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Scent to Her Grave By India Ink Yasmine Galenorn,

  • Title: Scent to Her Grave
  • Author: India Ink Yasmine Galenorn
  • ISBN: 9780425205334
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The fairest of them all Lydia Wang is the newly crowned winner of a local beauty pageant and the queen of mean Used to getting what she wants, she ends up in an fight with Persia over the store s newest acquisition the Mirror of Aphrodite Reflecting only the most beautiful aspects of the person looking into it, the mirror is a huge draw and definitely not for sale The fairest of them all Lydia Wang is the newly crowned winner of a local beauty pageant and the queen of mean Used to getting what she wants, she ends up in an fight with Persia over the store s newest acquisition the Mirror of Aphrodite Reflecting only the most beautiful aspects of the person looking into it, the mirror is a huge draw and definitely not for sale no matter how much Lydia is willing to pay Persia arrives at the shop the next morning to find Lydia dead, the mirror missing, and one of the shop s treasured employees the prime suspect Trevor s arrest is a blemish on the reflection of the shop, so Persia decides to take matters by the nose To clear his name, she must sniff out the signature scent of a killer.
    Scent to Her Grave The fairest of them all Lydia Wang is the newly crowned winner of a local beauty pageant and the queen of mean Used to getting what she wants she ends up in an fight with Persia over the store s newe

    One thought on “Scent to Her Grave”

    1. This was a delicious book I loved all the recipes for bath salts and perfumes Yummy The mystery was good, although I guessed who the murderer was in the beginning There was a little romantic tension going on with a couple of guys and it made me want to read the next book to see where all that will go The characters were delightful, I loved Persia and her Auntie and friend Barb All in all a very good read.

    2. Nice little cozy and start to the series I will continue on to the next one I didn t know this author is also Yasmine Galenorn.

    3. I found this a great book It was one of the books my mother recommended to me It s a great murder mystery with a little touch of romance I enjoyed the wiccany sort of feeling this book had, especially the healthy tips and beauty oils that were amongst the pages Persia Vanderbuilt definitely sounds like my kind of gal pal

    4. This was probably 3.5 stars but I rounded down to three This book was OK and I can t point to anything that I really didn t like about it, I just didn t get into it as much as some other books I m still not sure about the main character She is definitely different It was a good mystery with some red herrings and I liked the setting in Washington state.

    5. I was excited to start a new series with a new theme I had not read anything with this type of theme before and was really excited The setting was quaint and identifiable Persia and her aunt are a great combination for owning the bath and body store Their relationship is very unique in that they only have each other Persia is just back to the small town from having lived away for some time, and has to work through issues of the past Her aunt is a great reminder of the fact that things are differ [...]

    6. Persia has returned to her island hometown off the coast of Washington followin a string of lack lustre jobs and a desasterous relationship She is working at her aunt s spa and bath products store and using her extremely delicate sense of smell to create scents for the spa and one of a kind scents for individual customers When one of the prominent and annoying customers ends up dead in the store, and one of her aunt s employees is arrested for the crime, Persia can t help but stick her nose in. [...]

    7. If you like to read something different for a change in cozies, pamper yourself with India Ink s Scent to Her Grave in the Bath and Body Mystery series Persia Vanderbilt owns and works at Venus Envy,a bath and body shop dealing with fragrances and facials in Gull Harbor, an island across from Seattle, Washington She didn t expect to get embroiled into a mystery or into a perplexed love triangle, too When Lydia Wang gets killed in her shop, it could mean than bad business for her shop We follow [...]

    8. This was a very fun cozy I particularly liked the main character, Persia isn t that a great name She is an active, attractive, fit woman who takes care of herself, but not to the point of being obsessive She s a self defense instructor who also has a sensitive nose and can create lovely custom fragrances I like her irreverence, and her getting involved in the mystery was mostly natural except for a rather unbelievable visit to a dangerous nightclub that didn t turn out at all the way I expected [...]

