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The Secret Sharer: An Episode from the Coast By Joseph Conrad, The Secret Sharer About The Secret Sharer CliffsNotes The Secret Sharer was published in , and the story is based on an actual incident, with some of the facts altered to suit Conrad s artistic purposes In the s, a mate aboard the Cutty Sark killed an insubordinate sailor during an altercation in which the insubordinate sailor eventually died Like Leggatt, the killer who escapes punishment and befriends the story s narrator, the murderer escaped his The Secret Sharer Joseph Conrad Sep , The Secret Sharer is Conrad at his best It tells the story of a young man on his maiden voyage as captain in the British Merchant Service, isolated and endangered by his loyalty to a stowaway Conrad had a special gift for writing about young men especially young seamen The Secret Sharer Shmoop Conrad first published The Secret Sharer as a short story in Harper s Magazine way back in believe it or not, Harper s is actually still around today Later in , he included the story in a collection of his works called Twixt Land and Sea It s interesting to note that Conrad also wrote this story really quickly, pumping it out in just two weeks in . The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad The Secret Sharer is a story, not a novella, though it s a long one, and it s a perfect example of Conrad using the setting of the southeast Asian seas as a kind of Secret Sharer Jun , With the stakes now raised considerably higher he keeps her presence a secret from the crew who return soon enough which means he has to share his food rations with her and she becomes the secret sharer. The Secret Sharer, by Joseph Conrad I took a bath and did most of my dressing, splashing, and whistling softly for the steward s edification, while the secret sharer of my life stood drawn up bolt upright in that little space, his face looking very sunken in daylight, his eyelids lowered under the stern, dark The Secret Sharer Summary Shmoop The Secret Sharer Summary BACK NEXT How It All Goes Down A young man has found himself promoted to captain on board a ship sailing in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean He knows that his crew doesn t really trust his judgment, since he s pretty new to this stuff and no one on the boat knows him So as you can imagine, he feels kind of lonely Story Summary CliffsNotes The Secret Sharer begins with the anonymous narrator the recently appointed captain of an unnamed ship anchored in the Gulf of Siam what is now called the Gulf of Thailand As the Captain stands on the deck, alone, he soaks in the sunset and silence of the sea. ER The Secret Sharer TV Episode Nov , Directed by Thomas Schlamme With Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, Noah Wyle Doug gets the opportunity to stay at the ER thanks to the publicity surrounding his rescue of a drowning boy the week before.

  • Title: The Secret Sharer: An Episode from the Coast
  • Author: Joseph Conrad
  • ISBN: 9780146001482
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young man sets out on his first voyage as captain, aboard a vessel and among a crew that are equally unfamiliar to him A mysterious night swimmer climbs aboard, and, in keeping the presence of this fugitive a secret, the skipper risks both his captaincy and the safety of his ship A test of nerve in the Gulf of Siam ensues.
    The Secret Sharer An Episode from the Coast A young man sets out on his first voyage as captain aboard a vessel and among a crew that are equally unfamiliar to him A mysterious night swimmer climbs aboard and in keeping the presence of this

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    1. The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad is a short story novella of less than 100 pages, yet in it Conrad demonstrates as many great writers do, the simple, elegant power of the short work Here the writer can succinctly deliver a forceful message in economic fashion The Secret Sharer is like many of his works most about the seas and a man s command of a vessel Also like many of his works, the setting is in the South Seas and we find our narrator taking his first command near the Gulf of Siam The stra [...]

    2. One of my all time favorite authors is Joseph Conrad His exploration of the human condition as reflected by the men who toil at sea is as profound as any philosophical dissertation by any name philosopher His theme is man against nature or man against men, His yarns are full of events both in the inner and outer worlds of journeyers at sea or water The Heart of Darkness of course is essential to his success and esteem as an author adventurer But he has many other tales that I ve read and appreci [...]

    3. Late update appended I actually read this novelette in a combined edition with Conrad s Heart of Darkness, but thought I d switch to this edition for a full review The Secret Sharer is a peculiar story It is quick the whole thing is only a few dozen pages long, and can be read in something like an hour And it is certainly not complex the plot is very basic.Conrad s prose is a pleasure to read, as always Despite the fact that it was written towards the end of the Edwardian period, an odd Victoria [...]

