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Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A. By Danielle S. Allen,

  • Title: Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A.
  • Author: Danielle S. Allen
  • ISBN: 9781631493119
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Michael Alexander Allen, the baby cousin of an extended family, was first arrested at fifteen for an attempted carjacking Tried as an adult and sentenced to thirteen years, Michael served eleven Three years after his release, he was shot and killed Why Why did this gifted young man, who dreamed of being a firefighter and a writer, end up dead Why did he languish in prMichael Alexander Allen, the baby cousin of an extended family, was first arrested at fifteen for an attempted carjacking Tried as an adult and sentenced to thirteen years, Michael served eleven Three years after his release, he was shot and killed Why Why did this gifted young man, who dreamed of being a firefighter and a writer, end up dead Why did he languish in prison And why at fifteen was he in an alley in South Central LA, holding a gun while trying to steal someone s car Cuz means both cousin and because Danielle Allen grew up with Michael and, in 2006 when Michael got out of prison, was cousin on duty, shouldering the responsibility to support his fresh start while juggling the demands of her own promising academic career In this Ellisonian story of a young African American man s coming of age in late twentieth century America, and of the family who will always love Michael, we learn how we lost a generation.
    Cuz The Life and Times of Michael A Michael Alexander Allen the baby cousin of an extended family was first arrested at fifteen for an attempted carjacking Tried as an adult and sentenced to thirteen years Michael served eleven Three

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    1. P review ie, Preview The July 24 issue of the New Yorker contains an excerpt from this non fiction work, out in a few weeks newyorker magazine 201The magazine s Contributors page says that the author, Danielle Allen, is a political theorist and the James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard In this memoir of her relation with a younger cousin, Allen relates the love she had for Michael, and the way that she took it upon herself to help him in his younger years His mother, her mother s s [...]

    2. Find all my book reviews, plus fascinating author interviews, exclusive guest posts and book extracts, on my blog whatcathyreadnext.wordpress Part memoir of her cousin, Michael, part devastating analysis of the US justice and penal system, I found Danielle Allen s book, Cuz, utterly fascinating and thought provoking I don t read a lot of non fiction although I think perhaps I should but this book jumped out at me on NetGalley because of the intriguing story and the author s personal connection w [...]

    3. The New York Times got it right a sad story terribly overwritten to the point of being unreadable.Hard to believe that a woman with the awards that Allen has received penned the obtuse, run on sentences which fill the narrative to the point of casting doubt upon the merit of those awards As to the substance of the book it basically reveals that Allen failed in her mission to save her cousin from a life of crime not pretty.

    4. This was such an intensely sad true story of a life wasted and lost that I cannot say I loved it, but is was brilliantly told When Danielle Allen s baby cousin, Michael, was arrested at 15 for an attempted carjacking, he was tried as an adult and sentenced to 13 years Michael served 11 Three years after his release, he was shot and killed Why Why did he end up dead Why did he waste away in prison And why at 15 did he threaten someone with a gun and attempt to steal his car in the first place Dan [...]

    5. While I was interested in this story, especially after having seen the author speak at a conference, the writing itself was clunky and that made it hard to get into the flow.

    6. In Cuz The Life and Times of Michael A Danielle Allen, political scientist and Harvard professor, tells the personal story of her cousin Michael s incarceration, brief life and murder She describes his upbringing in Southern California and being sentenced for carjacking at fifteen just as the State had instituted its Three Strikes Law, his time in jail taking college courses, working as a firefighter, and then his eventual release How the family worked together for his homecoming, housing and jo [...]

    7. A professor in political theory tries to make sense of her cousin s life and death through the examination of mass incarceration, penal and public policy Her cousin Michael was first incarcerated at age fifteen for an attempted car jacking, of which the details are a little murky Danielle Allen is the professor and author of this look at her cousin s life Her intention here is to examine what went wrong after Michael s release and his death, three years later Some of her writing has a showy feel [...]

