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Love In Rewind: The Complete Series By Tali Alexander,

  • Title: Love In Rewind: The Complete Series
  • Author: Tali Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781540310316
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • The past, the present, and the future And all the lies in between In Tali Alexander s best selling trilogy, the lives of six individuals become entangled in betrayal and deceit as the truth about their pasts threaten their futures As secrets come tumbling forth,Lives suffer and hearts breakLeaving nothing, But FOOLSTo drown in the wake.Enjoy this thrilling, suspensefuThe past, the present, and the future And all the lies in between In Tali Alexander s best selling trilogy, the lives of six individuals become entangled in betrayal and deceit as the truth about their pasts threaten their futures As secrets come tumbling forth,Lives suffer and hearts breakLeaving nothing, But FOOLSTo drown in the wake.Enjoy this thrilling, suspenseful, and romantic ride through the decades and across two continents as Alexander pulls you into a world of passion, desire, betrayal, and redemption Get ready to fast forward your way through Love in Rewind, Lies in Rewind, and Lost in Rewind Only the past will tell you what the future holds
    Love In Rewind The Complete Series The past the present and the future And all the lies in between In Tali Alexander s best selling trilogy the lives of six individuals become entangled in betrayal and deceit as the truth about thei

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    1. 4 1 2 starsLove in Rewind The Complete Series is 3 full length books Love in Rewind, Lies in Rewind and Lost in RewindLove in Rewind is Emily s Story Emily and her best friend Sara have been friends since they were little and they communicate all the major events in their lives using 80 s song titles and lyrics Emily is the prudish of the two, Sara the outgoing and flirty yet they get along with each other and have each others backs.Emily is an 18 year high school student who comes across an o [...]

    2. Hands down the best series EVER Book 1 I love her against reason against promise against peace against hope against happiness against all discouragement that could be Tali Alexander has rocked my world I would have never guessed that this was her first book I fell in love with Louis and Emily story Their story was beautiful filled with RAW Passion.It gutted me It made me ugly cry I loved the intensity Oh gawd there was plenty of it Emily just out of high school she was so incredibly sweet, beaut [...]

    3. Read Love In Rewind in 2015, LOVED IT WITH ALL MY HEART This book has become one of my ALL TIME favourite standalone contemporary romance Louis and Emily is one of my all time favourite couple I love their love story It is truly a fairy tale comes true Ahhhh I can t think of it without blushing because Louis Gaaah he is just Gaaaahhh Soooo sexy soooo sweet soooo possessive My heart Read Lie In Rewind in 2015, absolutely loooove the story between William and Sara Their story is not pretty, they a [...]

    4. This is the first time I ve read a Tali Alexander book, it definitely will not be the last Love In Rewind The Complete Series, is a three book set Each book in the series tells its own story, the characters are intertwined but are complete stories and can standalone Ms Alexander s writing style is entertaining to read and very engaging She puts you inside the books You feel along with the characters, laughing, crying,and even getting iPad smashing mad You won t be disappointed with the Love In R [...]

    5. So exciting to see the complete set of this series Loved each book for different reasons Love in Rewind It certainly lives up to its title The story goes back to the start of the love affair between Emily Marcus and Louis Bruel Emily, just eighteen, meets the handsome, successful older man, Louis, while working for her sister She feels an instant attraction but thinks it s only one sided until Louis makes her an indecent proposal Emily doesn t want to be that girl and quickly Louis changes tact [...]

    6. Part 1 Love in RewindI seriously have a book hangover Absolutely loved this story and the way it was written.I love music and lyrics and the way Tali incorporated music thru out the entire book made the entire story even better The book was well written and flowed wonderfully I couldn t put it down and I m ready to read it again simply because I loved the story I was sucked into this book from the start My heart went from pounding, smiling, racing, screaming, crying and melting The love scenes w [...]

    7. Now here is the way to go in reading this because you will not have to wait till the next one which was a scorcher to do you start with a good foundation with Louis and Emily She opens it up with a descriptive beginning that right away has you feeling sympathy for Emily in her situation That does not last long though because then you are transported to how it all starts The format is a little different which is good so it keeps you interested and not predictable Often you will find that some wil [...]

    8. I have read each of the books separately that are in this complete set This is an amazing series I am going to leave my reviews left for each individual book in here.Love in RewindWow New author and I wasn t sure, but just WOW I will defiantly read anything she writes This book hit all the bases Sweet, Angsty and a little shouty that was me She is amazing and knows how to draw you in from the beginning.Lies in RewindThis continuation of the Audio Fools Series did not disappoint Wasn t sure how I [...]

    9. Super awesome series Love in Rewind The first book in the series This is Emily and Louis second chance story starting in the present day where they are in a stale marriage and rewinding back to where it all started as Emily tries to figure out why A story full of emotion and suspense with compelling characters and a realistic storyline Tia Alexander is definitely a writer to watch and I am looking forward to reading book 2 An added bonus to this great story is links to actual song videos through [...]

    10. Emily is 18 years old when she meets Louis She s had some boyfriends but for some reason she is drawn toward Louis Louis could have any woman he wants but something about Emily has him mesmerized The story starts out at the present time where there s trouble in their marriage It then goes into to telling us how they meet and their life together Then it comes back to the present again If your looking for a hot book that you can t put down this ones for you There is no cliffhanger but would love [...]

    11. One of my favorite series Love In Rewind I absolutely loved this book it s one of those that pull you in and you feel like you are reliving it with them Emily Bruel has everything a woman can want and but after ten years of marriage she Rewinds her love story and tells us how it all began Louis Bruel the HOT, rich playboy sweeps Emily off her feet She s young, innocent and beautiful The chemistry between them is undeniable The sex OMG hot hot hot I can t tell you how many times I re read some s [...]

