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The Breaker By Minette Walters,

  • Title: The Breaker
  • Author: Minette Walters
  • ISBN: 9780515128826
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • A woman s body washes up on a deserted shore on the south coast of England and her traumatized three year old daughter is discovered 20 miles away, alone and apparently abandoned As the investigation proceeds, police shift their attention from a loner obsessed with pornography to the woman s husband.
    The Breaker A woman s body washes up on a deserted shore on the south coast of England and her traumatized three year old daughter is discovered miles away alone and apparently abandoned As the investigation

    One thought on “The Breaker”

    1. My usual rule is never to read reviews of a novel until I have written my own In this case I have been obliged to break it, if only to reassure myself that it s not just me.I suspected from the description in the opening paragraph of the washed up corpse of a female rape victim that I might struggle with this one By the time I got to the toe curling account of an adolescent voyeur 5 pages later I knew for certain I battled on to page 22 of 447 before reminding myself that I can squeeze in 30 boo [...]

    2. Can t quite find what the point of the child being a bit different was That aside this is an engaging read with some likable characters, even the sociopathically inclined one There were also some very unlikable ones However, the reader s response to the characters was directed by the author we are meant to interpret them as I did.The storyline is a little odd but it does demonstrate the extent to which some people work hard at deluding themselves and also the mentality of someone who has failed [...]

    3. This was a quick read and the murder and investigation was easy to follow I enjoyed most of the characters although at first I found it hard to work out which policeman was which As the investigation carried on though it became clearer I especially like the fact the main policeman in the story in a PC The characters are well written although their are parts of the book that maybe quite disturbing to others All together a good quick read that I enjoyed.

    4. At its heart, this is a classic whodunnit with a small pool of suspects The genius of Walters is how she keeps peeling away the veneers of the characters to expose layer upon layer of pyschological fungi that Agatha Christie may have dreamed about but certainly couldn t write about The twists, turns and surprises are completely believable as are the characters I am again impressed with how Walters can weave so many story lines together without slowing down her plot and wrap them all up to a sati [...]

    5. Walters writes novels of psychological intensity where the most fascinating element is the characterization and the effect of circumstance This novel, an investigation into a myserious death is a vivid portrait of a couple at the centre of the investigation and the way their flaws play out Fascinating.

    6. Without peeking at the synopsis, I won t be able to tell much about this book Except that I did read and liked it Haha, it is late here, not sure why I am up something to do with words, mine of course Anyway, I just can t recall what happened here, but knowing Walters like I don t know her, it must have been fair like Chaos.

    7. HmmDon t know really what to say here as I was all set to love a good English mystery by a lady with my same initials AND my maiden name Walters Yess I was excited and alas about three days ago that excitement died this book was long and drawn out for no reason.e mystery, one you don t even care that much about was lost and a hundred and one minute details, relationships and characters were introduced and the 351 pages felt like they went on foreverOkay so actually this book was about a wife who [...]

    8. Minette Walters, The Breaker Putnam, 1999 originally posted 7Jul2000 I kept looking at the dadaesque, semi erotic cover of the novel trying to figure out whether to pick it up or not Finally, I decided to sink the cash and give it a shot.Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.From page one, this is no ordinary mystery It sounds like one, if you attempt to boil it down to its component parts a woman s body washes up on shore in a secluded cove on the south coast of England, with the two main [...]

    9. N o conhecia esta autora Foi uma fant stica surpresa A intriga aliciante e bem constru da e, ao longo do livro, v o aparecendo laivos de humanidade surpreendentes, que tornam as personagens e as situa es profundas, genu nas e cred veis A autora conta a est ria de uma forma cativante, introduzindo algumas situa es divertidas, e inclui na narrativa v rios relat rios, depoimentos e pareceres dos v rios envolvidos, o que a torna bastante flu da Assim, consegui passar bastantes horas seguidas a ler s [...]

    10. Superb character development whish is why Minette Walters psychological thrillers are so effective One by one, you are convinced of each character s guilt, then one by one gives you clues to prove they couldn t have been the ones who did it.

    11. This is my second Minette Walters and I like her plots and writing This is set on Dorset Hampshire shoreline and there are lies, half lies and hidden agendas galore.

    12. Two young brothers spotted a naked woman laying on the beach They were spying on her with binoculars when they accidentally dropped them down the side of the cliff The woman didn t move and they realized something was wrong She wasn t just sun bathing, she was dead They ran to find help and found a man who called the police The police discovered the woman had been raped and drowned They start questioning everyone that was there to try to identify the woman and also find her killer Later, at a ne [...]

    13. A women s body washes up on the coast at Dorset Soon after, a toddler is found wandering alone in the nearby town of Poole The police investigate, and soon there are two suspectsen three Any one of them could have committed the crime, and all had the motive What I liked about this story was the ways in which Walters shows us that the police have a strong lead, causing one suspect to stand out, and then suddenly, the evidence leads them in a whole new direction This was the first Minette Walters [...]

    14. Honestly wasn t as good as it was hyped up to be There were several questionable things, besides it being a very honest investigation of a murder For example, within the first few pages there was a scene that included a ten year old voyeur There were other things that involved children throughout the book that just made me wonder about the author And made me kind of angry, if I m being honest When the murderer was revealed it was the opposite of surprising, which I feel it should be in a good my [...]

    15. It was a lovely surprise to find a book set in my home town of Poole and was the main reason I added it to my to read list It s a classic who dunnit with various strands of investigation all at their own pace, intrigue and focus Was is the husband The supposed play boy Or the jilted chemistry teacher It s a twisty turny adventure that is enjoyable to read It s not the happiest of storylines hence the .

    16. It was ok The investigation was well explained and the characters were good but the ending was not as great Some things made no sense like the weird child.

    17. This was really good Kept me guessing right up until the last couple of chapters I might blow the dust off a few Minette Walters I have waiting for me.

    18. Typical English detective story with small town policeman assisting London detectives A couple plot lines being told at once

    19. Trust Minette Walters to choose a fresh approach to crime fiction that tears the envelope This novel comes with photographs of the crime scene, charts and a map of the surrounding community, as well as an unlabeled foreword, a prologue and some clues Whether the clues are real or not requires reading the book There are internal graphics as well, including the reproduction of faxes and other documents integral to the police investigation, a technique Ms Walters has used before.The novel begins wi [...]

    20. The BreakerMinette WaltersThis is a pleasant, engaging story that is set along the south coast of England It reminded me of some Agatha Christy novels from decades ago in that new clues keep dribbling in, which leads to continual analysis and speculation One soon becomes overwhelmed with partially conflicting details and is forced to begin some analysis I especially liked the way a person would come into the spotlight as a suspect, then fade as details emerged, only to come back into prominence [...]

    21. I enjoyed all of The Breaker and had no need to skip any pages unlike Disordered Minds which almost didn t get read because of the first 52 pages.

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