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Once... By James Herbert,

  • Title: Once...
  • Author: James Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780765343505
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The International BestsellerFor Thom Kindred, life is nothing spectacular A stroke victim, Thom finds himself partially incapacitated and battling daily to regain control of his life Moved by haunting dreams of his youth, he travels back to the wooded land where he grew up to recuperate Surrounded by the comforts of Castle Bracken, Thom plans to relive old, forgotten meThe International BestsellerFor Thom Kindred, life is nothing spectacular A stroke victim, Thom finds himself partially incapacitated and battling daily to regain control of his life Moved by haunting dreams of his youth, he travels back to the wooded land where he grew up to recuperate Surrounded by the comforts of Castle Bracken, Thom plans to relive old, forgotten memories.But Thom s return has stirred an ancient evil at Castle Bracken, one cloaked in the guise of a friend His only chance for survival lies in a world that he no longer believes in International bestselling author James Herbert opens the door into a place of wonder and terrible danger where the unexpected becomes the norm, where the separation of dreams and nightmares is thin, and where Once upon a time doesn t always lead to a happy ending.
    Once The International BestsellerFor Thom Kindred life is nothing spectacular A stroke victim Thom finds himself partially incapacitated and battling daily to regain control of his life Moved by haunting

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    1. Boy oh boy, this book is shit Fortunately, it was a buddy read with my good friend Thomas Str mquist so I didn t have to suffer alone Funnily enough, I asked Thomas if we could skip the book we d initially agreed to read this month, The Venus Complex, because I wasn t in the mood for erotic horror Thomas had also mentioned wanting to read some James Herbert I decided on this book Why, yes, Virginia, I am a fucking moron.I was under the impression that James Herbert was a horror author, that the [...]

    2. Oh gosh, where to start I ll admit to being entranced by the narrative for the first third of this and I really liked it that far Therefore, I so much wanted to put something that a measly one star for the book Until I remembered that the two star rating on is defined as it was ok Which made the one star rating a so called no brainer Following the admittedly well written and alluring intro this thing descended into a cesspool of fairy tale clich s and tasteless porn My initial fantasy of findin [...]

    3. Once is an adult fairy tale fantasy with bizarre sexual scenarios, a nostalgic touch, and gothic feel There s a whole bunch going into this one The front of the book has stunning artwork for several pages too, and the author clearly had fun breaking up the classic Once upon a time line between pages, instead starting chapter one with death This is one of those books where you get the bigger impact reading the beginning in book form rather than electronic.The length is drawn out considering the s [...]

    4. The problem with Herbert is, to my mind, that he has always tended towards slasher fic than true horror Oh, and the porn Dear gods The porn I mean, I liked him when I was a teenager and still thought that Iron Maiden s Eddie was just the coolest thing ever, but as I grew older I came to realise that a chainsaw wielding maniac and some explicit passages about blow jobs do not a horrifying story make.Once declared itself to be a fairy story, of sorts I don t know how it came to be on my shelf, bu [...]

    5. I adored this I listened to it on Audible, so it took quite some time for me, but it was so very good I must say I have not read anything like this from James Herbert It was not the typical horror I am accustomed to, it is really a fantasy book with lots of fairies, witches and the like It is also very sensual, which I was not expecting either Totally worth the time if you get to read it I recommend it for sure, it was a breath of fresh air and as always I love his writing style.

    6. James Herbert OnceI don t often get the opportunity to review a book which I really didn t like At least not since college and assigned reading lists I m not beholden to others to do my reviews so I generally try to pick books which I think I ll like and I can stop reading if I don t like it Mostly though I do finish books once I start them and even on books that star off rocky I usually find something redeeming in their pages.And then we have Once by James Herbert I think it s usually a bad sig [...]

    7. It is impossible to shake the inescapable sense that this book must be labouring under some sort of Glamour Certainly all is very stylish upon the surface, a great deal of artistry has gone into the cover, its map and it s imagery and yet none of this can hide the gaping empty void where the actual story should be There are so many things that are bad about this book it s hard to choose where to start but I will begin by mentioning the general prose style and its habit of indulging in unnecessar [...]

