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Sylvester By Georgette Heyer Joan Wolf,

  • Title: Sylvester
  • Author: Georgette Heyer Joan Wolf
  • ISBN: 9780373773855
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sylvester, the Duke of Salford, is a polished bachelor who has stringent requirements for his future wifeshe must be wellborn, intelligent, elegant and attractive And of course she must be able to present herself well in high society But when he is encouraged to consider Phoebe Marlow as a bride, Sylvester is taken aback by the coltish woman who seems to resent him WhenSylvester, the Duke of Salford, is a polished bachelor who has stringent requirements for his future wifeshe must be wellborn, intelligent, elegant and attractive And of course she must be able to present herself well in high society But when he is encouraged to consider Phoebe Marlow as a bride, Sylvester is taken aback by the coltish woman who seems to resent him When Phoebe runs away, circumstances find the two striking up an unusual friendship Phoebe discovers that the duke isn t the villain she first thought And Sylvester stumbles upon something he never dared hope for.
    Sylvester Sylvester the Duke of Salford is a polished bachelor who has stringent requirements for his future wifeshe must be wellborn intelligent elegant and attractive And of course she must be able to pre

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    1. Sometimes I find Georgette Heyer s books so delightful sometimes I find them tedious Sylvester falls somewhere in the middle.Take one somewhat arrogant, self assured duke with very distinctive slanted eyebrows I m thinking Zachary Quinto as Spock, minus the ears And the odd haircut Some of my GR friends objected to Spock as Sylvester Comment 22 contains perhaps a better visual image and one intelligent, awkward, impulsive, average looking girl with unfashionably tanned skin, a wicked wit and a h [...]

    2. I 100% listened to this because the audiobook was narrated by Richard Armitage And I really just want to fill this review with Richard Armitage gifs, which probably isn t the most helpful thing ever I think I liked the arrogant Sylvester He reminded me a lot of Mr Darcy at times especially with the awkward proposal Basically, if you like historical fiction romance then this is another good story But ok seriously, listen to the audiobook I m not a fan of audiobooks in general, but the narration i [...]

    3. After many, many years of reading her books I still cannot fault Georgette Heyer as the best writer of Regency fiction Some of her books are marginally better than others but they are all good and I always read reread them when I feel that I need a treat Sylvester is one of my favourites It actually starts off rather slowly but once our main characters arrive at the inn most of Miss Heyer s best action takes place in wayside inns the pace picks up I actually sat and read from this point right th [...]

    4. This was the third novel of Georgette Heyer s that I found, again under the guise of an audio book narrated by Richard Armitage I have extolled all of Richard Armitage s many virtues as a narrator in previous reviews, and I shall continue to do so until someone gets sick of it and tells me to shut the hell up and maybe not even then As usual his reading was perfectly paced, pleasant to listen to, and his vocal range deeply impressive What I particularly enjoyed in this one was the fact that some [...]

    5. Have read this before, love the fact that she is a secret authoress whose very first book has landed her in trouble Love Sylvester, his devotion to his mother, and his aloofness Just listened to it as an audiobook because it was narrated by RICHARD ARMITAGE YES, MR THORNTON And he was great, and I want him to do

    6. This time, I listened to the eAudio from Hoopla I own the Sourcebooks dead tree edition and later bought the kindle edition at a steep price reduction.Pre GR, I discovered Georgette Heyer and this was the very first of her books that I read I reamember that breathily hyperventilated, panted and was extraordinarily exhilarated as I read this It was THAT good the first time I read this book and the pages turned themselves This book, unlike others of Georgette Heyer s that are my favorites, I have [...]

    7. Living La Vida Loca.Alrighty, so this starts off with the trapped heroine Phoebe and then proceedsme of it s reasonable and some is just a ride on the crazy train Boy does she meet some interesting people on this ride Phoebe is headstrong and rather indiscreet while communicating lacks a filter is rightfully chaffing at the bit and when it all looks horrible she flees Trust me, I ve been in the chew your leg off to get away situation and I m sympathetic All for the idea Alas, the execution of he [...]

    8. Three and a half stars, rounded up I had mixed feelings about Sylvester I thought the plot dragged a bit in some spots and got a bit overwrought in others, but the two lead characters carried the book for me, and on balance I ve begun to think this might be one of Heyer s most psychologically astute romances While I normally find it hard to warm up to Heyer s arrogant nobleman protagonists, I actually started to like Sylvester right from the moment on page three when he sees the small scampering [...]

