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The History of the Franks By Gregory of Tours Lewis Thorpe,

  • Title: The History of the Franks
  • Author: Gregory of Tours Lewis Thorpe
  • ISBN: 9780140442953
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • This colorful narrative of French history in the sixth century is a dramatic and detailed portrait of a period of political and religious turmoil For than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout hiThis colorful narrative of French history in the sixth century is a dramatic and detailed portrait of a period of political and religious turmoil For than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up to date translations by award winning translators.
    The History of the Franks This colorful narrative of French history in the sixth century is a dramatic and detailed portrait of a period of political and religious turmoil For than seventy years Penguin has been the leading p

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    1. A great many things keep happening, some of them good, some of them bad.I got this while studying something that had nothing to do with the Franks in London I d travel back in the evening and would often stop in a pub off Villiers Street view spoiler named after George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham from The Three Musketeers hide spoiler a curious place partly under the station it had an extension on the other side of the street, if I was clever enough I could arrive after the various city typ [...]

    2. Nothing like a little primary source material from the early Middle Ages to liven up your reading It s all here a doubting priest quoting Scripture against the resurrection of the dead, a queen trying to choke her arrogant daughter by closing a jewel chest on her neck, wicked nuns allying with cutthroats and dragging their abbess through the street, saints who work miracles of healing but also punish with painful deaths those who rob their churches, a deacon who longs to emulate Simon Stylites i [...]

    3. L histoire des Francs se r sumait pour moi Clovis et au vase de Soissons J ai voulu en conna tre davantage, et le livre de Gr goire de Tours, v que de cette m me ville au VI me si cle a combl ma curiosit En ces temps l , l empire romain d occident a laiss la place une mosa que de royaumes barbares, issus des grandes invasions du IV me si cles En Gaule cohabitent donc des gallo romains, chr tiens sous l autorit d un clerg , et des barbares le terme employ n est pas encore p joratif Apr s une hist [...]

    4. Thorpe s translation is infamously and sometimes humorously tinted tainted with an air of British pretension and distaste Just put your pinky out when you read the footnotes It s the only easily accessible complete translation of Gregory, though CURSED BE UNTO HE WHO PRINTS ONLY SELECTIONS OF MY WORK notwithstanding I read the Thorpe with the Latin original up on my laptop and compared anything that seemed sketchy My Latin isn t great any, but some of Thorpe s interpretations vis a vis Gregory s [...]

    5. Much of this work deals with Gregory s own time and context, but the author ambitiously begins with the creation of the world and consults other historians for the first part of the book Gregory covers the monarchical politics of his day, but although he offers a lively account the various barbarian kings seem or less interchangeable Of interest to me, anyway are the clerics and saints who feature in the book s ecclesiastical and hagiographical sections Holy men perform miracles scheming pries [...]

    6. A little disappointing on its own There is no real style, order, or explanation I think it must be a good reference for a study of the era, but being contemporary it can t really explain the era For instance, it often mentions men of some power coming from old senatorial families , but what were these families standings in the hierarchy of dukes and counts and men of Frankish origin and why did they have any standing I read the Penguin version and the translation is recommended, but it did not s [...]

    7. The only authority on Sixth Century Gaul The number of people who talk about the dark ages without having read it continues to astound me.

    8. This was to have been my doctoral dissertation back so many years ago Norman Cantor was the chairman of my committee and he wanted a world view of Gregory of Tours He was a medieval cultural historian back in the 70s I read all around the History but never actually read the book itself This has been a trip down memory lane for me I remember thinking way back then, I don t have anything new to say about this guy The French and German medievalists have worked him over for about 300 years I gave up [...]

    9. The most interesting part of this book was learning, from a primary source, of the continuity of daily life and institutions the church primarily , after the end of the Roman rule in France While there was a period where a number of roaming peoples invaded, or otherwise passed through Alemanni, Vandals, Goths, Huns causing localized destruction in their wake, and while several plague outbreaks reduced certain local populations, there was never a cataclysmic destruction of the entire region The G [...]

    10. too old to rate This one is a weird one I mean, when you get back this far in history, everything is weird too our modern sensibility, but Gregory of Tours stands out even from the texts around him A History of the Franks is part medieval historical epic, part memoir, part Christian treatise, and part gossip collection Gregory took the Bible as his model, and all of that book s generic variation and weird repetitions occur here This is also the most complete primary text from this era of French [...]

