she needs If she can bring herself to speak to them
    I Belong to the Earth There Grace pointed towards the moor and I saw it there was a shape in the dark A tall masculine shape No not a man a piece of darker darkness in the shape of a man We were being watched Seventeen y

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    1. Okay this definitely isn t the best book I ve ever written but it s still pretty good If I do say so If a creepy tale with a disabled MC, family drama and important themes, as well as plenty of wit sounds like your bag then you might like to check out this giveaway for a free copyOh, and it has psychics And ghosts Lots of ghosts.Enjoy

    2. This is the awesome first book in the Unveiled series by my excellent friend, J.A.Ironside Having read the early drafts of this book, I have been invested in Em and her challenges and bravery and battles for quite some time I m delighted to see her springing forth from the pages of a published novel so that many other people can cheer for her, too.I Belong to the Earth is gripping from the start, with Em barely making it to her new house before the mystery begins From then on, we have several th [...]

    3. I received this book free from the author in exchange for my honest review This was a different read for me, so far out of what I normally read Not in genre but in the story and plot itself This book is than your run of the mil YA supernatural paranormal romance It felt, to me, like a true ghost story It wasn t about saving the world it wasn t about anything other than a broken girl trying to save what little of her family she had left, while trying to come to teams with her own demons I don t [...]

    4. This is J.A Ironside s first published novel and gives notice of a new talent well worth keeping an eye on though I knew this anyway, given that J.A co edited the collection A Seeming Glass with me.I Belong To The Earth, appears at first glance to be a Young Adult Horror Paranormal tale, although it soon becomes apparent that there s rather to it than that, with elements of Dark Fantasy rural rather than urban and even works as a sort of partner piece to a Gothic classic None of this is really [...]

    5. Wow I loved this It s really, really good I saw snippets of this book before publication in a writing group I was part of with J.A Ironside, so I knew it was gonna be a good un, but even soThe finished book held me rapt As a reader, you are right in Emlynn s head from page one and she grips you tight and doesn t let go for the whole book All the characters are very rounded and satisfying, great characters with laugh out loud quirks at times and chilling at others That meeting with Haze bad boy H [...]

    6. While I like watching films about ghosts, entities, haunted houses, etc I can t say I ve read much in this specific genre lately and clearly I ve been missing out I do love dark paranormal thrillers and the story gives you a lot of supernatural with a healthy mix of traditional, old school horror and modern, neo noir drama The story reminds me of urban legends you read as a kid but for a adult audience The main character s physical impairments and her psychological abilities isolate her in way [...]

    7. First off, I want to thank jaironside for sending me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review In some ways, I Belong to the Earth is what I expected mysterious, creepy, full of plot and drama.Yet, the depth of the characters and themes that Ironside tackles is incredible She successfully addresses grief, healing, familial dysfunction, and respectfully represents a disabled main character Though not perfect by any means, I think the good in this book far outweighs any bad I found As I thin [...]

    8. I Belong to the Earth has the feel of a spooky local legend or the best kind of campfire story, one that unfolds bit by bit, building the kind of unease that a reader can really savor It s not lurid or clich d like a horror story might be The story contains hints of some genuinely horrifying events the acts that make Haze such a bad guy, the exploitation that creates a terrified and bitter housemaid but Ironside understands that the most unsettling details are those left for the audience to imag [...]

    9. J.A Ironside has produced a story with all of the power and feel of a local legend, but with a refreshingly modern and approachable twist The work, which echoes classics like The Woman in Black, creates a terrific atmosphere from the get go, drawing readers into the setting a small, backward town in Yorkshire, marooned in the centre of the moors Always a fan of a good ghost story, I have seen my fair share of the haunted house and rattling chains trope which often dominates this area of fiction [...]

    10. I am a reader for whom life is not complete without at least three books on the go and who is always looking for something new and intriguing to read I found it in I Belong to the Earth by J.A Ironside The characters are multi layered and fascinating It is well drawn and beautifully woven in words, so much so that it is possible to visualise this tale in pictures I have not enjoyed a read as much in a long time The imagery of the setting lent itself beautifully to the plot and complemented the c [...]

