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Sleepless in Scotland By Karen Hawkins,

  • Title: Sleepless in Scotland
  • Author: Karen Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781416560258
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The fourth and fifth exciting novels in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins s sparkling Scottish Regency series about two beautiful twin sisters who find romance with the sexy MacLean brothers.In Sleepless in Scotland, Catriona Hurst learns that her sister Caitlyn is getting into trouble in her societal debut, and she rushes to London to rescue her bolder, younThe fourth and fifth exciting novels in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins s sparkling Scottish Regency series about two beautiful twin sisters who find romance with the sexy MacLean brothers.In Sleepless in Scotland, Catriona Hurst learns that her sister Caitlyn is getting into trouble in her societal debut, and she rushes to London to rescue her bolder, younger twin Discovering that Caitlyn has planned to force Laird Alexander MacLean into marrying her by stowing away in his coach, Triond sneaks inside MacLean s coach to dissuade her sister But Triond gets trapped inside when the coach takes off and it s not Alex MacLean who discovers her, but his brother Hugh Distracted by the heat that burns fiercely between them, he doesn t realize that he s gotten the wrong sister until it s too late
    Sleepless in Scotland The fourth and fifth exciting novels in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins s sparkling Scottish Regency series about two beautiful twin sisters who find romance with the sexy MacLean brot

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    1. review posted at Got Fiction booksSo I was really liking this book until a certain scene The men in the MacLean family all are cursed Their anger causes storms Big ones The hero Hugh can control them The hero used his powers against the heroine, his wife He causes the wind to tear through the house Caitriona is knocked over, her robe ripped off, and she s so cold she shivers and can barely speak how is no one else bothered by this scene I looked through several reviews and no one mentions this a [...]

    2. This book gets an extra star for Hugh and his big heart and the fact that there was a serious theme going on that made me tear up at times.In this book Hugh, the most in control of his curse among the MacLean brothers comes together with sensible and passionate Caitriona Hurst.Well, their thing starts with a misunderstanding where the two are forced into a marriage but they can hardly deny their attraction to each other either Hugh brings Caitriona to his home where he keeps a few secrets and m [...]

    3. With the title I should have known I would be rolling my eyes a lot Let me tell you I am tired, very tired, of the blustery hero The kids and their issues were actually the highlight, I usually can t stand the portrayal of kids in adult books, but the brats grew on me The thing that ruined their characters came at the end of the book when suddenly they were philosophizing like adults or rather in a tone I found very hard to believe to be coming from a child Don t get me wrong I am well aware of [...]

    4. Catriona rushes to London to save her twin sister Caitlyn from ruin, and ends up in a compromising situation with the brother of the man that her sister was trying to compromise It s all a comedy of errors Hugh is out to trap Caitlyn in her own scheme and teach her a lesson, and Catriona thinks it s Laird Alexander in the carriage that she gets trapped in Are you confused yet But the trap is sprung on these two, so of course Hugh must propose, and of course Catriona must marry him Since neither [...]

    5. I could not put this book down Started and read the same day, this story was such an enjoyable book Catriona is a really cool cat with kindness of nature that really transfers well to readers From page one you are drawn in, desperate to know what will happen with her circumstances The same can be said for Hugh, as well The situation that ties the two people together is a classic Shakespearean comedy of errors In intercepting their siblings and trying to keep them from doing something stupid, bot [...]

    6. I first ran into Karen Hawkins through a novelette she wrote for The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown I enjoyed that story quite a bit, and ever since, have been trying to capture that magic in her novels I m afraid I m 0 for 2 so far on her novels, though It s not like this book was actively bad it was close to 3 stars but I stopped reading fairly close to the end because I just didn t care Neither of these characters came alive for me, and the romance between them felt almost forced Th [...]

    7. 4 stars Not as light and fluffy as the previous books in the series I actually liked this substantial storyline.

    8. The Hurst siblings all care and watch out for one another, but when Catriona s twin sister Caitlyn plans to make Alexander MacLean marry her, she has no choice but to stop her Caitlyn has always been the wilder of the two Catroina is practical while Caitlyn is a great beauty and doesn t think before she acts And with Caitlyn staying with their Aunt Lavinia in order have a season in London, Caitlyn doesn t have anyone to keep her out of trouble Catroina will have to stop Caitlyn from making a foo [...]

