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Broke Deep By Charlie Cochrane,

  • Title: Broke Deep
  • Author: Charlie Cochrane
  • ISBN: 9781626495425
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
  • A Porthkennack novelMorgan Capell s life is falling apart by small degrees his father s dead, his boyfriend dumped him, and his mother s in the grip of dementia His state of mind isn t helped by his all too real recurring nightmare of the wreck of the Troilus, a two hundred year old ship he s been dreaming about since his teenage years.The story of the Troilus is interwovA Porthkennack novelMorgan Capell s life is falling apart by small degrees his father s dead, his boyfriend dumped him, and his mother s in the grip of dementia His state of mind isn t helped by his all too real recurring nightmare of the wreck of the Troilus, a two hundred year old ship he s been dreaming about since his teenage years.The story of the Troilus is interwoven with the Capell family history When amateur historian Dominic Watson inveigles himself into seeing the ship s timbers which make up part of Morgan s home, they form a tentative but prickly friendship that keeps threatening to spark into something romantic.Unexpectedly, Dominic discovers that one of the Troilus s midshipman was rescued but subsequently might have been murdered, and persuades Morgan to help him establish the truth But the they dig, the vivid Morgan s nightmares become, until he s convinced he s showing the first signs of dementia It takes as much patience as Dominic possesses and a fortuitous discovery in a loft to bring light out of the darkness.
    Broke Deep A Porthkennack novelMorgan Capell s life is falling apart by small degrees his father s dead his boyfriend dumped him and his mother s in the grip of dementia His state of mind isn t helped by his a

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    1. Broke Deep a Porthkennack book Charlie CochraneRiptide Publishing, 2017Four starsI m really getting very fond of Cornwall Between Harper Fox s Tyack and Frayne series and these Porthkennack books by various authors, I almost feel I know the place Charlie Cochrane is also a longtime favorite author of mine, and she brings her own inestimable charm to this fictional town on the Cornish coast Although set in the present, the theme is the past and its mysterious influence on old families Specificall [...]

    2. Morgan is a quiet man who has recently broken up with his boyfriend James Morgan is dealing with a number of life pressures and difficulties His father passed away and his mother now has Alzheimer s and he has put her in a care home He feels lonely and a bit lost He is also haunted by troubling dreams about the wreck of the Troilus which was a ship which ran aground during a storm two hundred years ago.Dominic Watson is researching local history and is keen to look at the beams in Morgan s house [...]

    3. 3.5 starsThis is the third book set in the fictional Cornish town of Porthkennack but can be read as a stand alone.Morgan is not having a good time of it his dad died not too long ago, his mum s dementia has meant her moving to a nursing home, and he has just received a Dear John letter from his partner the day he opens the letter though, he gets a phone call from a stranger wanting to come and look at the timbers in his cottage which come from the wreck of a ship that went down off the Devils A [...]

    4. Wanting to know about the deadly crash that wrecked the Troilus several hundred years ago and supposedly killed all hands aboard, Dominic Watson gets a hold of Morgan Capell whose family has connections back to when the nautical disaster happened Even some of the timber from the doomed ship was used to help frame the old Capell house Dominic, having heard from Morgan s ex about the connection, asks to come down to Porthkennack and perhaps have a look around to see if there might be clues about [...]

    5. ARC provided by the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an impartial review I ve been following this series to date and I was hoping for a really interesting paranormal story based on the blurb, or at least a good ghost story to chase away the chill on a stormy night, but this one fell short Other readers may love it, but it just wasn t my cuppa I found the romance to be lukewarm at best, and in fact, at times I wasn t even sure it was a romance Just a little light sex between two older [...]

    6. I loved the first two installments in the Porthkennack series, and I had high hopes for Broke Deep, especially since the premise sounded so fascinating I m a history student so the aspect of researching local and family history and shipwrecks was really something I looked forward to read about However, Broke Deep didn t meet my expectations and I had hard time connecting with the characters, and overall I was quite disappointed with the story.To me, the story and its characters felt quite one di [...]

    7. Third in Riptide Publishing s Porthkennack seriesThe books in this series are all set in the same town but written by various authors and sometimes in different eras so all books can be read as a standalone.I am a huge fan of Charlie Cochrane s Cambridge Fellows series and having enjoyed the first 2 books in this series I had high hopes for this one Well, I thought it was ok but didn t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would At first I thought there was going to be a paranormal element due to Morgan [...]