    11. I absolutely loved this book I was finding it hard to get back into reading after doing exams and couldn t get into any book I tried to read I heard a small snippet of this book on the radio and immediately I just had to read it, I wanted to know about the intriguing character Emlynn and her powers and the place where all this is possible I m finding it rather difficult to explain exactly what I loved most about the book, I find I can really understand Emlynn and her siblings which makes the ch [...]

    12. From the start of this excellent YA novel, I was drawn into Emlynn s world and the story of how her mother died She is an extremely well drawn character and I felt her anguish It took me a few chapters to become hooked into the story, but once Emlynn has a supernatural experience and meets Mrs Cranford, the pace picks up and the novel becomes a chilling and original ghost story with enough plot twists to keep the reader hooked throughout But what makes this novel stand out from the crowd is the [...]

    13. I m not normally a reader of ghost stories, but this one is definitely worth the read Unlike other ghost stories I ve read, I BELONG TO THE EARTH presents characters who are three dimensional and complex I enjoyed the fact that this was written in first person because it allows the reader to really peel back the layers on Emlynn and get to know her She goes from victim to heroine I also really enjoyed the setting which was a character in itself The plot also does not get boring and keeps the rea [...]

    14. I literally finished it about two minutes ago and oh goodness It was creepy and unexpected but familiar and comfortable and just amazing A full in depth mildly gushing review will be coming soon

    15. A car smash was the turning point for all three sisters, and especially Emlynn, traumatised and with a head injury that apparently kick started her on again off again ability to perceive the dead Isolated, and struggling with her own problems, there s no one Emlynn can tell about the cold patch on the stairs, or the figures she sees watching their house, or the sense of sheer menace she s getting off her oldest sister s new boyfriend Each of the sisters has their role to play, and it seems the h [...]

    16. The cover lured me towards the book, beautifully designed by the author herself.Emily has suffered emotional and physical pain The scars aren t yet healed She has to use her instincts and her unique power to her benefit Will she suffer from loss or will she be able to rise up to the dangers Descriptions are perfect The description makes you imagine everything clearly which is the best thing about the book At times it gets monotonous, yet most of the times it kept me curious The suspense is well [...]

    17. I Belong to the Earth is a supernatural novel about a family battling to cope with the death of their mother and their fragile relationships To add to their troubles they have to contend with ghosts.The story is skilfully narrated by Emlynn, who arrives at a bleak old vicarage on a Yorkshire moor with her two sisters, Grace and Amy, and their remote and seemingly uncaring father Emlynn s description of their new home was well done and perfectly suited to the story that was to unfold I was impres [...]

    18. This was not your typical paranormal YA I Belong to the Earth has some classic gothic elements a haunted house in the English countryside, a dark tragedy overshadowing the family, mysterious Moors But Ironside s writing is suburb and the characters are so diverse that it becomes than just a run of the mill ghost story You get the familiar archetypes a misunderstood protagonist, the resentful father, etc but with vibrant twists Emlynn is a dynamic and complicated heroine with endearing flaws not [...]

    19. I Belong to the Earth is a modern gothic novel WAY better than the classics I was forced to read in college I always enjoyed the concept of a gothic novel but never read one that wowed me Until now This book has the creep factor, the horror element, the romance, and a heroine that turns out much stronger than the ones in gothic novels of the past It s like reading a classic, but without the boring parts Enjoyable read for young and old.

    20. I Belong to the Earth is a classic ghost story with a modern twist The characters are complex and so well written that you gallop through each intricately woven journey, desperate to find out how it all ends My personal favourite is Ciaran but there are so many wonderful characters to chose from that you ll find something of yourself in one of them hopefully not Haze though.This isn t my normal genre by any means, but it kept me gripped from beginning to end A truly brilliant read.

    21. I loved this book, although I had to interrupt mid way because it inspired me to go and read Wuthering Heights a book I thought I knew, but I had quite forgotten its bleak and misanthropic tone.I returned to finish I belong to the Earth with relief and pleasure.

    22. Wow This superbly written novel pulls you in from the beginning and takes you on a unique paranormal trip full of all kinds of feels The story is told through the eyes of Emlynn, who is so real that readers will feel that they are living her experiences Highly recommend.

    23. I Belong to the Earth is an atmospheric horror and a suspenseful mystery all in one The inexperience of the main character at the start of the book is used to great effect to keep the pace of the narrative strong, Emlynn doesn t learn anything too quickly or too slowly.

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