    4. How do British and American writers avoid being overwhelmed with feelings of envy and shame when reading Joseph Conrad He was, after all, one of the English language s greatest prose stylists, and it wasn t his first or even second language Polish came first and French second for the novelist born J zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski The Secret Sharer, given its brevity, would be a fine introduction to anyone unfamiliar with Conrad It s also approachable than Heart of Darkness, which is a fantastic [...]

    5. The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad is often a companion piece to other Conrad tales, usually Heart of Darkness, and so the years have passed and I never read this story until tonight because the headline story always caught my attention.The Secret Sharer is a story, not a novella, though it s a long one, and it s a perfect example of Conrad using the setting of the southeast Asian seas as a kind of metaphysical symbol for the totality of existence He depicts beauty, tranquility, boredom, discipl [...]

    6. Dark psychological sailing storyA classic tale of a new captain, unfamiliar and unpopular with his crew, and the naked murderer, Leggatt, found overboard, a doppelganger for the unnamed captain in mind and appearance The book opens with long descriptive sentences, a overflow of words to set the scene Leggatt comes aboard in the middle of the night, unseen for the entire short story by any but the captain The psychological drama of the interaction between the two men reminds me of Poe s writing, [...]

    7. My eyes caress the delicate words strewn across the page, tasting the sweet nectar and experiencing the literary pleasure only a skilful painter of words can bring, the existence of the words intertwining with the essence of my being, stroking my heart and stoking the fire of my mindUhmmmm bleh I m sorry you read that Now that I ve gotten my rather sorry attempt at being the next Joseph Conrad out of my system, I ll keep going with this review The Secret Sharer is the second Joseph Conrad work t [...]

    8. 2013 has definitely been my year of doppelg nger books The Secret Sharer belongs on the shelf next to Doestoevsky s the Double , Nabokov s Despair , Highsmith s The Talented Mr Ripley , and Roth s Operation Shylock and probably the Epic of Gilgamesh too These are all great doppelg nger books, and Conrad s Secret Sharer is not inferior to any of them Conrad constantly delivers on the nuance of his language, his thought, and his absolute control of the English language Conrad s literary rigging is [...]

    9. A nice quick read yet I wished the plot was a bit complex It s my first Joseph Conrad read and definitely not the last for I very much enjoyed his writing style.

    10. Conrad s unusual style very much lends itself to this sort of mysterious tale where we aren t sure if we inhabit a world of ghosts or our own At times I kept thinking to myself Poe would have recognized this story since so much of the tension is happening in the captain s mind.Unlike a lot of Conrad, however, The Secret Sharer is not trying to be obtuse in how it handles its theme identity in this case though that s always Conrad s theme Nostromo, Heart of Darkness, and especially Lord Jim are d [...]

    11. CapolavoroLeggere un romanzo come The secret sharer in lingua originale con il sostegno di una pur buona traduzione a fronte indicativo di quanto, nella trasposizione, si perda dell originale significato, confermando l idea che ogni opera letteraria dovrebbe poter essere fruibile nella versione in cui stata prodotta per apprezzarne a pieno le diverse componenti linguistico espressive e, di conseguenza, interpretarne correttamente il messaggio secondo le intenzioni dell autore.Ad esempio, nella t [...]

    12. This short, 35 page short story took me 2 1 2 hours to read Not because it was dense, but because for every minute I read, I spent at least 5 minutes staring off into space And while I admit the scenery was lovely lake, the rainbow in the fountain, the tiny dog that wouldn t have known what to do with that duck if he d managed to catch it, etc I see that scenery all the time, and had no trouble concentrating on either of the books I read earlier in the afternoon If staring off into space for so [...]

    13. Second reading Conrad s tale of a novice sea captain viewed with uncertainty by his crew who, alone on deck one night, discovers a naked man from the sea clinging to his boat The man, Leggat, is a killer, but the narrator, unnamed, keeps him as a stowaway out of an instinctual affection for Leggat, and the knowledge that he is capable of the same crime The choice to name one but not the other is significant, as the two take on a sometimes overly obvious dual role, with Leggat named, hence signi [...]