    9. I read this in a few hours, and it s a pretty average generic historical romance Not bad, but despite a somewhat promising beginning, it follows a pretty predictable plot line It s a good easy read, and doesn t take a whole lot of effort to get though it One thing that bugged me was that the story pretty much kept to the H and h s POV for the first half of the book, but by the second half KH kept bringing other people s view points in And even though I liked the beginning, I can t help but think [...]

    10. Oh god I m so embarrassed that I read these but there you have it I did And they added to my understanding of the Magick Sekrit Romance Formula, which is, as practiced in these books, as follows 1 Improbable and overweight, interestingly enough, a reflection, I guess, of contemporary America heroine who is nothing like any 18th century miss would be I won t wear corsets she may say, or, I won t obey any man I want a job Yeah Uh huh Good luck in 1750 with that attitude 2 Preposterous situation th [...]

    11. Plain Catroinia Hurst hurrys to London to rescue her twin sister Caitlyn from scandal On arrival she learns that Cait is trying to trap Alexander MacLean into marraige Hugh MacLean has also heard of Cait s plan to trick his brother In trying to rescue their sister and brother, they end up mistaking each other for their siblings Hugh and Triona are caught in a compromising situation and have to marry They agree the marraige is only for a couple of months to quench rumours but as they arrive at Hu [...]

    12. Karen Hawkins is a must read author She s in my top 5 favorite historical highlander romance authors Everytime I pick up a book of hers, I know I m in for a good read 3 1 2 stars Catriona was a pleasent character to read Smart, funny, realistic and accommodable Not many ladies back then would sit in a carriage for days without much rest or comfort Catriona was reasonable and charming I enjoyed reading along with her Hugh was fantastic He has a tough outer exterior but once you break through he s [...]

    13. L alta societ un amante crudeleCome pu Catriona resistere al fascino MacLean Hugh con la ciocca argentea che scintilla,come animata di vita propria ,che scatena venti impetuosi,padre affettuoso,un mix irresistibile.Una trama originale con una protagonista decisa a conquistare il suo sposo.Consigliato

    14. I was looking to read a historical scottish romance This was a fun read but not so much of the scottish highlander background I was looking for.

    15. irgendwie haben alle B cher dieser Reihe das gleiche Problem, es beginnt eigentlich ganz gut, aber zum Ende hin geht irgendwie alles viel zu schnell und irgendwie fehlt der richtige Spannungsbogen Es pl tschert einfach ein bisschen zu sehr dahinaber f r einen gem tliche Nachmittag auf der Couch ist es ganz okay

    16. 3.5 Stars I read the first book in this series like 4 5 years ago From what I can remember, I enjoyed it, but the series must ve slipped my mind, because I ve never sought out any of the others Then back in December or January, in a thread about older heroes and younger heroines, someone mentioned The Laird Who Loved Me and it caught my attention I decided I wanted to read it, and put it on my wishlist, along with the others in the series I just so happened to find this one first I usually hate [...]

    17. Known as the responsible twin, the good twin, the twin who never got into trouble or caused trouble the heroine has suddenly found herself in the deepest of trouble Travelling to London when she hears of a plot her sister has hatched to trick a gentleman into marriage, she arrives at the carriage to find her sister gone and herself forced into the hatch There she s horrified to be confronted by the hero who too learned of the silly woman s plot and in a bid to save his brother from an unwanted m [...]

    18. When Catriona Hurst hears from her aunt, that her twin sister is in trouble, the kind that could cause a great scandal especially to the family, she rushes to London But when told of her current scheme, Catriona tries to save her, but in the end gets caught up in a trap Hugh MacLean finds out about Caitlyn s scheme to trap and embarrass his brother, so when he tricks a woman who looks similar to Caitlyn, not realizing its her twin sister instead He then exchanges a passionate embrace with her no [...]