    9. Sylvester reminded me again why I consider Georgette Heyer s novels the high water mark in regency romance If I wasn t lost in the story, I would be taking notes Heyer gives us Sylvester, a handsome, self important duke and Phoebe, a wispy girl oppressed by a martinet step mother, who didn t take It s a vastly enjoyable pairing, though not especially unusual It s the writing and the characterization that lift these two above the rest Unlike so many contemporary romance writers, Heyer doesn t all [...]

    10. Wonderful For some reason my brain isn t functioning well enough to give a synopsis, thankfully others have already done so, so I needn t.Phoebe is one of my favorite heroines, she s just as charming as Arabella, who s shy too , Sophy, with her incorrigible ways, and Heyer s laugh out loud whit Sylvester could not have found his match better in Phoebe, who he endearingly called Sparrow I like the secondary characters, Tom especially because he is similar to Freddy in Cotillion only we get to see [...]

    11. The charm of your society, my Sparrow, lies in not knowing what you will say next though one rapidly learns to expect the worst Sylvester She blurts out whatever may come into her head she tumbles from one outrageous escapade into another she s happier grooming horses and hobnobbing with stable hands than going to parties she s impertinent you daren t catch her eye for fear she should start to giggle she hasn t any accomplishments I never saw anyone with less dignity she s abominable, and damnab [...]

    12. Up until about the two thirds mark, this was a favorite among the Heyers the novel writing heroine, a bit of a geek, Sylvester who looks wicked but isn t, and a host of great side characters But it tips over the line for me with too much humiliation of the heroine, and too much bitter bickering, something I can get fed up with real fast in what is supposed to be a light romance.

    13. 4.5 stars What a wonderful writer Georgette Heyer was This book was first published in 1957, but is still fresh, amusing and moving It doesn t feel dated, except I suppose that many HRs these days are a lot explicit in the sensuality level and the inclusion of sex scenes But you don t even notice the lack of this as you read this lively and charming book.The story centres around Sylvester, Duke of Salford, who appears to have everything One of society s most desirable bachelors He is slightly a [...]

    14. This book has a special place in my heart as it always reminds me of my mother s laughter I remember coming up the stairs listening to her laugh while she was reading in bed I lent her Sylvester to read, I had read many GH novels with my best friend, but we did not think to lend them to our mothers until we got older For a time, they were ours, no adults welcome But by HS, my mom and I were trading books back and forth, Sylvester was her first How it made her laugh, and now that she is gone and [...]

    15. Sylvester Rayne, the Duke of Salford has everything he could possibly want He had a happy childhood with loving parents and a twin brother and inherited everything upon his father s death His late brother left him a young heir and a silly sister in law to care for and his invalid mother depends on him With his sister in law about to wed a nodcock, his mother needs a woman to socialize with and his nephew Edmund needs a mother Sylvester s mother is horrified to discover he has a list of attribute [...]

    16. sigh I feel like I m probably in the minority on this book I started out loving it and wound up really hating it, so I gave it a three.The problem, I guess was that it just felt too one sided to me Okay, Sylvester s snobby and indifferent to people he doesn t care about so it s good for him to get smacked in the face with his flaws Either from the mouth of the originally to me likable heroine or from her pen as the anonymous author of a trashy novel that casts him as the villain.Unfortunately, f [...]

    17. UPDATE 7 15 17 Listened to this as an audiobook read by Nicholas Rowe and thoroughly enjoyed it His interpretation of Sir Nugent Fotherby is hilarious.UPDATE 3 13 14 I really do like Sylvester as a character and love that the book really is about him and his growth as a person It fascinates me that he can be arrogant without realizing he is, because he s been taught arrogance means behaving with hauteur toward people lesser than him His ultimate realization that he loves Phoebe and may have ruin [...]

    18. I m in a Georgette Heyer reading phase currently So yes this is another book by her, my 3rd one this week I ll likely take a break to catch up on a few other books I need to get read but will definitely come back to Heyer s novels soon as there are still over a dozen of her books I want to read.This one has an entertaining storyline Sylvester is painted to be a wicked uncle but nothing could be further from the truth Phoebe never intends to marry and certainly would never consider the arrogant D [...]

    19. Georgette Heyer pronounced like Hair, I finally learned has gifted me with so many happy hours in Regency England Love her And bravo to narrator Richard Armitage, who in most scenes made this abridged audio almost BETTER than the book No mean feat I d give him an A see performance quibbles midway below.I was able to listen to a section of my friend s unabridged audio version, performed by Nicholas Rowe I jumped to the end, to compare the final chapters Wow The story is so much richer, in full ve [...]

