UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ß The Lesser Bourgeoisie - by Honoré de Balzac Katherine Prescott Wormeley

The Lesser Bourgeoisie By Honoré de Balzac Katherine Prescott Wormeley,

  • Title: The Lesser Bourgeoisie
  • Author: Honoré de Balzac Katherine Prescott Wormeley
  • ISBN: 9781406506549
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • The comedi humaine Scenes from Parisian Life.
    The Lesser Bourgeoisie The comedi humaine Scenes from Parisian Life

    One thought on “The Lesser Bourgeoisie”

    1. Here is a late Balzac novel that, until recently, I didn t even know existed It tells of the attempts made by a young attorney named Theodose de la Peyrade to worm himself into the good graces of a nouveau riche Paris family, the Thuilliers As his reward he aims for the hand of the lucky heir of this childless couple, one Celeste Colleville Along the way to achieving his goals, however, La Peyrade compromises himself by shady financial dealings with the amusingly corrupt Cerizet and his partner [...]

    2. The story opens with a description of the house owned by Mademoiselle Thuillier and details some of the residents She, a very capable money manager, lives there with her brother and his family M Colleville is her brother s most intimate friend and the families spend considerable time together.Theodose de la Payrade, one of eleven children, came to Paris in 1829 After struggling with several careers he eventually became a barrister, often pleading the causes of the poor.Numerous other characters [...]

    3. This is the longest Balzac story I ve read, I think maybe The Chouans is longer but I loved it It is the deliciously complicated story of the ambitions of the poor and not strictly speaking honest La Peyrade All through the story Balzac teases the reader with complications that sway in and away from Peyrade s favour there is a splendid assortment of minor villains, and the denouement came as a complete surprise to me.

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