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About The Author By John Colapinto,

  • Title: About The Author
  • Author: John Colapinto
  • ISBN: 9781841156408
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • About the Author s Cal Cunningham calls himself a writer, but he s too busy or too scared to sit down and actually write anything He spends his days working as a bookstore stock boy and his nights chasing tail in the bars of Manhattan Sunday mornings, he spins tales about his conquests to his roommate, a reclusive, hard working law student named Stewart Church When StAbout the Author s Cal Cunningham calls himself a writer, but he s too busy or too scared to sit down and actually write anything He spends his days working as a bookstore stock boy and his nights chasing tail in the bars of Manhattan Sunday mornings, he spins tales about his conquests to his roommate, a reclusive, hard working law student named Stewart Church When Stewart is killed in auto accident, Cal finds in Stewart s desk a novel a brilliant novel based on Cal s own exploits Cal is appalled, and then inspired He sends the novel off to New York s leading literary agent, claiming it as his own The book is a smash hit, and as he claims the rewards of literary lionization, Cal convinces himself that he is, really, at bottom, responsible for the writing of the book, if not exactly its author Things get a bit complicated when he hooks up with Stewart s ex girlfriend Janet, eventually marrying her The novel convincingly portrays Cal s determined delusion that everything has worked out just as it was meant to be As he kisses Janet, he thinks how Stewart s ghost had turned out to be a benevolent specter after all, his spirit helping to shape my destiny, to guide both Janet and me to this moment Which is all well and good, till Cal discovers that someone else is in possession of a copy of the original manuscript Author John Colapinto weaves together a farcical tale of literary ambition and a cat and mouse thriller as Cal and his blackmailer pursue each other to the very death Claire Dederer
    About The Author About the Author s Cal Cunningham calls himself a writer but he s too busy or too scared to sit down and actually write anything He spends his days working as a bookstore stock boy and his nights cha

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    1. Ve jako dugo nisam itala ovako dobar krimi ,kao to je roman Bilje ka o piscu , kanadskog pisca Johna Colapinta.Glavni protagonist romana je Cal Cunnigham, 25 godi nji skladi tar u New Yorku, kojemu je ivotna elja biti poznat i slavni pisac Sve bi bilo lako, da se upravo on ne bori s jednom sitnicom koja je jako va na da bi postao pisac, a to je nedostatak inspiracije za pisanje ivot mu se svodi na esto mijenjanje ena razli itih godina i zanimanja, a svoje ljubavne egzibicije pri a svom cimeru St [...]

    2. For writer types like me, this novel is a hoot It tells of Cal Cunningham, a wannabe writer whose nerdy roommate secretly pens a novel based on Cal s sexual adventures on the New York City singles scene, which consume a lot of his time and energy than writing does After the roommate dies, Cal steals his manuscript and publishes it as his own, winning literary fame and wealth but eventually entangling himself in blackmail and murder With wry wit and considerable insight on the lit biz, John Cola [...]

    3. This book was the most pleasure I had reading in recent years A roller coaster ride Not that I would hang around with this guy but this the kind of book I would give as gift, not for the story but for the prose John Colapinto proved to be an excellent writer I never heard of him before I visited a bookstore on a rainy day I picked up this release and read a few paragraphs, and a brief comment from Stephen King on the back cover made me purchase it.

    4. Execellent execution of an interesting premise It was clever and fast paced I enjoyed it start to finish Great book Especially in the context of A Million Little Pieces, et al.

    5. This is an immensely entertaining book that consistently subverts the reader s expectations It is both a farce and a noir thriller a neat trick, as I can t recall reading anything like it before , and an astute and biting commentary on literature and the book business Aspiring or actual writers will enjoy Colapinto s hapless protagonist, Cal Cunningham, a would be novelist whose authorial struggles suck him into a vortex of lying, cheating, stealing, and killing n.b I am not giving away plot poi [...]

    6. I found this literary thriller to be rather unmemorable, despite its unlikeable narrator.I finished reading this book only a day ago, but the only thing that sticks in my mind is that the main character, Cal Cunningham, is an asshole who thinks no, who wants to pretend he s a writer But instead of writing his own book, he steals his dead roommate s novel and publishes it under his own name He makes a fortune, moves to Vermont and marries his dead roommate s former girlfriend But his literary cri [...]

