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Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat By Cynthia Rylant Suçie Stevenson,

  • Title: Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat
  • Author: Cynthia Rylant Suçie Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780689810138
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this eighth book in the Henry and Mudge series, Henry and his dog Mudge take in a stray cat It s not a pretty cat, but it is a happy cat and it loves Mudge
    Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat In this eighth book in the Henry and Mudge series Henry and his dog Mudge take in a stray cat It s not a pretty cat but it is a happy cat and it loves Mudge

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    1. Read to a kindergarten class over the course of a dayI love Henry and Mudge books This book is no exception Henry s family finds a shabby cat on their porch They take the cat in and try to find the owner of this unfortunate looking cat The cat becomes like a mother to Mudge The shabby cat s owner finally finds him and leaves quite and impression on both Mudge and Henry

    2. Another great Henry and Mudge book that my 5 yr old loved Most of these that we find at the library are level 2 reader books and right now, that s perfect for my son He s between a level 2 and 3 and often gets either, but he absolutely loves Henry and Mudge and can relate to many of his adventures Not for preschoolers, but great beginner reader books for the young reader.

    3. This is another book that I read to my sons Aidan 7 , Quintin 4 , and Declan 1 while I was deployed to Afghanistan I had the feeling it was part of a series, but it did well on its own and I had no problems with not knowing what had happened in books 1 7 Easy read I think my son Aidan, who just started the second grade, will have no problems reading this book I also liked that there were no bad examples for the boys to follow, as I have unfortunately found in other children books Fun book to rea [...]

    4. This is a fun story about a scruffy cat that Henry and Mudge and their family adopt until they can find its owner The poor cat is very unusual and looks the color of mushed prunes The family begins to love the cat and though they are happy when the owner is reunited with his cat, they are sad to have him leave This is a good story about compassion and kindness toward animals.

    5. This book is a great first chapter book It s such an easy read, your reader will feel confident, and the authors humor weaves a great, silly tale that will keep your child s interest.

    6. I am starting to think Mudge might be a Mastiff A cute alternative to Steven Kellogg s Pinkerton the Great Dane.

    7. My son and I both thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series and were excited to find out what would happen as we started each one Because my son was between 5 6 years old he s an advanced reader at the time, he easily identified with Henry and loved Mudge because 1 he desperately wanted a dog, and 2 Mudge s goofiness was endearing AND hilarious Read Aloud Pre K and KindergartenIntroduces plot, character development, foreshadowing, and use of imagery.Independent Reading First or Second grade 6 [...]

    8. In the eighth book of their adventures, Henry and his 180 pound dog Mudge find a stray, shabby cat They care for the cat and become very attached while they wait to find it a home One day, a policeman shows up looking for his lost cat after seeing the posters Henry put up Henry and Mudge have a hard time saying good bye but after a nap, some crackers, and lots of extra hugs, they learn to cope with the difficulties of friendship after receiving a special surprise.This book is another great addit [...]

    9. Personal Reaction I had a lot of these books growing up I really love how these books offer words per page and how this particular book offers three short chapters I could see it making the reader feel as if they are advanced because of the use of chapters Use Purpose in classroom I would read this book aloud just during story time or a reading unit This is a great book for students to sit back and enjoy I feel like they will really enjoy it because it deals with the relationship between a pet [...]

    10. Personal Reaction I think this book was super cute They have a simple plot line that I think all children can find enjoyable I just love the character Mudge, I think he makes the whole story It is part of a series but you can understand it reading just one of the stories.Independent I think this book would be good for transitional readers It has very short chapters and very little words to the page It still includes illustrations which will keep a reader engaged They will also feel very accompli [...]

    11. Henry, Henry s father, and Mudge hear are watching TV when Mudge hears something at the door When they opened the door, there sat a matted cat They bring the cat in a care for it and Henry asks if they could keep it Dad told him only till they found the cat s home They hung up posters all over town to alert people that a cat had been found People came over one after another, but none of them were the owner of the cat Finally, a police officer came over to look at the cat and it was his Henry and [...]

    12. If you have 4 year old to read to, you should pick this series up They re long enough to interest an older kid, they re good for starting readers, and they re pretty damn funny, even for grown ups And they have chapters, which I think is a crucial first step on the road towards the young adult shelf.

    13. Henry and Mudge books are always so fun A little boy and his dog are always having fun In this story Henry s dad and he find a lost cat They all fall in love with her especially Mudge as they try and find her family they almost give up and decide to keep her But then a police officer comes up and claims Dave so Mudge and Henry are very very sad But at the end they get a nice gift from Dave as a thank you.

    14. What a happy book A cat colored with the color of prunes winds up in Henry s family including the big dog Mudge who really takes in the kitty as a true friend Usually literature is all cats vs dogs but this book is a true treat for kids and grown ups Who says prunes or pets ain t good for the soul

    15. I read this book to study English.It is easy and short story for children.I have enjoyed the story of this book very much.I m going to read the other books in this series.I recommend the Henry and Mudge series for English beginners

    16. One of my favorites of this Cynthia Rylant early reader series, much enjoyed by kids kindergarten through 2d grade Sweet, gentle stories about the relationship between a boy and his very big dog Many kids love them, but boys seem to gravitate toward them most.

    17. Henry and Mudge do it again They entertain, teach, and provide great reading material for kids My students find this book funny, and they love the manners that the cat teaches Mudge The is a great story of friendship.

    18. This book is from one of my all time favorite series, it is also timelessly popular in the 2nd grade I can remember reading it and now get to enjoy sharing it with my 2nd graders The students enjoy the quick reading chapters and the theme of animals and familiar words.

    19. This was the first book I read about Henry and his dog Mudge The book had a nice story, and I would definitely use this in my classroom Maybe the oldest would find it boring, so I think I would use it for 3 5 years old.

    20. MCL I liked that the cat adopted Mudge and taught Mudge good manners I liked the part when the cat sent Mudge dog bones and a police badge and because the cat taught Mudge good manners he shared the police badge with Henry.

    21. Henry and Mudge and the Happy Cat is the 8th book in the Henry and Mudge series Henry and Mudge find a stray cat The cat bonds with Mudge and Henry The cat is able to teach both of them good manners The Henry and Mudge series is an excellent series for late first grade and early second.

    22. I thought that this book was good It was funny when the cat washed Mudge s feet It was polite for the cat to send Mudge thirty bones This story would have been better if there were five pets in the story It would have been funnier to read about four cats washing Mudges feet.

    23. How can you NOT love a book about finding and taking in a cat who is scraggly and looks like well mashed prunes CUTE story.

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    25. I love these books Natalie and I love the happy cat Dave that visits Henry and Mudge for a bit Perfect 4 year old humor.

    26. A very cute story about a stray cat Good for early readers, and it has chapters which can be great for transitioning Could be used to teach prediciting in independent reading.

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