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Broken Sky: #02 By Chris Wooding,

  • Title: Broken Sky: #02
  • Author: Chris Wooding
  • ISBN: 9780613244190
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kia and Ryushi are on the run in enemy territory An evil king and his daughter are tracking them downe same way they tracked down their father Kia wants revenge Ryushi just wants to survive.
    Broken Sky Kia and Ryushi are on the run in enemy territory An evil king and his daughter are tracking them downe same way they tracked down their father Kia wants revenge Ryushi just wants to survive

    One thought on “Broken Sky: #02”

    1. After the effort I went into to purchase this entire series After picking up two locally, for cheap and having to buy the rest from a mix of vendors on ebay etc , I decided I really should read them I have owned them for probably ten years They re decent books, reminiscent of Deltora Quest although the plots are straightforward and with less fun little puzzles The writing style is good, and action packed, although the Japanese manga anime influence is very strong and, since Wooding is an Englis [...]

    2. The second novel in Broken Sky is as action packed as the first novel, nothing is left unexplained.Chris Wooding is a fantastic writer who knows just how to keep his readers attention fixed and you really can t let go of this book either.The details in the books amazes me from each chapter that I read and I can feel the joy or sorrow in the characters feelings when things happen fast and swift.I m looking forward to thrid and last volume of this fantastic journey to Kirin Taq and The Dominions a [...]

    3. Heavy on the exposition it s a slow second installment where the characters mostly stand around learning about their fantasy world which ends up being fine, I think that world is interesting, but the writing and dialogue remain a little under par and there are some holes in the logic of that fantasy world How much do the characters of one world know about the other one Nothing It doesn t seem that way Where does the racism actually stem from There s supposedly propaganda, but surely it s been ar [...]

    4. This review may contain spoilers.So, this part was still relatively short, but still pretty easy to read The characters are well written and diverse and the descriptions of the two different worlds work really well As before, I like the drawings of the different characters before each segment.It s been interesting to see the little snippets of Macaan and Aurin Although the main villains in the story, they still appear human enough to hint at being well rounded characters.Kirin Taq is interesting [...]

    5. Chris Wooding does a great job creating a captivating world and story There is a good balance between action and story telling The only thing I had a hard time with was all the different characters there are so many Also, the book either could have been expanded and done a little world and character building or it could have put together at least the first two books.

    6. I found this book mildly interesting, but I think the prose was a little too beginning reader for me The concepts were cool, and characters likeable enough I just found myself gravitating to other books I wanted to read Who knows, I might come back to it But most likely only if I suffer some sort of brain injury and forget how to sound out the big words.

    7. Difficult to put down My kids now adults have been suggesting this read for some time, being easy and quick Very gripping, with details on the spirit stones and the societies our two young protagonists find themselves suddenly part of.

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