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Soldier of the Mist By Gene Wolfe,

  • Title: Soldier of the Mist
  • Author: Gene Wolfe
  • ISBN: 9780812558159
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gene Wolfe has turned to the fantastic historical world of Greece, in 479 B.C when the gods walked the Earth Latro, a mercenary soldier from the north, has suffered a head wound in battle and has been separated from his compatriots He has not only lost the memory of who he is and where he is from, he has also lost the ability to remember from day to day and must live oGene Wolfe has turned to the fantastic historical world of Greece, in 479 B.C when the gods walked the Earth Latro, a mercenary soldier from the north, has suffered a head wound in battle and has been separated from his compatriots He has not only lost the memory of who he is and where he is from, he has also lost the ability to remember from day to day and must live out of context in an eternal present, every day rediscovering the shreds of his identity and the nature of the world around him, aided only by a written record that he attempts to continue daily and must read every morning.But in recompense for his unhappy condition Latro has received the ability to see and converse with invisible beings, all the gods and goddesses, ghosts and demons and werewolves, who inhabit the land and affect the lives of others, all unseen Everyone knows that supernatural creatures are constantly around them and sometimes, under special circumstances, can perceive them but Latro is now constantly able to penetrate the veil of the supernatural, which is both a triumph and a danger.
    Soldier of the Mist Gene Wolfe has turned to the fantastic historical world of Greece in B C when the gods walked the Earth Latro a mercenary soldier from the north has suffered a head wound in battle and has been

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    1. 3.5 to 4 starsPerhaps I m finally growing into Gene Wolfe There are still a lot of things about his writing that irritate me, but now that I ve got a fair number of his works under my belt some even read multiple times and have a clearer idea of what to expect I am finding myself able to accept most of these elements as challenging rather than offensive I ve come to expect several things from a book by Gene Wolfe an unreliable narrator of course this narrator tends to be a hero with exceptional [...]

    2. I m still wrapping my head around this book, so consider this review a possibly perpetual work in progress My book club discusses it on Monday so I might have to add at that point It is thanks to two Gene Wolfe fans that I have read this book one for selecting it and one for providing useful resources to help me understand it better And of course as with anything by Gene Wolfe I ve ever read, now that I know , I feel like to really appreciate this book I would start again from the beginning.Thi [...]

    3. 5 Stars I shook my head Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half heard If I had ever known them, they were lost in the mist, lost forever as though they had never been Soldier of the Mist is an incredible gem It took me a long time to read it as it had to be savored I have read other books by Gene Wolfe and already considered myself a fan, but to me this book was so much than the other novels of his that I have read This is a novel that reads like a historical fiction book [...]

    4. 3.5 stars rounded up because by the end, I was hooked.Drugs work wonders on a person who knows his history, or at least, that was my persistent thought while I was reading this book I m not being wholly fair, after all the protagonist of this original story suffered a head injury compounded by the curse of a goddess, he has the ability to see unseen things and wakes every day with little to none recollection of what passed before So he writes down as much as he can, and he s consequently a very [...]

    5. Latro awakes in a medical tent of the Great King Xerxes defeated army just after the battle of Platea with a severe head wound and no memory of how he got there He is given a scroll and a stylus to write down his experiences, which will be his only way of knowing who he is and where he is going for, as each day dawns, his memory vanishes into the mist.So begins the most astonishing work of historical fantasy fiction I am yet to read As you may imagine by the affliction of the protagonist, Wolfe [...]

    6. A fun lark from Wolfe I wish that I could rate this a 4 or even 5 for the quality of the prose and the immersive world Wolfe has created, but my enjoyment was hampered at several points by Wolfe s fucked up gender politics Having read something like 8 or 9 of his books now, I m seriously sick of Every Single Female Character being either a na ve child, a magical entity godess who is usually trying to kill or seduce the protagonist , or literally a prostitute I am seriously starting to get the fe [...]

    7. Frequent readers Surely there must be some better use of yourat is to say, one might learn Spanish or perhaps do a puzzlewell, you re here already, might as well stay will know that I have a complicated relationship with Gene Wolfe For The Book of the New Sun, his marvelous short fiction, and the truly masterful Peace, I would argue that Wolfe is one of and probably the foremost living writer of speculative fiction, that is to say, fiction And yet the rest of his work I confess to finding genera [...]

