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Tell Me No Lies By Lynn Chandler Willis,

  • Title: Tell Me No Lies
  • Author: Lynn Chandler Willis
  • ISBN: 9781635111453
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ava Logan, single mother and small business owner, lives deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, where poverty and pride reign As publisher of the town newspaper, she s busy balancing election season stories and a rash of ginseng thieves And then the story gets personal After her friend is murdered, Ava digs for the truth all the while juggling her two teenage cAva Logan, single mother and small business owner, lives deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, where poverty and pride reign As publisher of the town newspaper, she s busy balancing election season stories and a rash of ginseng thieves And then the story gets personal After her friend is murdered, Ava digs for the truth all the while juggling her two teenage children, her friend s orphaned toddler, and her own muddied past Faced with threats against those closest to her, Ava must find the killer before she, or someone she loves, ends up dead A well wrought tale of the secrets concealed beneath the surface of small town AppalachiaWillis is a seasoned professional who gives us just enough red herrings to keep us guessing to the end Margaret Maron, New York Times Bestselling Author of Long Upon the LandBooks in the Ava Logan Mystery Series TELL ME NO LIES 1 Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you ll probably like them all
    Tell Me No Lies Ava Logan single mother and small business owner lives deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains where poverty and pride reign As publisher of the town newspaper she s busy balancing election

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    1. A single mom, Ava Logan, runs the only newspaper in this small Appalachian Mountains town Her husband was killed in the line of duty some years ago.An election is coming up soon and Ava s newspaper is doing well with all the politicians paying for advertising She s busy trying to keep up with the politics and investigating a rash of poaching Seems lots of ginseng is going missing And with the advent of a new buyer, who s paying money than anyone else, there s lots of groaning.Ava s friend has l [...]

    2. A horrible story told in a very tactful way For fans of crime novels with romance An easy read eleisurediaries

    3. Nice little quick read with strong characters I flew right through it A great blend of suspense and romance It managed to surprise me a few times I think it s a strong start to a series Ava is a single mom doing her best Her police officer husband was killed in the line of duty years ago She has her hands full with twelve year old Emma, fifteen year old Cole, and publishing the small town newspaper After her friend is murdered while she watches her toddler, life gets complicated Who would want t [...]

    4. A new author for me and it is a WINNER The storyound caught my attention at once The author first tease with a back story and gradually filled in the answers holding your attention throughout the book The characters were developed and you felt like your were in the Appalachian mountains.The problems of a small town editor were explain in detail.Ava Logan, a single mother has been babysitting for a friend When she goes to return the child, the child s mother is dead and it appears she was murdere [...]

    5. This was a great book as it grabs you right at the beginning starting with the murder of Ava s friend and doesn t let go of you until the end Ava is babysitting her friend s toddler daughter and goes to drop her off the next morning and finds her dead That s the opening of the book Ava does not know who Trish went out with and she does not know who Trish has been seeing or if she has been seeing anyone.Ava is the owner and editor of the small town local newspaper where she lives Not only is Tris [...]

    6. Amazing, simply amazing This book was a spellbinding debut that will probably wins loads of awards I absolutely loved it Highly recommend

    7. Small town America, with all its small town problems In The Appalachians of North Carolina, mother of two Ava Logan goes to return her friend s toddler after an overnight babysit and finds her friend dead in her trailer It s a small town, where everybody knows everybody else, and their business The news soon spreads shock waves through the community.Ava also runs the local newspaper and soon finds she has a conflict of interest between what is newsworthy and what the police want her to hold back [...]

    8. Ava Logan is a small town single mother, who can t seem to stay away from trouble Set in the Appalachian mountains, Tell Me No Lies has everything you could want in a book murder, mystery, romance, and enough humor to tie it all together I was hooked from the first chapter, and couldn t put it down Unlike most mysteries, there were enough twists and turns to keep me guessing until the very end I can t wait to see what s in store for Ava in the future.

    9. Tell Me No Lies is the best yet from Lynn Chandler Willis Many women will identify will the strong character she has created in Ava Logan She puts her readers right in the heart of small town drama and shady politics The story is both heart wrenching and heart warming but never boring It will keep you guessing I look forward to the next mystery.

    10. Lynn had me hooked from page 1 Ava Logan is just a small town single mother who doesn t seem to be able to catch a break This book had me in tears, laughing, falling in love and unable to put it down Set in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, it was a quick read that had me disappointed it ended.

    11. Ava Logan is a widowed young mother of two twelve year old Emma and fifteen year old Cole She lives in Jackson Creek, North Carolina, deep in the Appalachian Mountains, and owns the town s newspaper, The Jackson Creek Chronicle Her husband Tommy was a police officer killed in the line of duty and she s doing her best to care for her family and eke out a living.She s also taking care of Ivy Givens, daughter of her friend Trish, who needed an evening away from the toddler When Ava arrives at Trish [...]

    12. Lynn Chandler Willis is a master storyteller providing a great mystery and intriguing characters that readers can embrace as being real people Willis introduces her protagonist Ava Logan in her new series as the owner of a small town newspaper She gives Ava s backstory including details of her nose for finding answers The author s male protagonist is Sheriff Grayson Ridge who is Ava s romantic interest as well as the lead investigator into the brutal murder of a young mother Ava takes care of th [...]

