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Savage Savior By Charleigh Rose,

  • Title: Savage Savior
  • Author: Charleigh Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love.It s a strange thing, isn t it It can make you Break you Take you to places you ve never been before I know what they say about him What he does for the Irish mafia in New York But the thing is, love is blind It binds And now, we re bound for life.Savage Savior can be read as a standalone novella It is a steamy, dirty, violent hot read.
    Savage Savior Love It s a strange thing isn t it It can make you Break you Take you to places you ve never been before I know what they say about him What he does for the Irish mafia in New York But the thing is

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    1. This review is very likely going to be All over the place because I am really in two minds about this book.If I put my expectations aside, then I enjoyed the book These authors are great writers and the story though a little TOO dark IMO for such a short book sucked me in and kept me reading.Unfortunately, I DID have expectations after the first two books, and if you are expecting insta lust and a hero that is all MINE MINE MINE you are going to be sorely disappointed I did not like Carter much [...]

    2. 3,5 stars It s not only smut, it has pretty good storyline actually.Carter and Quinn isn t a conventional pair Carter is definitely her stalker, but does it to protect her He is also obsessed about her, but not consider himself good enough to be with her The painful secret clasped them together Quinn has problems and only in Carter s presence feels safe She would like him also in her bed but it is not so easy with him My stalker sneaks into my house and has his way with my sleeping body, and the [...]

    3. 4 Stalked StarsMs Charleigh Rose and her smutastic Savage men are back in action with creepy Carter but in all honesty, if he s creepy than I must be creepy too because I loved his brand of stalker He and Quinn have an unconventional start to their relationship but it was just right for them And set against the backdrop of the Savage empire, the action both in the sack and out, kept me on the edge of my seat The only thing I wished was a bit toward the end This read and felt like a novella tha [...]

    4. 4.5 Lick your lips smutastic Stars YumCarter is my 2nd Favorite character next to Cole who already stole my heartAnyway, this is yet another DirtySexyPanty melting read from Charleigh Rose and OMFGis dirty duo need to get busy and write Please Carter Quinn Carteres her from afar, protects her, will kill for her, but feels unworthy of her loveQuinn works at the Bar Graham Savage owns, Carter is Graham s muscle, and part of the Savage family business and also Irish Mob So they don t ask questionsQ [...]

    5. Genre Dark Erotic Romance Type Standalone Book 3 novella of Savage People seriesPOV First Person DualRating Carter Savage was the quiet broody bouncer among other things at the club Hot N Bothered He prefers to keep to himself and watch people from afar than making a direct contact including a particular redhead.Quinn was the sexy bartender at the club Behind her seductive persona, she harbored a dark past As much as she tried to run from it, it caught up to her and found a savior when she neede [...]

    6. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewSo have you stalked Charleigh Rose yet If not, I guess it s about damn time you do because this duo has found a way to deliver a romance that will have you wishing your very own Irish Savage lad If you have been following the series like I have then the much anticipated story of Carter and Quinn is finally here and Charleigh Rose did not disappoint their fans as they had us loving our favorite creeper who has a little sexual kink of his own [...]

    7. 500 stars to Carter I didn t expect that I would enjoy this very much because of its predecessors, but Savage Savior was a very different experience than them It was well balanced it was steamy without overpowering its decent plot.Carter and Quinn worked together in Graham Savage s Hot N Bothered Quinn was a bartender, while Carter was a bouncer.Carter liked watching Quinn He followed her everywhere, watching her through her bedroom window, and even breaking in just to watch her sleep She made h [...]

    8. CreepyCarter completely ticks all the Oh Hell Yes boxes But then, I ve not met a Savage man that doesn t I love that in a way Carter is almost the anti alpha, anti hero when compared to Graham or Cole, who are so OTT GRRR Me Man which causes thigh clenches so strong I could crack walnuts , but he is absolutely still oh so bloody Savage and caused just as many thigh clenches to boot Quinn Carters story was so beautifully broken I fell completely in love with them both Two damaged halves make a wh [...]

    9. Another really good story wish it had been a bit longer It s live So happy to have Carter and Quinn s story

    10. Yep the votes are in This is definitely my most fave story in the Savage series I absolutely ADORE Carter and Quinn Carter is a hero He s there to protect his Quinn even at the expense of his own sanity I love how their story allow their souls to fight their destiny It s a dark path these two walk but there is gold at the end of the rainbow Swoon Be warned This story is dark and violent and may contain triggers for sensitive readers For those readers who dabble in the dark but haven t jumped in [...]

    11. 3.75 psycho intense love starsI liked this one better then the previous book Savage beastThe plot made relatively sense and it wasnt that much shallow concerning we are talking about the short storyThe sex was rough and intense and that was awesome So, yaaay Conclusion god damni have noneI ve said it all wink

    12. A pretty good novella that actually has a plot and character development The only issue I had was his prior hookups, mainly the heroine s friend That really bothers me I did not read the 2nd book, so I was unprepared Other than that, golden.

    13. Carter Savage you creepy ass man Not only did you shock the hell out of me in this book, you melted my panties, and stole my heart at the same time That s special It s usually one or the other, but creepy Carter, you re the whole package Quinn, Jessica Rabbit body on a sweet girl, who s got a shitty past What a combo I like Quinn because even though she goes through some shite look I m a Savage she still gets through her days Plus she solved the puzzle that is Carter, she must be pretty spectacu [...]

