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Mean Girls: A Novel By Micol Ostow,

  • Title: Mean Girls: A Novel
  • Author: Micol Ostow
  • ISBN: 9781338087567
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You know the story or do you Cady Heron grew up homeschooled in Africa with scientist parents as her teachers, monkeys as her classmates and the African plains as her playground But when her family moves to the suburbs of Illinois, she finds herself a stranger in a strange land high school With no prior research to guide her, Cady s forced to figure out North Shore HiYou know the story or do you Cady Heron grew up homeschooled in Africa with scientist parents as her teachers, monkeys as her classmates and the African plains as her playground But when her family moves to the suburbs of Illinois, she finds herself a stranger in a strange land high school With no prior research to guide her, Cady s forced to figure out North Shore High all on her own Suddenly she finds herself sucked into Girl World as a new member of the social elite dubbed The Plastics Cady discovers that unlike the wild, Girl World doesn t have any rules especially when you maybe, possibly, okay definitely, have a giant crush on their ruthless leader s ex boyfriend Turns out, life in high school might be even brutal than a showdown on the Savannah Based on the screenplay by Tina Fey, this retelling of the cult classic film includes tons of extra, never before seen bonus content.
    Mean Girls A Novel You know the story or do you Cady Heron grew up homeschooled in Africa with scientist parents as her teachers monkeys as her classmates and the African plains as her playground But when her family mo

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    1. Release date September 12 2017This is basically just the movie, except in novel form instead of a screenplay If you re a huge fan, you can zone out and run through the movie in your head and won t miss much.It was an interesting choice to tell the story through multiple POVs But Cady, Regina, Karen, Gretchen, Aaron, and Janis all kind of sounded the same and nobody sounded like themselves or even realistic teenagers humans The book really sounded like an out of touch adult trying to write a teen [...]

    2. Got an ARC from BookCon and at first I wasn t expecting the book to based on the movie I m slow but a book about mean girls , this book isn t a script , and I don t know if it s only in the arc but some parts were cut out, overall it was a fun read and if you d seen the movie over a 100 times like me then you can almost just picture scenes of the movie Four for you Glen Coco, You GO Glen Coco Damian

    3. That is so fetch Regina whirled to Gretchen Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen It s not going to happen she snapped, deadly serious To be honest, I haven t seen this movie since it came out and I m not even certain that I ve seen all of it But once I learned they were turning it into a novel, I had to get my hands of this bitchiness Growing up, we all went to school with a Regina We witnessed, we lived, and maybe we sampled all the evil that was dished out by one person Who knows, maybe [...]

    4. This is a FANTASTIC movie novelization It feels exactly like watching the movie Which, I think, can be both a good thing and a bad thing If you ve watched the movie recently, then it s definitely not a good idea for you to read this book right away After all, the dialogue is word for word the same one as in the movie.It s kind of like reading a screenplay, but with descriptions about the characters feelings and actions added It s a retelling in the sense that there are point of views from every [...]

    5. As someone who has a serious obsession with this movie like I m talking about knowing every single line in the movie obsessed I found this book was a weird combination of being enjoyable and not enjoyable all in one It s not often that we get a film to book adaptation, but this is exactly what this is 90% of the lines are a copy paste of the film, and the 10% that aren t are slight variations of the lines in the film The rest of the book is filler text explanations of what you would visually see [...]

    6. Uh 2.5 stars Here s the thing this is exactly like the movie, word for word, so it isn t rocket science what happens I wasn t sure what I was expecting when I started this but I wasn t expecting to read a play by play of the movie It honestly felt like someone took the time to hand write exactly what happened in the movie scene by scene.

    7. This book is exactly what you assume it is It s the Mean Girls script, but with a few prose It says there s deleted scenes included in the book, but I only noticed two short scenes that weren t in the film, so don t expect too much new material I watched the film right before reading this, and I think that was a mistake, as I did get a little bored halfway through because I knew what was going to happen word for word But still, this is a good adaptation of the movie is adaption the right word t [...]

    8. This is precisely what it looks like It is the move Mean Girls but in written form, and for the most part it stays within this criteria Occasionally it will provide some little bit of extra knowledge or funny inclusion Glenn Coco being nominated to the student committee, for example but by and large, it s pretty much just a reproduction of the movie shot per shot I enjoy it but I fucking love Mean Girls and watched that shit religiously growing up If you are a fan of the movie, you ll probably l [...]

    9. Because I am a huge fan of the movie Mean Girls, I was elated when I found out that there was a novel retelling being released Mean Girls is that film that all teenage girls need to see for its morals on standing out versus fitting in, and I m very glad that the readers of the teen world now have a book from which they can receive the same messages.It came as no surprise to me that I loved this book, as well It is extremely similar to the movie and I did not really note any obvious differences H [...]

    10. I m not pleased to admit that I picked up Mean Girls with preconceived notions and possibly an internal sigh Yes, girls can be despicable, particularly during the terrible teens and sure, for so many students, high school certainly sucks Both truly important topics, but how many ways can that be covered Well.This book is based on a screenplay, a unique concept for me mostly certainly nothing I ve read yet Oh, and said screenplay was written by Ms Tina Fey I am a fan Turns out, this tantalizing t [...]

