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Survivor Personality By Al Siebert Bernie S. Siegel,

  • Title: Survivor Personality
  • Author: Al Siebert Bernie S. Siegel
  • ISBN: 9780399522307
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who survives Who thrives As a psychologist who has spent than 40 years studying the phenomenon of survival, Al Siebert shares both valuable insights and practical strategies in this book, painting a portrait of the survivor personality to show how these skills can lead to better coping in everyday life.
    Survivor Personality Who survives Who thrives As a psychologist who has spent than years studying the phenomenon of survival Al Siebert shares both valuable insights and practical strategies in this book painting a p

    One thought on “Survivor Personality”

    1. One of the all time brilliant books on self discovery, which helped me through a desperate transition in my life At one point it helped me cope with negative events that had me contemplating suicide Yes, it s that good There is a struggle within many of us who trust in the views and perspectives of others Over time, negative comments taint our own perceptions of self and some, like myself, spiral into a depression This book takes you into yourself from the perspective of everything has a reason [...]

    2. I had such hopes for this book, but there s plenty of stupid, like the positive thinking healing chapter which tells you to not let stupid old doctors push you around It just made me sad thinking about Steve Jobs the whole time I read it.But there is some good here In fact, let me sum it up for you Good survivors are alert, recognize changes in the situation, adapt quickly to these changes, and believe that they can make good things come about by their work Also, there s a diagram.Yes, the best [...]

    3. meh not what I thought it would be self help psychology and pretty bland stuff, at that and less examination of actual survivors of crises and disasters and what makes them tick possibly my fault for misunderstanding the premise of the book.

    4. Worth taking a look at, if only for the sections on dealing with negative angry people and on self managed healing The biggest lesson for me overall is that a true survival instinct must come from inside.

    5. As some people have said The good points can be summarised in a few sentences Contains a lot of questionable stuff I would have wished for doable solutions when dealing with negative people The stuff that he said seemed very air headed

    6. This is a good book The author was one of the experts on the topic until his death It is well written and not too long If you like to browse books rather than read them through, you will find the chapter divisions, anecdotes, and exercises for the reader to be useful Seibert says that playful curiousity is a good habit to cultivate, because it keeps you focused on the present and immediate future, and on what you can control He also says that bi phasic personality style can be helpful If you alw [...]

    7. This book is not just about being a survivor of any kind of miseries, but rather being a survivor of this journey of life Some great points are mentioned in this book, such as how self esteem, self confidence and self concept relate to change of dynamic in relationships In addition, the author also touches on the importance of developing strong inner selfs to be resilient when life throws any challenges or obstacles and to not depend on external factors to define who we are as they change Furth [...]

    8. I read The Survivor Personality while working for the Center for Social Research at Lehigh University We were interviewing individuals in an attempt to find out what how why they were resilient adults This book has a generous menu of suggestions for confronting difficult challenges Al Siebert has written about valuable insights into the qualities and habits that help human beings overcome difficult situations Too much information for what I needed Reads like a textbook.

    9. While some ideas were good I felt others were extreme and unbalanced I stopped reading it after skimming parts ahead Basically if you are a survivor you choose to be and you accept that different situations call for you to stick it out and follow through while others will test you to know when to fold em and retreat

    10. I d recommend Al Siebert s books to anyone The information is helpful, and he writes it in a way that makes it easy to understand They are definitely ones that I will want to re read from time to time, to help the ideas sink in If you are looking for ways to make changes in your life, to be stronger, I suggest you look at his books.

    11. Fantastic book A friend of ours who is a counselor told me that every time he picked up this book it reminded him of me That alone made me want to read it and I understand why he said that now I feel touched because it is true I am a SURVIVOR

    12. Mostly pretty dry reading but several encouraging, hopeful stories of people experiencing horrible things who survived and succeeded in life Lots of exercises to do if wanted but there s a lot might be too much for some.

    13. Excellent reference book for anyone who constantly reads to understand human behaviors Great reference guide for writers who are developing character backgrounds behaviors.

    14. No great insight here, but generally good cataloguing of traits commonly possessed by those that survive all sorts of things, tragedies and .

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