    9. I read alot of cozy mysteries, this book fit perfectly in that genre However the great mysteries always hold a suprise ending, this one left a little bit to be desired The killers just seemed implausible however if you just want something to read as your falling asleep this is good, nothing trashy and enough of a side plot, i admit i laughed a bit, to be entertaining It had something alot of cozy mysteries don t an entertaining side plot, which is important some stories just skip through the sce [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book, considering how skeptical I was when I learned it was a pseudonym for Yasmine Galenorn I started reading one of her other books and just couldn t get into it I think Persia is my favorite character, I love her ability to create scents for individuals and hit the mark with just what they re looking for she s a strong independent female and doesn t take crap from men I had a feeling who the murderer was about half way into it but didn t decide definitely until Elliot th [...]

    11. The mystery was good and I like Persia s character a lot along with many of the supporting characters It fit together well and the recipes scattered throughout the book were an interesting touch But the focus on beauty products in ingredients, recipes and description did were on me after a while I m not a especially girly But there the fault is mine as the book makes it clear in cover and description that that s the premise I knew that and read it anyway and enjoyed the story regardless.

    12. Persia has moved back to a small island just off the Washington coast near Seattle She lives with her aunt and helps run a small spa She created custom scents for her clients.Then a client is killed in the store and a coworker is framed and she must find out who did it and why She also has to deal with an ex boyfriend that was in jail and managed to track her down when he got out He isn t harmful, just an idiot He will most likely be in the next book since he has moved to the island.I enjoyed th [...]

    13. i liked this book than I thought I would The main character is interesting, I can t quite decide if I really like her or not I found the mystery easily guessed, but was refreshed that the main character didn t fill the pages doing stupid things The recipes throughout the book for different types of oils didn t interest me much, but the integration of them was creative The author hints at psychic ability in the main character, but never actually calls is that, or really addresses it Overall, the [...]

    14. Highly Enjoyable mystery that I finished in just one sitting Persia works for her Auntie in a bath store where one of her clients is found murdered Persia works to reveal the truth in order to clear her employee s name This is a fun cozy with a tight plot and very likeable characters I liked the way the writer uses descriptive writing The plot moved smoothly and and kept me guessing until the final reveal Cannont wait to start on the next in the series

    15. I found this to be very dull and never got interested in the characters I didn t feel there was a plot instead the author resorted to every few chapters having the protagonist muse aloud about possibilities It s my feeling that if the author has to spell out what s going on that something is missing.

    16. This was my first introduction to this series and I felt it was lacking in only a few places I would have enjoyed the shop at the location being fully involved also, we do not truly get to know Persia The murder mystery was solved well, however, I did know from the beginning who did it This is very unusual for me.I look forward to reading the next book and seeing the growth.

    17. I ve read other books in this series It was rather deja vu like for awhile there until I realized why It was nice to see the start of the series I ll probably read of these, but I won t necessarily seek them out It was a run of the mill cozy Some of the oil blends were interesting, but nothing I m going to run out and buy all the stuff to make.

    18. I d go 3.5 stars if I could This was a nice debut for a cozy series set in Gull Harbor, WA outside Seattle A feisty heroine, Persia Vanderbilt, helps her Aunt Florence run Venus Envy, a bath and body shop I enjoyed the characters, loved the setting, thought it was a decent mystery, and will read the rest in the series I believe there are only 2 3 .

    19. The first in a series and I m on the fence I don t know if I will read another or not A mediocre mystery and characters I can t relate to left me uninspired I really can t recommend this one Maybe it improves with each installment

    20. This book was written in first person In general I don t appreciate books written in first person However by the time I was half way through the book began to grow on me Thus I have rated it as okay because it redeemed itself.

    21. Readable but nothing special Takes place in a small town but feels a bit modern than a typical cozy a bit of esoterics, heroine has tattoos, is fond of fitness and teaches self defense classes.

    22. Alias for Yasmine Galenorn Some of her earlier work, it was a fun and easy read but fairly tame Although entertaining it wasn t the best mystery I ve read by a long shot It does have some great recipes for scented oils though

    23. Not as deep and dark as Yasmine Galenorn s other books, she chose a lighthearted feel for this only touching on subjects she writes about in her other books this feels bubblegum style and lighthearted fun read as were all three of the books in this series.

    24. very very good first in series only seems to be three books in the series the only series I have found set in a bath and body shop.

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