    8. Once by James Herbert was than a little disappointing Yes, I had read other reviews first and they were all pretty consistent about this book sucking Yet I still hoped for The synopsis sounded great and I really liked James Herbert s Haunted And from the synopsis, I was hoping for something like John Connolly s The Book of Lost Things or Neil Gaiman s Stardust Faery with some horror elements My expectations were set way too high.The story initially drew me in and had me quickly turning the pa [...]

    9. I grew up reading James Herbert, and I honestly consider myself a fan of his writing This was disappointing.Firstly, this isn t actually a horror story This in itself was not the problem as Mr Herbert has previously turned his hand from the horror genre, with the excellent Fluke being a prime example of this.The book is actually a fairy tale for the modern age Following his recovery from a serious stroke, the irritatingly named Thom Kindred returns to his ancestral home within the grounds of Cas [...]

    10. This James Herbert novel is very different to many of his others and introduces us to Thom Kindred who after a serious accident returns to his childhood home of Little Bracken set deep in the mysterious forest surrounding the stately home of Castle Bracken The narrative sets up quite a spooky feeling about the setting and also the both houses The Characters of Hugo Bleeth and Nell Quick are not who they seem and then we find out that the forest is populated by a whole host of incredible mythical [...]

    11. This is probably one of my most favourite books to date Dark fantasy based on faery folk with the approach that not all fairytales are pink and fluffy as it were For any adult that appreciates the idea that fairytales never started off as princesses in castles but on open lustful desires, then this is definitely worth a read

    12. Sort of liked OKI actually sold my copy of this book a few years back as I could never see myself rereading it It wasn t a bad take on the adult fairy story , it s just that a few sex scenes seemed to be pointlessly added to it As the first book I d ever read of Herbert s, it didn t endear me to reading any OK, but far too ridiculous at points.

    13. This was an entertaining dark fantasy with a fair bit of sex thrown into it The plot is straight forward enough with few real surprises it s typical good versus evil fare so some people might be disappointed if they wanted something to tax their brains a little There was, however, an interesting overview of the Lloyds of London insurance scandal of the 1980s on pp 134 6 This is rather topical given the current global financial problems caused by among other things the collapse of the sub prime m [...]

    14. I ve read a few other books by Herbert, who is sometimes considered the Stephen King of Britain , and for the most part they have been enjoyable horror tales This one was quite a departure from his usual fare I guess you could call it an adult erotic fairy tale The protagonist, Thom Kindred, who is only 27, has had a stroke and needs time to recover To do this, he goes back to his childhood home of Castle Bracken where he and his mother lived in a nearby cottage called Little Bracken During his [...]

    15. Stephen King recommended author as noted in Chapter 9 of Berkley s 1983 paperback edition of Danse Macabre.I ve read Herbert before and think he could have done better with this novel It started out pretty good and I was settled in for a great page turner, but soon became distracted by all the sex scenes albeit well written view spoiler And what s with the prepubescent fairy sex His description of this fairy is that of a 13 year old girl with no pubic hair, small breasts, and slight figure I get [...]

    16. This is of a 2.5 star book, but doesn t have half star ratings for reviewers That said, while certain horror aspects of Once are than effective such as the succubus , too much detracts from that.First of all, there s far too much fluff involved I found myself skimming pages of it in attempts to find my way back to the plot Second, the ending was a bit horrendous if you think about it Amusingly enough, it can be summarized as And then the villain defeats themself, the person everyone thought wa [...]

    17. Review of Once by James Herbert5 StarsGoing in, I sort of expected a horror story, because that is the genre for which Mr Herbert is so well known Instead, I found a very realistic and believable contemporary fairy tale, myth and legend come to vibrant life in the English countryside Thom Kindred, product of a single mother, was raised till age ten in the cottage called Little Bracken, on the estate of Sir Russell Bleeth, whose son was tutored by Thom s mother She died when Thom was ten, and Sir [...]

