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Moses, Me and Murder By Ann Walsh Cathy Allen,

  • Title: Moses, Me and Murder
  • Author: Ann Walsh Cathy Allen
  • ISBN: 9780888650597
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Moses, Me and Murder”

    1. Read at my 11 year old son s request if he likes a book, he likes me to read it too Straightforward story of a young boy in a gold rush town who helps to identify a murder Given the era, and the fact that the setting is a historical museum that one can visit, I d have preferred a bit description Kudos to the author for not dumbing down the question of whether capital punishment is just at the end Good book to lead a complex discussion with middle school kids.

    2. This is a fictional story based on real occurrences in the second half of the 19th Century However, it reads and feels very tangible even the did he really do it in the end.Basically, there was a murder and the dead man s body was found, however, do we ever REALLY know whether the person on trial is guilty without actual witnesses present at the deed This is the dilemma this story deals with.The way, Ann Walsh sets the tale up, the reader is meant to believe that there is absolutely no doubt as [...]

    3. This was a than decent novella detailing the events leading up to the trial and execution of James Barry in 1866 To be perfectly honest, I don t know much about this particular murder and trial but it does seem the author has taken a great deal of time researching various accounts and sources in order to portray these events as accurately as possible A few creative liberties have been taken, such as made up characters and town setting, but only to explore all avenues of the crime and the titles [...]

    4. I have issues reviewing books meant for children and teens It s not that I don t think they have any merit, I distinctly remember loving them as a kid, it s just that I no longer connect to them on an emotional level and I m definitely an emotional reader Moses, Me, and Murder isn t a terrible book it s actually pretty good, I just couldn t connect to it as a reader unfortunately, but I can totally see how this would be a useful teaching tool in elementary schools I think I m just the wrong demo [...]

    5. Picture western Canada during one of the gold rushes of the 1860s, a small mining town, a small boy, a black barber, and a killer, new in town Feel for the barber, who recognizes a gold stick pin this killer now owns, and for the boy, whom the killer bullies, and you have the making of a terrific page turner a saga of a boy who learns some difficult lessons in growing up

    6. Ted is a twelve year old boy living in Barkerville in 1868 He learns from the local barber, Moses, that a visitor to town has a special nugget pin that belonged to Mose s friend who is long overdue at arriving in Barkerville This mystery involves the determination of guilt and the morality of the death penalty.

    7. All I really remember about this book is that the Me kid learned the murderer s entire story, was kidnapped, rescued and off to Victoria to catch the Bad Guy within the first two chapters But it s set in Barkerville so that made it all good.

    8. Amazing,it was fantastic and if you like murder mystery s then you ll love Moses, Me and Murder Also if you like the gold rush in 1866 you ll love it too

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