    19. Mengetahui rencana gila Caitlyn yang bisa menyebabkan reputasinya buruk, Miss Caitriona Hurst, segera menyusul adik kembarnya itu ke London Caitriona mengejar adiknya yang berniat menyusup ke kereta yang dinaiki Alexander MacLean, akan tetapi sesampainya di kereta itu dia tidak menemukan Caitlyn dan malah tertangkap oleh Lord MacLean.Hugh MacLean ingin menjebak Caitlyn dengan menggantikan Alexander menaiki kereta dan alangkah terkejutnya dia bahwa yang dia dapati justru bukan Caitlyn, akan tetap [...]

    20. lucu nih awal ceritanyaCaitriona Triona geram mendengar aksi kekacauan yg akan diperbuat saudari kembarnya betapa tidak reputasi semua keluarganya terancam Triona heran, kenapa Caitlyn tidak melihat dampak jika aksinya menjebak Alexande Maclean jadi dilakukan jadi Triona harus mencegahnya.Sementara Hugh Maclean tau akal akalan Caitly, wanita cantik yg datang ngegodain abangnya, Alexander Hugh terang2an bilang ke Alex, wanita seperti itu harus dihentikan tapi Alex hanya berujar bhw dia yakin Cait [...]

    21. Despite my initial say that I didn t finish it because it didn t hold my interest for long, but I don t give up easily and I am stubborn when it comes to something I already started so I finished it anyway So this book has curse going on a certain family, and Hugh hero is no exception since he is a Maclean but he is the only among them who can control this curse power and the heroine is the oldest child of a normal but happy family she had to pay a prize for her twin s folly she married Hugh aft [...]

    22. Gw suka dengan cerita yg ini dari series MacLean lainnya Caitriona dan Hugh sama2 lucu, sama2 keras kepala, sama2 merasa bersalah, sama2 pengen ngebahagianin pasangannya tp dg cara diam2, dan sama2 punya cara unik utk berinteraksi Ga perlu lama2 bikin gw ngabisin novel ini Ga nyesel kok bacanyahanya saja ada beberapa kebingungan yg buat gw ngerasa novel ini krg mantep ajaKebingungan 1 jelas2 dari awak hero dan heroinenya sepakat utk menikah dg jangka wkt 2 3 bulan, gunanya hanya menutupi gosip m [...]

    23. After reading this book I added Scotland to the countries that I want to visit Like a Bucket List However I found myself at some points forced to skip some pages because it seems to drag on forever What I hate about that it only allows us to put full stars for the books when sometimes you feel like the book will be 3 and half stars For example for this book I felt like its not a four star but it is not a five star either, its in between.Caitriona Triona after finding out that her twin sister Cai [...]

    24. Aku suka Titik Tidak pakai koma.Happy ending, itu sudah pasti Kekeliruan dan tokoh utama yang terpaksa menikah karena sebuah kesalahpahaman yang berujung kepada menjaga nama baik adalah salah satu alasan klasik dari buku buku Historical Romance Tapi entah kenapa, yang satu ini berbeda.Chemistry antar kedua tokohnya sudah terasa sejak awal Dan ketika ketertarikan pertemuan tidak disengaja mereka berujung ada pernikahan, upaya satu sama lain untuk membuka diri dan percaya kepada pasangan mereka it [...]

    25. I really like Karen Hawkins writing, and I really enjoy series books Admittedly, it has been quite a while since I read the previous books in this one, but the story was entertaining enough for me to keep up with the action, with out feeling too lost in the back story.Hugh was a great guy, if a bit immature about marriage ideals.But He got on very well with Catrionia, and I knew they would make a great couple, once Trionia set him straight about how things would work.Just enough of the Alpha Mal [...]

    26. 3.5 or 3.75 Actually this book was better than the first I skipped the 2nd due to bad review and headed straight the one that attracted me to the series Hero Heroine fall into a scheme that was meant for their siblings His Brother Her Sister Catriona is thoroughly compromised and Hugh must marry her This is the story of their forced marriage Spoiler I really liked the set up and how he didn t believe her when she said that caitlyn is her twin sister.I also liked the children element in the story [...]

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