    18. An unusual combination of horror story, faerie tale, and erotica definitely not recommended for arachnophobes.

    19. Thom returns to his childhood home to convalesce after suffering a horrific accident The cottage he was brought up in is located in a forest which is part of an estate owned by the Bleeth family Thom s best friend from childhood is Hugo Bleeth son of Sir Russell Bleeth the wealthy owner of the estate who happens to be very ill and on the brink of death Hugo welcomes his friend back into the fold and introduces him to Nell an intriguing seductress who has been hired to care for his sick father an [...]

    20. Once was completely bonkers, but also utterly compelling I m still not sure whether I thought it was terrible or brilliant I may take a few days to mull it over and work out which.The story follows Thom Kindred, a 27 year old man who has suffered a stroke which has left him with a weakness down his left side After being discharged from hospital, he returns to his childhood home deep in the Shropshire countryside to convalesce The cottage in the woods, part of the estate belonging to his best fri [...]

    21. This book is a slow, boring stroll through the park for about a good 150 pages I almost gave up on it Halfway through turns into a kinda cool kinda odd roller coaster Let s just say if I had a list of books I wouldn t mind unreading, Once wouldn t be very low on that list.It was boring half of the way through, and at the point when the boringness ended, it quickly turned awkwardly explicit I don t mind explicit scenes in a book, but these were just odd view spoiler Feary sex freaks, lesbian rape [...]

    22. I do enjoy James Herbert s books but this one does fall a bit flat in retrospect James Herbert creates likeable characters and intriguing suspense with relaistic and believable fantasy I do, however, think that he plugs in the gaps with non stop sex scenes Nell and Thom twiceish, Nell and the other guy, Nell and Katie, Thom and Jennet twice Sex does play a large part of the plot especially in regards to Nell and Thom, as she is trying to seduce him for other means The ending is where James Herbe [...]

    23. The one that got away The last few James Herbert books I read were really good Thoughtful, interesting, atmospheric and pacey This one however seems to have gotten away from him a little On consideration 3 may be one too many stars The problem is the plot is ever so slightly thin and the sex scenes are jarringly out of place within the story They serve no purpose other than to allow the cover of the copy I read to assert that it was a dark erotic fantasy.When I was a young teenager the early boo [...]

    24. James Herbert is one of those funny authors if I love one of his books, I can t put it down, but if I can t engage with it I really can t engage with it.There is no middle ground it seems.Sadly, Once falls into the latter camp.Where Rats, say, or 48 grip you from the off, Herbert spends too long here setting the scene while failing simultaneously to actually create a lead character of any depth.He s had a stroke, and an unhappy childhood, but that s all we know of him He s barely two dimensional [...]

    25. Downloaded this to my Kindle as a favour to my neighbour and thought I might as well read it after she d finished using it Almost wish I hadn t bothered I say almost because I did like and sympathise with Thom, the main character, but I really had no idea that James Herbert was so utterly obsessed with describing women s breasts, particularly their nipples Seemed like pages and pages of pink nubs and engorged points Once I start a book, though, I have to finish, no matter how silly And this was [...]

    26. Tried to finish this, but I couldn t get through Needlessly explicit sex scenes killed the action for me and whilst I understand they may have been necessary, the excess detail however was not The book felt like soft core porn and I wasn t really looking for that type of story.

    27. The writing was good but this could not decide if it wanted to be a horror or a fairytale and so failed at being either I pushed through to the end but it wasn t something I would read again in a hurry or ever.

    28. This is my first James Herbert book.I give it 3 stars in the end, all the while I was readingI was sure it would bust loose into 4 or 5 territory at any moment.But Overall entertaining yes, worth reading yes

    29. Eris was a book lent to me by a colleague as I wanted to read something a bit different to what I am used to First of all it is very easy to read Too easy to read, really with the language and the storylines about magic and fairy s it is like a children s book but with a lot and I mean a lot of needless sex If you took the sex out of the book, it would seriously be only about 20% of it s actual size And the sex isn t good.The book has a very teenage boy with a hard on vibe to it Every female cha [...]

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