    13. Well drawn characters, a dash of romance, and enough logically constructed red herrings to keep the reader guessing right up to the end distinguish this tightly woven tale Publishers Weekly

    14. This first book in the series is an enjoyable book with interesting characters The story flows well, there is enough mystery in it to keep the reader interested The author also put in a generous amount of love and a touch of humour Ava Logan promises to be an interesting main character of a nice readable series, although I hope the author will broaden the background a little Since Ava is living in a small village, with only so many people in it, it would be awkward is she was to find a dead body [...]

    15. This is the first book in the series and the first book I have read by the author Lynn Chandler Willis I found this first book in the series to be an enjoyable book with interesting characters The story flows well, and the mystery in it to keep the reader interested I did love that the chapters were short since I usually only have 15 minutes a day at lunch to read from a book.

    16. Awesome read I love a good mystery Tell Me No Lies delivers a gripping story This is the first in the Ava Logan series I am so excited for the next book.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    17. The cozy mystery crowd will probably like this It s a basic mystery with a lot of home life thrown in The plot, tightly woven The characters, not all that likeable The writing, rather prosaic I did finish it, though.

    18. I could not put this book down It kept me guessing right up to the end I loved the characters in this book.

    19. I do enjoy a good who done it The story itself was interesting, and I didn t quite see the end coming always a plus My main complaint will be silly to some, but here it is I m all about a fictitious town setting, even within a real area in this case, Jackson Creek fake set in the High Country BRP area real, I live there BUT She also created a fake county Jackson County which does exist in the mountains of NC, but 2 hours SW and in the Great Smokies, not the Blue Ridge And since that real Jackson [...]

    20. Small town thriller that packs a big punch I was very quickly caught up in the story Ava Logan is a well written everyday woman trying to juggle work, kids and now her friends murder You won t be disappointed in this book.

    21. An extremely enjoyable and well written read The first person, conversational tone made me feel as if Ava was a friend of mine telling me her story She is easy to identify with a caring mother with a complicated past of her own that shapes her decision making You can feel her attachment to Ivy growing, and know she would do whatever she can help ensure the child s safety and future well being At the same time, her feelings of guilt over something in her past keep her from truly giving her heart [...]

    22. The first book that I read by this author was Say Nothing I enjoyed it very much and gave it a 5 star rating I highly recommend it Naturally I was very happy to learn her next book would be the start of a new series Buy it, or borrow it you will enjoy it Tell Me No Lies is terrific start and I predict it will have you eager for her next entry in the series It is an atmospheric page turner set in Appalachia and populated with a host of interesting characters I expect that Tell Me No Lies will be [...]

    23. Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review Ava is a single mum who runs a local newspaper while bringing up her two children One day she s been looking after her best friend s baby when she discovers her friend s body Suddenly she s caught up in a murder investigation rather than reporting on one and it brings her into contact and conflict with the local sheriff, who was her late husband s partner on the police force Soon Ava herself is a target as she tries to juggle her work including [...]

    24. Tell Me No Lies is an outstanding mystery While marketed as the first book in the Ava Logan Mystery Series, it reads as a standalone If the author Lynn Chandler Willis has adventures in mind for the main character Ava, I am excited at the prospect.A woman is brutally murdered as Ava Logan, a widowed mother of two, babysits her adorable toddler, Ivy Who would murder this beautiful, young artist and why Representing law enforcement, handsome Sheriff Grayson Ridge, and Ava, small town newspaper pu [...]

    25. 3.75 starsThis debut series novel was a gripping read The characters are real, and they manage to capture our interest with their flaws, bad decisions, and heartache Newspaper editor and publisher Ava Logan has been a widow with two children for 10 years, ever since her police officer husband died in the line of duty Ava, a product of the foster care system, has had than her share of unhappiness but she is a survivor and is determined to do right by her children.Ava s good friend Trish, also a [...]

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book, even the gruesome murder, though it was tough to read about.Ava Logan is 35, the owner and publisher of the only newspaper in Jackson Creek NC After 10 years of raising her children alone, as the widow of a slain police officer, Ava is still not free to move on with her life and add a man to it full time Cole is now 15, Emma is 12 and are well adjusted kids thanks to strong ties to Rev Dorthea Andrews and Sheriff Grayson Ridge.When Ava finds her fr [...]

    27. Wow This book was AMAZING I could not put it down It starts off by introducing Ava , and her children While doing what seems to be like a favor by babysitting for a friend turns into a suspenseful, mystery of who dun it This was a fast paced mystery, where I could not quite put my finger on who the murderer in this little town was I am super excited about it,and hope their is Ava mysteries ahead If not, the book had a ending that closed up loose threads So you don t have to worry about not havi [...]

    28. So happy to see this is the first in a series I was immediately drawn into the story and did not want to quit turning the pages Clever mystery with several viable suspects Romance, children and a dog add to its charm Friends, co workers, and neighbors add interest and heart I shed many tears throughout this story I am eagerly awaiting Ava Logan Mystery 2 The publisher provided a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review I will be looking for other books by this author She grabbed my heart and s [...]

    29. Tell Me No LiesThis is the first book in Willis Ava Logan mysteries Ava Logan is a single mother who lives with her children in the Appalachian Mountains to say her life is hectic is an understatement When her life turns into a murder mystery, things take a whole new turn Action, suspense, murder, loveTell Me No Lies has it all and you can t fail to be gripped by this book.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book, with thanks to Netgalley and the publisher 5

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