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Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away By Bethany Marshall,

  • Title: Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away
  • Author: Bethany Marshall
  • ISBN: 9781416935933
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a book about men Not all men, just emotionally unhealthy men The ones who make you question, Is it him or is it me Am I making too big a deal out of this I try to tell him how I feel, but he says I m overreacting or needy or it s all my fault Relationships are hard work, but how hard should they be When do you know you are struggling too hard to make a relThis is a book about men Not all men, just emotionally unhealthy men The ones who make you question, Is it him or is it me Am I making too big a deal out of this I try to tell him how I feel, but he says I m overreacting or needy or it s all my fault Relationships are hard work, but how hard should they be When do you know you are struggling too hard to make a relationship succeed Deal Breakers is about getting out of this relationship purgatory where the present is unfulfilling and the future is the only thing you can hope for But there is no magic future If he won t work on problems today, it s unlikely they ll ever be resolved And passively hoping for change will only cost you years of depression or expensive therapy.Dr Bethany Marshall is here to remind women that relationships like business relationships are deals In the business world, a deal breaker is the one nonnegotiable term that, if not agreed to, means the deal is off But in the world of relationships, identifying your deal breaker can be much promising, as it holds out the possibility of helping you to understand where the relationship has gone wrong, what needs to be done in order to make it better, and when to walk away because you re doing work than him to fix it.A deal breaker is a boundary that smart people set for themselves because they know that falling in love can make them do stupid things Through case studies, deal breaker scenarios, and suggested courses of action, Deal Breakers expertly guides frustrated women By defining your deal breaker, you hold all the power to create the happiness you deserve.
    Deal Breakers When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away This is a book about men Not all men just emotionally unhealthy men The ones who make you question Is it him or is it me Am I making too big a deal out of this I try to tell him how I feel but he s

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    1. Wow I read this book in one day and all I can say iswow Definitely a keeper and definitely one I would highly recommend to all The author conveys her point in a very simple manner that brings a strong message You deserve the love you desire and when you re not receiving it it s okay to walk away However, she doesn t just focus on the short comings of the other partner but challenges the reader to view their own personal issues with self esteem and guilt Combining stories that are easy to relate [...]

    2. This book is great because it helps you step out of the love bubble where you are blind and think he ll get over it one day or he ll change, and allows you to view him for what he really is Also gives you the tools to decide whether to work on the relationship because you love him, or walk away Haven t finished it yet, but so far it s really helped me clear my mind and step away from the oh woes me to the idea that I still have my own life and can choose the path I want to take.

    3. You know all those questions you ask yourself when you are dating someone Well this book really helped me sort out answers to them So, I definitely recommend it to anyone who is in a relationship or looking to learn about relationships.Just knowing what I picked up from the book helped me to decide what my answers are, which gives me a great jumping off point towards realizing what is really going on when I feel like I m missing something The information about the give and take and how things ge [...]

    4. Read this on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is currently facing divorce It s interesting how the different personalities are defined to reinforce the idea of a deal breaker I don t, however, believe that every person fits into their specific boxes My husband, for example, portrays pieces of several of the different personality descriptions, no one single description that sort of fits ranking any higher or lower than the others So the information is good, the deal breakers and definit [...]

    5. wow, a lot to think about this was a really good book for seeing problems in yourself as well as others and straightforwardly a word advises you on the next step i think one of the best points dr marshall makes is that you need to be happy in this moment constant looking towards the future is a big indicator that you re not happy NOW.

    6. Didnt finish it Nothin special You should be smart enough to know when to leave a relationship You don t have to put the men in a category before you do it.

    7. This was one of the easiest self help books I ve read I find that most read like a research paper This was actually entertaining and I flew through it This wasn t much help in my life, since there wasn t anything in here that I don t already know, but I do enjoy these types of books for some reason.

    8. Interesting I recognize a few types from men I dated in the past Faults is that this book assumes the man is always a type and is always at fault I have had great relationships w men who have not had these faultsjust wasn t what I was looking for in a mate Some are still very good friends not friend zone with benefits And some who are suffering from ex s issues that creates tremendous stress and not all of their doing Take it with a grain of salt

    9. Why did I read this book Partially, habit I like to see what rings true for me when other people can succinctly sum things up Partially because it seemed to be a good reference for character development And partially because I believe I can never stop working on how to be a better, effective person.Marshall concocts a number of different male types, and describes how you know this kind of person, and what to do about it The title reflects the importance of knowing when someone is simply not wor [...]

    10. The cover to this book is embarrassing and does not reflect the sound advice within its pages Like most who picked up this book, I am uneducated about how to decipher my dates and boyfriends intentions and personalities Before this book I felt that figuring people out was narrow minded and insulting because people are dynamic and life changes our moods and opinions every day However, we all have base line personality types and I couldn t help but see myself in a lot of the personality types Mars [...]

    11. This book helps women recognize different destructive types of men, when to work on a relationship, and when to walk away It is an easy read with good examples and good advice about how to stand up for yourself I did take it s advice with a grain of salt though All the author s examples are ways that men are behaving wrongly What about women Doesn t she think there are ways that we also hurt relationships in ways besides accommodating men I didn t understand why she chose her point of view Her t [...]

    12. Excellent book Nicely written and enjoyed the author s humor The author categorizes bad relationships into 5 categories Sometimes, a person can cross into multiple categories, though She gives examples, relays stories of former clients, gives tips on resolving and when to walk Hence, the Deal Breaker By the time I finished reading the last category I was very discouraged But, the final chapter was about HEALTHY relationships What to look for What to expect This part I enjoyed very much Also, the [...]