    8. I just couldn t connect to either one of these MCs, but especially Morgan Numerous times throughout the book I wondered why Dominic even stuck around Morgan was rude, and his anger would come out of nowhere How Dominic put up with that, I don t know On top of that , the chemistry between them seemed flat to me One thing I did think was done well was the turmoil family members of dementia patients go through Having to see the personality changes and the memory losses causes a toll on family, and [...]

    9. Since the blurb does such a great job of describing the basic plot of Broke Deep, I won t waste words on a rehash of events, but I will say that there s a lot to like about this installment in the Porthkennack series, thanks to Charlie Cochrane s proficiency at telling a solid story with likeable characters, and setting the stage with plenty of local flavor.Broke Deep is a slow burn romance, with its share of ups and downs, beginning as a burgeoning friendship, and running alongside the mystery [...]

    10. 3.5 stars A unique setting and lovely coupleBroke Deep is a part of Riptide Publishing s Porthkennack Universe, a series of standalones by various authors all set in the same coastal town This is my first book of the series but I certainly wouldn t hesitate revisiting the world I d characterize Broke Deep as a gentle romance The plot and romance has a rolling tempo, not rushed but not dragging either Although it s a contemporary romance set on the Cornish coast of England, the romance and charac [...]

    11. Each of the books in the Porthkennack series share a common setting the Cornish community of Porthkennack although A Gathering Storm is set in the 1850 s but are stand alones The blurb for Broke Deep intrigued me because it involves a two hundred year old shipwreck and two contemporary men who work to solve the mystery.Through most of Broke Deep, I admired the tightly constructed plot that gives us Morgan Capell who dreams of the wreck of the Troilus in graphic detail and fears he was losing his [...]

    12. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Once again, the Cornwall in this series is magical I love the nearly mythical history of Porthkennack, the captivating folklore and and the tangled family trees Saying that, I was underwhelmed by the story in this this third book.Firstly, the voices, the lifestyles and the interests of the two main characters make Morgan and Dominic feel like two men in late middle age I was thoroughly surprised when Dominic was described as bei [...]

    13. This is another enjoyable, well paced Porthkennack romance and my favorite of the modern day books so far While the books, which take place in an interconnected world set in the Cornish resort town of Porthkennack, haven t quite yet made the connections to one another I ve been hoping for, I like how this one weaves together a bit of the town s past and present.Morgan, the POV character, lives in a historical Porthkennack home that is made partly from the timbers of the wrecked ship Troilus, a l [...]

    14. The protagonists were repressed and seemed quite old fashioned, though it was a contemporary I m a member of Generation X, and I don t write letters These characters were younger I had the feeling that at least some of the repression was a British thing.Morgan was a jerk a lot of the time Dominic was sympathetic I thought there would be a paranormal explanation for Morgan s dreams I was left wondering if there would be a sequel that gave answers.Dementia is a depressing topic, especially early [...]

    15. DNF at 50% I tried, but the story just didn t engage me The ship thing was a bit interesting, but it s drowned in between all those awkward conversations and heart to hearts.

    16. I like Charlie Cochrane s books which are generally on the intellectual side of romance romance of the mind rather than the body, if you like No instapassion, screaming fights, or hot sex.I liked both of the characters and I understood Morgan s worries about dementia, although it was one of several things that made him seem older than he was supposed to be 30 How many people start worrying about getting dementia before age 50, even if it s in the family However, the description of his mother s d [...]

    17. Though I didn t absolutely love them, I enjoyed the first two novels of this series However, reading Broke Deep, the third, was an exercise in staying focused That s not to say the novel was bad It was just boring.Read the full review on my blog.

    18. I had a very difficult time reviewing this one I really wanted to like it, and came away feeling It s not you, it s me Okay, a little bit you Dominic Watson is trying to solve a mystery about the wreck of the Troilus, which most say ended with all hands lost, while some versions of the tale speak of a lone survivor He seeks out Morgan Capell, who lives in a house made with timbers from the wreck, hoping he can find information.Morgan has just gone through a bad breakup, but we never actually se [...]

    19. Memories have huge staying power, but like dreams, they thrive in the dark, surviving for decades in the deep waters of our minds like shipwrecks on the sea bed J.G BallardMorgan Capell has had recurring dreams for years He dreams about a ship named Trolius that crashed upon the rocky cliffs near his home, two hundred years ago The dreams are so vivid and frightening, it feels as if he s experiencing it He has never told anyone for fear of their reaction Morgan is contacted by Dominic Watson, wh [...]