    8. I imagine a Romanticized reason to why we call the language of Rome, Latin, is for their latro, or soldiers However, that s not a true linguist root.I have wanted to read this series for many years, before, in fact, the Percy Jackson books came out, but it s one of those books which I had never much luck in finding If honest I am touchy about historical fantasy and mythology, if done wrong, I can t seem to keep my temper and it will sour my reading for weeks if done right and this is done almost [...]

    9. Gene Wolfe s que sabe escribir Es uno de esos autores con un estilo nico, que se distingue en cada uno de sus libros Una narrativa m s elaborada y bonita de lo habitual en el g nero, esas historias diferentes, estructuradas de un modo un tanto oscuro y que ponen a prueba la atenci n del lector Un autor exigente, pero que compensa Soldado de la niebla es como coger un cl sico de mitolog a griega, la ambientaci n, la terminolog a, se nota que est n bien estudiados Adem s no recurre a explicaciones [...]

    10. very good stuff almost done with it and will talk soon next in my GW oeuvre read either the next Soldier or the refresher of long Sun so I can get to Short Sunfinished this a few days ago and while I generally liked it and thought it had very interesting stuff, the premise do wears slightly thin on occasion, especially towards the end still worth for the ingenuity of the author and the combination of realism and fantasy, but not sure when I will get to the next book as the repetitiveness Latro [...]

    11. Part one of a duology called Latro In the Mist and now, with a third book, a trilogy by Gene Wolfe.I figured I d review each half as a separate book and leave the combined duology in my currently reading list There was really no way I was going to be able to make myself patiently wait till the end of book two to review them both.This was a tough one for me I can t count how many times I fell asleep with this book in hand I d bought the book years ago and had it sitting on the shelf waiting for a [...]

    12. The gods are strange and cruel It s been several years since I ve read this phenomenal novel and I recommend it highly, with qualification You should only read this, or for that matter, any of Wolfe s work, by letting the author tell his tale I have found for myself, and talking for others, that Wolfe can be extremely frustrating if you are continually trying to figure out what s going on Let it go If you let the story unfold, pay close attention, you ll see the wonder of what s going on Wolfe h [...]

    13. I read this years ago, and re read it a few years after that I was mystified the first time I read it, then taken with certain parts the next This time I saw the thing as a whole, and a very productive one In other words, I like it better each time around The idea of our soldier having his memory erased each time he sleeps, so that he has to meticulously record his fantastic adventures, makes my skin crawl Could these adventures be simply the product of a warped mind No matter Ancient Greece is [...]

    14. I have to say that not since reading Tale of Two Cities in grade 7, has reading 250 or so pages taken me so long I am some one that falls asleep reading I consider reading to have been my first addiction Way important than coffee or smokes But this book was hard And I will admit that I didn t end up really getting the story in the end Hopefully those of you who take on this book will have an easier time with it than I did.

    15. Echoes of the Author s brilliant Book of the New Sun can be found in this rousing tale of an ancient warrior who wakes up as a prisoner of war after the defeat of the Great King Xerxes during the second Persian invasion of the Peloponnese and has absolutely no idea who he is as the result of a serious head wound Each morning our hero must read the events of the previous day which he has written down the night before As a result of this interesting device, there are large gaps in the narrative wh [...]

    16. Soldier of the Mist is even better than The Shadow of the Torturer It is exquisitely written, around the legends of Greece around the Battle of Plataea and a year or so beyond Wolfe uses what we know of the legends of the time to build a strange story of memory and gods.The main character was injured during the battle, and has acquired a misty memory and a shadowy existence He forgets everything about a day or a bit less after it happens to compensate for this he keeps a diary, and the only thin [...]

    17. My opinion of this book seemed to change depending on when I read it during the day I found it fascinating, in the evening it seemed uninvolving and humourless When I got to the end I felt robbed of a proper ending it quite literally run out of words the text on the first scroll simply came to an end BUT there was something or, perhaps, a number of things that make me want to read part 2 Firstly, Mr Wolfe creates the period very well, in both the form of the book and the writing The information [...]

