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The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1) By Maria Watts,

  • Title: The Sound of Love (The Sound series #1)
  • Author: Maria Watts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Be careful what you wish for What if the person you fell in love with is not the one you imagined, but you are too blind to realize you are only chasing an image, the mere sound of love How long can you hold on to your values and beliefs when the world around you slowly shatters into pieces It is the nineties, the decade of boy bands Every girl is in love with the FuBe careful what you wish for What if the person you fell in love with is not the one you imagined, but you are too blind to realize you are only chasing an image, the mere sound of love How long can you hold on to your values and beliefs when the world around you slowly shatters into pieces It is the nineties, the decade of boy bands Every girl is in love with the Funky Guys, the most famous boy band of them all, dominating the charts worldwide Nina Bains is a normal schoolgirl from Southampton She lives the life of every teenager going to school, hanging out with her friends and fantasizing about Chris Mulligan, one of the charismatic lead singers of the Funky Guys Until one day by sheer coincidence Nina has the chance to get to know Chris personally They fall in love and their two worlds collide with such a force that Nina is knocked out of her everyday life before she even realizes what is happening As she is drawn and into Chris world, she suddenly finds herself on tour with a boy band phenomenon in a whirlwind of fancy hotels, tour buses, venues, fans, groupies and music Soon she realizes all that glitters is not gold and she has to question everything she once believed in Will Nina survive life on the road Is her love for Chris worth risking everything And above all Does Chris even understand the meaning of love The Sound of Love is not one of those stories about pure teenage love, this love story is dark, destructive, and definitely not innocent And that s why every girl, who dreams about a handsome guy from the poster in her bedroom has to read this book Dana Kaledin Author s note The book contains some explicit scenes and is not intended for audiences under the age of 16 BOOK CAN BE READ AS STANDALONE
    The Sound of Love The Sound series Be careful what you wish for What if the person you fell in love with is not the one you imagined but you are too blind to realize you are only chasing an image the mere sound of love How long can y

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    1. Maria Watts took the premise of a young girl groupie meets boy band hero and wrote a shockingly accurate portrayal and although this is far from my usual fare, I did enjoy parts of it.What I liked1 The writing2 The location 3 The period The 90s were so much funWhat I didn t like1 The characterswith the exception of Nathan2 The story, but only after Nina and Chris s initial meeting because until THAT moment in the dressing room, this story was a strong 4 4.5 stars Yes, I know this is a story abou [...]

    2. Rock stars, they sell their voices, their showmanship and their souls to an industry that breeds adoration, fantasies, easy sex and very large paychecks When you are a teen, are truly prepared for such a world where privacy is unheard of and you are always on parade Chris is one of the heartthrobs in the boy band, the Funky Boys and the girls from 6 to 60 find something to fantasize about Nina is no exception, at 16, she is a serious, seemingly well grounded student with a searing crush on Chris [...]

    3. I need everyone to read this review when I finish writing it Because this book is dangerous.It romanticises emotional blackmail and an abusive relationship.This book hurt me, and I am positive that it will hurt other people as well I will write a full review with detailed quotes from the book in a few days For now, I need some time for self love and recovery, and better yet, a good fluffy book to offset the effects of this one.

    4. When I was 16 years old, I was the biggest New Kids on the Block fan around My room was covered in posters yes even on the ceiling and the band was the topic of almost every lunch table conversation between my friends and me I dreamt of meeting Joey McIntyre, my favorite with the curly mop of hair and bright blue eyes.My friend and I frequented the public library to peruse Massachusetts phone books hoping to find the phone number of anyone who might know our favorite New Kid, so desperate were w [...]

    5. The Sound of Love by Maria Watts a boy band popping five star read This is the first book by Maria Watts, and what a first book, I couldn t put it down It s a story of love in many forms, love of music, first love and a love of the unknown and the adventure that brings This book focuses on Nina Bains, a sixteen year old from Southampton Nina is a good school girl, who studies hard and has the usual school girl crush on her favourite boy band member, she talks all day with her best friend about t [...]

    6. Have you ever been in love with a famous band member Have you ever asked yourself what it s like to be a part of his life Have you ever dreamed of leaving your everyday life behind and joining him for a world tour If your answer is yes , then why are you still reading this Go and get the Sound of Love This is an honest, no ordinary story about the beauty Nina , the featherhead Chris , and the knight Nathan About the first teenage experience not only Nina s, but Chris as well , about broken hopes [...]