    14. I enjoyed the writing style, but the ship technicalities made it hard for me to get through The plot was very slow until the last two pages 3 1 2 Stars

    15. On its face, this book about a murderer stowaway and the captain that tries to save him is a suspenseful and exciting tale The psychological thriller aspects is the stowaway real Is the captain just losing his mind under the pressure of his first captaincy are fascinating Probably Conrad s best work.

    16. Il compagno segreto , ovvero la tensione tra la propria personalit pubblica e il suo lato nascosto tra la libert quasi anarchica del fuorilegge, unico giudice delle proprie azioni, e l uomo civile, perfettamente inserito in una societ di leggi giuste e incorruttibili Il capitano al suo primo comando un estraneo sulla sua stessa nave, che ancora non conosce I suoi sforzi per custodire il suo doppio segreto rivelano in modo inequivocabile la diffidenza e l ostilit dell equipaggio verso di lui, per [...]

    17. It s very interesting how one can so intimately relate to someone who is an absolute stranger Conrad captures this so unbelievably well, to the point of the narrator s potential self destruction The man is entirely willing to sacrifice his livelihood, his career, the opinion of his men, and even the ship of which he is captain for the sake of a complete stranger.But it s also a selfish act As much as the narrator believes this stranger to be a mirror of his own self, as much as he feels so entir [...]

    18. New Skipper Saves Swimmer, Shows MoxieJoseph Conrad wrote a number of classic novels This is one of them Like some sort of literary health tonic packed full of vitamins, minerals, and health restoring properties THE SECRET SHARER contains enough symbolism, ideas, and plot to keep analysts busy for centuries It is full of sea lore, the nature of flat, tropic seas It is hard to find an original thing to say in review, so much has been already written The author operated at three levels He wrote an [...]

    19. Joseph Conrad s The Secret Sharer is a drama novel somehow both minimal and scope and difficult to read through, with enough detail personal to his writing style to stay memorable The plot is set against the Gulf of Siam on a nameless cargo ship headed towards Britain centering upon the first person perspective of its captain as a strange, coincidental circumstance subtly pits him against his own moral and duteous code Like the ship, the central character is a nameless young captain newly placed [...]

    20. Conrad, Joseph THE SECRET SHARER 1912 This is a Folio Society edition of Conrad s two volumes of short stories Twixt Land and Sea, 1912 , and Tales of Hearsay, 1925 The first set the famous of the two contains the short stories A Smile of Fortune, The Secret Sharer, and Freya of the Seven Isles The second collection contains The Warrior s Soul, Prince Roman, The Tale, and The Black Mate They are all excellent stories, although the two best known, The Secret Sharer, and A Smile of Fortune, are [...]

    21. I had forgotten just how beautiful Conrad s writing is His descriptions are perfect coming from someone who hates reading description he is so good at setting the dark mood of which he seems to be so fond.The Secret Sharer is a short story and is as such distinctly lacking in plot It can, perhaps, be summed up in a single sentence the narrator, new captain of a ship in the Gulf of Siam, takes aboard a fugitive named Leggatt view spoiler , whom he hides in his cabin and eventually allows to escap [...]

    22. I didn t think much if after I had read it I was ambivalent at best Until I began to recount it to a co worker who asked what it had been about I started at the beginning mentioned a few introductory details, the next thing I knew I pushing through the plot points and racing toward the conclusion as I was talking I was becoming and excited, I was exuberantly recalling the final moments of the text where every thread came together in a white knuckled finale that was as unexpected as could be I [...]

    23. A short story from Conrad s Twixt Land and Sea published as a Penguin 60s Classic.An amusing and well constructed short story about a sea captain, new to his vessel, who takes on board in the dead of night a man from a ship anchored nearby.Keeping the man s presence a secret from the crew leaves the captain looking eccentric and somewhat foolish.Not much to say without spoiling the story An enjoyable short read 4 Stars.

    24. 4.0 starsical, elusive , powerfullI felt like observing a masterpiece painting but could not grasp the truest massage the artist wanted to convey.Great story Good for a change of stage background I mean bookwise.

    25. Killer language Great storytelling Could be mistaken for Kafka with some of those descriptions concerning man s consciousness with regards to his surroundings My second Conrad and I plan to keep going.

    26. Only my second book read of Conrad but again, I found it interesting This was not as difficlt a read as Heart of Darkness and well worth the time.

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