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Lullaby By L.R.W. Lee,

  • Title: Lullaby
  • Author: L.R.W. Lee
  • ISBN: 9781979299237
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • You ve heard of the Sand Man Meet his counterpart, the Sand Maiden.Alissandra thrills to help her human charges make sense of thoughts that need refinement, problems that need solutions, worries that beg for action, and things they should or shouldn t have said, as she weaves their dreams She s been doing it her entire immortal existence But when the most powerful kingYou ve heard of the Sand Man Meet his counterpart, the Sand Maiden.Alissandra thrills to help her human charges make sense of thoughts that need refinement, problems that need solutions, worries that beg for action, and things they should or shouldn t have said, as she weaves their dreams She s been doing it her entire immortal existence But when the most powerful king in Dream realm sets his sights on her current charge, Prince Kovis Altairn, to exploit him in his quest to conquer Wake realm, Ali has no choice but to flee and pray the sovereign doesn t hunt her down.In this, the first in a three book series, Ali s arrival isn t applauded by some and she finds herself caught in a political game that may silence her before she can begin to defend Wake All the while, she sees signs that the power hungry Dream king is pursuing her What will happen if he finds her Prince Kovis Altairn, crown prince and the most powerful sorcerer in the Altairn Empire, knows nothing about Dream realm, let alone his sand maiden So when Ali is discovered naked in his bedroom, how will she convince him of her intentions, as well as the danger The Sand Maiden is a three book NA Epic Fantasy Romance series with YA appeal If you loved Sarah J Maas A Court of Thorns and Roses, Elise Kova s Air Awakens, and or Rachel E Carter s The Black Mage you ll definitely love this WARNING Mature content including sexual abuse Recommended for 18.
    Lullaby You ve heard of the Sand Man Meet his counterpart the Sand Maiden Alissandra thrills to help her human charges make sense of thoughts that need refinement problems that need solutions worries that

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    1. Thank you L.R.W Lee for an advanced copy of this to read I received this book for an honest review And I am happy to say that an honest review wont be hard to come by Just having finished this I am still on a happy high, buzzing with all the excitement of that ending WAHHH I need book two like IMMEDIATELY This book really throws you into a new world with new magic and a cray cray evil father king sandman and his daughter Alissandra I thoroughly enjoyed the new spin on the sandman and the sand ma [...]

    2. The great thing about being an author is that you re friends with other authors who then give you early copies of their books Got this bad boy on my Kindle 3

    3. Came for Charlie s book cover, stayed because the idea of The Sand Maiden sounds highly intriguing update 12 12 17 Officially pre ordered Looking forward to January 15th, 2018 update 01 15 18 It s here Hit my Kindle app about two hours again Time to start reading update 02 21 18 Restarting my journey through The Sand Maiden as L.R.W Lee has been kind enough to offer me a revised edition Thank you 3

    4. I received an advanced copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review Ali Escapes from Dream Realm and her cruel father after she finds out he is going after her human charge in the hope to take over Wake Relm Ali is thrust into in Wake Realm meets Kovis her starbeam, with his help she is hoping to stop her father s plan I have put off writing this review for so long I started this book initially back in the beginning of December I got about 3 quarters of the way through and [...]

    5. L.R.W Lee brings an amazing new realm literally to new adult fantasy It s sure to please fans of sorcerers, princes, kickass fight scenes, epic magic, and dazzling romance Did I mention this is all in one book I had the utmost pleasure of receiving an early review copy of this lovely book it s definitely new adult think A Court of Thorns and Roses level, which I know will make a lot of romance readers happy and definitely brings back all my favorite epic medieval fantasy feels with a fresh excit [...]

    6. Note I received an ARC copy of this book from the author This in no way influences my opinion I was a bit on the fence about reading this book I wasn t entirely sure if it sounded like it was going to be my kind of thing, but after discussing it over with a friend, I decided to go for it and applied for ARC when they opened up Unfortunately, this turned out to be not really my cup of tea and I ended up DNFing it about 30 percent of the way through I found it to be confusing and slow, as well as [...]

    7. This story is a wonderfully fresh take on the Sandman Sand maiden and it was fabulous First I d like to say thank you to L.R.W Lee for providing such an awesome opportunity to allow some of us, myself included, to receive an ARC So, thank you so much Below is my honest review.The characters development was wonderful, especially Kovis He grew so much from the beginning before he knew Ali Ali truly was what he needed to break through the wall he had built and once he did he was amazing Ali was a f [...]

    8. I just finished reading Lullaby and WOW this book gave me the feels, and the characters are interesting and as you dive in to the story I was lucky to have an ARC, and now I can t wait to have this series added to my shelves Seriously, I can t wait for book 2 I already miss Ali and Kovis To L.R.W Lee thank you for introducing me to another world that I would love to explore in Planning on re reading it tonight.

    9. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and I would like to say I definitely liked this book but I would give it about 3.5 stars and here is why First, the plot itself is really unique and I loved the idea behind it The magic system is one of my favorites in the books that I have read recently I do love the fact that there are non magic wielding cities as well with their own rules and traditions I would LOOOOVE if the next book had of them involved It definitely has the potential to [...]

    10. I was given a review copy of this book in return for my honest review Lullaby was on my wish list long before I was offered a review copy and so when that chance arose I grabbed it with both hands, and oh my am I glad I did A wonderfully created world sees the reader move from the Dream Realm to the Wake Realm as the main character, Ali flees from her Sandman father Once in Wake we meet well rounded characters who you cannot help but love The bond between siblings, friends becoming family, the w [...]