    7. Wonderfully infuriatingI loved this book You find yourself almost screaming at them for the stupid choices You know she is a naive 16 and he is a playboy 18 year old He is selfish and does what he wants but some how you do some how love him I think he loves her but just doesn t really now how I think he has no idea who he truly is She has a better understanding of herself but little experience in life so her naivety hurts her She allows herself to be manipulated and abused Although there is love [...]

    8. You know how you keep reading, and the story makes you absolutely frustrated, then it makes you laugh, and maybe even sob But then you finish it, and you aren t completely out of it yet You need a few moments to catch your breath, and to take it in You think what s next, and you just can t get over it This is exactly this kind of story It starts off as sweet and naive, then goes on to , and , exploring mature and darker issues How do I even begin Nina is lovely, she s a character that s easy to [...]

    9. Finally, I feel understood The main character of the book, Nina, is a girl I could very well relate to I read the chapter in which she attended her first concert five times because it so accurately portrayed my own feelings that I have when seeing my favourite band live.In the beginning of the book Nina introduces us to her famil and friends and explains what it is like to be a fan Everyone who has ever been in love with a singer band will immediately know and understand what she is talking abou [...]

    10. i869otobucket albums abThe Sound of Love was a great 5 star read.This was my decade and it brought back memories during the read This is Nina and Chris s story Nina meets Chris and as they get to know each other she finds herself being pulled into his world She gets to go on tour with Chris and his band and see what his life entails It s definitely not what she had pictured Can these two make things work or will Nina go back to her own world There is so much to The Sound of Love that really pull [...]

    11. Fabulous young adult book Music, celebrity, teenage first love Maria Watts is a brilliant writer.Super narrative, perfect pacing, great dialogue and compelling characters so vividly portrayed they come to life from the pages A very exciting read.Looking forward to reading the next chapter for Nina and Chris.

    12. This is a story for every one of us that grew up or maybe even a little bit still even now as adults that have had a dream of meeting that perfect star and falling into their crazy world, that you are sure is perfect but looks can be deceiving That was Nina s dream and somehow it came true Chris was her everything and she gave up her normal life to enter into his crazy rock star lifestyle.I really loved the characters in this book, from Nina and Chris to the other boys in the band, security and [...]

    13. I recieved the sound of love by Maria watts to review for Hooked On Books and CherryOBlossoms promotions This book brought me back to my childhood remembering my first crush on the famous boy band at the time, my first concert and the whole magical experience of it all we follow a very immature nina 16 years of age.She has they typical crush on the 18 year old boy band singer and is excited to get to see him on concert The count down is on By chance she manages to get his phone number and they s [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review From the description of this book, I knew I had to read it because I felt like it was going to be a story that I d daydreamed countless times throughout my teenage years And it did start off that way At the start, I felt like I was literally reading about myself in high school I had Nsync posters plastered around my room I listened to their albums every single day I counted down the days until my first concert I had a best friend th [...]

    15. The Sound of Love is the first book in The Sound Series by Maria Watts and is told from the point of view of the main female character Nina Bains Taking place during the boy band craze of the 90 s, Nina is a super fan of the boy band group The Funky Guys and only has eyes for one of the members, Chris Mulligan After a chance phone call, the two form a friendship When The Funky Guys come to London to perform, the two meet and the friendship almost instantly develops into something The continuing [...]

    16. My Rating 4 Stars I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review You ll just never get it I could go to a Funky Guys concert every single day of my life Who cares if it s the same show It s them Nina16 year old Nina Bains is a little obsessed with the Funky Guys An all male, super cute boy band who she s been counting down the days till she gets the chance to see in concert for the first time But to Nina s surprise, an opportunity presents itself in which she gets the unbel [...]

    17. Nina is your typical sixteen year old teenager she studies hard do well at school and is absolutely crazy about the rock star Chris mulligan lead singer of funky guys her ultimate dream is to meet him and the band but what girl at her age don t dream of meeting there famous crush Well some might call this fate when nina is able to get Chris s number were they spend hours and hours talking and getting to know eachother it s a girls dream come true getting to know your famous crush in such a perso [...]