    11. UNA DE MIS PEL CULAS FAVORITAS ADAPTADAS A LIBRO YES, PLEASE , SE ORES, ES COMO SE GANA MI CORAZ N Fue todo lo que esperaba No pod a esperar menos de mi pel cula favorita

    12. This review appeared first on Arctic BooksHuge thanks to my friends from Inc for approving an e galley of this title for me via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This did not, in any way, affect my overall opinion of the book and or the story.Mean Girls is one of the most glorious movies out there that has survived the years that has passed Albeit there are thousands of movies that tried to follow in it s footsteps, there will never be a movie as iconic as Mean Girls And to see an actua [...]

    13. Review Reviewer s Note So, it s obvious that this isn t an original work of fiction The movie this novel is based on is a cult classic film and I have yet to meet a person who hasn t seen it Because of that, I won t be reviewing the story in this book, but of a look at how well the story was adapted for this novel Behind the Scenes Extras This book is riddled with North Shore Announcements, School Newspaper Articles, text messages between characters and other random extra little bits At first, [...]

    14. This is a 3.6 review As far as movie novelization go, Micol Ostow s Mean Girls was actually a fun read Quick too, as I finished it in four hours For those unfamiliar with the movie, Cady Heron, is a recent homeschool transfer from Africa Her parents are scientists whose mother got a job Illinois Cady is fish out of water dealing with the fine intricacies and complexities of high school including what she has called Girl World Turns out, Girl World is far dangerous and insidious than anywhere in [...]

    15. Obviously, I love the movie I mean, it s a cult classic But the thing is, I expected this book to somehow be , maybe take things a slightly different route, or delve further into the characters lives What it actually is, is just the movie script written as a novel

    16. this book was really so fun to read it very much played the movie in my head but it was also fun to get to see some of what was going on with other characters i wish it went a little into what other characters were thinking and going through, but it was still a lot of fun to read.

    17. I enjoyed this book than I thought I would Mean Girls is a movie i ve seen so many times, I thought the book would be super repetitive It did have minor differences but not too many I listened to this book on audiobook and I really enjoyed the narrator she did a great job I totally recommend this book to anyone who s seen Mean Girls.

    18. MEAN GIRLS 2004 , the cult film phenomenon starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Tina Fey, is now a novel by Micol Ostow While most stories start in book format and then get adapted for the silver screen, MEAN GIRLS has done just the opposite Kind of The original screenplay, written by Tina Fey, was partly based off QUEEN BEES AND WANNABES, a non fiction self help book However, now, thanks to Ostow, fans of the movie finally have the full story and all the glorious, over t [...]

    19. Warnings fatmisia, queermisia, mention of pedophilia, bullying, body image issuesThe Mean Girls novel would be recommended only if you have a severe case of Mean Girls nostalgia It is basically the movie in book form, with very minor additions which don t have any impact on plot or character development You know, I always think that movie adaptations are a shallow perspective on what a book is, and even in reverse, I expect a book adaptation to have depth than the movie it s based on This faile [...]

    20. Movie BookIf you love the movie, don t read this I mildly enjoyed it ONLY because I read the character s lines in their voices from the movie BUT if I had never watched the movie before, I probably would have DNFed this book The characters just aren t likeable Like, AT ALL But if we re talking about the movieI love it and can repeat it verbatim word for word There s no comparison between the two The humor doesn t translate as well The thing I liked most about this book was some of the different [...]

    21. I m a little confused The summary for this book promises us a fresh retelling of the Mean Girls movie, with different points of view that will prove there is another side to every story But, this was quite literally a word for word novelization of the movie Yes, we had different POVs, but in my opinion they added nothing to the story, and every voice sounded exactly like Cady s anyway I didn t hate this, because I still love the movie and it was like rewatching it for the hundredth time, but I j [...]

    22. All inizio ero molto scettica, ma anche eccitata Mean Girls il mio film preferito da sempre, e non vedevo l ora di leggere questo libro.Innanzitutto l inglese davvero semplice, anche lo slang facilmente intuibile Purtroppo, non toglie ne d niente in pi al film Mi aspettavo una trascrizione delle scene tagliate o qualche capitolo di approfondimento in pi che non c stato Se siete fan del film comunque una lettura immancabile

    23. ok, so I read about 3 4 of this, and decided that was enough waisted time So I DNF ed it, and am here to tell you that this is a completely unnessesary book adaptasjon of a delightfully funny, sassy modern cult classic I absolutely love this movie, but the book was basically the movie repeated as a sloooow boring read it did not add anything worthwhile to the story Just watch the movie instead I will

    24. If you like the movie, then you ll like this Though in all complete honesty, just stick with the movie It is pretty shot for shot of the film, and the POVs don t give you any new insight to the characters While I love this movie, I don t think the jokes stick well in written format If someone never saw the movie and read this book, I don t think they will appreciate it as much without knowing how the jokes are delivered.

    25. I love the Mean Girls movie so when I saw this at the library, I was excited to read a book based on the movie Except the book is exactly the movie Line for line What s the point And why 13 years after the movie was released Wow, that makes me feel old This book is fun for reliving the beloved movie but you d really be better off re watching the movie instead.

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