    13. I thought there probably wasn t any way you could fit difficult men into only 5 categories, but after reading this and considering some problem relationships in my life aaaand also the lives of some of my friends, haha , I could see it It s the problematic behaviour that s identified because maybe the guy in question doesn t only fall into one category This book was super helpful, because it helped you specifically identify and label issues that maybe you had feelings about but weren t able to [...]

    14. It s interesting to read the characteristics of my exes from the listed 5 deal breakers I m laughing now but I wasn t then I hope that I learned from reading this book I found myself taking notes, I m not sure if that s smart or pathetic that I can t distinguish deal breakers The listed characteristics were very insightful and also liked how she went to the psychology why women chose to be with that type of personality I wish there s a male version of this book so that it would focus too on fema [...]

    15. This book describes five different types of men the Scriptwriter, the Man in Charge, the Man Without Faults, the Invisible Man, and the Little Boy who Poses as a Man Each man is described with and includes stories of couples that have come in for therapy counseling Each category chapter gives scenarios and what is workable and what are deal breakers walk away The last chapter on healthy men is basic common sense are his words backed up by action does he make you feel good or bad he will like you [...]

    16. Deal BreakersReally gives you sound advice and an ulterior perspective to take into consideration when you feel stuck on a relationship merry go round Practical and to the point gently but bluntly Puts into words what is being felt inside when you know something just isn t right but have a hard time defining what it is and being able to determine what action to take Love the author s attitude as far as that you don t have to feel guilty for taking actions to have a happy life after allyou only g [...]

    17. This book is EXCELLENT It is not your clich dating self help guide, such as He s Just Not That Into You , but is instead a book that explores the psychological aspects of the five most difficult types of men and their habits in relationships, as well as helpful keys on how to decide whether the issues you may be experiencing are worth fighting through or grounds for separation I have loaned this book to several girlfriends who have found themselves in many of the same dating predicaments as I ha [...]

    18. Helped me a lot.just got out of a four year relationship with a man that I love so very much but as I read the man without fault chapter it described him and our relationship to a Tdly it was a deal breaker for usat being said I saw the script maker in myself and that was hard to acceptI know we both contributed to our demise but truthfully it is hard to accept ones own responsibility in the bad parts sometimesor to face unhealthy things about ourselvesis book helped me want to become healthier [...]

    19. Interesting book clearly this woman is on the side of women hence the small man being flicked from the woman s fingertips on the cover of the book The most interesting and worthy element of the book is that she states that certain behaviors in and of themselves are not deal breakers but it is the ongoing patterns and values reflected in the behaviors She encourages women to write down their list of have tos in a relationship and then ask yourself clearly if this man s behavior reflects these bot [...]

    20. This is my favorite in a wtf sort of way quotation and I m not making this up Do you feel that without him you would be nothing Or that if you left him your opportunities would diminish Or that you would shrivel up and grow old in a hovel with a million cats and no one to love Or be forced to learn how to knit and end up joining one of those dreadful stitch and bitch groups of sad, angry women Wake up, silly AWESOME In spite of this RIDICULOUSLY anti crafty sentiment, the author s advice is most [...]

    21. This was recommended by a friend, and I m very glad to have looked into it A quick read, Deal Breakers highlights important strategies for determining whether or not you can work through problems in a relationship Unlike many self help books which tend to project or look for an external villain, this book encourages you to take responsibility for bettering both yourself and your relationship.

    22. Very insightful book I found that my last 2 boyfriends fell into a few of the different categories that the author writes about It was crazy that I found that they fell into 2 totally different categories, 2 different extremes I learned alot from teh this about the warning signs of deal breaker personalities, and how to avoid them I also learned which personalities im tolerant of, and which personalities I quickly but heads with.

    23. systematic examples of why relationships get in a rut and how women can identify why A lot of examples were about men but this book also helps women identify how they could also be the problem rather than their spouses I agree with Dr Marshall,before anything in a relationship becomes a deal breaker, you have to have a deal lack of deals is why many women are disrespected in relationships We need to change this

    24. I ve often talked with girlfriends about what are deal breakers for us, when we re talking about our relationships Generally, I understand what works and doesn t work for me But, her examples of men are on point, often reminding me of past dates or friend s exes or boyfriends Her words clicked and specifically I enjoyed her phrase If you cannot let go of a relationship that is not working, you will never be able to reach for a relationship that is better.

    25. THE perfect first step towards a happy state I cannot recommend this book enough.It not only pin pointed the exact category of my problem but articulated my feelings so precisely that i reread key points numerously and wrote them down She then proceeded with common sense first steps to addressing the issue with ones partner She had the assertive tone and clear advice i needed to consider based on the partners attitude to solving it When to Work on it and when to walk away.

    26. I was questioning whether I should stay in a relationship and this book cleared up my ambivalence with no problem The author breaks through all of the crap we tell ourselves and made it crystal clear what is acceptable and when it is time to walk away Thank you for this book It couldn t have come at a better time in my life.

    27. when i first saw this title, i hoped this was a humor book, like, deal breakers burning man fans of dave matthews it s not funny, but i skimmed this anyway, hoping there was some pearl of wisdom or advice i could give to a friend going through a hard break up surprise surprise, it is all totally obvious if he is a scumbag, that might be a deal breaker.

    28. This book is easy to read and skim through It doesn t have to be read from the start While I don t believe any relationships can cleanly fit into any of the categories, but rather straddle a few different topics I appreciated Ms Marshall s objective view of relationships, problems and solutions.

    29. Quick, easy, and to the point, Deal Breakers outlines the ins and outs of bad boys bad behavior, how to deal, and when to let go While Marshall is full of insight and good advice, the book is plagued with Stuff You Already Know Innovative it isn t, but enjoyable and useful all the same.Rating B

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