    18. The Sound of Love by Maria Watts is a very hard to describe book It is a testament to Maria Watts talent as a writer that I finished this book at all because I grew to despise Chris so much He was written so well that I wanted to reach in and smack him, and Nina for that matter for putting up with his attitude After that though this a great love story that was written in a time that doesn t get a lot of love any The nineties were filled with wonder, the music scene was fantastic and as a teenage [...]

    19. In her debut novel, Sound of Love, Maria Watts takes us for a walk on the sometimes dark side of the boy band phenomena It takes place in the 1990 s, the decade of the boy band and focuses on the fictional Funky Guys who are super famous and dominating charts around the world.Nina Bains is sixteen years old living outside of London England and lives like any teenager going to school including being boy crazy and in love with the Funky Guys music and specifically with Chris Mulligan, one of the l [...]

    20. The Sound of Love The Sound Series Book 1 By Maria WattsMy 4 Star Review.The Sound of Love is the first book in The Sound Series by Maria Watts First and foremost let me warn all parents that this book does have some sexual content, while the lead character is only 16, I highly recommend you glanced through the pages to determine if it s appropriate enough for your 16 year old The book is not intended for anyone younger than 16 Nina Bains is a sixteen year old student in Southampton, a port city [...]

    21. I loved this story.It s the 90s, Nina loves the boy band Funky Boys and Chris is her favorite Through an absoulte fluke she dials his number and what begins is a months long relationship of nightly phone calls When his band starts their UK tour they meet for the first time He invites her to come along on the tour.My heart just broke for Nina She was so young and innocent that she couldn t see how bad Chris actually treated her, even with Nathan constantly telling her I was so hoping that somethi [...]

    22. The Sound of Love was a well written story, but I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters It talks place in 1993 and Nina would have been just a little younger than me at that time There were some times when I wanted to throttle her and try and knock some sense into her just like a parent would and then other times I would really try and remember what it was like to be a sixteen year old girl in love for the very first time.Nina discovers the Funky Boys thanks to a friend of hers a [...]

    23. 4 Stars This Sound of Love by Maria Watts is book one of The Sound series and it had me hooked from the first page Nina is a sixteen year old girl that is in love with the band The Funky Guys, something about the pictures she sees of Chris draw her in and make her feel giddy anytime she hears him sing After trying to explain to her friends how he affects her, she learns that one of her best friends might be able to get his number After finally getting the nerve to call him, they end up spending [...]

    24. Wow such a great love story It was a bittersweet story about teenagers Chris is a famous singer and has thousands of teenage girls that think they are in love with him They flock to see and hear him sing at concerts across the world Chris does not give his phone number out to anyone because of all of the crazy female fans Then one night his sister tells him he has a call and he ends up talking to a girl that he enjoys learning all about.Nina is a 16 year old girl that up until about a year ago h [...]

    25. 4 stars The Sound of LoveMaria WattsWhat do you do when its 1992 your 16 and you learn your favorite boy band Funky Guys is coming to town You of course have to go at least twice, and when your friend has a connection to get you your favorite singer Chris Mulligan s number you get it and you call and it s the wrong number, you dial random numbers and somehow end up with the correct number Nina then spends weeks talking to him and slowly starts falling for him before she even meets him in person [...]

    26. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review I couldn t put this book down I finished with it in one day The Sound of Love was such a fun, exciting read This book brings back so many memories of the 90 s for me When I was a crazed fan of the Backstreet Boys.Nina s story is like every fangirl s fantasy To meet the guy of their dreams and fall in love at first sight Nina was a very relatable character I really enjoyed Chris character as well but, Nathan would be my favorite I thought [...]

    27. I started reading this book yesterday and couldn t put it down i ended up reading all day and night Where to begin with the The Sound of Love, I really enjoyed this book in fact when I read the last page my only thought was what no, there has to be I really liked this book for a few reasons the main one being it got me emotional there were point where I hated than one character I have a crush on Nathan and can t wait to read I grew up in the boy band era so this book was really a perfect read [...]

    28. Every girl, who ever felt in love with a star, can feel, what Nina feels.The book is very exciting, it s pure fun to read.Some scenes are definitely written for adults, but I am old enough I hope, Maria writes another story around Nina and Chris Or maybe Nathan

    29. The sound of lust.Unfortunately this book for me was a complete let down that I ended up skimming after the first 42% The Hero was a spoilt, arrogant cheat and the heroine a silly little girl trying to play grown up and in desperate need of a backbone.

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