    7. This story is fast paced and clever One of those good reads you don t want to put down It s got all the attributes of a Coen Bros screenplay dry humor, shocking visuals, irony ybe we ll see it on the big screen someday

    8. After reading his recent tour de force Undone about the awful and deliberate destruction of the life of a famous self help writer I sought out an earlier work of John Colapinto s, which is how I came to read About the Author from 2001 About the Author is not as harsh as Undone , but it is no less full of the wrongness that made his later work so enjoyable to the depraved person in me or maybe the depraved person who also lives in you ATA is about an unlovable cad named Cal Cunningham, whose ambi [...]

    9. Cal Cunningham believes he is destined for fame as a writer Cal is shocked when he discovers that his law student roommate, Stewart, has secretly written a page turning and very literary novel To make matters worse, Stewart s novel is a thinly fictionalized version of Cal s own life When a fatal bicycle accident eliminates Stewart,Cal takes it as an oprotunity to make something of himself Cal then realized that Stewart had sent a copy to his former girlfriend Janet so he has to take a trip to ve [...]

    10. Full review and at bookserinread I chose to read this book because of it s title My instincts were correct Goes to show, you can judge a book by both the title and the cover.I really enjoyed it I liked going into it having no idea what to expect I also liked the fact that I really didn t like the main character He didn t have a lot of qualities that made me appreciate him, and yet, I still wanted to find out how he d get out of his situation I guess he made me laugh at times, and that was his r [...]

    11. This book started out real good and then about 75 100 pages in, it turned into one of those books that I would have to force myself to finish The only reason I kept on reading was because a friend gave it to me and I knew she would see my review on here so I kept plodding along and all of a sudden I found myself unable to put it down In the end it all comes together in a way I wasn t expecting and now I am very glad the friend gave it to me and I am glad I kept on reading when I was tempted to p [...]

    12. An interesting premise, let down in execution The protagonist is the literary equivalent of the woman who runs upstairs in the horror film you know that no good can come out of her stupidity The interesting psychological terrain that the author carves out patiently in the first fifty or so pages is quickly washed away by predictable and not terribly impressive plot developments The writing becomes formulaic and not particularly inspired But the saving grace is the ending, which must have seemed [...]

    13. A terrific read about a young man, Cal Cunningham who works in a bookshop storeroom and dreams of the day when he will write his own book A highly entertaining character who lives life to the full, gallivanting around Manhattan at night His room mate Stewart though, is completely different, a quiet, diligent and boring law student Then one day things changeTo write any would ruin the plot.A page turner and a great read.I loved it.

    14. I LOVED this book I checked it out from the library and then accidentally returned it with some other books before I finished it I thought I could check it out again but someone else had checked it out a frenzy of wanting to find out what happened, I purchased it It was absolutely worth it It s a gem of a book and incredibly suspenseful.

    15. This is a cheeky black comedy thriller that tosses up themes of identity, jealousy, trust and love not to mention murder, drugs, sex, and blackmail It s a highly readable, wittily written, page turning book.

    16. Fortunately, unfortunately plot that seemed fairly transparent to me and was paper thin ridiculous by the end.The dialogue and characterisation are the 1 dimensional stuff of pulp fiction.The stuff of airplane reads easy to churn through and be kept distracted without brain strain.

    17. what a terrific read darkly humorous and gripping right to the end what a great and strangely lovable character cal Cunningham is

    18. This was Colapinto s first venture into fiction It seems as though he saved up every idea he ever had to toss into it and it s terrific Among other things you find mystery, suspense, action, a love story It has certain scenes that are totally hilarious And oh yes it s a satire on the publishing industry.I should mention it does include some very adult themes some may find this off putting.Enjoy

    19. Uzbudljivo,domi ljato i fascinantno.Colapinto pi e s takvom lako om itaju i njegove retke,imala sam u glavi sliku dje aka koji na povjetarcu dr i hrpu balona i smije i se mogu nosti da mu svi,htio ne htio,odleteEto,upravo mi tako izgleda njegovo pisanje.Prelagano,prejednostavno i samo to ne izmakne kontroli Ali ne e izma ion vrlo vje to upravlja radnjom i vodi je u nepogre ivom smjeru.Pri a o dva mladi a,cimera koji ive u skromnoj garsonjericu u New YorkuJedan krade Bogu dane,umi lja da je pisac [...]

