[EPUB] ☆ A River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams | by ☆ Jennifer Fisher Bryant Melissa Sweet

A River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams By Jennifer Fisher Bryant Melissa Sweet,

  • Title: A River of Words: The Story of William Carlos Williams
  • Author: Jennifer Fisher Bryant Melissa Sweet
  • ISBN: 9780802853028
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 2009 Caldecott Honor BookAn ALA Notable BookA New York Times Best Illustrated Children s BookA Charlotte Zolotow Honor BookNCTE Notable Children s Book When he wrote poems, he felt as free as the Passaic River as it rushed to the falls Willie s notebooks filled up, one after another Willie s words gave him freedom and peace, but he also knew he needed to earn a living S2009 Caldecott Honor BookAn ALA Notable BookA New York Times Best Illustrated Children s BookA Charlotte Zolotow Honor BookNCTE Notable Children s Book When he wrote poems, he felt as free as the Passaic River as it rushed to the falls Willie s notebooks filled up, one after another Willie s words gave him freedom and peace, but he also knew he needed to earn a living So he went off to medical school and became a doctor one of the busiest men in town Yet he never stopped writing poetry In this picture book biography of William Carlos Williams, Jen Bryant s engaging prose and Melissa Sweet s stunning mixed media illustrations celebrate the amazing man who found a way to earn a living and to honor his calling to be a poet.
    A River of Words The Story of William Carlos Williams Caldecott Honor BookAn ALA Notable BookA New York Times Best Illustrated Children s BookA Charlotte Zolotow Honor BookNCTE Notable Children s Book When he wrote poems he felt as free as the Pass

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    1. I was introduced to William Carlos Williams poetry in my twenties by a teacher Though the course did not cover Williams work, I became fond of the man s style and use of simple, everyday subjects.I haven t thought of William Carlos Williams for years, but my recent reading of Lady Cop Makes Trouble reminded me of the poet the afterword identifies the doctor Constance meets during her investigation as this poet.This children s book, which covers Williams life, is simple, and beautifully illustrat [...]

    2. Oh, how I absolutelylove this bookadore itfor its simple informative textadmire itfor the collage andwater color illustrationsshowing the timethe world andthe spirit of the poetwho was a doctorwho healed woundsdelivered babiesand soothedour souls

    3. I saw Melissa Sweet s original collages for this book at a Caldecott exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago What a pleasure it was to revisit her work again in context Jen Bryant s biography of poet William Carlos Williams will interest young readers in Williams work The only flaw in this book is that it did not include enough poems

    4. I always feel a little bit inadequate when I review a book of poetry or a book about a poet, even if it s for kids I feel like I m encroaching on someone else s territory or something Like I m some kind of verse based interloper trespassing where I am ignorant And the feeling only gets worse when I m dealing with a person with whom I am not truly familiar Fortunately, if I ever needed a book to give me the skinny on a poet in terms even an eight year old could appreciate, A River of Words The St [...]

    5. Second read, actually Does a great job of making William s work, and his creative drive, understandable to both children and newbies I love enough poetry that I am making a habit of reading books like this in order to teach myself , but since I m no expert, I less often read collections aimed at adults Why don t of us do that, instead of just passing over the entire genre like my husband does maybe now that he s retiring I ll turn him onto some bits.

    6. This book is intended for grades 3 6 A River of Words The Story of William Carlos Williams provides the conflicted occupational history of William Carlos Williams and his eventual decision to become a poet It was a Caldecott Honor Book in 2009 Selected poems by Williams are on the endpapers of this book, set against a green background with linked squares Thus, his poems serve as an entrance to his life What is most wonderful about this book is the integration of text and illustration I feel that [...]

    7. Oh how I LOVE this book One time, when my next younger sister was also my roomate along with eight other girls while we were undergrads, she left me a WCW poem in the freezer in place of the icecream sandwich I had been hoarding.This is Just to SayI have eatenthe plumsthat were inthe iceboxand whichyou were probablysavingfor breakfastForgive methey were deliciousso sweetand so coldThe illustrator who was awarded a Caldecott Honor for this work incorporated several of his poems throughout her ill [...]

    8. Great illustrations layers of painting and antique books and papers and a great biography for sharing with children It was fun to read about how William Carlos Williams balanced his interests in medicine and poetry and to introduce my kids to some of his poems

    9. Melissa Sweet resisted the temptation to provide a representational interpretation of Williams poems, instead purposefully taking a modern art abstract approach I appreciated this While we do get to see a picture of a red wheelbarrow, for example, we do not have the illustrator telling us why so much depended on it The images in Williams poem are supposed to be evocative without being symbolic, and the verbs and adjectives are often where the poetry happens around these evocative everyday nouns [...]

    10. The story of poet William Carlos Williams is beautifully and creatively illustrated as one might imagine from the Caldecott Honor it received Be sure to read the illustrator s note I hadn t realized that so many of illustrations are made on the covers of old books Very neat I m not sure the story itself touched me emotionally as some other biographies have, but I appreciated how many of Williams own poems were incorporated into both the text and illustrations and it s an inspiring story for anyo [...]

    11. As an English major I had read William Carlos Williams s The Red Wheelbarrow, but it wasn t until I read this book that I understood why his work was so important I loved reading it and looking at Melissa Sweet s illustrations she is my new favorite illustrator, a spot held for many years by David Catrow s whose style could not be different This book also introduced me to new poem I might have to share with my students, This Is Just to Say.

    12. I just read this again for the poetry and I wanted to read another book by Jen Bryant too It s filled with information in text and in illustrations just as might be imagined by Jen Bryant, and it s an inspiring and interesting story of a man who was both successful doctor and accomplished poet.

