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Rigger:The Trial By Mystk Knight,

  • Title: Rigger:The Trial
  • Author: Mystk Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book One of the Rigger trilogy tells the tale of a young female slave sent by her master to a Shibari Master for corrective training What follows is an intense 24 hour period of having her limits, and her resolve, thoroughly tested.
    Rigger The Trial Book One of the Rigger trilogy tells the tale of a young female slave sent by her master to a Shibari Master for corrective training What follows is an intense hour period of having her limits and

    One thought on “Rigger:The Trial”

    1. It is not often that we see a BDSM story with Shibari techniques as the medium of choice It was well portrayed and was realistic The story reminded me of Laura Antoniou s, The Marketplace It had that structured feel of BDSM training, which is something I lean to when reading BDSM books I also was intrigued with the nuances of Gorean positions, not often seen today My only personal issue is I dislike the term pet For me, in the D s world, a submissive is a person, not an animal, even if she is a [...]

    2. I read this last night and was amazed, but not surprised, at how talented a writer Mystk Knight is She is so descriptive When she was describing the inside of the mansion, I imagined running my hands across everything as she was describing it And when she was with Sir, I could feel and sense every rope being tied, every emotion being played out I wish there were I want to see where it goes from here.Rigger will live and play in my head and imagination for a long time The book is so well describ [...]

    3. Normally I m not into BDSM, but this short book by Mystk Knight was so well written with such beautifully descriptive prose and a perfectly steady pace that I found myself totally engaged I am impressed

    4. This was the first book of Mystk s that I ve read and I love it Well written and engaging I have a thing for ropes so it really appealed to that side of me HOT HOT HOT

    5. Although I have not had experience of this sub genre of erotica, the story drew me in.This is done by the authors use of writing in the first person, making you feel part of the character Her use of descriptive text is among the best I have read in erotica.The story is played out over a period of 24 hours, you feel the female character s initial trepidation of the ordeal to come.She is given to a Dom by her master for a further education in her training I was a little apprehensive before reading [...]

    6. Stunningly written Hot Sexy Mysterious Debut short read from new Indie Author, Mystk Knight dove into a tale of sexual mystery and submission Being someone who is familiar with this type of lifestyle, I was intrigued and anticipated this read for a good while Not only was the read absolutely brilliantly written, the subject matter was thoroughly researched One date, 24 hours, and an address That was all it took for our feminine pet to get thrown into a world of sexual intimacy and wonder Not a s [...]

    7. Amazing descriptions of emotion.An erotic adventure showcasing the art of Shibari The book is beautifully descriptive and sensually descriptive This is definitely for those who are accepting of the BDSM community and lifestyle I loved the emotional connection of the characters which was presented in the book.

    8. RiggerThis was a really good first book in this series I really enjoyed it I am a lover of the ropes and this book was pretty close to what I do love to read The editing was really good and the flow of the story was right on point and flowed great A good overall story.

    9. This was my first read from this author and I wasn t disappointed Knight is an expert at drawing in the reader and holding their attention Mystk has perfected the craft of awakening all five senses The descriptive language, sensations and emotions were so vivid, I felt as if I was the character I could feel every spanking, emotion and sensation in other words, this wasn t just another BDSM story It was an experience.

    10. Sighs This book was well written I was felt everything that was being done like it was me there on the room I can t wait to read the next book.

    11. Enjoyable read very short thought Slave sent to Master for intense training session Hot intense, it keeps your attention but ends too soon Glad second book is out.

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