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Sounder By William H. Armstrong James Barkley,

  • Title: Sounder
  • Author: William H. Armstrong James Barkley
  • ISBN: 9780064400206
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in the Deep South, this Newbery Medal winning novel tells the story of the great coon dog, Sounder, and the poor sharecroppers who own him.During the difficult years of the nineteenth century South, an African American boy and his poor family rarely have enough to eat Each night, the boy s father takes their dog, Sounder, out to look for food and the man grows deSet in the Deep South, this Newbery Medal winning novel tells the story of the great coon dog, Sounder, and the poor sharecroppers who own him.During the difficult years of the nineteenth century South, an African American boy and his poor family rarely have enough to eat Each night, the boy s father takes their dog, Sounder, out to look for food and the man grows desperate by the day.When food suddenly appears on the table one morning, it seems like a blessing But the sheriff and his deputies are not far behind The ever loyal Sounder remains determined to help the family he loves as hard times bear down on them.This classic novel shows the courage, love, and faith that bind an African American family together despite the racism and inhumanity they face Readers who enjoy timeless dog stories such as Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows will find much to love in Sounder.Supports the Common Core State Standards
    Sounder Set in the Deep South this Newbery Medal winning novel tells the story of the great coon dog Sounder and the poor sharecroppers who own him During the difficult years of the nineteenth century Sout

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    1. This was required reading for me in 6th grade I remember it opening my eyes to racism and I was appalled that anyone would be treated differently because of the color of their skin Just after I d finished the book, I walked into the bathroom in the Miami airport and saw two black women standing against the wall To prove I wasn t racist, I stood between them until one leaned over and mentioned that it was a line Sometimes it s better to be blind.

    2. Certainly, I value the storyline of poor black sharecroppers it is an important narrative to tell I did not, however, enjoy the the ways in which Armstrong told this narrative.Except for the ending, I was bored by his stilted prose That is my primary issue with the story In addition, I was annoyed by the nameless characters in this story I do not buy the suggestion that their namelessness suggests that they represent many poor and rural African Americans during this time For me, their namelessne [...]

    3. I know that Armstrong wrote this as a parallel to the story of Ulysses dog, and that he intentionally left details ambiguous so that all readers could identify with the characters and setting, but I spent the entire book bothered by the way a white author portrayed an African American family none of whom were named Identity is important, and when a book is written so intimately but without names, it devalues for me the importance of the characters themselves I know Armstrong said he wrote the bo [...]

    4. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book not that the story itself strikes a pleasant tone In many years I would have quickly agreed that this is the best choice for the Newbery Medal, but for 1970, I would actually give the award to John D Fitzgerald s More Adventures of the Great Brain.William H Armstrong writes with quiet sincerity, and a truthfulness in detail that cannot be exceeded What I liked best of all about this book is that young readers are so often told that no matter how they [...]

    5. I read this on a plane and I read it fast so that I wouldn t cry Oh, it s so good I don t know why I never read it in elementary school I secretly have a tendency to avoid books that involve animals because I ALWAYS bawl This was no exception I LOVED the analogies between Sounder and the boy s father I highly recommend this book.

    6. I was on a Newbery kick and brought Sounder home from the library My husband saw it and remarked that it would be a great read aloud and asked if I d read it before I said that I couldn t remember if I d read it I m like that sometimes Well, as it turns out, Sounder is not the type of book you d forget that you d read Sounder and his master, the boy s father, suffer similarly disfiguring fates at the hands of the law, and both return home to endure, then die I did love how the mom reacted to the [...]

    7. I remember reading this when I was maybe 8 or 9, and of being completely inconsolable afterwards I have an overactive empathy gene, I think, so certain books affect me far that I would like to be affected Thankfully, this time around, I was able to read through this without going through a box of Kleenex during and a period of depression afterwards Sounder is a story that deals with loyalty and loss, as well as courage and perseverance in the face of racism and hatred and meanness So many diffi [...]

    8. I think this was one of the last books I read aloud to my family I remember all of us lying on the bed while I read a chapter or two a night I remember trying to read as I cried.

    9. Winner of the 1970 Newbery Set probably some time in the 30s, this book centers on an unnamed black boy who must grow up fast after his poor, sharecropper father is arrested for stealing a ham for his hungry family The titular dog, a hound bulldog mix who loves to hunt with the father, is hit with a shotgun during the arrest, and never hunts again It s a bleak tale the boy s silent rage, in which he visualizes brutal violence befalling the unjust, cruel white men who oppress him and his father, [...]

    10. Reviewed for THC ReviewsSounder isn t so much a story about a dog as it is the coming of age story of an African American boy in the depression era South There is a beauty in the simplicity of the author s writing which imparts a great deal of meaning in a minimum of words William H Armstrong was definitely an author who understood the meaning of the saying, Less is and put it to good use I never thought a book in which the characters have no names could be so powerful, yet even though I didn t [...]