    12. MUST READ Love in Rewind What if you thought you had the perfect life, perfect marriage, perfect partner and then all of a sudden it wasn t Emily meets handsome Louis at a party and there is something about him that she can t let go What Emily doesn t know is that Louis wants her too Louis is a billionaire playboy with a past but when he meets Emily he only sees her Reading from the beginning how they got together was refreshing There love is one of a kind and really enjoyed reading this book Th [...]

    13. I cannot say this enough but Tali has written a beautiful series that rewinds the love stories of her character s Its real, heartbreaking, and completely addictiveLOVE IN REWIND I have SO much love for Louis and Emily Mr Bruel and his little girl Holy Hell, Louis is HOT and his sex appeal was oozing from the pagesTali Alexander is an extraordinary writer I felt like I was reliving very private moments between Louis and Emily Like a fly on the wall Those two were all fire and passion from the beg [...]

    14. Love In Rewind Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride I was laughing one minute, at a loss for words the next then crying the next Emily and Louis story is beautiful and yet a little painful 7 21 am nearly gutted me just so ya know, Tali Love in Rewind really makes ya wanna believe in love at first sight and happily ever after despite any differences or obstacles Lies In Rewind This was an emotional rollercoaster ride from the very beginning I really loved learning about Sara and everything [...]

    15. i received this book to read for an honest review Love in rewind i really enjoyed reading Emily and Louis s story about how they met , there marriage to one another and eventually getting the chance to read about there children Out of all 3 books louis and emily are my favorite couple Louis and emily get there happy ending.Lies in Rewind is Sara s book Sara has been Emily s best friend since childhood At 15 Sarah falls for Jeff who is her brother s best friend Jeff and Sarah have a secret affair [...]

    16. Love in rewind Wow, beyond amazing is all I can say This book has patiently been waiting in my to be read pile and I m so flipping giddy that I just spent a whole day falling in love with Emily and Louis Their story brought me to tears, it was so emotionally written, I felt everything Emily was feeling from when she first met Louis up until the end I m spoiler free but I must say this is definitely a must read When things got rough and Emily left to St Lucia brought back memories, that was my ho [...]

    17. I love this series The story is so good, direct to the point and the twist is so unexpected.I loved LOVE in general I kinda like the idea of a story going in reverse I also enjoyed and LOVED the 80 s musical references I didn t expect the twist and turn towards the ending but it s a major plus I cried, laugh and swoon with the characters The sex, oh boy, the sex is just oozing hot All in all I really did enjoy reading this book.LOSTI m no good with words and I won t be able to do any justice in [...]

    18. Read it in one sitting Wonderful books.All of them Love always finds its way.No matter what life may throw at you.They found their way.

    19. What amazing series The connection you make with all the characters in this series are fantastic This definitely a product of good writing If you are looking for sexy, angsty, romantic story this the series for you Overall, I would recommend this series to anyone who loves a good romance.

    20. This is the box set with all three books This is the first time reading this authors work and I love her writing style l laughed, cried and wanted to throw my kindle I couldn t put it down till I came to the end of this emotional rollercoaster of a book.

    21. God I love this new box set, couldn t even go to my holiday party stayed in and enjoyed it, fairy tale love, sex , a must buy great series beautiful box set and gift idea

    22. If there is one complete series set you should read, this would be it Here are my reviews from each of the 3 books included in this wonderful box set Grab your headphones and get your music readyHead back in time and jam with the songs that take place in this story.You know its a good book when you cant put it down, your family and housework suffer, you order take out instead of cooking Yeah, this book did it for me As a female, we have always got the same thoughts that run through our heads.Emi [...]

    23. This review is for the bundle and includes all three Love in Rewind I can t even describe how much I loved this book I had to read it twice I couldn t put it down, I needed to know what was going to happen next I felt all the emotions I loved every second of Emily and Louis They have such a strong connection, their love for each other is so sweet, until Louis becomes distant causing Emily to worry then the twist happens and we find out what is going on Also, the relationship between Emily and Sa [...]

    24. This Series was so amazing Do yourself a favor and try Tali Love in RewindThis was my first book by Tali and the first book I have read where the store unfolded in rewind I fell so hard for Luis Their love story was one that touches the very core of your heart and soul Lies in RewindWe get a in depth look at Sara s story We met Liam in the end of Love in Rewind, but his character is developed in this part of series He s a sweetheart and you re gonna fall in love with him In the end, things tur [...]

    25. I loved this box set Get ready to meet characters that will stay with you forever.Love in Rewind Emily Louis Theirs is a whirlwind type of love, burns hot from the beginning, but can they feel like they deserve each other coming form two different backgrounds Lies in Rewind Sarah William Will laying bare all of your truths, cleanse you enough to let love in and help you find your happily ever after Lost in Rewind Jeffrey and Kali What happens with all you believe to be true isn t, and what if yo [...]

    26. This series was amazing.Start to finish it kept me reading, sometimes well into the night The ups and downs, twists and turns all add to making this a fast paced read Some of the twists I figured out and some left my mouth hanging open, saying WTF, didn t see that coming The characters pull you into their world and make you love them sometimes and sometimes hate them This series is well worth your time Enjoy

    27. Holy shit I m surprised how much I LOVED this book Marriage is hard, I know And I wasn t sure how much I should love Louis because I really did Emily is an amazing young woman who is trying to find her place in life when she s blindsided by Louis He sweeps her off her feet and refuses to leave her side Their romance is quick and HOT Emily is telling us the story of how they met, fell in love and grew together and also apart One scene had me in absolute hysterics and I wanted to throw my kindle H [...]

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