    20. 3.5Sylvester, Duke of Salford, cannot believe that anyone might not want to marry him It is one of basic premises in this story The greatest problem Sylvester has is that nobody has ever talked back or found fault in anything he has done I spent part the book wanting him to be rebuffed and another being annoyed by Phoebe Sylvester mocks a fairy tale prince, but turns into one the moment he sees someone needs help They don t meet right away in the book The first two or three chapters are introduc [...]

    21. Though Sylvester is odious than Mr Darcy and Phoebe critical than Elizabeth Bennett though I so often wanted to bang their heads together, to make them listen instead of bickering back and forth though they strike each other into mirth at the most inappropriate moments and though a great deal of effort will be necessary to keep them together, not to say prevent their strangling each other in spite of all this or perhaps because of it Sylvester and Phoebe are one of my favourite pairs.Perhaps t [...]

    22. I have found a new swoon worthy voice to listen to Richard Armitage is wonderful I was a bit worried, as I am a GH fan from my teen years and have favourites that are like old friends You do not mess with them And I enjoyed this audio book immensely All the secondary characters were perfect, the hero, Sylvester, was divine and Phoebe charming.I know this is a little PP in plot, but it has that hilarious twist, view spoiler where Phoebe writes a novel in which she portrays Sylvester as an arrogan [...]

    23. Because I did not recognize the title, I distance ordered this lending of Sylvester from my library system But once I got it, I did realize I had read it, despite not having the title come to mind Probably read this one about 40 or years ago.So I did reread it And although I did enjoy the read, I found this one is definitely not in my group of favorite Heyer.This one bears strong resemblance to the Pride and Prejudice juxtaposition Intelligent and independent female miss, older logical aristocr [...]

    24. Today, August 16th is author Georgette Heyer s birthday In celebration of the uncontested Queen of Regency Romance, I thought it quite fitting to read one of her novels this week and review it However, what I ultimately selected was not based on a plot, or characters, or a recommendation by other Heyer aficionados such as Vic Ms Place at Jane Austen s World, but by pure fangirl fervor Yes, gentle readers, I do freely admit to succumbing to the charms of a handsome face and sexy voice as quickly [...]

    25. Sylvester Rayne, Duke of Salford, is Very Important Duke with Very Distinctive Eyebrows He decides it is high time he should be married and goes to his mother with a list of candidates She raises a Dowager eyebrow and sends him on to his godmother who puts him on the scent of her granddaughter an unusual girl who won t kowtow to Sylvester He decides to get a look at her to see where she falls among the rankings, but his visit causes Phoebe Marlow to bolt because she will not have him, not at all [...]

    26. September 2017 Bumping it up to 5 stars This book was delightful I always forget how much I enjoy Heyer until I read her after a long absence of not reading her Her characters are just so well done and engaging, even the flighty and harebrained ones like Lady Ianthe and Sir Nugent in here To watch Slyvester s burgeoing transformation is utterly wonderful Seeing him and Phoebe verbally spar back and forth all the way to the last page was my favorite thing After this passage of course view spoiler [...]

    27. Richard Armitage narrating Georgette Heyer novels is giving me life How How did I not know such a thing existed Better yet, why did none of you tell me I think Georgette Heyer, mother to the regency romance genre, writes it like no other Her stories are charmingly short and if not straight to the point, they at least don t meander and last longer than necessary due to miscommunication or the utter lack of it I know this is only the second of her novels I ve read listened to, but I already have s [...]

    28. You know you love a book, when you finish reading it for the second time, and full heartedly believe that won t be the last time you read it.

    29. Before I started the book I was sure I wasn t going to like it, don t ask me why Now that I finished it I am ready to eat my words Georgette Heyer is an amazing writer and I ll totally read books from her She has gorgeous prose and her characters can be found in today s life as sure as they could 100 years ago or At first we are introduced to Sylvester I liked it from the start D He s a great guy, he loves his family, he s aware of his responsibilities and doesn t shy away from them, he s poli [...]

    30. Some silliness but nicely done.I try to avoid abridged books But I was in the mood for a good narrator, and chose this book solely because it was done by Richard Armitage I loved how seductive he was in the book Venetia Unfortunately Sylvester did not have any sensual or seductive scenes, but I still enjoyed the narration.As to the story, I was surprised, delighted, and smiled many times It reminded me sadly of how not enough of todays authors can do what Heyer does She draws and shows her chara [...]

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