    13. 1 Willie grew up loving the write, and he loved anything to do with words He would go outside in nature anytime he could near his home in Rutherford, NJ He loved writing because he said it brought him a sense of freedom and peace when he would fill up his notebooks full of writing However, he knew that this would not be sufficient to earn him a living, and wanted to make something of himself Therefore he went to medical school to become a doctor He became one of the busiest men in town, being a [...]

    14. A River of Words follows the life of poet William Carlos Williams From a very young age Williams wanted to write poetry, but knew he also needed to earn a living He became a doctor, but spent much of his free time writing poetry His poems are included throughout the story.Even though this is a picture book biography of William Carlos Williams, I felt there were enough of his poems included to read it this week Ever since I read The Red Wheelbarrow and This is Just to Say, I have been a big fan o [...]

    15. This is an inspirational biography and well worth sharing with children It is the story of a man who never gives up on what he loves even when he can t make a living at it It is the story of a man who allows his own voice and style to speak out even when it isn t just like others who are masters at the art It is the story of a man who sees the beauty in the simplest things in life I very much enjoyed reading about William Carlos Williams and plan to incorporate this book into a library lesson so [...]

    16. Loved this beautiful children s book about William Carlos Williams The story is lyrical and yet clearly told The illustrations, however, are what I found enchanting about this book The busy pictures incorporate a variety of materials and many of Williams poems I love that the book devotes so much time to Williams childhood and his creative process In addition to incorporating poetry in the text and illustrations, the book pairs a Williams timeline with a world events timeline Both the illustrato [...]

    17. This seems to be the first collaboration between Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet, and it well deserved its Caldecott Honor The mixed media collages include paintings by Sweet, often painted over book covers or other realia Williams best known poems are incorporated into many of the illustrations, and are also on the end papers My only gripe with the book is that nowhere did Bryant indicate that Williams was half Puerto Rican, which would have been an interesting and enlightening piece of informatio [...]

    18. This is a picture book but is also a biography of William Carlos Williams There s plenty of his poetry in here, along with his life story The illustrations are gorgeous and complement the subject perfectly It s a beautiful and informative book.I highly recommend this for eight to twelve year olds who are studying poetry, reading biographies, who are writers poets or as a way to introduce them to the idea that they might try a hand at writing, or at art or medicine, or whatever profession for whi [...]

    19. Willie Williams was a very energetic boy After playing with his friends, he would roam though the New Jersey countryside and then inspired by the poetry that his teacher read aloud in class, he would stay up late to write his own poems It s a good thing he had a lot of energy He grew up to be a doctor and a poet By the end of his life he had written 48 books and helped deliver over 3,000 babies.

    20. I loved this little celebration of WCW The art is beautiful and I get the sense that both author and illustrator immersed themselves in his work and playfulness and felt the intensity to which he was drawn to words and pictures and published a lot of work even as he led a busy life as a doctor and had a family, though there are mysteriously few details about that.

    21. William Carlos Williams is one of my favorite poets and this book really captured the spirit of his poetry The collage illustrations are stunning and I loved how Melissa Sweet incorporated snippets of Williams s poems into the collages This would be a great supplement to use while doing a poetry unit.

    22. A beautiful, imaginative biography of the great poet and medical doctor, William Carlos Williams The book features some beautiful pages that I would love to frame Sweet s style reminds me of Carolyn Hanson s artwork.

    23. A River of Words tells the story of William Carlos Williams, who, as a young boy,observed a reoccurring rhythm in the sounds of nature which he found within nothing else until he was introduced to poetry in a high school English class Immediately enad by the art, Williams began to pour his affinity for rhythm into a poetry notebook each night, creating rhymes until his personal style gradually shifted toward free verse poems Even into adulthood, when Williams entered medical school because he fe [...]

    24. If there s a book out there, and Melissa Sweet has illustrated it, I will likely love it As it would turn out, Melissa Sweet illustrated this book, and I definitely love it This time, she aids Jen Bryant in telling the story of William Carlos William, a poet at birth who must learn to value the sciences in order to make a living To be honest, I didn t know who William Carlos Williams was before reading this, and now I do, and I know lots about him Just imagine if I d read this when I was a child [...]

    25. A River of Words The Story of William Carlos Williams not only teaches about poems, but it is also inspirational I like that it gives readers a sense of freedom when it comes to writing about poems The author says that poems do not always have to rhyme and have beats, but whatever you feel familiar about and what comes from your heart is OK to write about in a poem, even if it does not necessarily flow It is also inspirational because even though writing poems were the highlight of William Carlo [...]

    26. 2009 Caldecott Honor Book I love this book Melissa Sweet is an amazing artist, and I loved reading about William Carlos Williams Such a neat story about a man who loved writing poetry, but needed to make a living so he became a doctor He wrote and wrote, but it wasn t until much later in his life that he became known for his poetry Great story about persevering and not giving up One minor mistake in the edition I read the timeline at the back says that World War II started in 1930 This would hav [...]

    27. Bryant, J.F 2008 A River of Words The Story of William Carlos Williams Grand Rapids, Michigan Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.Bryant creates a collage of the stories and poems of William Carlos Williams He was a lawyer and a poet and found time in his life for both She includes pieces of his process and clips of his poems and they were being written and revised This is a good book for an independent reader or to read with one child to work through everything that is on the page.

    28. Another author to fall in love with Actually two Wm Carlos Williams and Jen Bryant Already in love with illustrator author Melissa Sweet This children s biography of the poet helps us to understand the man, his time, and his poetry All in a beautiful way that reminds us to love the world around us Back to the library to look for books

    29. Wow I always love Melissa Sweet s illustrations and her collage style is particularly suited to this topic, with a really creative use of words in the images The book gives information about his life, but the main focus is his literary life, showing how he becomes a poet and why he writes the poetry he does And providing a glimpse into the writing process in general.

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