    20. A wholly believable, engaging and above all, funny story Really well written, which not always true of a plot centric book like this The characters behave like human beings not chess pieces I think what I loved most was that I really could completely identify with Cal He is not a wicked man by any stretch, he s all too human a little self obsessed, slightly Machiavellian, ambitious, lazy, riddled with guilt and very sorry when he hurts people, even the woman who s made his life an utter misery M [...]

    21. Reaching back to the tales of Hitchcock, About the Author creates a world of deception, secrecy, theft, and possibly murder through Cal Cunningham and his ambition for literary fame While not overly complicated, it was overall a quick and fun read The best literary moment came, however, towards the last section when the plot caught up with the narrator It was a very interesting shift in storytelling Some excellent phrasing in a sometimes predictable plot Definitely worth the reading experience Y [...]

    22. I really liked this book, it was very interesting, a worth reading masterpiece It was a story about the young writer wanna be, who just can t write anything, one day he finds out that roommate of his is writing, and what is moe, his works are brilliant After reading roommates first novel Almost like suicide the protagonist is shocked, this story is about his everyday life Then the strangest thing happens, his roommate gets in the accident and this is when ou hero steals his novel and publishes i [...]

    23. Cal Cunningham ist ein Sch rzenj ger und Schriftsteller Nein, Moment Er W RE gerne Schriftsteller Hat aber irgendwie Probleme zu schreiben Zu dumm aber auchSein Mitbewohner Stewart, Jurastudent und Spie er, hat mit dem Schreiben wohl keine Probleme, denn er hat Cal s Eskapaden erfolgreich in einen Roman verwandelt und m chte diesen ver ffentlichen Doch dabei hat er nicht mit Cal gerechnetDas war ein solides Buch Ich mochte die erste H lfte wesentlich mehr, als die 2 H lfte, da dort die Ereigniss [...]

    24. Kao da gledam neki ameri ki film ili seriju gdje se stvari nepotrebno kompliciraju, a opet, sve zvu i tako poznato i, je l , ve vi eno Nije to lo e napisana pri a, ali iskreno, jedva sam ekala da zavr im s itanjem, jer mi je ve pomalo i la na ivce La na la to je ne to to me uvijek iznova uznemiri i smeta i onda vi e jednostavno nemam ivaca za sve te petljancije i gnjava e A to to je ovjek sposoban u initi da bi prikrio svoju la , pa onda drugu la , pa tre u i tako unedogled uop e ne znam kako se [...]

    25. the plot a novelist wanna be has a room mate law student who dies in a bicycle accident the day after he confesses to also wanting to be a writer In fact, he shares his just written book with his roomie the night before the tragedy The surviving room mate decides to steal the story and claim it as his own He makes a mint print and film rights being sold and becomes famous cover of People magazine , but then is blackmailed by the only person who know that he didn t write the book the reviews make [...]

    26. After reading a review from 500daysofkissingmypillow, I was intrigued Looking it up on and seeing Stephen King s review, I knew I had to read it It isn t that bad, but maybe I went in with such high expectations that I was anticipating tearing into the pages I realize that maybe Mr King and I have different tastes, because I managed to it down For several hours The protagonist, Cal Cunningham was fascinating to read though, a character you d love to hate but you also can t help but root for him [...]

    27. A 2.5 star review.This book is really the poster child of What a tangled web we weave, when at first we practise to deceive Honestly, I mostly wasn t too impressed About half way through I could sense that the author was just a couple of pages away from making a really, really bad mistake I wanted to shake him and make him stop, and the only way I could do that was by putting the book down, so it took me quite a bit longer to read than the size of the book warranted.I really liked aspects of it, [...]

    28. Don t let the 3 fool you I enjoyed this book It was a really good read.The book engages you right away but with an, i don t know, tongue in cheek voice that is weaving a mystery but simultaneously staying aloof and poking fun at the idea Hard to describe but a bit like British humor, Evelyn Waugh, et al.Anyway, the author keeps the pace up, throws in many plot twists and makes you want to keep reading despite again the fact that you don t dare get too deeply engrossed in this farce.If you re not [...]

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