    11. I am changing my rating from 3.5 to 4 stars I went back from the start to take note of lines that left me an impact And I realized I enjoyed of the story in this quick re read The realms the characters are in are truly unique Also, if I can t move on from this particular scene in the book then I must have been imbued and captivated right I would seriously love to find out of what happens to Kennan to Ali and Kovis and how they would together endure that huge revelation in the end I believed cr [...]

    12. There are two big things to be mentioned when reviewing this book One is that it is a romance story I had to somewhat reorganize my expectations about five chapters into it because I did not know the romance would be a main plot point Once I did realized that though I started to enjoy the journey a bit if that makes sense Nothing wrong with a good romance fantasy, in fact they are some of my favorites I just like it better when I know that going into the book and I feel that other readers might [...]

    13. I received an Advanced Readers Copy ARC of the book Lullaby Which just in case you don t know means I received a copy of the book before it s official release date Lullaby is being released on the 15th of January 2018 In exchange for receiving this book, I am giving an honest review This is the first ARC I have ever gotten and I m glad to have been one of the lucky ones who received a copy Lullaby is a fantasy, romance, New Adult novel with Young Adult appeal L.R.W.Lee also the author of the And [...]

    14. Clearly the author doesn t understand the difference between New Adult and Young Adult 18 is mutually exclusive with Young Adult the book cannot be both Young Adult s target readership is 14 18 Stop trying to target readers by using both genres it s dishonest at best and at worst, it s exposing young people to adult topics in an inappropriate and biased manner.I m still gonna read this because I m over 18 and it sounds interesting, but I m already inclined to dislike the author before I ve even [...]

    15. I felt so lucky to receive an ARC from L.R.W Lee My first arc ever So here is my honest review I really enjoyed the book I think the story and the way it s presented is unique I d love to know about Ali s world, but I m sure that is to come The character development was done well I especially love Ali and her sweet demeanor, but she is also so forward, especially with Kovis Lol I can t wait for the next book

    16. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book The cover is perfect for this new world and intriguing This is the first book in a new series that is considered New Adult which means you should be at least 18 to read this series due to the mature content.Wow, this book was intense and full of drama, intrigue, treachery, magic, and This wor [...]

    17. Let s begging this review by explaining my rating progress here 1 stars out of FiveI ve heard a decent amount of buzz surrounding this book from the bookstagram community on Instagram and I feel the the buzz came from the fact that the cover art of this book was contributed by the amazing Charlie Bowter the women who lends her art style to Sarah J Maas Acotar series As well for the fact as this book immediately labeled itself as New Adult which I tend to see being the new trend when it comes to [...]

    18. I believed creativity to be the expression of the person, who they were inside Evil didn t create beauty like this This was honest I resisted, but I couldn t deny LULLABYI ll admit it The first time I heard about this book, it was because the cover had just been revealed and shown in a social media thread I was following Then I saw that the cover art was from Charlie Bowater, who has done artwork for the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas THEN I read the summary Sand maiden lore [...]

    19. Thank you to LRW Lee for entrusting her hard work to me for review A gift I must be honest Sadly this book was not much to my tastes I am truly rooting for the next installment to bounce this series back Alissandra, a sand maiden, finds herself very rudely awakened in Wake Realm the opposite reality of her own Dream Realm Ali, her dreambeam Prince Kovis, and his twin Prince Kennan, must all find a way to stop the ruler of Dream Realm from conquering Wake Realm And so begins Ali s struggle to adj [...]

    20. Really interesting concept, I can t wait to find out what happens in book 2 Some of the writing was over written, especially the beginning chapters Once I got through that I enjoyed it

    21. This book has everything in one that I love Fantasy, Romance, Action and a Strong Female lead I enjoyed every second of this book I can t wait for the 2nd book of the trilogy

    22. I LOVED this book It starts off with a bang and continues that way through the whole story It is wonderfully written you don t even release how much you ve read until you re done and realise that the book is done and the second one isn t out yet and WHY

    23. I am super thrilled to say that I was chosen to read this book as an ARC Lullaby was really enjoyable ride From the beginnig I was little confused I needed a few pages to get into the story but then it just went like a roller coaster I fell in love with the story, with the characters, with the word builing.The world full of magic, intricts and many many Page after page I realised that I will definitely need book 2 It was a quick read but one of the most intense I needed some time to breathe out [...]

    24. Cover Art By Charlie BowaterOh Em Gee You guys I was super excited to find out I was chosen to review this book I ve been following the author ever since I found out about it I was so thrilled Lullaby is addictive, captivating, dynamic, and well ENCHANTING Lullaby was a complete page turner This is a NA book with YA appeal So, basically 18 , but in all honesty, if you are old enough to handle Sarah J Mass books then this one is right up your alley The whole idea of dreams and Sandman was absolut [...]

    25. I was lucky enough to be chosen to read this from the Advanced Reader Copy I received it Wednesday lunch time and by Thursday evening I was telling the author that I had run out of book to read It s rare for me to read a book so quickly on the first pass but L.R.W Lee s characters are so well written that I wanted to know what was going to happen next And I still do even after finishing the novel I can t wait for book two The main character is Ali Allisandra who we find has managed to stumble in [...]

    26. Lullaby is a book that catches your attention like a whip cracking because of it s gorgeous cover The idea of Sandman and Sandmaiden s was different and exciting I m intrigued when it comes to dreams, and how our minds process the emotions and events in our everyday lives The story starts out in an exciting action sequence grabbing your attention and drawing you in We learn things as the MC learns them and it s fun to figure out the puzzles as she does Ali is a beautiful character who loves deep [...]

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