    11. I ve read several of these Newberry honored books now, and they make me wonder about the committee The picture I get of the voters are of a bunch of middle aged white folk who think of books as a kind of castor oil Not good tasting, but it s medicine and it s good for you whether you like it or not.This one checks off all the boxes The writing is graceful and beautiful, but stilted There are a couple of events, but no story here Story is something kids might like, so we can t have any of that Th [...]

    12. I read this book way back inI can t even remember which grade Maybe 1st or 2nd grade My school had a summer program and they d give us a quiet hour every day to pick a book and read, and for some reason I chose Sounder that year It really surprised my mom and teachers that I chose it, because it was way beyond my reading level at the time, both in length and reading difficulty, but I did, and I read it all the way through I think I was just at that age where I thought A if it has a dog on the co [...]

    13. Another re read of a childhood favorite I was immediately struck by the excellent writing And then I was amazed at how differently it reads now As a child, it was a story about a boy and a dog As an adult, it s about the racist treatment of poor black sharecroppers in the South Regardless it was a great read then and it s a great read now.

    14. My heart always hurts when I read about days long ago and how the world treated people of a different skin color I m not sure it isn t so much different today in some parts of our world It saddens me

    15. I enjoyed reading this book however it is definitely not one of my favorites The tone of this book was very emotional throughout the whole thing It was obviously took place awhile back when there was racism and hard times The little boy told his story throughout the whole book The boys family and education were both very important to him He helped support his family with his father and dog Sounder Until something went wrong and his father and dog were no longer around for a while Sounder soon co [...]

    16. 5th grade 8th gradeThis book is short yet advanced Sounder is 80 pages in length with 33 lines of 12 point text There are no pictures The story has many complex sentences Armstrong s Sounder is a Newbery Award winner and an excellent book Despite that though, I might think twice about bringing this book into the classroom The story is very, very sad and sort of a hard knock life tale If I decided to choose this book to lead a unit, I would focus on the emotional aspects of the boy, his growth an [...]

    17. Note This book really has a 1.5 star rating I ve got to be honestI know this book is a classic, but it did absolutely nothing for me I have read so many other books that do a much better job of evoking sympathy over the racism that African Americans faced in the Post Bellum South Although this novel presents literacy in a positive light and claims that an education is the key to securing a better future, this novel just does not have enough stuff going for it The diction is neither beautiful nor [...]

    18. Sounder is the beloved dog of a young boy and his father The boy s family is African American and lives in the South His father is taken to prison for stealing a ham for his hungry family to eat In the process of his arrest Sounder is shot and goes into the woods to heal When Sounder returns half of his face is missing and he can only use three of his legs The boy grows older and spends his free time searching for his dad at work camps During his search he comes across a teacher and starts to go [...]

    19. 7th grade Wish I d read this with a little appreciation but at that age I know I hadn t been exposed to much I do remember liking this No rating read too long ago.

    20. I don t know how old I was when I read this I was young enough to be sufficiently shocked at the gore and the injustice I remember sifting through feelings and questions I had never before felt And for better or worse I can honestly say this book has had an effect on how I view the world today as an adult And I forgot all about it until the boy picked up the severed dog ear from the dry earth I know there are people who dislike the nameless ness of the characters but for my part as a young girl [...]

    21. I m definitely starting to sense a pattern to the Newbery Award winners loss and tragedy seem to be major themes, and there s a certain delicacy required when writing of these subjects for children I don t think I would have enjoyed Sounder as a child, and I m not sure I want my children to know yet that this kind of injustice and hatred exists in the world But I like the main character s strength and attitude.

    22. I highly recommend this book to everyone The writing immediately dropped me into the main characters experience view spoiler The main character felt murderous rage and pictured his enemies dying violently It feels shocking for a children s book, but I loved that the author wrote a child s feelings and perspective so honestly I don t think that part of a book would be hard for a kid to read I think the loss the main character experiences would be hard hide spoiler What an excellent book.

    23. I thought this book was extremely well written Some moments in the book really stuck out to me For example, when the boy went to visit his dad in jail with a cake, I thought the guard was extremely rude for destroying the cake I also thought that when Sounder returned, that moment was very bitter sweet I was happy for him to return, but sad at the fact he was very injured Overall, I really enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

    24. I feel like I missed some of the symbolism and meanings of this book, but there were parts that were very powerful I enjoyed the book, but found it to be lacking in something that I can t put my finger on at the moment.

    25. The story Sounder, written by William H Armstrong is about an African American southern family and their dog Sounder The genre of the story is realistic fiction The opening scene takes place on the front porch of the family s house with the father petting his dog and talking with his son Although this family is mentioned throughout the story, the only name that is given is the dog Sounder.The family s world is suddenly shaken when their father is arrested for the accusation of stealing ham When [...]

    26. This is a beautifully written story that tugs at the heartstrings I recommend it highly for those with a soft spot for dogs It s what got me to read the book in the first place It s very sad though, so there s my warning SPOILERS AHEAD AND A LOT OF THEM A black sharecropper family is poor and hungry The boy s father and dog go hunting each night, but the hunting is poor so they live off of corn and potatoes One morning, that changes when they wake up to a ham boiling The family feasts on it for [...]

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