    8. Well to do cousin vs poor cuz Princeton vs prison Dean vs drug mule Laura Ashley comforter vs cot Do you get the drift good luck

    9. I picked up a copy of Cuz The Life and Times of Michael A because I saw Danielle Allen interviewed by Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore, and was touched by her raw emotion over the death of her cousin I wanted to know about Michael, a charming young man that everyone seemed to love, and learn about how the criminal justice system failed him.Unfortunately, I didn t learn as much as I would have liked about what made Michael so charismatic Moore interviewed her family after Michael s death and helped put [...]

    10. This was a quick read because I was enthralled with the story that the author Danielle Allen wrote about her youngest cousin Michael and how he got caught up in the legal system in South Central Los Angeles in reaction to the accelerated drug trade and gang warfare that sprung up in the nineties I had heard an interview with the author on the NPR radio show, Fresh Air and I was impressed that she wrote a 300 page book about her beloved baby cousin who just happened to get in trouble with the law [...]

    11. Michael s story is so compelling, but the writing in this book made it fall flat and seem pointless The structure and chronology of the book made no sense, and were interspersed with chapters of the author purposely inserting herself and her feelings into the story, with no explanation of how her feelings related to Michael I constantly felt myself getting sucked into Michael s story as the relation of his life events revved up again, only for a chapter to end and have the next chapter be a comp [...]

    12. After reading this thought provoking book, I came away with a greater understanding of gangs, drug issues, prisons and judicial system, and most of all, racial issues and the economically disenfranchised people of today I live in a suburb far away from these mostly urban problems It was portrayed so well in this book that I could really see these problems from another perspective I will be thinking about these topics for a long time My one complaint of the book is that the author did not go into [...]

    13. Danielle S Allen takes a family tragedy and presents her heartbreak to readers, showing the personal side of her cousin s incarceration and death shortly after release, and inviting her audience to contemplate the bigger picture of what is broken in our society and with our current penal system.Cuz exposes Michael s full character the bad choices as well as the good intentions, and presents a three dimensional picture of him as a person and as a symbol of the young men who fall through the crack [...]

    14. The personal bits and the actual biography of Michael were incredibly heart breaking, so I feel like I can t rate this lower than 3 but the execution was definitely lacking The hardest thing for me was reading from the perspective of an academic without a real understanding of the drug gang world, as I am definitely closer to Karen and her kids story in terms of my own life It reminded me in a way of the wire and how watching it you relate either to the police world or the drug world, and I am [...]

    15. A good case study on the effects of mass incarceration Reminded me a little bit of The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace A Brilliant Young Man Who Left Newark for the Ivy League which I highly recommend.

    16. what an amazing book Danielle Allen, academic superstar, recounts the imprisonment and death of her cousin, convicted for attempted carjacking with a gun This setting alone describes an astonishing distance in life trajectories between two cousins who were otherwise extremely close and, she suggests, not so different she describes him as brilliant and talks about how she tested her own scholarly arguments with him The fate of Michael, sentenced at age fifteen to twelve years of prison, subsequen [...]

    17. In Cuz , the story of the ill fated life of the author s cousin serves both as a eulogy and as a vehicle for a concise analysis of the conditions that led to his downfall While the tale of economic deprivation leading to dysfunction and tragedy may sound familiar, the purpose of the book is not to break our hearts yet again, though it does Instead, it offers a clear understanding of the forces at play and the policies at the heart of oppression as experienced real people It s the flesh and blood [...]

    18. Harvard professor Allen found herself at bat as the closest family member with the flexibility and means required to be a steady and consistent presence in her young cousin Michael s life after his release from prison Michael was 15 when he was first arrested in 1995 for attempted carjacking Sentenced to 25 years to life, he served 11 sweet Jesus, eh , after which the author began coaching him on how to get a job, go to college, get a car, etc Things were looking good, and Allen was allowing her [...]