    14. 4.5 Stalker Stars There s something special about these Savage men I devour these short stories, a TWISTED surprise in every little package It feels like my dirty fix with every new story Carter the stalker My vagina loved his weird ways My heart loved his protective ways I laughed and loved every minute with him Why do you follow me, Carter My words are barely a whisper, but when my eyes meet his, I know he heard me Why do you like it he retorts, shocking the hell out of me.I honestly don t kno [...]

    15. Carter is the quiet brooding hot guy and Quinn is the out going girl Opposites attract right They sure do, these two were so HOTT together I could not take it Carter had to be my favourite character He was fucked up and possessive, my favourite time of alpha No matter what Quinn was his first priority.Quinn is a super cool chick She went through a lot in her life put never went down fighting Quinn and Carter are my favourite couple from this series, their story was really enjoyable to read and I [...]

    16. I swear if these Savage men get any hotter I m gonna freaking explode.eezus Carteroh creeptastic Carter how do I love thee Those quiet ones are the ones you have to look out for lol Carter Savage has issues but being hot as hell isnt one of themhe a brutal killer but he also has this child like innocence to him that makes me love him so hard The duo Charleigh Rose are freaking geniusesI mean who doesn t love hot Irish men I know I do Up Next Savage SinnerI m so ready for Sinclair Savage

    17. I was so excited when I found out Carter was getting his own book I enjoyed Carter just as much as I did in the previous books Quinn annoyed me a little towards the end, I thought the other stuff Carter did would have warranted her anger not so much what did finally set her off Even from a distance Carter would do anything to protect Quinn and he than proved that, he truly was her white knight and I liked seeing the softer side of him that only she brings out.As for Mandy, hated her and loved w [...]

    18. Great addition to the series I really enjoyed the setting of this series And the characters This is Carter and Quinn s book All the books are Novella length, but totally pack a punch I didn t feel as strong of a connection to the H h for some reason I think of Carter s issues were described in the prior book then in this one Even so, I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading from this author I m so glad I discovered a new author to follow

    19. My Review Charleigh Rose or whomever you ladies are you ve done it again Another Savage another dollar This ride or die bows down to you ladies these Savage Men just keep getting better better Carter is so creepy stalker that it s downright sexy yeah, I said it CREEPY STALKER CARTER IS SEXY I honestly don t know how you ladies do it, but each Savage man is hotter than the next you take my mind make me all crazy for a damn fictional man but you know what CHARLEIGH ROSE I bleep it all up page afte [...]

    20. OMG Savage Savior was the bomb diiggity of all books Certainly one of the most hottest book of this century I loved every moment of it I am a huge fan of Charleigh Rose They always bring dark, smutt, sexy erotic and taboo books that you just can t help but fall in love with them Savage Savior is prime example of hot taboo smut with a unique touch and a guilty and seductive pleasure that will seriously give you the best goosebumps.Savage Savior is about Carter, a bouncer at a club and Quinn, a ba [...]

    21. Clearly I m in the minority here covers eyes I love this duo and their previous books but Savage Savior just did do it for me crying I don t know I just don t know I wanted a little I wanted Carter to be this sexy creepy dude A total bad ass For me, his character didn t give off any those vibes I also didn t feel the emotions I should ve felt for someone who had the childhood that he did I also felt the inner dialogue of both characters was a bit flat Still, there were parts I did enjoy I love [...]

    22. Best of the threeThis one was the best of the three I know Carter is a complete stalker and strange, but I liked him the best Quinn had a hard life too I am glad they found happiness.

    23. Just finished SAVAGE SaviorIn love with CarterHe s everything.This book was hot and all the twist and turns just made it even better A must read Hope y all are ready.

    24. 4 Savage saviour bk 3 savage boys Quinn works behind the bar Carter works as a bouncer he s with the mafia His brother are graham step daddy savage bk 1 cole savage beast bk 2 also have their own books Carter watches Quinn he wants her but he s scared of hurting her However an unexpected assault throws them together Will Quinn manage to convince carter they should be together can he overcome his fear of hurting her I voluntarily received an advanced reader copy of this book.Another brilliant boo [...]

    25. We are chaotic and messy and not at all pretty but this is us This is ours It s the best thing that s ever been mine, flaws and all.Love.It s a strange thing, isn t it It can make you Break you.Take you to places you ve never been before.I know what they say about him What he does for the Irish mafia in New York.But the thing is, love is blind.It binds.And now, we re bound for life.For a quick and dirty novella, this story had a lot of depth It was well written, it flowed gorgeously, and I was i [...]

    26. Can a stalker be protective Can he save the girl of his dreams without turning himself into her nightmare All these questions are excitingly answered in this novella It s a stand alone story in a series that follows several related characters.Carter is afraid that his darkness will destroy the only woman who s stirred him out of his obsessive ways about touching and intimacy I really liked how he watches her to prevent and even thwart all harm that seems to haunt Quinn, who works in the club tha [...]

    27. I voluntarily read an ARC copy of this book 5 CREEPY CARTER STARS Um There are no words None Because holy crap was that book everything I thought it would be and I mean, I was expecting a lot from Carter Savage but he is just too much These Savage men are claiming my soul, one savage male at a time While Carter is a bit creepier just the way I like them than the first two Savages we ve read, he still has this way about him that just vibrates I m so hot come rape me lol, well to me anyways His r [...]

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