    20. Most of the other reviewers have summarized the plot, so I won t.What I like 1 Very English with local traffic issues, interactions with the NHS Further vernacular that I needed to find in a dictionary Its idioms were not Americanized The iPhone was left out the plot wasn t shown to us via email on phones, no one took photos with phones, etc Leaving the tech out made it seem real, even though small are ubiquitous2 The Cornwall setting is interesting and Cochrane retained the geography, street p [...]

    21. Broke Deep, A Porthkennack novel, Charlie CochraneReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, LGBTQIAI loved the first two Porthkennack novels, they re a group of stories by different authors about the small town of Porthkennack Similar to Riptides Bluewater series which I love This series isn t fixed on a time though so the books can be contemporary as this one is or historical Great idea right Sadly though this one was just an OK read for me Its a shame as I ve loved some of Charlie s [...]

    22. 3 StarsBroke Deep is part of Riptide Publishing s Porthkennack series and can be read as a standalone, since neither of the stories are connected between them.Morgan has been dealing poorly with his father s sudden death, his mother s dementia and his fear he s heading that way, too, his nightmares and now to top it all, his boyfriend dumped him through a Dear John letter When he gets a call from Dominic asking for information regarding the shipwreck of the Troilus the same shipwreck featuring i [...]

    23. I didn t love Broke Deep, but I liked it better than many GR readers apparently Is it exciting and action packed and full of angsty passion No, but that s not why I read Charlie Cochrane and that s not why I love her Cambridge Fellows series I like her subtle, slyly clever, British approach to romance in which two people gradually glow closer as they find comfort and joy in each other s arms Morgan and Dominic may not be able to hold a candle to the beloved Jonty and Orlando from Lessons in Love [...]

    24. Picked this up because I greatly enjoyed the other books in the Porthkennack series, but this one turned out to be a disappointment.The book felt like 90% dialogue, which made it an exhausting read Perhaps this style of writing works for other people, it didn t work for me There was hardly any action, all the characters did was talk They went to a restaurant to talk, they went to the beach to talk, they went to the pub to talk, and then home to talk some .I couldn t connect with the characters, [...]

    25. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words reviewRating 3 stars out of 5For the Full review visit wp p220KL b2nFrom that review I m such a huge fan of Charlie Cochrane that I rush to pick up anything she writes and this sounded full of elements she could put her unique spin on It had historical aspects up the wazoo A wreck of the Troilus on the Cornish coast that seems to haunt this one family and village So modern times and the past combined, plus a romance between two unique spirits something Cochra [...]

    26. Holy Unresolved Plotlines, Batman This was a hard one to get through because of the plodding pacing And MC Morgan was fairly unlikeable Dominic was quite alright but I couldn t comprehend why he d want to be around Morgan who was rude and short tempered I thought all of his moodiness would be explained by the paranormal phenomena that was hinted atbut then the book just ended I was fairly intrigued by the missing midshipman and village girl, but that was just left unexplained The early memory lo [...]

    27. This book isn t poorly written on the sentence or paragraph level, and the characters are even kind of charming But there s this HUGE SPOOKY SEEMING MYSTERY that is resolved with view spoiler nothing Just like, you read this spooky story about the shipwreck when you were a kid and you ve had nightmares ever since and your mom had them too because she read the same book hide spoiler And just nothing really happens at all They argue a bit, nothing really happens, they investigate a boring mystery, [...]

    28. I liked this one fine, it did take a while to get going I was expecting a bit of a paranormal slant but did like the digging into local history, sorting out mostly truth from local legends.Morgan s dementia fear, whilst I can understand, did grate after a while and I thought the falling out was a bit contrived.Dominic and Morgan together were fine, mostly I enjoyed their talk but at times it was almost trying too hard Some good funny lines though A nice read, fairly gentle and easy.

    29. Disappointing An interesting premise, but poorly explored The dialogue was stilted and the third act breakup forced and cliched I found myself skimming sections to get back to the plot To add insult to injury, the mystery surrounding Midshipman Lawson was not satisfactorily resolved.However, the writing was above average and some of descriptions of the settings evocative Would be interested to read other works by this author

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