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A New Witness for the Articles of Faith By Bruce R. McConkie,

  • Title: A New Witness for the Articles of Faith
  • Author: Bruce R. McConkie
  • ISBN: 9780875796826
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his monumental work A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, completed shortly before his death in 1985, Elder Bruce R McConkie examines each article in great, inspiring detail He sheds new light on many subjects, including faith and belief, the nature of the Father and the Son, the mission of the Holy Ghost, the Atonement, spiritual gifts, and .
    A New Witness for the Articles of Faith In his monumental work A New Witness for the Articles of Faith completed shortly before his death in Elder Bruce R McConkie examines each article in great inspiring detail He sheds new light o

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    1. With the exception of the scriptures, no other book has had a greater impact on me than this one A year after we were married, my wife and I moved to Salt Lake City in an effort to get our lives in spiritual order When we arrived we had very little One day we were in Deseret Book and as I browsed this book I felt a very strong prompting to purchase this book My first thought was, My wife will never believe this but she was supportive.When I brought it home and read his final testimony as found i [...]

    2. This is a good book containing some of Elder McConkie s insights about the Articles of Faith a foundational document of beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Joseph Smith penned the thirteen Articles of Faith in 1842 in a letter to John Wentworth Each one is worth studying in depth.I need to read James E Talmage s Articles of Faith as well, but I appreciated Elder McConkie s insights I particularly appreciated the organization of the book I loved how it started out talking a [...]

    3. I read this book to fulfil the goal read a book by a person you admire As one of my church leaders bruce r McConkie definatly fits that qualification I got this book on our yearly trip to palmyra i m a little disappointed that i didn t really learn anything new although it was enlightening to have all the stuff that i learned from the various church books and programs in one place the last chapter is the best, and it kindof made me want to reread the book again i believe in the articles of faith [...]

    4. Elder McConkie s testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, as presented in the Preface to this book, is one of the most powerful that I have had the privilege of reading He was an Apostle and the calling, and his dignity in fulfilling during his life demands the utmost respect However, as the Publisher s Note states, general authorities of the church do not write books as general authorities They write them as individuals sharing with the world what they know With that in mind, I offer some words of c [...]

    5. How do you criticize a book without demeaning the man who wrote it Yes, McConkie was a divisive figure, but I ll try to just focus on his writing here.It s impossible to get through I don t mean Ulysses impossible James Joyce knew how to write McConkie s prose reads like John Galt s 50 page manifesto in Atlas Shrugged a pedantic, supremely confident barrage of ultimatums and assertions The tone is just really, really off putting, as McConkie spends chapter after chapter putting you in your place [...]

    6. Great as a reference book for Mormons, but tough to read all the way through This book was written to provide a current treatment of the Articles of Faith of the Mormon Church than that by James E Talmage in Articles of Faith.

    7. This book was published posthumously The author s writing style can be a combination of dry, flowery, and authoritative, yet the best part the book is in the introductory material There the author s last sermon, given at the April 1985 LDS General Conference, is printed I recommend those two pages to everyone McConkie s witness of Christ is as profound and moving now as it was when he first gave it.

    8. This is the culmination of a magnificent life of scholarship and discipleship the best exposition on the articles of faith I have also read and learned a great deal from Elder James Talmage s Articles of Faith, but it would be hard to overstate how much McConkie benefited from the JST and other new scholarship These additions, coupled with McConkie s powerful yet beautiful writing style raise this book just a notch for me.

    9. A real brick of a book I ve tried reading it cover to cover and there s just so much to absorb, it s effective to study it one subject at a time and digest all he has to say on a topic I ll abstain from leaving it a rating feels weird for some reason , but I do recommend it to members looking to get even deeper into pieces of the doctrine.

    10. I got this little version of NWAoF and love it It s compact enough to fit in with the Scriptures and good for travel His powerful last GC talk is great and wrought with emotion from a man that had been going through the last chapters of his life and was one of life s reflection This last book he wrote has the same emotion Very poetic and very bold at times.

    11. My semiary teacher recomended this to me, and I loved it I learned a lot, and McConkie s writing style is superb Personally, I prefer Talmage, but to each her own McConkie s chapters on the Tenth Article of Faith are worth the price of the book.

    12. I took me a while to read this book, but it was worth every minute I love Bruce R McConkie s writings This book is so helpful in understanding the articles of faith This reads like a text book not a story This will be a great reference book to add to my library.

    13. I read this wonderful book in preparation for a Relief Society lesson and gained a greater appreciation and insight into the basic ethics of Latter day Saints I believe that Elder McConkie wrote this book just before his death.Want to know what we believe Read this book

    14. Had the book for years, but had never read it cover to cover It was very interesting lots of good quotes and doctrinal clarifications Well worth reading.

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