    11. One of the formative works of European history and Catholic history, Bishop Gregory s History of the Franks is a fascinating attempt to understand the past through an early Christian point of view The bishop has a pronounced historical methodology that he shares with the reader, paralleling the thorough historical thinking done by the early luminaries Thucydides and Sima Qian Gregory wants to explain his life in Latin speaking Gaul what is today France in the wake of the Roman Empire s collapse [...]

    12. Gregory of Tours presents to us a world of violence and miracles very similar to the old testament and also Game of Thrones view spoiler Within his narrative I read fascinating tales about a queen attempting to choke her arrogant daughter by closing a jewel chest on her neck, nuns allying with thugs and dragging their abbess through the street can anyone else hear shame, shame from Game of Thrones , saints who work miracles of healing but also punish the wicked who defile the church with painful [...]

    13. Gregory lived long ago This does not mean his history is staid and dull On the contrary, it is full of intrigue, plots, murders, torture, and Really brutal times he writes about We humans are capable of amazing violence against one another in the name of power and riches Let s just say this was an interesting read, to be sure, especially the mention of cities with which I am familiar I m just really glad I wasn t living at that time Quite an amazing work, actually.

    14. This book was written by a monk, Gregory of Tours His writing has a tendency to be prejudicial and superstitious First he writes about the creation, and then he tells us all about the gospels Then he tells us about the bishops and the conversions of the various Franks Its very matter of fact No analysis of historical events The writing is very awkward It is good as an early historical record for that period but unless your a die hard fan of early histories I would skip this.

    15. Another terrific read of a work that easily could have been lost The Church was the only barrier and a permeable one at that between the brutality and flash temperament of the Franks, holding civilization together for another time That the Church suffered the least molestation is still a wonderment to me Kindness was not a Frankish value arrogance was My ancestors were not the best behaved of people Part memoir, by the way.

    16. I am absolutely addicted to Gregory As virtually our only insight into the Merovingian world, his word forms so much of our understanding of the culture Every single episode is highly detailed, and while it cannot be read so much as a piece of literature, it can still be enjoyed as one I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in medieval history, as Gregory is a truly funny man, and a very important one at that.

    17. A delightful romp through the murderous intrigues and stunningly boring ecclesiastical issues of the day Disjointed and episodic enough to appeal to the modern blog reading crowd Plenty of jokes about how lazy and cowardly the Goths can be or how Arius shit himself to death on the can Fun for all

    18. Medieval chroniclers were notorious for getting their facts wrong Gregory is not nearly chastised as much as Geoffrey of Monmouth or some others His book is a curious blend of history, myth, and religion While far from perfect, his blending of events is rather dry, except if there is a Christian lesson to be learned Overall, enjoyable.

    19. For anyone who is a scholar or student of history, this is the best secondary source from the time period Gregory of Tours language has obviously been updated in current editions of this book, but the history that he gives is very interesting and very good Outside of the History of Alfred the Great, this is one of the best history books about the time.

    20. A very interesting read that discusses religion and politics in ancient France It is a bit skimpy on the details in parts, but considering the quality of record keeping at the time, it s an important book.

    21. another dense read like many histories, but the personal voice of the narrator, like tacitus, is what comes through and makes it a good read an often humorous account at times as well, of an alternately vicious, violent and ignorant era

    22. Entertaining Who was your Gregory Mine was increasingly impressive rather than comical, as he began , and I d tend to agree with recent scholarship that he was up to his neck in Merovingian court politics, probably even instigating plots off his own back.

    23. Gregory of Tours echoes every.Greek.historian.ever It s basically one large cautionary tale of piety and royalty for the Franks from the beginning of their nation up til the 6th century Some amusing anecdotes, but definitely not a cover to cover read.

    24. I m sure my opinion is skewed since I was literally given one day to read this book, so hopefully I ll read it again when I have time to savor it and I ll have a better opinion There are some good stories within, I just couldn t devote enough time to it.

    25. Gregory said nothing about the Merovingian Franks being decended from Jesus and even less about Quinotaurs.

    26. I gotta be honest, the vagueries of early Christian infighting combined with the politics of the franks left me than a little dazed and confused.

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