    19. This book was not what I expected it to be it exceeded expectations Allen manages to use both a macro and micro lens through which to examine the life of her cousin, Michael, who was violently killed not long after being released from prison The book is partially a look into her relationship with Michael, as well as a reflection on it with insight likely gained in the aftermath of his death Allen also examines other smaller scale points that affected his life trajectory, such as his personality [...]

    20. Man, what a depressing, heartbreaking book Allen writes of her young cousin Michael, whose attempt at carjacking at the age of 15 leads to a ridiculous prison sentence and a ruined life Not that the life wasn t already in jeopardy before that, growing up as Michael was in L.A s gangland Allen builds a case for the War on Drugs backfiring and creating a parastate run by drug lords, whose distribution and retail work is done by folks on the street The illegal drug industry polices itself with viol [...]

    21. Cuz The Life and Times of Michael A is the true life story of the author s younger cousin Michael, who was arrested at the age of 15 in Los Angeles for the crime of attempted carjacking He was charged as an adult, served eleven years in prison, and was released in 2009 Three years later, his body was discovered in his vehicle, riddled with bullets.Danielle Allen, an academic at Harvard University, peels away the layers of Michael s troubled personal and family life and attempts to find an answer [...]

    22. This book was very powerful for me in it s presentation of the power of gangs, drugs, and mass incarceration to destroy the lives of so many people, especially young black men The writing is strong and clear and personal and pulls me into the writer s family in a way that engages my empathy and increases my understanding I was especially struck by the way she wrote and then rewrote the chapter about visiting her cousin in prison the first time with the safe distance of an academic and the second [...]

    23. Danielle Allen is an academic whose young cousin Michael was lost to violence The loss began when Michael, at 15, was convicted as adult of attempted carjacking and sundry other crimes Due to recent changes in the law, he received a stiff mandatory sentence and spent many years in prison He was released only to violate his parole and be recommitted He was released again only to be murdered a few short months later.His story is, sadly, a familiar tragedy to many families I was disappointed, thoug [...]

    24. Political theorist Danielle Allen tries to make sense of her cousin s murder that follows years later his attempted carjacking with gun at age 15 He admits to previous crimes and is sentenced to 12 years, most of which he serves in adult prisons While he was not well served by the prison system, and putting a 17 year old into some of the toughest prisons around seems a recipe for extending a criminal career, ultimately no sense is to be made He leaves prison, breaks his parole conditions and end [...]

    25. The New Yorker article that excerpted parts of this book is excellent, 5 out of 5 stars newyorker magazine 20 The writing was good, the story so powerful It didn t waste a word I highly recommend you read it.I wish I could say the same for the book I was really looking forward to Cuz after reading that article, and hearing author Danielle Allen give a moving, tearful speech about it at the National Book Festival But the book just doesn t live up to the high expectations I had It expands on Micha [...]

    26. This is the author s academic approach to understand why her cousin and millions of other mainly Black or Latin young men end in jail or get killed She obviously feels guilty because she didn t recognise the signs along the road Of course she examines the difficult family situation without a father but with many supportive relatives, the role of police and the changing role of gangs, the inapproriate sentencing for minor mostly drug related offences, the justice system and the so called war agai [...]

    27. The troubling issues raised in this book, I think, will haunt me for a long time The story is one of tragedy and offers no real solutions except perhaps the legalization of all drugs to remove the profit motive The statistics on incarceration are astounding 25% of the world s prisoners are imprisoned in the USA over 2 million people and we represent only 5% of the world s population Could that be possible The cycle of poverty and the gang violence that young people must deal with today in school [...]

    28. This short and devastating book is Danielle Allen s attempt to understand the forces that sent her cousin Michael down a tragic path from petty theft to prison for carjacking at age 15 to a violent death shortly after his release 11 years later and one so different from her own It s a story of poverty, gangs, love, and a family that seemingly put too much faith in the criminal justice system Allen quotes heavily from Michael s prison writings, and while I appreciated hearing his voice, the longe [...]

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