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  • Title: The Art of Desire
  • Author: Sheri Whitefeather Cherie Feather
  • ISBN: 9780425221600
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contemporary erotica with a historical romance twist from a hot new author Museum director Mandy Cooper is obsessed with nineteenth century artist Catherine Burke and the artist s erotically charged relationship with Atacar, her enthralling American Indian lover But Mandy s link to the legendary couple runs deeper than she knows She s having a heated affair herself withContemporary erotica with a historical romance twist from a hot new author Museum director Mandy Cooper is obsessed with nineteenth century artist Catherine Burke and the artist s erotically charged relationship with Atacar, her enthralling American Indian lover But Mandy s link to the legendary couple runs deeper than she knows She s having a heated affair herself with Jared Cabrillo, Atacar s handsome great great nephew who knows precisely what it takes to seduce a woman He s in possession of Catherine s explicit journal He knows every intimate detail of what she wanted and needed But he also knows how desperately Catherine had loved Atacar and how dangerously he d loved her The journal is timeless and tragic, and the secrets contained within its pages can bring Mandy and Jared together, or just as surely destroy them both desire by shocking desire.
    The Art of Desire Contemporary erotica with a historical romance twist from a hot new author Museum director Mandy Cooper is obsessed with nineteenth century artist Catherine Burke and the artist s erotically charged r

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    1. A sex fest is all this book was we re talking every 5 pages or so it seemed there were some very graphic sex scenes, and that s all well and good if there was at least some emotional development between the h hs Unfortunately there wasn t, so what I had anticipated to be a good read that had an original story line turned out to be just a tedious romp that got boring fast The book has a very good title It describes both the desire felt by the woman who painted her Indian outlaw lover and the gall [...]

    2. Fans of Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance and Erotica will love this one It has two stories woven together, one being the historical story and the other being the contemporary story, both being highly erotic When I first started the book it seemed as though it was just a book filled with very detailed and very hot sex but after really getting into it I realized what a great love story it was also My only complaints are that at times the writing felt choppy, some of the sentences just didn [...]

    3. I m putting The Art of Desire on my Favorite shelf because I would highly recommend this book for lovers of contemporary romance, Historical romance and erotica It has all 3 and does all 3 perfectly.I ve read other books with a story in a story theme and usually one story out shines the other but in this case both are strong and I loved both equally While the writing is excellent the editing is not I found several mistakes that pulled me out of the book and had me rereading lines Both h h s had [...]

    4. S no pr logo de 3 ou 4 p ginas contei a palavra p nis sete vezes H aqui alguma esp cie de fixa o pelo membro masculino Escusado ser dizer que n o passei mesmo do pr logo e penso que n o perdi nada em ler mais desta est ria sobre a paix o de uma mulher branca por um ndio ou pelo grande e possante membro dele ahah

    5. Review publicada originalmente aqui illusionarypleasure A flor do desejo foi o primeiro livro de Cherie Feather publicado pela Quinta Ess ncia O livro bastante mais cruel que o segundo As m scaras do desejo embora sigam o mesmo tipo de narrativa entrela ar o passado com o presente em duas hist rias de amor paralelas Feather tem um dom de escrever uma hist ria que j n o nenhuma novidade, mas continua a ter bastante encanto, especialmente quando lida com o passado onde coloca detalhes hist ricos D [...]

    6. When I picked this book up in BN on the discount table I read only the first two lines of the story and decided to give a new author for me a try It was only after I got home looked at the back cover and learned that this tale would have two story lines and two sets of characters It starts with a prologue telling a little of the characters in the past whose passages are in italics and later in the novel that those passages are from a journal kept by the young woman in 1895 Texas a woman, Catheri [...]

    7. When Mandy Cooper started her affair with Jared Cabrillo, it was never meant to be anything but sex A very proper and professional museum director, Mandy didn t realize her inner desire to have dirty sex with a younger man until she met Jared Even fascinating for her is the painting of Jared s ancestor, Atacar, that brought them together It would be a coup for the museum if they were able to find the journal Mandy is sure Catherine, Atacar s British lover, kept that chronicled their relationshi [...]

    8. Mandy is a museum curator who is obsessed with 19th century artist, Catherine Burke Legend has it that Catherine had a torrid affair with one of most famous subjects, Atacar He was a Native American fugitive who being hunted by the cavalry It was just Catherine s luck that she came across Atacar taking a dip in the river She was immediately captivated And soon they were both connected body and soul Mandy finds herself in an erotically charged relationship with Atacar s great, great nephew, Jared [...]

    9. Em geral um livro que at se l bem N o gostei nada da hist ria do presente, n o gostei do Jared e muito menos da Mandy, tao estranha, e tao tosca.Mas adorei a hist ria do passado, adorei Catherine e as suas ideias que vinham das amigas bo mias, apesar da fama n o tinha qualquer proveito At conhecer Atacar ri me tanto com o nome , a pensar que andava enfeiti ado, por ela, e que de certa maneira at estava.Talvez por Catherine ser pintora, o que me fascinou muito para variar, e tao, mas t o rom ntic [...]

    10. Mandy and Jared make a perfect couple together Mandy acts all prim and proper during the day but watch out at night, especially when Jared it involved I thought Jared was one hot tamale Hot to the touch on the outside but hot and spicy on the inside as well The concept for the storyline was a good one The Art of Desire was a very well written novel I read it in one sitting I am happy to see this author, Sheri Whitefeather writing erotic novels as Cherie Feather The Art of Desire is Ms Whitefeath [...]

    11. Two tales of lovers that are connected with mystery and an old journal had me reading this sexy tale in a matter of a few hours Intriguing and complex characters and a beautifully written tale of seduction and love this is an erotic fantasy with a plethora of sensual and sexual delights Ms Feather s first erotic romance is an emotional read that will leave you panting with DESIRE for her next book, SUBMISSION, which will be released in early 2009 I m hoping it will be Kiki s story

    12. Este livro desiludiu me por completo N o sei se a tradu o m mas acheio o muito fraco Logo do inicio arruinou o meu interesse pois n o explorou o inicio do romance dos protagonistas passando frente o ponto fulcral da historia Achei este livro muito apressado e sem nenhum sentido de escrita S n o atribuo 1 estrela porque esse tipo de pontua o reservo para os que detesto.

    13. In portuguese A flor do Desejo Da interesting surprise that mixes two stories with some amazing hardcore sex scenes okt some, there s a lot of sex scenes Try not to read this book in public

    14. The time it took me to read this was not really a reflection on the book, which read well The juxtaposition of the two couples was interesting, although Mandy seemed lacking in depth as far as characters go Fine in the steamy category.

    15. Ai os romances das fitinhas ou a hist ria muito boa e me agarra ou ent o tipo este Indiferente.L se bem mas n o me cativou.

    16. I have just finished this book and while it does lean towards the erotic, it had a nice written story line I would read anything else by this author and also under her other names.

    17. like it was ok it was 2.5 all the journal stuff didn t interest me at all I d also forgotten reading it previously X

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