    18. Imagine Momento smashed intoAmerican Gods but actually set in ancient Greece And then take away the ending.You might get pretty close to Soldier of the Mist, which turns out to be a very good book It takes a bit of knowledge about the geopolitical landscape of the time to get everything out of it, but it s not totally required It does have a sequel, so the lack of ending thing is only partially reprehensible Overall, worth the read.

    19. I confess I ve always been afraid that Gene Wolfe would be a little beyond me I m not a subtle reader, and symbolism and various other literary devices are mostly closed books to me But I ve decided not to worry about that any, and just to read and enjoy his books in any way I can Because there s a lot to enjoy here And I can look up reviews and analyses to fill in the bits I missed.First, the writing is gorgeous Reading prose like this is just so satisfying It s the story of Latro, the Roman me [...]

    20. There was a log period where everything Wolfe wrote was freakin brilliant This one is no exception A study on memory, identity, divinity and ancient Greek history, threading an unusual adventure story among Herodotus histories, it s a challenging and engaging book, funny at points, full of both mysteries and tricks both human and supernatural.

    21. It s been tough to compose a review for Gene Wolfe s Soldier series, or even to recommend them They re not light reading by any means, but demand knowledge of Classical history and constant attention Most definitely some re readings a well.In brief in the aftermath of the Battle of Plataea the main character, called Latro solider , a Roman mercenary fighting on the side of Xerxes suffers a head injury and is taken prisoner by the victorious Greeks Latro then forgets everything that has occurred [...]

    22. Actually read this a couple weeks ago, had to let it sink in a bit because wow.I like highbrow fantasy though a lot of it is too dense for me to really enjoy , and I adore structural experimentation I love mythology, too, and this book has all of these things in spades, along with great characters and a creeping sense of dread.It follows Latro, a soldier in ancient Greece shortly after the Battle of Thermopylae He has suffered a head wound that has left him an amnesiac, unable not only to rememb [...]

    23. There are two types of readers that will read this book Greek mythology history experts and we those who have minimum knowledge of it but it will not be something too determinant at first sight that would come to influence our enjoyment of this book.This is high literature I believe so but unlike other Wolfe s books I read BOTNS, Fifth head of cerberus this story has not captivated me much It starts very strong telling the misadventures of a mercenary called Latro whose memory lasts just one day [...]

    24. In many ways an astonishing novel, although perplexing and prone to long diversions I think I ll have to read the rest of the series to see if it s astonishing on the whole.

    25. Like much of Wolfe s writing, this is not science fiction But, then, little of Wolfe s writing is He just needs to construct worlds and science fiction and fantasy are two genres which allow such things.A third, less perfect because there are historical constraints, is historical fiction This, the first volume of his Soldier series, is set in the 4th century Mediterranean world, during the Persian Wars, and features a Roman mercenary with a mental condition which includes both amnesia and some a [...]

    26. I ve pretty nearly read everything Wolfe has written And have reread quite a bit also He writes enigmatic, beautifully told fantasy full of Catholic symbolism This book, the first of three with the same character, is set in ancient Greece A soldier, Latro, receives a head wound that prevents him from remembering anything about his life after a night s sleep So he must write every day to remind himself who he is, who his friends are, why he can t remember anything In recompense for the wound, the [...]

    27. Having read the Torturer series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, my expectations of this novel may have been a little higher than normal Although I found the concept of a soldier who forgets everything than 24 hours old and who sees gods in Ancient Greece, The story gained a certain plodding attitude as it went The main character, Latro, plodded through events without really giving the reader a sense of direction as to where the story was going I did not get that feeling until the very last couple [...]

    28. Al principio me estaba encantando pero empez a hac rseme bastante repetitivo A lo mejor ha sido por leerlo a trozos peque os cada bastante tiempo o porque empec a dejar de interesarme por los personajes Quiz alg n d a le de una oportunidad y lo relea a ver si ha sido por el momento porque la idea y las primeras p ginas me gustan mucho.

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